Interpreting Your Life

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” ~Albert Einstein

In a previous post I talked a little bit about symbols in dreams.  The same archetypes and symbols we use to interpret dreams are present during our waking hours.  Our lives can be interpreted just as our dreams can.  AFter all, they’re both illusions!


Let’s start with some basics.  For instance our cars.  Our cars represent our path in life.  When we have a problem with our car we can use that to find out what the issue is in our life with which we must deal.

For instance, if your car runs out of gas, that’s fairly easy to interpret.  We use that expression to describe people already.  I ran out of gas simply means you overextended your physical energy.  You probably need to get some more sleep or use a better, healthier fuel for your body.  Perhaps you’re living on junk food or other unhealthy food and you should be using premium fuel for your body.  On the next level it may mean you are not feeding yourself emotionally or intellectually.  On the an even higher level it may mean you are not fueling your spiritual growth.  Can you see how these symbols work on different levels depending on where you are in life or just depending on what area of your life it applies?  Your intuition will tell you what the level is.

When the brakes in your car are failing then perhaps you are going to fast in some area of your life and need to apply the brakes.  Did you meet someone and are running headlong into a relationship? Perhaps you should slow down.  Reevaluate.  You need to stop and assess the area in your life to which it applies.  Put on the brakes and slow down.


Windshield wipers not working well?  Windshields cracked or broken.  Any type of window represents your sight, what you see, and how you see it.  Again, this applies to your physical sight as well as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual sight.  How are you looking at things? Is your vision of what is real is cracked, distorted, and unhealthy.  Are you blinding yourself to something in your life that you don’t want to see?  Are you seeing things without assuming, without prejudice, without anger.  Try to be as honest with yourself as you can be and make sure you see people and events in your life clearly, with good perspective.  Try to see things in their best light, but at the very least don’t make assumptions.

Electrical system out of wack?  Are you putting your energy into the wrong area of your life?  Prioritize.

Got rear-ended by another driver?  Do you need to give yourself a push, motivate yourself, do something you’ve been putting off, because you just got a kick in the butt.

Rear ended someone else?  You’re not seeing what is right in front of you.  You need to reassess so that you don’t end up crashing and burning.  Or, alternately, are you pushing yourself or someone else in a path that is not the right one?  Are you following your authentic life or will you come to another dead-end?  You can use your car to help understand your life.  If you find you are making wrong turns and getting lost frequently then maybe you need to reassess the direction your life is going in because you may be headed the wrong way.

Think of other ways the car and the roads you drive may represent your life.  Do you keep hitting potholes?  Is your car overheating?   Does the heater work?  Does the air conditioning work?

Your home represents you.  The basement is below the living area.  It represents the subconscious.  Is your basement full of junk?  If it is, you have issues in your subconscious to deal with, probably long held beliefs that are erroneous.  Examine your beliefs and make sure they align with your consciousness.  And clean out your basement in real life as a symbol of your commitment to growth.

The attic is at the top of the house.  It represents your mind.  Is the attic full of clutter?   Perhaps your mind is always racing and you need to practice stillness and be more mindful of your thoughts.  Declutter your thinking.  You tend to replay old thoughts and patterns in your mind.  YOu may hold on to petty injustices and resentments.  Try meditating to still your mind.   Forgive.  And empty your attic.


The kitchen is often called the heart of the home.  Is it a place in which you want to spend time?  If it is big enough, do people congregate there or do you prefer them to be in the living areas.  If you do then perhaps you need to open your heart more and let people in. You may not be letting them get close.  Be more emotionally intimate, allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to love and life.  Invite people into your kitchen and your heart.

Is your living room a place that you sit and watch TV or a place that you share in community with family or friends?  If it’s TV, then perhaps you are escaping from life and avoiding your dreams and fears.  Don’t escape from life in your living room.    Make your living room a place of community and growth.

Is your bedroom a mess?  The bedroom would represent the private you, or if in relationship, it may represent the relationship.  If it is cluttered and messy, it may be a sign that you may not take the time to nurture yourself or that you don’t feel you are worth the effort.  Or that you are not giving your relationship the attention it deserves.  Make your bedroom a sanctuary, so that you will nurture yourself and so that your relationship will be a place of trust and tranquility.  Throw in some passion, too.

Is your front yard full of weeds or a place of beauty?  The front yard often represents your future.  If it is full of weeds it is a sign that you may feel hopeless about your future.  If it’s a place of beauty; you may be putting on a good face and want everyone to think that your life is wonderful and you have it all together.  Is it a false facade to prevent people from seeing the real you, because you feel that the real you is not worth seeing?  This is especially true if the inside of your house is kind of a mess.  Conversely it may mean that you feel good about your future and yourself.

Is you backyard a mess or well done?  The back yard represents your past.  Have you cleaned up the old beliefs and indoctrination?  Have you dealt with past hurts and anger?  If your back yard is in good shape than your dealings with your past probably are, too.

