That was fun. Let’s do it again!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein

What are you doing that makes you happy?  Look at the past month and ask yourself what you were doing when you were  happiest, when you felt the most alive.  Just think about it for a few seconds.  Was it when you were eating some sweet ice-cold watermelon while you watched the kids splash around?  Was it when you were laughing with a friend over something only the two of you would find hilarious?    Was it when you were sitting by yourself reading a book that was so good you didn’t it want to end?  Was it when you were walking in the woods with your dog?  Was it when you were holding your baby?  Was it when you were painting or writing or running or swimming or sitting looking out at the magnificent wonder of nature?  Whatever is was, do it again.  And, again.


Doing what we love and feeling the wonderful emotions of joy and appreciation will cause a spectacular domino of fun and happiness to fill our life.   A waterfall of joy pours over you.  A wave of fun carries you.  A road of abundance is laid before you.  In feeling happy, contented, and completely fulfilled we invite more happiness, contentment and fulfillment into our perfect life.


We are rewarded for accepting rewards.  We get what we deserve.  We get a life that is perfect for us.  Do what you love.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Often.  And when, in your perfect life, you notice something that is making you feel good, remember it, do it again.  When in your life you find yourself not so happy, remember that time and smile and the feelings will start, more happy memories will surface for you to enjoy, and the universe will respond.  We can always turn our frown upside down with just a few thoughts and memories.  Use you bongo for good thoughts and feelings.  Love yourself.

Some happy affirmations:

  • I open my heart to gifts from God.
  • I deserve a life of abundance.
  • I monitor my thoughts and beliefs and I only choose good ones.
  • My life is filled with pleasant surprises.
  • I have a lot of fun.
  • I laugh a lot.
  • I have good friends.
  • I’m a very lucky person.

Close your eyes and think of something really fun from your childhood.   Imagine you are a child now, what would you do?  Fun thoughts, huh!

Don’t Do What You Hate!!!

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

I’ve decided that I’m going to use my intuition to write this post. I have no idea what I’m going to write about, but I’m going to have faith that Albert was right about intuition and that the perfect topic will come to me as I keep writing. I’m hoping for that wonderful feeling of Satori to kick in. Satori is a Japanese word and it describes what happens when you are taken over by a creative project and time is seemingly irrelevant. You are acting out of time and out of ego, simply channeling the creative force of who you truly are, the Divine Creator!

So, today I keep thinking of the Gospel of Thomas. You remember Doubting Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples. He’s the one who asked for proof that Jesus came back, that’s another story which I kinda doubt happened, the way it’s presented anyway Thomas admitted that he really didn’t have much of a clue as to what Jesus was trying to say with his parables and metaphors so he decided rather than trying to interpret Jesus’ words or tell Jesus’ story he would simply write what Jesus said and let people make up their own minds.

Of course, we don’t get the opportunity to read Thomas since he wasn’t included in the New Testament. Why the Nicene Council of the Holy Roman Church decided to edit the gospels is anyone’s guess? Mine is that they chose the gospels which worked best for their agenda to control the Roman Empire, but I digress, the perk of following intuition!
So Thomas, in his humble innocence, simply dictated Jesus’ words. You can find them all online, but the one that really hit  me, WACK, right in the face was what Jesus said when asked what people should do.  Jesus said, “…don’t do what you hate…”
Wow, if there are any words to live by, strangely written in the negative, but for a good reason, it is those five words.

DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE!!!!!!  This seems simple enough, but how many people kill their spirit by doing what they hate, for their whole lifetime?  They do it out of responsiblity often enough.  They have children to raise and send to school, children whom they don’t see enough because they work too much, bills to pay, plastic toys to buy which they don’t get to use because they work too much, huge mortgages to pay on houses they spend little time in because they work too much, big cars to pay for to drive to and from those jobs.  These words come to mind.  Futile. Striving. Endlessness. Broken. Exhaustion. Depression. Isolation.
Is this any way to live? DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE!
Ah, but I have to pay for all this stuff.  Let me tell you something, Sir!  I lost my job about 8 months ago, hence the blog, and I was making half the money I made working.  I stopped buying what I call plastic toys, which is all the unnecessary crap we buy, and I managed to make my mortgage, make my car payments, pay off my credit cards, eat healthy organic food, and did this for six months.

Here’s the kicker.  I can’t go back to my old job.  It was killing my spirit.  So I am going to have faith that the universe will provide my perfect life for me. (Don’t be surprised if I add a donate button on the side, someone has to subsidize these posts!)  I am not going to live in fear.  Do I want to teach my children that they must do a job they hate for the rest of their lives so that they can buy all the conveniences they wouldn’t need if they had more time, or if they did what they loved and had less money, but lived simply?  Sometimes intuition leads to jumbled sentences, but you get the drift.
You are the teacher of the next generation. Do you believe that the universe is friendly?  Do you believe the universe conspires to make your dreams come true?  Prove it!  DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE.  IT WILL KILL YOUR SPIRIT!


This experiment in intuition seemed to work, the time passed in an instant, and some sense was even made (I hope).  Now it’s your turn to follow your intuition and do what you love. Follow your dreams in faith. Know that you deserve to be happy. You are a perfectly made you with your own special desires and talents.  Follow your purpose.  Follow your DNA!  It was made with you in mind!  Yes, perfectly you.  Don’t live a perfect life, live your perfect life.

