Don’t Do What You Hate!!!

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

I’ve decided that I’m going to use my intuition to write this post. I have no idea what I’m going to write about, but I’m going to have faith that Albert was right about intuition and that the perfect topic will come to me as I keep writing. I’m hoping for that wonderful feeling of Satori to kick in. Satori is a Japanese word and it describes what happens when you are taken over by a creative project and time is seemingly irrelevant. You are acting out of time and out of ego, simply channeling the creative force of who you truly are, the Divine Creator!

So, today I keep thinking of the Gospel of Thomas. You remember Doubting Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples. He’s the one who asked for proof that Jesus came back, that’s another story which I kinda doubt happened, the way it’s presented anyway Thomas admitted that he really didn’t have much of a clue as to what Jesus was trying to say with his parables and metaphors so he decided rather than trying to interpret Jesus’ words or tell Jesus’ story he would simply write what Jesus said and let people make up their own minds.

Of course, we don’t get the opportunity to read Thomas since he wasn’t included in the New Testament. Why the Nicene Council of the Holy Roman Church decided to edit the gospels is anyone’s guess? Mine is that they chose the gospels which worked best for their agenda to control the Roman Empire, but I digress, the perk of following intuition!
So Thomas, in his humble innocence, simply dictated Jesus’ words. You can find them all online, but the one that really hit  me, WACK, right in the face was what Jesus said when asked what people should do.  Jesus said, “…don’t do what you hate…”
Wow, if there are any words to live by, strangely written in the negative, but for a good reason, it is those five words.

DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE!!!!!!  This seems simple enough, but how many people kill their spirit by doing what they hate, for their whole lifetime?  They do it out of responsiblity often enough.  They have children to raise and send to school, children whom they don’t see enough because they work too much, bills to pay, plastic toys to buy which they don’t get to use because they work too much, huge mortgages to pay on houses they spend little time in because they work too much, big cars to pay for to drive to and from those jobs.  These words come to mind.  Futile. Striving. Endlessness. Broken. Exhaustion. Depression. Isolation.
Is this any way to live? DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE!
Ah, but I have to pay for all this stuff.  Let me tell you something, Sir!  I lost my job about 8 months ago, hence the blog, and I was making half the money I made working.  I stopped buying what I call plastic toys, which is all the unnecessary crap we buy, and I managed to make my mortgage, make my car payments, pay off my credit cards, eat healthy organic food, and did this for six months.

Here’s the kicker.  I can’t go back to my old job.  It was killing my spirit.  So I am going to have faith that the universe will provide my perfect life for me. (Don’t be surprised if I add a donate button on the side, someone has to subsidize these posts!)  I am not going to live in fear.  Do I want to teach my children that they must do a job they hate for the rest of their lives so that they can buy all the conveniences they wouldn’t need if they had more time, or if they did what they loved and had less money, but lived simply?  Sometimes intuition leads to jumbled sentences, but you get the drift.
You are the teacher of the next generation. Do you believe that the universe is friendly?  Do you believe the universe conspires to make your dreams come true?  Prove it!  DON’T DO WHAT YOU HATE.  IT WILL KILL YOUR SPIRIT!


This experiment in intuition seemed to work, the time passed in an instant, and some sense was even made (I hope).  Now it’s your turn to follow your intuition and do what you love. Follow your dreams in faith. Know that you deserve to be happy. You are a perfectly made you with your own special desires and talents.  Follow your purpose.  Follow your DNA!  It was made with you in mind!  Yes, perfectly you.  Don’t live a perfect life, live your perfect life.

Your perfect affirmations:

  • I deserve to live a life which fills my soul with joy and purpose.
  • I happily pursue my dreams with the faith that God wants me to be happy.
  • I have enough stuff.
  • I am enough.
  • My children are happier with my time than with my money.
  • I love my life.
  • I live my perfect life.

Close your eyes.  In your mind, take a walk in the woods and when you come to a clearing you will see yourself doing what you love to do.  Enjoy it.  Now make it happen

Forget about pills. Get over here and give me a hug!

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~Albert Einstein

Unless it’s from your creepy, sweaty Uncle Buttkiss, hugs have no down side.  Hugs are warm, joyful, melting, expressions of love and happiness.  We have all known that for quite a while and science is finally catching up.  According to scientists at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, hugging for twenty seconds, along with hand holding for ten minutes with your partner, reduces stress levels.  Indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate were used against a control group that did not hug or hold hands.  You don’t have to hug with a partner; hugging a friend or even a massage has the same effect, it’s the magic of human touch.


