Interpreting Your Life

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” ~Albert Einstein

In a previous post I talked a little bit about symbols in dreams.  The same archetypes and symbols we use to interpret dreams are present during our waking hours.  Our lives can be interpreted just as our dreams can.  AFter all, they’re both illusions!


Let’s start with some basics.  For instance our cars.  Our cars represent our path in life.  When we have a problem with our car we can use that to find out what the issue is in our life with which we must deal.

For instance, if your car runs out of gas, that’s fairly easy to interpret.  We use that expression to describe people already.  I ran out of gas simply means you overextended your physical energy.  You probably need to get some more sleep or use a better, healthier fuel for your body.  Perhaps you’re living on junk food or other unhealthy food and you should be using premium fuel for your body.  On the next level it may mean you are not feeding yourself emotionally or intellectually.  On the an even higher level it may mean you are not fueling your spiritual growth.  Can you see how these symbols work on different levels depending on where you are in life or just depending on what area of your life it applies?  Your intuition will tell you what the level is.

When the brakes in your car are failing then perhaps you are going to fast in some area of your life and need to apply the brakes.  Did you meet someone and are running headlong into a relationship? Perhaps you should slow down.  Reevaluate.  You need to stop and assess the area in your life to which it applies.  Put on the brakes and slow down.


Windshield wipers not working well?  Windshields cracked or broken.  Any type of window represents your sight, what you see, and how you see it.  Again, this applies to your physical sight as well as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual sight.  How are you looking at things? Is your vision of what is real is cracked, distorted, and unhealthy.  Are you blinding yourself to something in your life that you don’t want to see?  Are you seeing things without assuming, without prejudice, without anger.  Try to be as honest with yourself as you can be and make sure you see people and events in your life clearly, with good perspective.  Try to see things in their best light, but at the very least don’t make assumptions.

Electrical system out of wack?  Are you putting your energy into the wrong area of your life?  Prioritize.

Got rear-ended by another driver?  Do you need to give yourself a push, motivate yourself, do something you’ve been putting off, because you just got a kick in the butt.

Rear ended someone else?  You’re not seeing what is right in front of you.  You need to reassess so that you don’t end up crashing and burning.  Or, alternately, are you pushing yourself or someone else in a path that is not the right one?  Are you following your authentic life or will you come to another dead-end?  You can use your car to help understand your life.  If you find you are making wrong turns and getting lost frequently then maybe you need to reassess the direction your life is going in because you may be headed the wrong way.

Think of other ways the car and the roads you drive may represent your life.  Do you keep hitting potholes?  Is your car overheating?   Does the heater work?  Does the air conditioning work?

Your home represents you.  The basement is below the living area.  It represents the subconscious.  Is your basement full of junk?  If it is, you have issues in your subconscious to deal with, probably long held beliefs that are erroneous.  Examine your beliefs and make sure they align with your consciousness.  And clean out your basement in real life as a symbol of your commitment to growth.

The attic is at the top of the house.  It represents your mind.  Is the attic full of clutter?   Perhaps your mind is always racing and you need to practice stillness and be more mindful of your thoughts.  Declutter your thinking.  You tend to replay old thoughts and patterns in your mind.  YOu may hold on to petty injustices and resentments.  Try meditating to still your mind.   Forgive.  And empty your attic.


The kitchen is often called the heart of the home.  Is it a place in which you want to spend time?  If it is big enough, do people congregate there or do you prefer them to be in the living areas.  If you do then perhaps you need to open your heart more and let people in. You may not be letting them get close.  Be more emotionally intimate, allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to love and life.  Invite people into your kitchen and your heart.

Is your living room a place that you sit and watch TV or a place that you share in community with family or friends?  If it’s TV, then perhaps you are escaping from life and avoiding your dreams and fears.  Don’t escape from life in your living room.    Make your living room a place of community and growth.

Is your bedroom a mess?  The bedroom would represent the private you, or if in relationship, it may represent the relationship.  If it is cluttered and messy, it may be a sign that you may not take the time to nurture yourself or that you don’t feel you are worth the effort.  Or that you are not giving your relationship the attention it deserves.  Make your bedroom a sanctuary, so that you will nurture yourself and so that your relationship will be a place of trust and tranquility.  Throw in some passion, too.

Is your front yard full of weeds or a place of beauty?  The front yard often represents your future.  If it is full of weeds it is a sign that you may feel hopeless about your future.  If it’s a place of beauty; you may be putting on a good face and want everyone to think that your life is wonderful and you have it all together.  Is it a false facade to prevent people from seeing the real you, because you feel that the real you is not worth seeing?  This is especially true if the inside of your house is kind of a mess.  Conversely it may mean that you feel good about your future and yourself.