Your perfect affirmations:

  • I deserve to live a life which fills my soul with joy and purpose.
  • I happily pursue my dreams with the faith that God wants me to be happy.
  • I have enough stuff.
  • I am enough.
  • My children are happier with my time than with my money.
  • I love my life.
  • I live my perfect life.

Close your eyes.  In your mind, take a walk in the woods and when you come to a clearing you will see yourself doing what you love to do.  Enjoy it.  Now make it happen

Greedy people are mentally ill.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. —Albert Einstein

Well, of course greedy people are mentally ill.  Who in their right minds would hoard money while others starve?  I’m not talking about your grocery money here, I’m talking about the people who amass money as a prize, as a status symbol.  Those who have millions upon millions, or even billions, and yet allow poverty, starvation, lack of education, and child labor to continue when they could do something about it, these are the folks I’m addressing.  If your neighbor had no money or food to feed her children, I’m sure you would pick up some fruits and vegetables for them.  The people who have a thousand fold the money that you do can help people on a grandiose scale and yet, for the most part, they don’t.  Or they give a million dollars while keeping 75 million for themselves.

What do these people have in common?  Insanity.  Their insanity is caused by an irrational fear of lack or, more often, by their ego’s desire for confirmation of their worthiness.  To them worthiness equates with financial success.  They feel inferior if they don’t hold more material assets than the next guy.  It must be hard to compete with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Let’s face it, this is just insane.  To pursue wealth at the expense of your planet is insane.  How many billionaires continue to amass money while knowingly poisoning our planet?  How many pharmaceutical companies continue to skew research and put deadly and dangerous pills and chemicals on the market to puff up profits.  They kill people to make more money.

When a person commits a murder, they are insane, obviously not in their right minds.  If they were in their right minds they would react reasonably and with compassion.  Yet, when huge corporations kill people en masse, it is called greed, or just plain doing business.  It is shrugged off as part of the game.  I would submit that the corporate leaders in this world are nothing less than insane psychopaths who know not what they do.  Send them all the love you can.  Seriously, send them love and see them as the perfect beings that they are so they may know peace and stop the insanity.  They need it desperately.

There are a few of these perfect beings who have awoken.  These are truly stories of enlightenment.  To make money beyond what most can imagine and to wake up to the fact that it does not buy their happiness is truly amazing.  The material world is such an incredible seductress.  Having a little extra cash for some folks is very exciting.  What will we do with it?  Take a vacation?  Fix up the kitchen?  Imagine having a virtually unlimited supply of money.  It would be intoxicating.   Imagine walking away from it.

John Robbins was heir to the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Empire.  He walked away from it because he saw that it was a destructive and cruel business.  His uncle and father, founders of the company, died very young from heart disease related to all the fat and sugar in their product.  John found that dairy cows lived a horrendous life, artificially impregnated, their calves taken away at birth, the males either killed immediately or sold to the veal industry, the female calves are saved to lead a desperate life like their mothers, but not allowed their precious mother’s milk so it can be sold for people’s milk, cheese, and ice cream.  He saw the destruction to the planet caused by the animal farming industry.  He walked away to be true to his personal beliefs and ethics.  He is an inspirational writer on living with integrity.  His books, Diet for a New America and Food Revolution, are worth the read.


John Robbins, healthy and living with integrity.

Tom Shadyac, who directed such hits as Ace Ventura and Patch Adams, among others, had lots of money.  He had homes all over the world, each worth millions of dollars.  He had more money than he needed.  A bicycle accident that came close to killing him changed his life.  He started to realize that your career doesn’t have to be your entire life and that it’s as important to give back as it is to receive.  He made a documentary about his transformation called I Am and also wrote a memoir, Life’s Operating Manual.   I Am has been avaiable on Netflix recently.  He sold everything, now lives in a trailer park (it’s a nice one, but it’s a trailer park), and continues to give all his money to elevate the life of those with less than him.   Wow.


Tom Shadyac, a happy guy.

The following is an excerpt from a story in the Christian Science Monitor.

“Scott Neeson’s final epiphany came one day in June 2004. The high-powered Hollywood executive stood, ankle deep in trash, at the sprawling landfill of Stung Meanchey, a poor shantytown in Cambodia’s capital.

  • Scott Neeson, smiling.

Scott Neeson, a former head of 20th Century Fox International, cares for more than 1,000 Cambodian children and their families.  In a haze of toxic fumes and burning waste, swarms of Phnom Penh’s most destitute were rooting through refuse, jostling for scraps of recyclables in newly dumped loads of rubbish. They earned 4,000 riel ($1) a day – if they were lucky.

Many of the garbage sorters were young children. Covered in filthy rags, they were scruffy, sickly, and sad.

Clasped to Mr. Neeson’s ear was his cellphone. Calling the movie mogul from a U.S. airport, a Hollywood superstar’s agent was complaining bitterly about inadequate in-flight entertainment on a private jet that Sony Pictures Entertainment, where Neeson was head of overseas theatrical releases, had provided for his client.

Neeson overheard the actor griping in the background. ” ‘My life wasn’t meant to be this difficult.’ Those were his exact words,” Neeson says.” I was standing there in that humid, stinking garbage dump with children sick with typhoid, and this guy was refusing to get on a Gulfstream IV because he couldn’t find a specific item onboard,” he recalls. “If I ever wanted validation I was doing the right thing, this was it.’ “

Within months, Mr. Neeson gave it all up, sold his fabulous mansion and everything else, moved to Cambodia and has been helping those children ever since.  He came to his senses.  He is no longer insane.

