Don’t Do What You Hate!!!

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

I’ve decided that I’m going to use my intuition to write this post. I have no idea what I’m going to write about, but I’m going to have faith that Albert was right about intuition and that the perfect topic will come to me as I keep writing. I’m hoping for that wonderful feeling of Satori to kick in. Satori is a Japanese word and it describes what happens when you are taken over by a creative project and time is seemingly irrelevant. You are acting out of time and out of ego, simply channeling the creative force of who you truly are, the Divine Creator!

So, today I keep thinking of the Gospel of Thomas. You remember Doubting Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples. He’s the one who asked for proof that Jesus came back, that’s another story which I kinda doubt happened, the way it’s presented anyway Thomas admitted that he really didn’t have much of a clue as to what Jesus was trying to say with his parables and metaphors so he decided rather than trying to interpret Jesus’ words or tell Jesus’ story he would simply write what Jesus said and let people make up their own minds.

Of course, we don’t get the opportunity to read Thomas since he wasn’t included in the New Testament. Why the Nicene Council of the Holy Roman Church decided to edit the gospels is anyone’s guess? Mine is that they chose the gospels which worked best for their agenda to control the Roman Empire, but I digress, the perk of following intuition!
So Thomas, in his humble innocence, simply dictated Jesus’ words. You can find them all online, but the one that really hit  me, WACK, right in the face was what Jesus said when asked what people should do.  Jesus said, “…don’t do what you hate…”
Wow, if there are any words to live by, strangely written in the negative, but for a good reason, it is those five words.

DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE!!!!!!  This seems simple enough, but how many people kill their spirit by doing what they hate, for their whole lifetime?  They do it out of responsiblity often enough.  They have children to raise and send to school, children whom they don’t see enough because they work too much, bills to pay, plastic toys to buy which they don’t get to use because they work too much, huge mortgages to pay on houses they spend little time in because they work too much, big cars to pay for to drive to and from those jobs.  These words come to mind.  Futile. Striving. Endlessness. Broken. Exhaustion. Depression. Isolation.
Is this any way to live? DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE!
Ah, but I have to pay for all this stuff.  Let me tell you something, Sir!  I lost my job about 8 months ago, hence the blog, and I was making half the money I made working.  I stopped buying what I call plastic toys, which is all the unnecessary crap we buy, and I managed to make my mortgage, make my car payments, pay off my credit cards, eat healthy organic food, and did this for six months.

Here’s the kicker.  I can’t go back to my old job.  It was killing my spirit.  So I am going to have faith that the universe will provide my perfect life for me. (Don’t be surprised if I add a donate button on the side, someone has to subsidize these posts!)  I am not going to live in fear.  Do I want to teach my children that they must do a job they hate for the rest of their lives so that they can buy all the conveniences they wouldn’t need if they had more time, or if they did what they loved and had less money, but lived simply?  Sometimes intuition leads to jumbled sentences, but you get the drift.
You are the teacher of the next generation. Do you believe that the universe is friendly?  Do you believe the universe conspires to make your dreams come true?  Prove it!  DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE.  IT WILL KILL YOUR SPIRIT!


This experiment in intuition seemed to work, the time passed in an instant, and some sense was even made (I hope).  Now it’s your turn to follow your intuition and do what you love. Follow your dreams in faith. Know that you deserve to be happy. You are a perfectly made you with your own special desires and talents.  Follow your purpose.  Follow your DNA!  It was made with you in mind!  Yes, perfectly you.  Don’t live a perfect life, live your perfect life.

Your perfect affirmations:

  • I deserve to live a life which fills my soul with joy and purpose.
  • I happily pursue my dreams with the faith that God wants me to be happy.
  • I have enough stuff.
  • I am enough.
  • My children are happier with my time than with my money.
  • I love my life.
  • I live my perfect life.

Close your eyes.  In your mind, take a walk in the woods and when you come to a clearing you will see yourself doing what you love to do.  Enjoy it.  Now make it happen

Free Unlimited Love!!!!

“Love is a better teacher than duty.”  ~Albert Einstein

We tend to put limits on things.  Limits can be very good.  I limit the amount of soda I drink to about 16 ounces a year.  What can I say?  I like Root Beer.  We would do well to limit our food intake. It would probably be wise to limit our alcoholic beverages and our pot smoking.  We can limit our time spent in front of the TV and reading trashy romance novels.  We should limit our time working.  There are things, though, that we should not limit, simply because they are infinite.  We should not limit our circle of love.


When we limit our love to only those who we know then we are doing ourselves and the world a grave injustice.  When we give love to everyone our love only continues to expand.  When you see a person who may cause you to feel uncomfortable, such as a mentally ill homeless person, and you extend love to them suddenly you feel better.  Not just about that person, but about yourself as well and the next person you see will benefit from your expanding capacity to love.  When I say extend love to them I don’t mean buy them a sandwich or give them some change, I simply mean to feel love for them and send it to them.  See them as perfect beings of love, as you are.

Many people, I have found, love only those with whom they share a blood tie, others love only those with whom they share a national tie, others love only those with whom they share an ethnic tie, and so on.  Why is this so?  If you put twenty-seven toddlers in a room, each of them a different race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic group, or political party (we’ll give them the party of their parents for this hypothetical!) will they isolate themselves, will they distrust or dislike the others?  I kind of doubt it.  All of our likes and dislikes are learned.  All of our prejudices and politics are learned.  All of our isms are invented to divide and conquer.  As long as we see ourselves as a world of differences, then we are a world of separation.  As long as we distrust those who we perceive to be different we are acting in fear.  Fear of attack based completely on an ignorance of the other’s life.