From seeing these examples of how things in your life represent your journey you can extrapolate from here and find other ways in which the universe is trying to open your eyes to promote your growth and happiness.  I believe in universal symbols, archetypes, such as the warrior, the Goddess, the lion, but we also have cultural and personal symbols.  I think that in China an elephant is considered a symbol of wisdom, while in America the owl signifies wisdom.  On a personal level you have your own symbols.  Some might see the color green as representing money while others may think gold symbolizes wealth.  Try to see if you can identify any of your personal symbols as you explore this tool.

What are some of the symbols in these examples that ring true for you?  Tell us about some of your experiences and how you recognized what they meant in your life and beliefs.   Or after reading this you may look back on events and say. “Aha!  That’s what that meant!”  Don’t expect to wake up from this dream for a while.  The good thing is you’re not likely to forget it.

Some symbolic affirmations:

  • My intuition helps me recognize the symbols in my life.
  • I use the symbols the universe sends me to learn and grow.
  • My physical life represents my spiritual growth.  I will be aware of the messages given to me.
  • I use symbols in my surroundings to help me on my path.

Imagine that your life is a dream and interpret it.

“Dear Posterity”

“Dear Posterity: If you have not become more just, more peaceful, and in general more sensible than we are (or were) today, then may the Devil take you!  Respectfully expressing his opinion, with this devout hope, is (or was) your Albert Einstein.”  ~ Albert Einstein  May 4, 1936

The above quote from Albert Einstein is from a note that was found, written on parchment paper, in a sealed metal box in the cornerstone of the Schuster Building in New York City.  While Hitler was rising to power Albert lived in Europe. In 1933, while Einstein was visiting the United States, Hitler appointed himself Chancellor of Germany.  Einstein, having been witness to Hitler’s insanity, decided to remain in the United States.  He became a citizen of the United States in 1940.  During World War II it is estimated  that between 60 and 85 million people were killed.  22 to 30 million of these deaths were soldiers.  38 to 55 million were civilians.

I have to confess I had to stop writing for a while after discovering these facts and figures.   It is unfathomable.  Albert’s directive for posterity to go to hell if there were no changes in humanity’s course is understandable.  Try to imagine living through World War II as a Jewish German, as the physicist who opened up the science that lead to the successful completion of the atomic bomb.  Though Einstein in no way worked on the atomic bomb he did write a letter to Franklin Roosevelt telling him that Germany was working on just such a weapon and advised the President that the United States should start their own research.    He was later quoted, “Should I have known, I would have been a watchmaker.”

Albert considered himself a pacifist.  Yet, with Germany’s agenda, who could blame a man for wanting to stop them militarily.  If ever there was an enemy that needed to be forcefully stopped it was Hitler’s Nazi army.


“I am a dedicated, but not an absolute pacifist; this means that I am opposed to the use of force under any circumstances except when confronted by an enemy who pursues the destruction of life as an end in itself.”  ~Albert Einstein

The only wars that seem to rage now are wars of economics.  I call them Corporate Wars as the common people die while the corporations become more wealthy and more powerful.   I’ve spoken with soldiers who have guarded Corporate headquarters or residences in the Middle East while being paid $40,000 a year.  The people living in those residences were making ten times that much, easily.  Why are there corporate strongholds in a war zone?  Why are young soldiers protecting private businesses?  I’ve spoken with soldiers who spoke of  guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan.  Why are we protecting opium distributors and their crops while at the same time, supposedly, fighting a War on Drugs?  The War on Drugs is very profitable for a lot of companies. Wars are now centered on controlling natural resources (e.g., petroleum, diamonds, minerals) under the guise of WMD’s or Human Rights.  Albert would be incensed or in despair to see the state of the world today.  Dear, dear Posterity.


What can we do?  How can we change the world?  There is a way.  We can be love.  We can be compassion.  We can see a world where peace, justice, and equality reign.  By raising our own consciousness, within the collective consciouness, we raise the vibration of the world.  You can help uplift the world by imagining peace.  John Lennon meant it literally when he wrote the song Imagine.  He knew how powerful we all are and he knew that we are all one.  He studied and understood the principles of oneness.  Imagine all the people living life in peace.


Be loving.  Give hugs.  Do these sound like simplistic, even ridiculous ways to accomplish such a great feat as world peace?  Of course they do.  It sounds absurd.

“If at first an idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”  ~Albert Einstein

Not many believed that Gandhi would succeed in liberating India from British control with his pacifist approach, but he did.  He did it without hate, without blame, without prejudice.  He did it with peace and love.   He could have been dismissed as someone suffering from “magical thinking,” a term I find lacking in depth.  If someone doesn’t believe in magic, what’s the point?  Gandhi  used the law of physics.  He wanted a peaceful exit of British authority in India and he got it by believing it would be done through peace and by convincing millions that it would be done through peace.  He changed the world using his thoughts.