On some level we all need to come to our senses.  What is really important?  Is buying yet another piece of clothing really going to make us happy?  Is the bigger house and better car going to ring our bell?

Do you want a more enriched and fulfilling life?  Will you find it living in a seven million dollar mansion or dining at a five-star Zagat rated restaurant, or wearing the latest designer clothing?  That’s one level.  Will you find it in your 2,000 square foot home, driving your BMW, and wearing off the rack designer duds?  There’s another level.

We can all disassociate ourselves from those bazillionaires and say we can’t do much, but is it true?  Can’t we live a simple satisfying life knowing that we are helping others, like the children in Cambodia?  Is that worth more to us than a new dress suit or pair of shoes?

Only you can decide how much you want the material world to determine your life.  You can buy into the idea that money makes the man (or woman) or you can choose to live a life of integrity and charity.  There is one thing you can do no matter how rich or poor you are.  You can give love to all.  You can offer the gift of seeing people as perfect beings of love to the rich and the poor.  You can see yourself as perfect, just as you are, then you won’t need designers deciding how to improve your image.  You are magnificent now.

When we know we are magnificent, we won’t need to prove it with baubles.

Ideal affirmations:

  • I am enough.
  • My worth is in my being.
  • I love all beings.
  • The Kingdom of Love is within.
  • My self-worth is inherent.
  • I am perfect.
  • We are all perfect, we are all one.

Imagine working with Scott Neeson for a day.  Imagine living in a very small house or apartment with people you love.  Imagine giving to others who need your help.  Imagine knowing how perfect you are.


People don’t change.

“It is difficult to say what truth is, but sometimes it is so easy to recognize a falsehood.” ~Albert Einstein

Haven’t you heard that expression, ” People don’t change?”  And , if you take a look at people you see that, for the most part, it’s true.  People don’t change.  They live their whole lives doing pretty much the same thing.  And, why is that?  Come on, you gotta know this by now, if you’ve read even a few of these posts.  Yes, that’s right, it’s because they maintain the same beliefs, keep thinking the same thoughts, and having the same feelings.

Our consciousness produces our lives.  But, even more so, our subconscious produces our lives.  Our subconscious is the cradle of our beliefs which are formed when we are quite young.  If we don’t explore those beliefs and question them, seriously question them, then we will not change our patterns.

Are you exactly where you want to be right now in your life or do you crave a more fulfilling life that corresponds with your beliefs, integrity, and dreams?   If you are exactly where you want to be then you are thinking and feeling along the lines of growth and happiness.  If you’re not there, then it’s time to do a life review.

Sounds like way too much work, doesn’t it.  It is work, dammit!  You have to start asking questions, the hard ones, like “Why am I in the same type of situation that I always seem to end up in?”  Whether it’s your love life, home life, or work life, if you keep finding yourself having the same issues and predicaments then it’s time to take a good hard look at your thoughts and patterns of response.


Do you want to change your profession, but every time you start to form plans for change the desperate voice of fear and failure lures you back into complacency?  It’s time to have faith!   You’ve done this before and too many times, at that!  Open yourself to the truth that the universe wants you to be happy and if you can see yourself happy and doing what you love then it will happen.  Allow the universe to flow through you.  Stop resisting with your negative feelings.  Open up to miracles.

Do you want to have a happy relationship but every time you meet someone they turn out to be less than what you want?  Start knowing how much you deserve to have a wonderful partner.  You won’t attract a healthy partner if you don’t believe you are worthy.  You are the most loved and adored being in the universe!   If you don’t believe it check out the link.  You are important to the consciousness and awakening of the whole world!  Until you believe this you will attract only those that would use you.  When you know your worth you will attract those who value you.  Then it is up to you to continue to believe in your excellence and not let fear creep in and tell you that it can’t be true, it won’t work out, you’re not good enough.  If you let this happen you will sabotage the relationship.  This happens when we first meet someone who is fabulous, then we freeze up with fear.  We either sabotage it or come up with excuses why it won’t work, such as we’re not in a good place, or we are too busy, or we start to nitpick at their personalities til we convince ourselves that they aren’t what we really want.


If your home life is less than ideal, look at how you are thinking about your family.  Are you expecting love and respect or are you expecting mistreatment and victimhood?   Are you giving love and respect or are you looking for the negative and always finding it?

Be grateful for all you have and more will come to you.  Be aware of your feelings.  This is the most important step in changing your life.  When you feel bad it is a sign of negative beliefs and thoughts.  Use your emotions as you would use a GPS system.  If you feel bad, change course.  As you think so you become.  Be a brilliant light for yourself and for those with whom you hold influence.  People do change.  We just need to know that change is needed.  We need to review and make those changes.  You are fabulous!  You can do anything.  Now, change!

Affirmations with love and respect:

  • I hold all beings in love and respect.
  • I give to others that which is most important to them.
  • I deserve to have a happy and fulfilling life.
  • I live the life I desire.
  • All good things come to me.
  • I have an embarrassment of riches.

Imagine you are on a wonderful vacation with the ones you love.  You are all glowing with the love you feel for each other.  Life is amazing and you made it this way.

Forget about pills. Get over here and give me a hug!