We tend to be insular and distrusting.  That is what we are taught as children, generally by our religious dogma and our government’s propaganda.  There is a priest who says there is no such thing as hell.  He says it was made up by the church to give them power over the people.  He states that there is no God that would condemn a person to an eternity of torture.  Our governments tell us that there are terrorists.  These same governments support political coups, terrorist cells, and wars based on economic profit from the natural resources of countries.  People aren’t born with hate in their hearts.  They are born with love and trust.

Unshackle your heart.  Open your mind.  Love All.  Back in the 1970’s, I believe, after years of the Cold War, when Russia and the United States were supposed to be enemies, Phil Donahue did a show in which he had one audience of Americans and one of Russians.  Not politicians, not government spokespeople, not corporate heads, but just your average everyday citizens.  They all stated that they didn’t hate each other.  Who was doing the hating here?  Who was imagining this great divide?  And why?   It doesn’t matter.  But, whoever it was, they were misguided.  The Cold War was an era of hate and mistrust based on nothing but propaganda.


Today we have the same misguided notions being delivered to us by the media.  A not so independent media.  Don’t listen to it.  Listen to your heart, the one you were born with, the one that knows only love.   Don’t hate the misguided souls who preach division.  Send love to them, too.

Don’t limit your love to your family, or your small circle of friends, or your race, or you ethnic group, or your socioeconomic class.  Open you heart to love all.  Whenever you see someone, anyone, send them love.  Forgive everyone.  Know that we are all doing our best.  If we could do better we would, right?  So would they.  Remember, it’s fear that crowds out love.  Don’t let fear of others keep you from enjoying a life filled with love.


You choose which one to turn on.

Never limit what is infinite.  Your capacity to love is infinite.   When you love someone you help them to love themselves and you help you to love yourself.  It’s another win-win situation.  Go ahead, live life unlimited!

Unlimited affirmations:

  • I love all beings.
  • I extend love to all I see.
  • I am love.
  • I am part of the infinite energy of love.
  • I love myself.
  • I forgive all.
  • My life is perfect.

Imagine that you are at a meeting in the United Nations.  Suddenly everyone stands up and starts to walk around the hall, hugging everyone and telling them they love them.  Isn’t that what a group of little children would do?  See it and enjoy the vision.


I invited God to dinner and this is what He said.

“Strange is our situation here on Earth.  Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose.” ~Albert Einstein

Is there a purpose for your physical existence here, now?  If the universe could talk to you and tell you what you are, here is what it would say.

“You are the love of my life.  You are source energy, the highest vibration, the vibration of perfection.  You are the physical realization of all that is beautiful, joyful, and loving.  There is no one greater than you.  No one more beautiful than you.  There is no one more loved and adored than you are.  You are perfection.  When you were created in your physical body you held all the creative power of the universe within you, and you still do.  You are the most perfect being that ever existed.  The world would be a lesser place without you in it.

You are so important to the consciousness of the universe, so much a necessary part, that it wouldn’t be the same without you.  You bring joy and laughter to my heart.  You are a constant reminder of the perfection of love.

You embody all that is playful, joyful, and free.  If you only knew the joy I receive from being with you and watching you.  I love it when you are filled with the joy of life, when you play with abandonment, knowing how much you are loved.  You are the favorite child, the reason for my existence.  You are the pure essence of love and joy.  I love you more than you will ever know.  You will know my love when you realize how perfect you are.  Until then, know that I love you beyond human thoughts or words, beyond your wildest dreams.  For you are the reason for my existence. You are the love that fills my heart.  You are made from love and filled with love.

When we are in perfect union again, I will rejoice.  You are the part of me that makes me perfect.  I can not tell you how much you are loved, for it is more than can be spoken.  It is more than can be imagined.  You are adored.  You are the best of me.”


Wow.  And you wonderd why you are here.  Look in the mirror and see this you that the universe sees.  See the object of ineffable love that looks back at you.  This is who you are.  Remember this love that the universe holds for you when you are feeling bad.  Remember how much you are loved and adored.  Rejoice in that love.  Be one with that love.  Feel it.  See everyone else the way the universe sees you.  Reflect the love that you are.

Self-loving affirmations:

  • I am made in the image of God.
  • The kingdom of God is within me.
  • I am one with source.
  • I am loved and adored.
  • I am joyful and playful.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am magnificent.

Imagine you have invited God for dinner.  Feel how much s/he loves you as you sit and share a meal.  Play a game afterwards.  Laugh with God.

If you still don’t believe it and want a certificate proving you are divine, you can get it here.

The perfect answer every time.

“…I [have] always loved solitude…”  ~Albert Einstein

The vibration of the universe is perfection.  It is timeless and infinite.  It always has been and always will be.  It is everywhere and it is now.  It is what you came from and where you are going.  It is constantly flowing through you.  When you are completely connected with it, in loving kindness, then it shines from you like starlight.   When you are lost in the creative process you are caught in the glorious flow of perfection.


This indefinable energy, this beautiful frequency resonates throughout the universe, filling it with perfect love.  Love is just another word for perfection.  This energy is so perfect and so beautiful that it is unnameable.  It is inconceivable.  It is pure being.  Lao Tzu said,

” A way that can be walked

is not The Way

A name that can be named

is not The Name

The Tao is that

which cannot be spoken”

We can only experience spirit.  We can’t see it or hear it.  We cannot understand it without the experience of it, though we try.  We cannot explain it, though we try.  It is so inconceivable that it is like trying to describe to a blind person what  purple looks like, or show a deaf person music, or explain to a person with no sense of smell the fragrance of lilacs.  People who have had Near Death Experiences try to explain it to people, but they know it lies beyond words.