If I can believe that we can change the world just by being love and peace and then you can believe…..  I see children growing up in peace.  I see small communities filled with people supporting each other and encouraging each other.  I see families teaching generosity, compassion, and kindness to their children.  I see schools fostering independence and creativity.  I see people meditating and raising their vibration.  I see our spirit shining.

See all politicians with love instead of with dissappointment and disgust.  See them as love.  See the CEO’s and lobbyists as love.  See everyone as love to help open their eyes to their true being.

People don’t start wars, governments and corporations do.  People start peace.  People start love.  People start kindness.  People start spiritual awakening.  People start creativity.  People start promise.  People start justice.  People start inner revolutions.  People start a new world.

Please start these peaceful affirmations:

  • Through my inner peace and outward actions I spread love and harmony.
  • I love everyone as I love myself and those in my care.
  • On earth as it is in heaven.  (In matter as it is in energy.)
  • All beings live in peace and harmony.
  • I allow myself to feel the peace of the universe at all times.
  • I spread love wherever I am.

Imagine all the people…..

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Our nature is nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert Einstein

When we go for a long walk in the woods and feel the stress melt away and begin to feel the calm and peace, that is who we are.  We start to relax because of the resonance of the forest and the earth.  When we walk in nature our vibration starts to coalesce with the resonance of the earth and we feel peaceful.  We start to feel our true nature.  It heals our soul.


I’m not talking in a metaphorical way here.  No sir, like the Professor, I have science to back me up.  The earth has an electromagnetic  frequency.  It was discovered by Winnfried Otto Schumann in 1952 and is known as the Schumann Resonance.  It is 7.83 Hz.  It is the frequency of the earth’s breathing; its pulse.  This is our natural resonance, also.  An EEG of the brain will show us that the brain’s electromagnetic frequency is 7.83Hz.  Isn’t that amazing!

There are lots of things that interfere with our natural resonance, including electronics, with which we are over run.   Walking on synthetic surfaces most of the time, staying inside a lot, avoiding nature, eating food like substances and not real food; these all affect our natural resonance and when our natural resonance is disturbed we are subject to emotional distress and physical illness.  lt affects our melatonin level which helps us sleep, regulates our mood, and affects other hormones.

Remember when you were a little kid and played outside all day.  That is the key to a good night’s sleep.  It is important to spend time outdoors, preferably in the woods or at the ocean.  The earth, trees, plants, flowers, and even the rocks vibrate at this resonance and heal us.  They bring our natural frequency back to a perfect 7.83 Hz.  Whenever you need a frequency adjustment just take a walk in the woods or bury your toes in the sand at the seashore.  Do you suffer from migraines or mood swings?  Get into nature.


Nature knows what is real.  In our society of ‘be this and do that’ we begin to forget our nature.  We forget who we are and we assume the role that we believe society has given us.  By going into nature we can regain some of what we have lost and begin to feel real again.  It clears our heads.  It heals our body.  It brings us joy.

Being in or near natural water, at the seaside, or a lake, is probably one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating experiences we can enjoy.  Swimming, kayaking, building a sand castle, wading in a creek….


In an earlier post we talked about the Japanese practice of “forest bathing.”  Forest bathing (walking in the woods for extended periods) actually increases the body’s ability to fight cancer and other diseases, by a significant amount.  It’s really quite amazing.  There is so much that we don’t know.  When we stray from what is natural, from the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the amount of exercise we get, it’s impossible to know just how much it affects us.  But, I’m guessing it effects us more than we realize.


There are no definitive answers as to how much we should be in nature, how much whole foods we shoud eat, how much exercise we need, but I’m thinking the more the better with all of the above.  Living a life close to the one naturally intended for us increases our balance, peace, and happiness.   So, go ahead, run naked and free through the woods!  Just be careful you don’t run into a patch of poison ivy or an amorous moose.

Some natural affirmations:

I am a part of nature and nature heals me.

I take time to revel in the beauty and awe of nature.

I walk barefoot on the ground whenever I can.

The vibration of nature resonates thoroughout my being.

The sounds of nature sooth me.

I respect the earth and care for it.

Take a walk in the woods.

Recently I did a post which talked about the theory of multiples, when there are the same discoveries or events  (like the pyramids or the telephone) around the world at the same time with no connection between the participants of these discoveries/inventions.  It is happening around the world now with people awakening to our connection to the earth.  I had never heard of the Schumann Resonance until a month ago when I wrote this post.   A week ago I saw another unrelated  article posted on facebook about the Schumann Resonance, callng it a pulse or heartbeat as I did above.  It seems that information is brought to people when it is time.  The Schumann Resonance was discovered in 1954 and hasn’t been in the news since then and now, here it is and there it is!  I think perhaps it’s time for us all to realize that without the earth and its natural frequency intact we are nothing.  See if you hear anymore news of the earth and how special it is over the next few months.   Your reticular activator will be on, but the universe will also be sending you messages that it’s time to protect our home.