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~Albert Einstein

Unless it’s from your creepy, sweaty Uncle Buttkiss, hugs have no down side.  Hugs are warm, joyful, melting, expressions of love and happiness.  We have all known that for quite a while and science is finally catching up.  According to scientists at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, hugging for twenty seconds, along with hand holding for ten minutes with your partner, reduces stress levels.  Indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate were used against a control group that did not hug or hold hands.  You don’t have to hug with a partner; hugging a friend or even a massage has the same effect, it’s the magic of human touch.


We humans have a complex system of stress relief.  Just under our skin are teeny, tiny little discs called Pacinian corpuscles.   These little transmitters are linked to our vagus nervous system.  They initiate the response the body has to touch from another human.  We start to produce oxytocin which is the bonding hormone.  It makes us feel affection and an emotional connection.  It is the hormone that mothers produce during birth so that they forget all about the pain of labor and simply fall in love with their babies.  It has a calming effect on men, making them more affectionate and more likely to be monogamous.  Increased hugs would equate with increased faithfulness and fidelity!  Kissing and hand holding work the same way.  


Hugs slow the release of cortisol which is the stress drug.  It’s the hormone that causes anxiety and even weight gain.  Hugging will keep you slim.  Hugging will keep you relaxed.  Hugging can replace antidepressants!   When we hug dopamine is released.  Dopamine levels play a huge part in depression and are also linked to Parkinson’s Disease.  Dopamine helps keep us motivated and feeling good and positive.  It’s the feel good drug!  I like Dopamine!


Touch makes all the difference in your life.  Babies who do not get the benefit of touch do not thrive.  The effects of neglect on the brain are the same as those of physical abuse.  It’s amazing how much we benefit from, and even need, physical expressions of love through hugs, cuddling, hand-holding, and kissing.  Couples who only kiss when they make love are more stressed than those who spontaneously kiss during the day.   It releases endorphins, another feel good hormone.  It helps to relax you and you can forget about your problems. A kiss is a mini-vacation!


Hugs give us a sence of self-worth and self-love.  This is especially true for children.  If our parents are very cuddly with us we do much better.  These physical demonstrations of love we receive as children imprint on us and are carried through our life.  Whenever we hug we have the feeling of love we received from being hugged and cuddled as a child and baby.  If your parents weren’t all huggy and cuddly you can still start being more affectionate now.


It’s hard to start hugging when you came from a family that didn’t hug or physically demonstrate love for each other.  But, you can do it.  Start with short hugs.  Talk with your siblings about the fact that you grew up with out many displays of affection, but that you’d like to change that.  They probably feel the same way.  Tell them you want to hug more.  Then hug!  Start a habit of hugging every time you see each other.  Talk about the twenty second hug rule with your friends and family!  They’ll love it, believe me!


Raise your children with hugs and cuddling and lots of physical expressions of love.  It helps them love themselves and deal with stress far better.  Hugs are practically the only prescription you need for a healthy life.  Okay, eat well and exercise, too, but hug, hug, hug!


We get our sense of connectedness with others through physical affection.  Our energies connect as well as all the chemical reactions we enjoy from touch.  We are all one and hugging reminds us that we are part of this greater whole.   If you can do it without being creepy, touch people.  Connect with people.  In this day and age where people are afraid they will be held liable for a hug it is often tough.  Schools don’t allow children to hug each other.  Even five-year olds are punished for hugging their friends.  This is ridiculous!  Hug!!!  Encourage your children to show how they feel.  Encourage them to hug each other and to hug you and their extended family.  Start a legacy of hugs!




I’ll leave you with the greatest hug master of our era.   Please check out this short three-minute video because there’s another great thing about hugs, watching others hugs has many of the same benefits as if you were doing the hugging!   When we see acts of kindness and love our bodies release the same chemicals as if we were a giver or recipient of the love!  That’s how powerful love is!


Go out there and love.  Start your own free hugs campaign!   Get over here and give me a hug!

Some huggable affirmations:

  • I express the love I feel for people through words and hugs.
  • I find it easy to show people through physical affection how I feel about them
  • I hug every day.
  • My friends and family and I hug when we greet each other and say Good-Bye and just for no reason at all.
  • Hugs are wonderful and I enjoy them.

As you are on your way to visit a friend or family member, imagine that when you get there you give them a great big hug.  Doesn’t that feel great.  Now do it.


Now, imagine a world where everyone got many good long warm hugs everyday.  No hugs, no peace.  Know hugs, know peace.  Okay, so it doesn’t make perfect sense, but you know what I mean!




Challenge accepted.

“Our actions should be based on the ever-present awareness that human beings in their thinking, feeling, and acting are not free but are just as causally bound as the stars in their motion.” ~ Albert Einstein

When we accept less than perfect love into our souls then we are infecting ourselves with negative energy which we must then work to transform into positive.  We do not need to accept that which does not benefit us.  One of many stories attributed to the Buddha tells of any angry man who approached the Buddha and began to harass him, insult him, and provoke him.  The Buddha asked the man if he had any friends and family.  The man responded that he did.  The Buddha asked him if he ever gave any gifts to his friends.  The man said that he did.  The Buddha asked him what he would do if a friend refused the gift he gave.  The man replied that he would bring the gift home to his family and enjoy it with them.  The Buddha then said, “So it is with you today.  You have brought me a gift which I choose not to accept.”  This is how the Buddha lovingly taught the man that what is offered to us by others is not what we have to accept.