Intuition is just another word for this wonderful energy.  Another word for the divine vibration which is you.  Another word for God, or the universe, or whatever term you choose to give your higher self.  When we can allow the divine to flow through us without influencing it with our negative thoughts and beliefs we cannot make a mistake.  We cannot misstep when we are allowing divine love to guide us.  When we follow out intuition we are never wrong.  It is in the allowing ourselves to follow our intuition that we come to trouble.  We become afraid to follow that inner guidance.  Our ego jumps upon it so quickly that we don’t even know what our first thought, our intuition, was at times!  True!

We are such control freaks!  Admit it, we all are.  It is one of the hardest things to give up.  Giving up our pushy nature and allowing the wisdom of the universe to guide us feels nearly impossible at times.  Oh, we of little faith!

The next time you want to go against your intuition, remember how perfect the universe is.  Look up to the sky and see the stars.  Look into the woods and see the perfect cycles of nature.  Look at a child and see their unencumbered joy.  The word unencumbered speaks volumes about how we pile cultural influences on top of our intuition, so high that it’s hard to dig out a glimmer of the light hidden beneath it all.   Let go of your fears and let the pure energy of perfection guide you.  Be unencumbered!


If you have a really big decision to make.  Meditate for a while, walk in the woods for a while.  Albert spent a lot of time walking in the woods, he loved solitude. He came up with the Theory of Relativity after spending a day in nature.  He was open to the perfect clarity of the universe.  Do a guided meditation to retrieve an answer from your higher self.  Put yourself in a position where it is easier for you to connect with that perfect vibration that flows forever through you.  When you feel ready, when you feel at peace, ask the question and you will get the right answer, probably before you even have a chance to finish the question.

Let the perfect vibration of the universe resonate with your being.  Allow the fear to dissolve and be transformed, by that perfect resonance, into faith.  Expect perfection from the universe, not from yourself.  You will invariably screw it up.  Your higher self always has the right answer.  The more time you spend in harmony with the vibration of the infinite, the more easily you can tap into the intuition that is always within you. Meditation can bring you into harmony with the universe.  I repeat myself for a good reason.  It works.  And it makes you younger.  True.  It slows the heart beat, lowers the blood pressure, and is all around good for you.  Don’t push to be perfect, allow the universe to do all the work for you.

Some perfect affirmations:

  • I am perfect.
  • I have all the right answers within me.
  • I am part of the infinite wisdom of the universe.
  • I flow through life with ease.
  • I allow peace to be my nature.
  • I am love.

Imagine that you are sitting on a beach looking out to the horizon on a deserted island.  Someone walks out of the thick jungle.  Who is it?  What do you ask them?  What do they tell you?  Sit with them and feel the perfection of the universe.




A life of synchronicity. Or take the row boat.

“I never think of the future, it comes soon enough.”    -Albert Einstein

Worry, worry, worry.  If a friend is worrying, I ask them what they were worried about exactly one year ago.  They can never tell me.  And you know it’s not because there was nothing worrying them.  They can’t tell me because it really wasn’t that important and they have forgotten it.  Somehow, amazingly, the world didn’t come to an end.  We have made a national pastime of worrying!    What a neurotic lot we are!  Worry does not help!

Seeing the outcome that you want helps!  See the result you want whenever you are stressed out about something.  Don’t let the negative images of your worst fears take over your thoughts and emotions.  See what you want to happen with a clear image and a happy mind!  See exactly what you want the outcome to be.  Close your eyes, envision the happy ending, and feel yourself relieved with the result, being present with the result!  It is easier to imagine things if we see ourselves living our lives in those circumstances.  Remember when I asked you to see yourself doing something in the life of your dreams?  If I want a farm in the country, I envision myself working in the garden, enjoying the front porch,  gazing out from a window as I write overlooking the pond.  Don’t just say what you want, see what you want and feel the joy of living your perfect life.  When the universe feels the energy of your excitement and happiness it will respond with the same energy!


If you don’t get what you envisioned right away, please have faith that there is a good reason.  The universe is putting all your ducks in a row and you’ll get the happiness you deserve!  And there is no one on earth who deserves happiness more than you!

If you want to leave the corporate rat race and start your own business, see it.  See yourself as successful!  Worrying how you will get the money for that business doesn’t help.  Worrying about who will help you with the business doesn’t help.  The universe will provide the opportunities and the people you need.  Never worry about the hows, whos, whens, and wheres.  Of course, don’t miss the opportunites.  Your intuition will help you to recognize them.

There is an old joke about a man who was swept away in a flood.  He asked God to save him.  He was dragged by the current to a woman sitting on a roof who offered to pull him up.  He declined because he had faith that God would deliver him.  A man came along in a row boat and offered to help him, he declined saying that God was going to help him.  A helicopter appeared and threw down a lifeline to him, but he declined again, his faith in God unwavering.  He drowned.  When he got to heaven he asked God why he didn’t save him.  God replied, “ I sent you the woman on the roof, the man in the boat, and a helicopter, what more could I do?”


The universe will send us many ways to accomplish what we want.  Be open to them; trust your intuition.  The universe will send you messages.  It starts out quite simply, but if you ignore the messages they become more persistent.

Be attentive to patterns; seeing the same images in different places while you are considering something of which the image is representational means the universe is telling you something.  The universe is telling you to go for it or how to go for it.  If you want to become a veterinarian, but have your doubts, and suddenly your friends are telling you about their sick animals, you see a new billboard with puppies on it, and a stray cat appears on your doorstep, chances are you’re headed in the right direction and the universe is confirming it for you.