Is you backyard a mess or well done?  The back yard represents your past.  Have you cleaned up the old beliefs and indoctrination?  Have you dealt with past hurts and anger?  If your back yard is in good shape than your dealings with your past probably are, too.

From seeing these examples of how things in your life represent your journey you can extrapolate from here and find other ways in which the universe is trying to open your eyes to promote your growth and happiness.  I believe in universal symbols, archetypes, such as the warrior, the Goddess, the lion, but we also have cultural and personal symbols.  I think that in China an elephant is considered a symbol of wisdom, while in America the owl signifies wisdom.  On a personal level you have your own symbols.  Some might see the color green as representing money while others may think gold symbolizes wealth.  Try to see if you can identify any of your personal symbols as you explore this tool.

What are some of the symbols in these examples that ring true for you?  Tell us about some of your experiences and how you recognized what they meant in your life and beliefs.   Or after reading this you may look back on events and say. “Aha!  That’s what that meant!”  Don’t expect to wake up from this dream for a while.  The good thing is you’re not likely to forget it.

Some symbolic affirmations:

  • My intuition helps me recognize the symbols in my life.
  • I use the symbols the universe sends me to learn and grow.
  • My physical life represents my spiritual growth.  I will be aware of the messages given to me.
  • I use symbols in my surroundings to help me on my path.

Imagine that your life is a dream and interpret it.

Trust your intuition!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  -Albert Einstein

Your intuition: that guiding voice inside your bongo that you can hear more easily when you know that you have a direct connection to the source of all knowledge.  You share the power that shapes your life and changes the world.   The universe will always be connected to you, giving you guidance, showing you what steps to take and what to avoid.  Sending you messages in many different ways, but mostly through the feelings you have when faced with a decision.  This feeling is your intuition and by listening to it you can manifest your dreams.


There is one caveat on the road to realizing your dreams.  Your dreams must be true to yourself.  Your dreams must align with your highest purpose.  If you are driven by something which is a result of your upbringing, your indoctrination, or your culture and it is not in alignment with your best and highest interest the universe will be constantly trying to steer you toward your higher calling.  If you can be silent and hear that calling you will know that it is your heart’s desire.  Other desires we have may be driven by a longing for material security or a need for approval.  Your true calling inspires your heart and makes your soul sing with joy.  Your true calling fills you with enthusiasm.  Trust your intuition to show you your true calling.  Think of when you were a child and what it was that excited you and filled you with enthusuasm.  Enthusiasm is the sign that you are on the right path for you.


It can be very scary following your real dream at first.  You have listened for many years to the voice telling you to be practical and that voice is the ego.  But, if you pursue your soul’s desire, even when things are looking really harrowing and you are losing hope, hold on, the universe has a plan to make it work, and just because you’re not in control, just because you have a hard time letting go of the reins, doesn’t mean you won’t get there.  It is reminding you to let go and allow the higher you, that is always aware of your connection, to be in control.  Sometimes you don’t get the job you wanted and are beginning to feel anxious about ever finding the right job or any job, but two months later the perfect job appears for you.  I talk about faith a lot and there’s a reason for that.  You also need to have faith in your intuition.  Don’t second guess yourelf and allow fear to overshadow your belief that you can attain your desires. Follow your bliss and follow your intuition.

At the end of your life you want to know that you pursued your dream.  You don’t want to have regrets and say, “Well, I lived a safe life and nothing in my world changed.  It was secure.  I chose a pratical career and wasn’t hungry.”  What kind of an epitaph is that?

The rational mind is ego and the intuitive mind is divine.  Our ego wants to control and regulate, to measure and compare.  Our ego wants to reign supreme and be in charge of every little thing.  Sound stressful?  It is.  The ego is the cause of all of our stress.  Stop letting the rational mind be your guide and allow your intuition to take over so that you can let go and trust in the loving energy of the universe.  Allow the universe to show you the way.  The rational mind only believes what it can see, feel, hear, taste, and touch.  The intuitive mind knows that the universe is working even when we can’t see it.  Intuition allows the divine, the same divine that loves you and wants the best for you.  You don’t have to worry about a thing.


Any time you are generous, with a true heart, the divine is generous to you.  Any time you are loving, the divine is loving towards you.  Have faith and the divine will be a faithful servant.  Follow your intuition and not your rational (and often, negative) mind.  Follow your enthusiasm.  Have faith in your intuition.

  • I allow my inner voice to guide me and am courageous in the knowledge that the universe is working for me
  • Even though at times I cannot see progress I know I am closer to my goals.
  • The universe sends me messages to keep me on the right track.  I recognize patterns and repeated symbols in my life.
  • I have complete confidence in my ability to make the right decisions.
  • The universe guides me to my destination.

Imagine what would happen if you followed your intuition and everything turned out perfectly!  Think of a time when that happened.  Think of a time you followed your gut and were absolutely right.