Lately I have been using a form of affirmation that I never used before.   I would like to share it with you as I have found it very powerful in my life.  Love is greater than fear.  We are always offered either love or fear by others and we always offer either love or fear to others.  Using these new affirmations is reminding me of what I want to accept into my soul and offer to others.

  • I accept only love, compassion, and peace into my heart.
  • I offer only love, compassion, and peace to others.
  • I accept only courage, inspiration, and action for myself.
  • I offer only encouragement, inspiration, and help to others.
  • I accept only happiness and joy for myself.
  • I offer only happiness and joy to others.
  • I accept only love and respect for myself.
  • I offer only love and respect to others.
  • I accept only abundance and wealth for myself.
  • I offer only abundance and wealth to others.
  • I accept only generosity of spirit.
  • I offer only generosity of spirit.
  • I accept only perfect health and vibrance in my physical body.
  • I offer only perfect health and vibrance to others.
  • I recognize only the divine in myself.
  • I recognize only the divine in others.

We are in this body at this time for only a short while, but we can have an impact on the growth of our spiritual consciousness.  We can raise each other up or tear each other down.  We can accept only that which benefits and give only that which empowers love.  When you look in the mirror in the morning repeat these affirmations while looking into your own eyes and know how valuable you are to the enlightenment of all beings.  Offer only what you would offer to your most beloved and accept only what you would want for your most beloved, for you are most beloved.

Imagine that you walk into a restaurant by yourself.  You walk over to a table of strangers and one of them stands up.  What does s/he say to you?  How do you respond?  Are any words exchanged?  What happens?

Remember when you were just a puppy. Dog Joy!

“The heart says yes, but the mind says no.”  ~Albert Einstein

We’ve been asking the wrong questions.  My dog, Sophie, told me this.  We always ask ourselves things like, “What is my purpose in life?” or “What should I be doing?” or “What should I wear?”  All of these shoulds.  Dogs don’t think about shoulds.  They do what they want.  Instead of all those other questions, we can ask ourselves, “What do I want?” and “What do I want to do?”


A dog in the woods shows us that simply being a dog is enough.  They don’t worry about what they should be doing.  They simply do what makes them happy.  They sniff.  They bound.  They run.  They do the things that fill their hearts with dog joy.  Don’t go about sniffing butts, unless you’re a dog.  Do and be what you are.  You are a unique individual.  No one thinks quite like you.  No one sees a sunset quite the way in which you do.  No one has the same passions or dreams that you do.  Being who we are is enough.  When we are striving to make our life into what we think it should be we are limiting ourselves with societal pressures.


If we think about what we want and not what we should do, we can focus entirely on the end result (our desire) and the universe will fill us in on what steps we need to take to get there.  By trying to figure out how we are going to accomplish something,especially worrying about it, we limit the possibilities.  We may see a direction and take action on that course because we think that’s what we should do when it may be the worst direction we could take.  The universe (our true self) knows every direction, not just the one or two available to us through our limited mind knowledge.   If we focus on what we know, (limited) instead of letting the universe (unlimited) point us in the right direction, we may be going down the wrong road.   Let the universe show you the short cut.  There is a quicker and more fulfilling route than the ones our simple brains can figure out.


Dogs find their greatest joy in being dogs.  You can find your greatest joy in being you.  Do what you love. Do what makes you happy.  The universe will just send you more of the same.  Just as a dog must be let out of the house in order to be himself, you must let yourself out of your rut in order to be yourself.  You can’t be yourself stuck in a rut.  A dog will spend most of its life sleeping if she is made to be stuck indoors all the time.  You will fall asleep if you make yourself do the same things over and over.  You must let yourself out in order to find your true joy.  Let go of preconceived notions of what you are.  Unfortunately we are all susceptible to external influences.  Even dogs can have their instincts bred out of them and we, in this consumer driven, media heavy world have our instincts and intuition driven out of us at times.

Who are you really?  What do you really love to do?  What brings you joy?  It’s not always easy to answer those questions.  I have posited the idea before of looking back at your childhood and remembering what it was that brought you the most joy.


In my hometown we have a bandstand and every Sunday evening the town band would play.  People would bring their beach chairs, relax and listen to the music.  There was one little girl who always got all the other kids to line up behind her and march around the bandstand.  She found joy in leading.  Some kids like to make up new games and adventures.  They may like to work in research and development or engineering.  Some kids like physical activity more than anything and would not do well at a desk job.  At different times in my childhood I enjoyed being in the woods most of the time.  This has continued.  I enjoyed drawing and painting.  I sold my art work as an adult.  I enjoyed writing. I enjoyed reading encyclopedias.  I still want to know everything I can about everything.  I still express my creative side.  We are all born with certain tendencies.  Try to remember what yours were before you were inundated with external influences.  I thought about God a lot as a child.  I wondered a lot about Jesus and even wanted to be a Nun for a while.  My pursuit of spiritual truth has continued.  So, look back on yourself when you were just a puppy and remember what brought you happiness.

Experience dog joy in your own life just by doing what you love.  Start in your personal life and it will expand into your work life and spiritual life.  Remember the more you experience happiness, the more happiness comes to you.  The next time you see a dog experiencing dog joy, know that you can experience the same kind of joy just by being yourself.  Listen to your heart.

Joyful affirmations:

  • I do what I love and I love what I do.
  • I am living a joyful life.
  • I am acting on my desires.
  • I remember who I am.
  • I am an amazing, wonderful, joyful being.
  • I allow joy to be a major part of my life.
  • Joy is being me.