The universe wants you to be happy.  Listen to it telling you how to accomplish your desires and notice the opportunities it puts in your path.  Never will you be alone.  You will always have loving energy guiding you, sending you messages, and placing perfect conditions within your reach.  Trust that the universe loves you and wants you to succeed.  See yourself being happy as often as possible.  Feel the joy you have living your dreams!  Emotion is always the strongest message from and to the universe.  Feel the emotions you want to feel whenever you can!  Feel gratitude and contentment.  Feel peace and joy!   Feel successful!  Allow your perfect life to be.  It is already here.


Realize your earthly desires by seeing them as already here.  Extraordinary things happen every day!  Miracles are part of your life!  Evolve into the best you can be by believing and feeling that you are the best you can be.  You are awesome.  Celebrate your fabulous life.  Enjoy your permanent vacation, because when you are doing what you love it is like being on a permanent vacation!   You are getting better with age, better every day.  Nurture your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Imagine you are the happiest person in the world!  You are!!

Take control of your thoughts.  Be a witness to your thoughts.  If you find yourself thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals; change them!  It’s that easy (and that hard).  Change your thoughts and change your life.  Love your life!  Be playful, cheerful, and grateful!  You are the miracle.

Some miraculous affirmations:

  • I believe that no one deserves success and happiness more than I do.
  • The universe sends me all I need to be happy.
  • I trust my intuition and it sends me on the right course always.
  • My life is a series of synchronicities that make it perfect.
  • The universe is always by my side leading me to my happiness, my authentic life.

Imagine your perfect vacation with people you adore and who adore you!  What fun!

I am so entitled!

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” ~Albert Einstein

The word entitlement has gotten a really bad reputation.  I think it’s because people generally equate it with the idea that the person who feels entitled thinks that they deserve something more than someone else.  It has a weight of arrogance and selfishness to it.  What would happen if we all realized that we are entitled?  Not that we deserve more than others, but that we all, every one of us, deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.  Imagine a world where everyone knew that they could manifest their dreams.  And that they deserved to realize their desires.  That is our true entitlement.

All of our dreams are so different, all of our dreams are so individual and unique.  Imagine how happy everyone would be living their soul’s desire.  The happiness and enthusiasm would be electric.  The joy and creativity of our passions would raise us to a place where we understood love.

The only reason we aren’t there right now is that we don’t understand love.  Love is the song of the soul being expressed.  Love is the expression of your creativity.  Love brings happiness.  When we love our soul we listen to what it needs.  My soul asks that I express myself through writing, teaching, and other creative pursuits.  Some people’s souls express through gardening.  Some people’s souls express through healing.  Through bicycling.  Through cooking nurturing meals for others.  Through working on cars.  Through entertaining.  Through scientific research in the field of marine biology.  Through spiritual pursuits.  Through building a suspension bridge.  Through designing fabric.  Through nurturing children.  Through studying the Talmud.  Through cleaning.  Through words.  Through leading.  Through numbers.  Through singing the perfect aria.  Through dancing the Tango.  Through so many creative ways.


Through teaching physics.

We can recognize our soul’s desire by listening to our soul.  If we do not follow our soul’s desire we will never be happy.  We may get along and get by, but we will never experience the bliss of self-fulfillment.  We are entitled to live our dreams.  The universe begs us to live our dreams.  If you are fighting and suffering to reach a goal, perhaps you are fighting your own soul.  Perhaps the universe is telling you that the current goal you have will not bring you happiness.  It may bring you temporary pleasure.  A new house, a new car, more money.  But, what are these worth if they do not bring you the joy of being your true self?

Listen for the call of your heart in the voice of your emotions.  Look for the things that bring you back again and again because of the happiness and peace you experience when you do them.  If you are doing something and time flies by you are on the right track.  If you do something and you are excited to start and feel satisfaction when finished you are on the right track.  If it fills you with enthusiasm keep doing it.  Sometimes even our soul’s desire may be hard to continue, it may take longer than you think, but continue.  Don’t despair.  Do it for your sake.

Our goals may change over the years as the activities which brought us happiness in our twenties may evolve into a completely different desire.  As we grow spiritually by following our path our prior pursuits no longer give us the satisfaction and fulfillment they once did.  Listen to the soul as it tells you it’s time to move on to other enterprises.  It’s time to change with your soul.

Feel entitled to the life of your dreams.  Know that the universe is waiting for you to recognize your heart’s desire and help you bring it to fruition.  Think of interests and activites in the past that filled your heart, but that you put aside as impractical or embarassing, the things that someone didn’t approve of or that you thought were childish.  Your dreams are there for a reason, to be manifested.  Allow yourself to follow your heart and pursue your passions.  Be courageous knowing that the universe is waiting to help.

I’m not saying quit your job today and follow your dreams, but take the first steps.  Albert worked as a clerk in his early years, but spent all his free time working on equations using his imagination and intuition.  Doing what he loved.  When you move toward your goal and do what you love, the universe will answer your actions with the help and guidance you require to continue.  Be aware of synchronicities appearing in your life.  See how the universe sends you messages.  And, always, have faith.  Follow your Bliss!   Your dreams are closer than you realize.  And you are entitled to them.  They are your birthright.

You’re entitled to these affirmations:

  • I am entilted to live my dream.
  • I deserve to follow my heart’s desire.
  • The universe conspires with me to reach my goals.
  • My life is filled with enthusiasm and fulfillment.
  • Everything I need to manifest my dreams is brought to me.

Imagine yourself doing something that fills you with happiness.  Start doing it.

I am not going to fight anymore.