Relax, close your eyes, meet a dog in a field and ask them “What is the meaning of joy.”

Do you have a great capacity for suffering? Then you have a great capacity for joy!

“If only I could give you some of my happiness so that you would never be sad or depressed again.”  ~Albert Einstein

One in four people suffer from depression.  Most people with whom I speak these days who are depressed have no problem talking about their medication, their therapists, and their issues. That’s a great step forward.  Our society’s historical views and response regarding depression can make those who live it feel ashamed.  People with depression feel they aren’t believed because there are no overt physical symptoms of their illness.  If one has diabetes there are blood tests to point to as truth of their disease, but with depression it is often thought to be all in your head.  There are no blood tests or visible scars to prove that you are sick.

Whether your scars are on your heart or on your face, you can suffer from shame.  You can feel as though you don’t belong in a world where happiness and beauty are the prerequisites for acceptance. “Snap out of it,” is a reaction many with depression have heard.  Often, people with depression are seen as weak, but their strength is actually what allows the suffering to continue.  They seem to have a greater capacity for suffering than those who have found a way to be happy.  They are strong people who live in despair, but still manage to live and function in a world that doesn’t accept their despair as real, further adding to their suffering.  Just as those with external scars continue to choose to live while feeling that they are damaged and different.


No one has anything wrong with them. Everything we are is worth celebrating.  Our pain will, at some point, be more than we can live with.  We will realize that we have to change or the suffering will continue.  Suffering brings us to spiritual evolution. A large population of this planet is now going through a spiritual evolution because we can’t stand the pain anymore, the collective suffering as well as the personal. If we can accept who we are and that we suffer, then we can use our suffering to grow. The person with the scar across their face or chest can feel as much shame (sometimes more) as someone who is depressed and their lesson may be the same as the person with depression; happiness is not an outside job.  It will not be cured externally, but from the heart and soul.  Suffering leads us to try another path because the one we are on is too painful. Usually it’s the self hate that is too painful, the shame of being who we are.

To paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, if you aren’t ready to change you haven’t suffered enough.  It can be a problem when we identify with our suffering.  It is extremely hard work to let go of suffering.  It takes constant vigilance over our thoughts, words, and actions.  It has been shown that when we smile or think happy thoughts specific areas of our brain are activated and chemicals are released into our body that perpetuate the feeling of happiness.  The same is true of depression.  When we are sad or angry certain brain centers are activated and certain chemicals released.  Not only that, when we repeatedly have thoughts of sadness or anger or resentment, jealousy, or any other negative emotion (or positive) certain neurons in the brain fire, after repeated firing a network is established.  This means you become hardwired in that emotion, thought, or feeling.  You become what you think about the most on a physiological level.  This science of brain formation and emotional brain response clearly shows how important it is to choose your thoughts and emotions wisely.  We must even choose our facial expression.  Smiling triggers good network connections in our brains.  You can change these networks through repetitive positive reinforcement.  Seems almost too easy.  But, it’s not.  Our repetitive thoughts and emotions which got us into this fix in the first place are now habitual and hardwired and we must change the habit, that takes vigilance!  Mindfulness of our thoughts is paramount in change.  And we need to be aware of our emotions which will let us know when we are having negative thoughts.  When we start to feel angry or sad we need to start thinking of something that brings us joy, we must be strict thought-masters.  Through repeated focus on an emotion we can become stuck in a gripping pattern of self empowerment or self-destruction.  This will not be a popular concept for some.  They will want to say that they have no control over their disease, over their emotions, or over their thoughts.  But, we all have control.   If you don’t believe that then at least entertain the idea that you have control of your thoughts.  You can change your beliefs.  You have control of your physical actions.


Sometimes we see ourselves as a victim of the outside world when in fact our suffering, as our happiness, is connected to how we think of or perceive a situation.  When we choose to stay in our sadness we negate the suffering of others.  I am not saying that we should repress our feelings.  We need to feel them and observe them and follow our hearts.  We all suffer.  I’ve told the following story before.  A woman lost her child and went to the Buddha and asked why, why did she have to suffer in this way.  He sent her to the village to bring back a mustard seed from a home that had not known suffering.  She came back empty-handed.  The Buddha did not tell the woman she had no right to grieve.  Grieving is a healthy process.  It becomes unhealthy when we allow it to consume our life.  Some people need longer periods of grief, but at some point we must decide that we need an end to our suffering.  We all must go through the darkness, but knowing that we all go through the darkness and knowing that we all share suffering can be a help.  When Buddha said that life is suffering he meant that we all have our shadows, our sadness, but we must bring them into the light of truth.  All of our experiences happen for a reason; to bring us closer to the truth.  The truth of who we are.  We are all subject to pain and loss.  We are all subject to suffering.  We are all in this journey together.  When we start to accept and love ourselves as flawed beings we can start to remember our true self.   If we can accept who we are, with all of our scars, visible and invisible, we will be on the path to self-love and with that comes healing.

Accepting who we are without any shame for past actions, for our weakness, for our addictions, for our faults and imperfections is a simple thing and one of the hardest things in the world to do.  This is a truth; we can only give to others, love them unconditionally, and see without any judgment when we have completely accepted ourselves.

Accept your sadness knowing that you are not alone.  Accept your scars knowing that we are all scarred.  Accept your grief and let it heal you.  Nurture yourself and allow yourself periods of sadness and despair.  But, come back to hope.  Remember what you have to be grateful for.  Know that we all suffer and accept the truth in that.  Don’t be angry at yourself for suffering.  Don’t be ashamed of your sadness.  Remember that you have the strength that brought you through your despair and you can use that strength to bring yourself into the light.  You who have the strength to suffer have the strength to change.  Get help.  Reach out to compassionate friends and professionals, if needed.  But, please, don’t dwell in the darkness and think that is who you are.  You are love.  You are joy.


Be mindful of your thoughts and actions.  This is not an easy process.  It takes vigilance and practice.  It takes determination and desire.  One of the best ways to connect with the healing light of your soul is through meditation.  Meditation, sitting in stillness, brings us closer to our true being, which is love.  Peace comes from knowing that only love is real.  Don’t let sadness take over your thoughts.  Be your own savior and go through your darkness.  Meditate daily.  Be present in your commitment to be happy.  See the light at the end of the tunnel.


When you meditate use the “I am” meditation.  Sit quietly and comfortably.  Repeat in your mind “I am” mantras, such as “I am peace” or “I am joy.”  Return to your mantra whenever you drift to thoughts.  Don’t get impatient with yourself.  It is a practice.  Dont feel that you won’t get there.  You will.  Take time everyday for physical activity and outdoor activity.  See the beauty in the world around you. Smile at strangers.  When you have sad thoughts, think of the things for which you are grateful.  Know that better times are here.  You deserve to be happy.  It is your birthright.

We live in a crazy world and it is easy to understand why anyone would be depressed.  To be happy in this world seems almost inconceivable.  To fit into a world gone mad is not normal or healthy.  But, we don’t have to fit in.  We can be ourselves.  Don’t let the outside world determine your inner life and feelings.   You can rise above it and be happy.  You have so much power to tap into.  Use it.  Ask for it.  Feel it.  Joy is yours.

Some uplifting affirmations you can also use as mantras in meditation on the way to happiness:

  • I am loved.
  • I am peace.
  • I am as good as anyone.
  • I am eternally grateful for the infinite abundance in all areas of my life.
  • I am love.
  • I am blessed.
  • I am joy.
  • I am loving.
  • I am  contributing to the happiness and spiritual growth of the world.
  • I am a divine and magnificent being.

Imagine yourself laughing with friends.  Imagine yourself doing something kind for someone else.  Smile and talk with people you don’t know.  Volunteer at the local food pantry or animal shelter.  Put love in your head.  Repeat these affirmations with a smile on your face and feel it.

A life of synchronicity. Or take the row boat.

“I never think of the future, it comes soon enough.”    -Albert Einstein

Worry, worry, worry.  If a friend is worrying, I ask them what they were worried about exactly one year ago.  They can never tell me.  And you know it’s not because there was nothing worrying them.  They can’t tell me because it really wasn’t that important and they have forgotten it.  Somehow, amazingly, the world didn’t come to an end.  We have made a national pastime of worrying!    What a neurotic lot we are!  Worry does not help!

Seeing the outcome that you want helps!  See the result you want whenever you are stressed out about something.  Don’t let the negative images of your worst fears take over your thoughts and emotions.  See what you want to happen with a clear image and a happy mind!  See exactly what you want the outcome to be.  Close your eyes, envision the happy ending, and feel yourself relieved with the result, being present with the result!  It is easier to imagine things if we see ourselves living our lives in those circumstances.  Remember when I asked you to see yourself doing something in the life of your dreams?  If I want a farm in the country, I envision myself working in the garden, enjoying the front porch,  gazing out from a window as I write overlooking the pond.  Don’t just say what you want, see what you want and feel the joy of living your perfect life.  When the universe feels the energy of your excitement and happiness it will respond with the same energy!


If you don’t get what you envisioned right away, please have faith that there is a good reason.  The universe is putting all your ducks in a row and you’ll get the happiness you deserve!  And there is no one on earth who deserves happiness more than you!

If you want to leave the corporate rat race and start your own business, see it.  See yourself as successful!  Worrying how you will get the money for that business doesn’t help.  Worrying about who will help you with the business doesn’t help.  The universe will provide the opportunities and the people you need.  Never worry about the hows, whos, whens, and wheres.  Of course, don’t miss the opportunites.  Your intuition will help you to recognize them.

There is an old joke about a man who was swept away in a flood.  He asked God to save him.  He was dragged by the current to a woman sitting on a roof who offered to pull him up.  He declined because he had faith that God would deliver him.  A man came along in a row boat and offered to help him, he declined saying that God was going to help him.  A helicopter appeared and threw down a lifeline to him, but he declined again, his faith in God unwavering.  He drowned.  When he got to heaven he asked God why he didn’t save him.  God replied, “ I sent you the woman on the roof, the man in the boat, and a helicopter, what more could I do?”


The universe will send us many ways to accomplish what we want.  Be open to them; trust your intuition.  The universe will send you messages.  It starts out quite simply, but if you ignore the messages they become more persistent.

Be attentive to patterns; seeing the same images in different places while you are considering something of which the image is representational means the universe is telling you something.  The universe is telling you to go for it or how to go for it.  If you want to become a veterinarian, but have your doubts, and suddenly your friends are telling you about their sick animals, you see a new billboard with puppies on it, and a stray cat appears on your doorstep, chances are you’re headed in the right direction and the universe is confirming it for you.