” I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough.”     ~Albert Einstein

Of all of the Professsor’s quotes I think this is one of the most important.  It seems so trivial, so trite, but to me it means so much.  It’s about allowing.  It’s about not fighting.  It’s about letting go and allowing the universe to lead us.  If we can allow ourselves to be who we are, which is indistinguishable from the All, then we can allow the All to take us where we are meant to go.

When we fight against something, whether it’s the government, corporations, banks, our emotions, our friends, our feelings, our family, people we work with, if we fight against any thing or situation at all that we don’t want in our lives, then we are giving it energy.  We are feeding a fight.  We are transforming our energy, our love, into a weapon.  As we struggle against this thing we are fueling it and the situation will continue as long as we feed it.  I don’t think these are things we want to feed.

We want to feed joy, peace, and love.  We want to allow the universe, which we know is love, to lead us to a place of happiness.  Happiness is our birthright.  It is the product of love.  Anything that can take our peace away is not real.  The only thing that can take our peace away is forgetting who we are; love.


If you truly know that you are not separate from the universe, from love, then you can never be without peace.  Externals will not affect you.  You will be the presence of love.  In this state of being you are untouchable.  If you find yourself feeling “negatives” and while feeling them you accept them as a natural reaction and don’t fight them then you are allowing. You become an observer of these feelings, rather than a participant.  You are being present in your being of love and seeing these things as what they are, manifestations of the ego.

When you are angry at someone, you are not being love, for if you were, you would not judge or condemn them, knowing that you are not separate from them.  They are part of the universe, part of the infinite matrix of love.  All is well in your world when you know this.  You will forgive instantaneously, and eventually see that there is nothing to forgive.  How can you be angry at someone who doesn’t yet know that they are love?  Often we act from a lack of faith.  We don’t believe that the universe loves us, we are too impatient to wait for the result of our beliefs and thoughts.  We feel unloved and abandoned.  In these times it is so important to inspire ourselves and remember times that the universe saved us.  We are here for a reason and the universe will give us everything we need to fulfill our purpose.


When you stop worrying about the future and let the universe lead you, you will be allowing all the love and joy to happen spontaneously.  The universe will lead you to your perfect self.  The universe will lead you to places you thought you would never be because of your ego’s limiting beliefs.  Magic will ensue!  Be prepared for the unexpected and relish it.  Be prepared for miracles and embrace them!

There are no limits to how happy you can be when you allow the limitless potential of eternity to take over and guide you!  Eternity is now.  Allowing all possiblities and all experiences into your life will help you realize the wonders of the mysterious.


Don’t worry about anything, but if you do worry (as we all do), allow yourself that, be gentle on yourself, knowing that the universe sees your nurturing of yourself as an indication of self love and will help you through it.  Give your worries to the universe, or Angels or Jesus or God, or whatever symbol of love and guidance works for you.  Allow them to take your burdens.

Allowing is loving.  Letting go and giving up the fight is loving.  Following the peace works.  Fighting continues the cycle of anxiety and fear.  Let go and let love lead you.  You will be amazed at the wonderful synchronicity of love.

  • Allow yourself the happiness of these affirmations:
  • All that happens in my life is leading me to a place of peace.
  • I allow the universe to guide me, trusting in its love for me.
  • There are no bad emotions.
  • I give up my burdens to love.
  • I allow myself to be lead by love.
  • All is forgotten and forgiven, I am at peace.

Imagine yourself living in a world where all people act from a place of love.

Half Man, Half Woman, Half a Chance

“The crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capatilism.  Our whole educational system suffers from this evil.  An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship material success as a preparation for his future career.” Albert Einstein

There is great imbalance in the world right now.  There is war, poverty, and starvation.  Anxiety and depression are rampant.  People are lost and questioning the world culture in which we live.  What can we do to correct this great imbalance on a personal level?  Why is there such a great imbalance of wealth and power?

This imbalance is caused by an imbalance in our souls; in each individual soul and in our Collective Soul.  We have become a world run by the masculine principle without a feminine balance.  The analogy of a tree is helpful here.  A tree must be strong (masculine) to withstand the winds of a storm, but it must also be yielding (feminine) or its rigidity will cause it to snap and break.

The masculine is action and strength, but when not balanced by the feminine of gentleness and kindness, action and strength becomes aggression, power, and conquest.  The strength and action of masculinity combined with the feminine of gentleness and kindness becomes love with purposeful action.  A strong (masculine) society with kindness (feminine) will strive to make sure that all, even its weakest citizens, are taken care of.

The feminine is passive and nurturing, but without the balancing male attribute of action and goal orientation it can become apathetic and indecisive.  With both we can build a world which will allow others to live in peace.  A world where we work to achieve abundance for all.

The masculine is rational and without the feminine of intuition it can be hard and uncaring.  If we act strictly from a place of judgment and rationality we are unable to hold hope and charity.  We must use both rationality and intuition in our decision making.  Intuition will bring us to places unimagined by the rational mind.

The feminine is nature.  If the masculine desire for power is not balanced with the feminine of nature then we will seek to conquer nature and in doing so destroy our world.  Our feminine intuition knows this, our masculine need to conquer cannot see it.


The feminine is creative and the masculine is orderly and goal defining.  Goals of materialsim without the feminine creative leave us unable to imagine new ways to live and thrive together.  Without the feminine there is no beauty.  Without the masculine there is no accomplishment.

Our society puts incredible emphasis on the masculine attributes of competiveness and accumulation,   These are wonderful traits, without action and desire for abundance we would have nothing, but when these actions and goals are not tempered with gentleness and nurturance, they are not held in check and are magnified to the point of greedy ruthlessness.  Let’s start to put more value on the feminine attributes of cooperation and compassion.  The person with the most toys doesn’t win if we destroy our planet in the process.  They don’t win if others die of starvation.  They don’t win if they live in a society without basic human rights for their brothers and sisters.  When we are all living in the feminine principles of peace and love combined with the masculine complements of action and strength, we all win.

During the 1960’s there was a massive feminist movement.  It did great things for equality in pay and civil rights, we have a lot to be grateful for from that movement, but it made a mistake.  The mistake was in thinking that in order to work successfully in the business world a woman must give up her feminine attributes and play like a man.  It professed that women could be just like men, just as ambitious and goal oriented, just as driven and competitive.  Why not, instead, bring the feminine principles of compassion and gentleness into the corporate world?  Why not make fairness part of the corporate mission?  At a board meeting why not suggest that while profits are important, even more so are the lives of the people who are effected by our company’s policies and programs?  Why not bring the family into the corporation by allowing children access to their parents for love and attention during their work day?  Why not have more flexiblilty in work times so that people would have more time to nuture their children?  There were inroads in this direction, but not enough to really change our concept of balance in work and family life.  Why not bring the feminine principles of heart and emotion into the business world?  Imagine if corporations looked for ways to be loving, generous, and profitable.

There is abundance enough for all.  The feminine intuition knows this, the masculine rationality does not.  If the masculine rationality (believes in limited means) was counterweighted with the feminine intuition (accepts abundance) we would realize this truth and work together to build a balanced and loving world.  Embrace your masculine and your feminine sides.   Imagine if the world was run on love and determintion.  Imagine if the world was run on kindness and strength.  Imagine if the world was run on peace in action.  Imagine if governments were run on compassion, cooperation, and conciliation in conjunction with decisiveness, action, and order.


I am not saying that the feminine is good and the masculine is bad or visa versa.  Not in the least.  I am talking strictly about masculine and feminine principles, not the male and female genders.  We need both the masculine and feminine attributes to function at our highest calling.  We cannot continue to live in imbalance.

Look at the rise in violence among girls.  They are losing touch with their feminine nature as boys have for a long time.  When we devalue the feminine we devalue our girls.  The weight of their psyche leans towards the feminine when they are born.  When they subconsciously pick up on the “worthlessness” of the feminine in our culture they feel that they are less than the masculine.  They start to suppress their feminine as something of which they should be ashamed.  Their masculine side become overly emphasized in value in their psyche and they tend towards aggression and extreme competitiveness.  We have done this to young boys for so long and it is infecting young girls as well.  We are making children ashamed of who they are.  Allow boys to express their emotions and their generous, caring side.  Allow them to be nurturing and show their sweet nature.  Let them play with dolls as they see their fathers fathering.  But, don’t force the issue.  And allow our girls the same grace.  If they want to play with dolls all the time, let them.  Don’t push the building blocks and science kits unless they revel in them.  If we offer all options available to our children, most will chose a balanced life.  Children are a blend of masculine and feminine and we are making them feel that part of them is bad and shameful.


How can we change this?  On a personal level by embracing both our masculine and feminine sides and trying to recognize and correct areas in which we have imbalance.  On a social level we can start in our schools.  Almost all programs having to do with creativity have been subject to budget cuts.  It’s time to bring back art, poetry, and music.  We need to balance the rational programs with the intuitive and creative programs because these creative programs feed the feminine principle in both genders.  In the workplace more value is placed on the masculine occupations as evidenced by the material rewards given to historically male roles of building bridges and working in finance versus the monetary income for female occupations such as nursing our sick and teaching our children.  These reward scales show that we value the feminine principle less than the masculine.

We can stop pushing gender roles onto our children.  If a girl likes science, math, and engineering she will be drawn to them, but why push girls into these occupations as though the female half of our society is less if it doesn’t strive to excel in these fields?  Make these options available, but don’t push.  We don’t push boys to enter the historically female occupations of nursing, teaching, or the arts.  Let us respect the individual choices and tendencies of our children and not push them in a direction we consider appropriate or valuable.  To help our children you can volunteer to start a school garden and introduce children to the miracle of nature, creation, and growth.  You can offer to start a meditation class after school so that children will experience the feminine of receptivity and passivity to balance the masculine of competition and activity.


To help bring the world into balance you can start your own meditation practice.  Be available to the experience of your emotions and accept them as part of living a balanced life.  You can spend more time in nature, it’s so important to connect with the beauty of our earth.  You can perform acts of kindness without thought of reward.  Explore your creative side.  Some people say that they don’t have a creative bone in their body, but they do.  You do.  Explore it.  Go ahead, don’t be afraid.  Draw or write or express yourself in any creative way.  Build a castle of toothpicks.  Weld a sculpture of a rhinocerous from old car parts.

It also helps to stop watching violent images and listening to violent music or broadcasts.  Do not bring these into your consciousness.  They are the images of an unbalanced masculine society filled with aggression and violence.  To balance the feminine and masculine within ourselves helps to balance them within the outer world.


Women can be overly masculine or overly feminine as well as men.  Do not think that endeavoring to find balance in our duality is an exercise for only one gender.  It is a process that each individual must address.  Masculine and feminine are not synonyms for male and female.  They are principles of living.  Both genders have the masculine and feminine principles within their psyches.  Finding the balance is not an easy task in a society that puts more weight and value on the masculine.  That is why it is so important that we, as both genders, move towards this affirming balance within our lives.