The universe wants you to be happy.  Listen to it telling you how to accomplish your desires and notice the opportunities it puts in your path.  Never will you be alone.  You will always have loving energy guiding you, sending you messages, and placing perfect conditions within your reach.  Trust that the universe loves you and wants you to succeed.  See yourself being happy as often as possible.  Feel the joy you have living your dreams!  Emotion is always the strongest message from and to the universe.  Feel the emotions you want to feel whenever you can!  Feel gratitude and contentment.  Feel peace and joy!   Feel successful!  Allow your perfect life to be.  It is already here.


Realize your earthly desires by seeing them as already here.  Extraordinary things happen every day!  Miracles are part of your life!  Evolve into the best you can be by believing and feeling that you are the best you can be.  You are awesome.  Celebrate your fabulous life.  Enjoy your permanent vacation, because when you are doing what you love it is like being on a permanent vacation!   You are getting better with age, better every day.  Nurture your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Imagine you are the happiest person in the world!  You are!!

Take control of your thoughts.  Be a witness to your thoughts.  If you find yourself thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals; change them!  It’s that easy (and that hard).  Change your thoughts and change your life.  Love your life!  Be playful, cheerful, and grateful!  You are the miracle.

Some miraculous affirmations:

  • I believe that no one deserves success and happiness more than I do.
  • The universe sends me all I need to be happy.
  • I trust my intuition and it sends me on the right course always.
  • My life is a series of synchronicities that make it perfect.
  • The universe is always by my side leading me to my happiness, my authentic life.

Imagine your perfect vacation with people you adore and who adore you!  What fun!

I am so entitled!

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” ~Albert Einstein

The word entitlement has gotten a really bad reputation.  I think it’s because people generally equate it with the idea that the person who feels entitled thinks that they deserve something more than someone else.  It has a weight of arrogance and selfishness to it.  What would happen if we all realized that we are entitled?  Not that we deserve more than others, but that we all, every one of us, deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.  Imagine a world where everyone knew that they could manifest their dreams.  And that they deserved to realize their desires.  That is our true entitlement.

All of our dreams are so different, all of our dreams are so individual and unique.  Imagine how happy everyone would be living their soul’s desire.  The happiness and enthusiasm would be electric.  The joy and creativity of our passions would raise us to a place where we understood love.

The only reason we aren’t there right now is that we don’t understand love.  Love is the song of the soul being expressed.  Love is the expression of your creativity.  Love brings happiness.  When we love our soul we listen to what it needs.  My soul asks that I express myself through writing, teaching, and other creative pursuits.  Some people’s souls express through gardening.  Some people’s souls express through healing.  Through bicycling.  Through cooking nurturing meals for others.  Through working on cars.  Through entertaining.  Through scientific research in the field of marine biology.  Through spiritual pursuits.  Through building a suspension bridge.  Through designing fabric.  Through nurturing children.  Through studying the Talmud.  Through cleaning.  Through words.  Through leading.  Through numbers.  Through singing the perfect aria.  Through dancing the Tango.  Through so many creative ways.


Through teaching physics.

We can recognize our soul’s desire by listening to our soul.  If we do not follow our soul’s desire we will never be happy.  We may get along and get by, but we will never experience the bliss of self-fulfillment.  We are entitled to live our dreams.  The universe begs us to live our dreams.  If you are fighting and suffering to reach a goal, perhaps you are fighting your own soul.  Perhaps the universe is telling you that the current goal you have will not bring you happiness.  It may bring you temporary pleasure.  A new house, a new car, more money.  But, what are these worth if they do not bring you the joy of being your true self?

Listen for the call of your heart in the voice of your emotions.  Look for the things that bring you back again and again because of the happiness and peace you experience when you do them.  If you are doing something and time flies by you are on the right track.  If you do something and you are excited to start and feel satisfaction when finished you are on the right track.  If it fills you with enthusiasm keep doing it.  Sometimes even our soul’s desire may be hard to continue, it may take longer than you think, but continue.  Don’t despair.  Do it for your sake.

Our goals may change over the years as the activities which brought us happiness in our twenties may evolve into a completely different desire.  As we grow spiritually by following our path our prior pursuits no longer give us the satisfaction and fulfillment they once did.  Listen to the soul as it tells you it’s time to move on to other enterprises.  It’s time to change with your soul.

Feel entitled to the life of your dreams.  Know that the universe is waiting for you to recognize your heart’s desire and help you bring it to fruition.  Think of interests and activites in the past that filled your heart, but that you put aside as impractical or embarassing, the things that someone didn’t approve of or that you thought were childish.  Your dreams are there for a reason, to be manifested.  Allow yourself to follow your heart and pursue your passions.  Be courageous knowing that the universe is waiting to help.

I’m not saying quit your job today and follow your dreams, but take the first steps.  Albert worked as a clerk in his early years, but spent all his free time working on equations using his imagination and intuition.  Doing what he loved.  When you move toward your goal and do what you love, the universe will answer your actions with the help and guidance you require to continue.  Be aware of synchronicities appearing in your life.  See how the universe sends you messages.  And, always, have faith.  Follow your Bliss!   Your dreams are closer than you realize.  And you are entitled to them.  They are your birthright.

You’re entitled to these affirmations:

  • I am entilted to live my dream.
  • I deserve to follow my heart’s desire.
  • The universe conspires with me to reach my goals.
  • My life is filled with enthusiasm and fulfillment.
  • Everything I need to manifest my dreams is brought to me.

Imagine yourself doing something that fills you with happiness.  Start doing it.