Some say we are on the brink of disaster.  I believe we are on the brink of greatness.  With balance we can change the direction in which the world is headed and bring it into alignment with our true destiny, an identity perfectly blended in the feminine and masculine.  If men and women embrace their duality and are not ashamed to express both their masculine and feminine sides then we are progressing.  Emotion is not weakness.  Kindness is not fragility.  Compassion is not a flaw.  Assertiveness is not anger.  Self love is not selfishness.  It is time for us as a whole to embrace all of who we are so that we may bring equilibrium to the unbalanced, unhealthy direction of our society.

The feminine and the masculine are our duality.  If we can each wholly accept that, then we can change our duality to synchronicity.  We can accomplish the unimaginable with the synergy of a balanced society.  Each person can start to make the change within themselves that will change the world.

Some balanced affirmation:

  • I am proud of both my masculine and feminine nature.
  • I am an emotional being and experience my feelings without judgment.
  • I allow others to express their emotions without judgment.
  • I practice kindness daily.
  • I see all beings with love.
  • I allow all children their individual expression.
  • I strive for balance in all areas of my life.

Ann Baring wrote a beautiful, informative article on the need for balance.   I thnk it is well worth taking a few minutes to read.  This amazing book by Paulo Coehlo is so lovely and helpful on our journey, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, A Story of Forgiveness.  Please explore more ways to enhance and enrich our world by following my blog.  You can follow on facebook or via email by scrolling to the Follow Me button on the top right of this page and clicking on it.

Anxiety, Give me a freaking break!

” A happy man is too satisfied with the present to think too much about the future.”  ~Albert Einstein

We all get anxious.  It is part of the human condition.  We all get worried and stressed and let the anxiety take us for a, sometimes crippling, ride.  We’ve all been there.  It is natural to feel anxious at times.  Especially when we are waiting to see if we made the right decision.  Or if we are waiting for the result of a long held dream.  Or if we are worried the money won’t show up in time.  It is normal.

There are things we can do to help ease our anxiety.  We can take steps to calm ourselves and reassure ourselves.  Sometimes our homes, our jobs, our dreams are on the line.  How could we not feel anxious?  Virtually impossible.  It is how we are physically programmed.


So, how can we stop it from being debilitating, from taking over our lives with an endless tape loop of negativity and worry racing through our mind?  We need to recognize it first of all.  We need to recognize it as early as we can before it becomes an obsessive storm of worry and fear.  Fear can be overwhelming if we let it get that far.   Recognize it before your ego takes you on the ride called “Worst Case Scenario.”  Nobody wants to go on that ride, imagining the most awful things that could happen.  Remember that most of the time those worst case scenarios never show up.  Only in your ego driven mind.  Don’t send them an invitation!

When you start to feel anxious remind yourself that the universe is working in your best interest, then take three deep, clearing breaths.  As you breath in deeply through your nose think of love, as you breath out slowly through your mouth think of peace.  Do this three times at least.  If it feels right continue for a minute or two.  Feel love and peace.

The night time is usually the worst time for worries.  Anxiety rears its ugy head the most just as our minds are trying to quiet for sleep.  The ego does not like a quiet mind.  It fears it will be replaced by peace, that you will forget it in your dreams.  The subconscious mind is awake as you sleep and the ego doesn’t want it filled with happy thoughts, it wants you to worry and stress and in doing so program your subconscious to fear.  Realizing this, tell yourself that there is nothing you can do about the issue at that moment and that things will look better in the morning.  Realize that your day ahead will be better.  The universe is working to put all your plans into place as you sleep.  Visualize your desired outcome.  Imagine how you feel if all your dreams are realized.  Work on these images and feelings.  Let the negative thoughts float by and ignore them.  See your desired outcome.  This gives your subconscious mind positive images on which to work during the night.  It will hasten the manifestation of desires and lessen your anxiety.

The ego always attacks when we are are closest to our goal.  It tries to put negativity into our head, changing our energy, and tries to get us to give up and let go of our goals.  It tells us it won’t work, that we’ll never be good enough, that the universe won’t supply us with what we need.  These are the lies of the ego trying to get you to live an ordinary life.  If we go ahead with our soul driven pursuits we will always have the universe conspiring for us.  So when you are feeling hopeless and think that nothing is working, remember that the ego attacks hardest when we are closest to realizing the things we need and desire.  So if you are feeling overly anxious, it’s a good sign that you are close to victory.

Another way to deal with anxiety is to do something physical.  Take a walk in the woods, do some yoga, ride a bicycle, go for a swim, anything that gets your muscles going and your body moving.  The stressful energy of anxiety needs to be released from your body.  Stretching is really good for that.  Yoga is good for that.  Nature is also an excellent way to release stress, so spend time in nature.  

A regular meditation practice is one of your most powerful tools in ridding your life of anxiety.  Meditation is a way to bring the mind into Source and the more you meditate the longer you stay in Source, until at a certain point you live your life in full presence without stress or anxiety.  You can’t beat that!  If you want to live a life free of stress and anxiety, practice meditation daily.


Sometimes using visualization will help us calm down and deal with the anxiety.  When you feel anxious, close your eyes.  Imagine that you are furiously paddling a boat up river, against the current.  It is hard paddling and you are frustrated, anxious that you won’t make it.  Stop paddling.   Let the boat be turned around by the current and take you with the flow.  At first the water will still be rushing, but then it will become placid.  Look at all the beautful scenery you have been missing while furiously trying to stop the flow.  It’s amazing, a miracle of natural beauty.  You are floating serenely down a river, the sun is warming you, the skies are clear.  You hear the birds singing and see dragon flies skimming over the surface of the water.  Life is peaceful.

Your life is like that river.  If you are constantly fighting the current situation (pun intended) then you are wasting your energy.  You are giving energy to the negative.  Aceept it.  Read Good Luck, Bad Luck again.  Believe the universe is conspiring for you.  You are closer than you think.


You are a human and so you will have anxiety, but, you are so much more than a human.  You are the energy of the universe and you know that your power is far stronger than the ego.  Listen to the inner voice telling you that there is light coming and that you will be alright.  Listen to the voice of your inner light.  Listen to the voice of your enthusiasm and your knowledge that with the power of the universe, the power you hold,  you can transform your life.  You are infinite abundance.

Encourage others on their journeys.  Support the dreams of others.  We are all connected and when you support the dreams of others you support your own vision.  Let go of anxiety and take hold of your power.

Some powerful affirmations:

  • As I sleep the universe continues to work on realizing my dreams.
  • I recognize when the ego tries to instill fear in me and I listen to my enthusiasm.
  • I have the power of the universe working for me.
  • I live a life of wonder and miracles.
  • I take time to enjoy my life knowing that it is not a struggle but a miracle.
  • I allow myself to feel anxiety knowing that it is natural and knowing that it is not the truth.
  • I am ready to accept my perfect life.

Imagine yourself with friends and family celebrating your victory.

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I did the right thing!

“The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.”

~Albert Einstein


I have always thought of this as “acting with integrity.”  Acting with integrity is not always easy.  Remember when you were little;  you were afraid that if you told the truth you would be punished and so you lied?  Who wouldn’t when faced with anger and punishment?  Now that we’re adults it’s time to let go of that myth.  When you act with integrity you are rewarded by the universe for acting at a high vibration.  But, you say, I have acted with integrity before and it only got me into trouble.  This kind of thinking, this paradigm, is based on a short-term course of events.  Didn’t you ever have a terrible thing happen to you that in the end, the final outcome, was fortuitous?  When you act with integrity the final outcome will be perfect.

My mother once worked as a teller at a bank.  One day a con artist came in and tricked her.  She had encountered con artists before and had actually been instrumental in their arrest, but for whatever reason this guy got her and she was fired.  Wow, she was devastated.  The bank for which she had worked for years and to which she had given her loyalty fired her for one mistake, a $200.00 mistake.  She felt betrayed.  I had never seen her so upset.  A friend of hers who worked at a major corporation called and told her of  an opportunity.  My mother applied, got the job, and embarked on a life long career which allowed her to expand her skills, work creatively in new technology, and offered her regular promotions.  As a woman working in a bank in those days, head teller was as high as you could go and she had reached that position before being fired.  She continued to work in her new fulfilling job until her retirement.  What started as a horrible state of affairs turned out to be the best career day of her life. My mother thought she was acting with kindness.  Maybe the words integrity and knidness mean the same thing.  We are, after all, doing the right thing when we act with kindness.  As in this case, if what we do does not immediately have a postive end result, it’s not over yet.


Once, when I was working in management for a company  I heard that the administrator was going to call an employee into their office about an incident and fire them.  I knew of the circumstances of this incident and knew that the administrator had it all wrong.  The administrator also didn’t like this employee and was looking for a reason to fire them.  Now, I was nervous.  If I went to the administrator with my information I might be fired.  I felt Fear!  She could be a little unstable.  I sat in my office for a few minutes after hearing about this and then I walked down the hall to her office.  I told her the truth.  I was not fired, the employee retained her job, and it all worked out.  When the employee heard of my intervention she came and thanked me.  The look of relief on her face was heart wrenching.  It may not seem like much, but if I had not done what I did I would have had to live with the guilt and shame of it.  Instead I was thanked for my actions.  Integrity feels good. It’s not always easy living with integrity, if it were everyone would do it.  But in the long run, in the big picture it puts out a huge pay off in happiness and self-esteem.  The only thing we need to live a life of integrity all the time is the knowing, the trust that the universe will mirror our integrity back to us.  We will be treated with respect.  We will be rewarded for our integrity.


Guilt and shame are two emotions that should only be in your bongo for as long as it takes to recognize them for what they are; indications that you are doing the wrong thing.  Once you recognize that, do the right thing from now on, and let the guilt and shame go.  If I had done the wrong thing and then sat in my office feeling guilty and ashamed, holding on to that guilt and shame once I realized my mistake would have been even worse.  We’ve all beat ourselves up over something we did that conflicted with our idea of right.  It only hurts us more.  But, this topic is a post in itself, so we’ll move on!

All immoral actions come from a place of fear.  Greed is a fear of lack.  Stealing is a fear of lack.  Obsessive materialism is a fear of lack or a fear that you are not as good as others.  Being mean/violent is a fear that you are going to be attacked, that you are powerless, or that you are unlovable.  Gossip and bigotry come from a fear that you are inferior to others.   Know that all immoral actions come from a place of fear.  Figure out why you repeat patterns that you don’t want to repeat.  What do you fear?  When you realize your fears are groundless in the face of the universe’s love for you and desire to help you manifest your dreams you can let that behavior go.


The opposite of fear is love.  The universe vibrates at the frequency of love.  When your actions match the vibration of the universe you are acting in accordance with who you are.  You are love.  Know that the universe is a mirror reflecting back to you the energy that you project outward.  Live in accord with your moral compass.  The universe will set you on the right path by using your emotions and intuition to guide you.  Living with Integrity is really its own reward.

Some integral affirmations:

I am courageous in the knowledge that the universe meets all my needs.

Being my authentic self helps the universe provide me with the perfect life for me.

All beings deserve respect, love, and honor.

I act with integrity knowing that it is the best path for me and the world.

Imagine the pride you feel when you follow your heart’s moral compass.  How great are you!!!