We humans have a complex system of stress relief.  Just under our skin are teeny, tiny little discs called Pacinian corpuscles.   These little transmitters are linked to our vagus nervous system.  They initiate the response the body has to touch from another human.  We start to produce oxytocin which is the bonding hormone.  It makes us feel affection and an emotional connection.  It is the hormone that mothers produce during birth so that they forget all about the pain of labor and simply fall in love with their babies.  It has a calming effect on men, making them more affectionate and more likely to be monogamous.  Increased hugs would equate with increased faithfulness and fidelity!  Kissing and hand holding work the same way.  


Hugs slow the release of cortisol which is the stress drug.  It’s the hormone that causes anxiety and even weight gain.  Hugging will keep you slim.  Hugging will keep you relaxed.  Hugging can replace antidepressants!   When we hug dopamine is released.  Dopamine levels play a huge part in depression and are also linked to Parkinson’s Disease.  Dopamine helps keep us motivated and feeling good and positive.  It’s the feel good drug!  I like Dopamine!


Touch makes all the difference in your life.  Babies who do not get the benefit of touch do not thrive.  The effects of neglect on the brain are the same as those of physical abuse.  It’s amazing how much we benefit from, and even need, physical expressions of love through hugs, cuddling, hand-holding, and kissing.  Couples who only kiss when they make love are more stressed than those who spontaneously kiss during the day.   It releases endorphins, another feel good hormone.  It helps to relax you and you can forget about your problems. A kiss is a mini-vacation!


Hugs give us a sence of self-worth and self-love.  This is especially true for children.  If our parents are very cuddly with us we do much better.  These physical demonstrations of love we receive as children imprint on us and are carried through our life.  Whenever we hug we have the feeling of love we received from being hugged and cuddled as a child and baby.  If your parents weren’t all huggy and cuddly you can still start being more affectionate now.


It’s hard to start hugging when you came from a family that didn’t hug or physically demonstrate love for each other.  But, you can do it.  Start with short hugs.  Talk with your siblings about the fact that you grew up with out many displays of affection, but that you’d like to change that.  They probably feel the same way.  Tell them you want to hug more.  Then hug!  Start a habit of hugging every time you see each other.  Talk about the twenty second hug rule with your friends and family!  They’ll love it, believe me!


Raise your children with hugs and cuddling and lots of physical expressions of love.  It helps them love themselves and deal with stress far better.  Hugs are practically the only prescription you need for a healthy life.  Okay, eat well and exercise, too, but hug, hug, hug!


We get our sense of connectedness with others through physical affection.  Our energies connect as well as all the chemical reactions we enjoy from touch.  We are all one and hugging reminds us that we are part of this greater whole.   If you can do it without being creepy, touch people.  Connect with people.  In this day and age where people are afraid they will be held liable for a hug it is often tough.  Schools don’t allow children to hug each other.  Even five-year olds are punished for hugging their friends.  This is ridiculous!  Hug!!!  Encourage your children to show how they feel.  Encourage them to hug each other and to hug you and their extended family.  Start a legacy of hugs!




I’ll leave you with the greatest hug master of our era.   Please check out this short three-minute video because there’s another great thing about hugs, watching others hugs has many of the same benefits as if you were doing the hugging!   When we see acts of kindness and love our bodies release the same chemicals as if we were a giver or recipient of the love!  That’s how powerful love is!


Go out there and love.  Start your own free hugs campaign!   Get over here and give me a hug!

Some huggable affirmations:

  • I express the love I feel for people through words and hugs.
  • I find it easy to show people through physical affection how I feel about them
  • I hug every day.
  • My friends and family and I hug when we greet each other and say Good-Bye and just for no reason at all.
  • Hugs are wonderful and I enjoy them.

As you are on your way to visit a friend or family member, imagine that when you get there you give them a great big hug.  Doesn’t that feel great.  Now do it.


Now, imagine a world where everyone got many good long warm hugs everyday.  No hugs, no peace.  Know hugs, know peace.  Okay, so it doesn’t make perfect sense, but you know what I mean!




Challenge accepted.

“Our actions should be based on the ever-present awareness that human beings in their thinking, feeling, and acting are not free but are just as causally bound as the stars in their motion.” ~ Albert Einstein

When we accept less than perfect love into our souls then we are infecting ourselves with negative energy which we must then work to transform into positive.  We do not need to accept that which does not benefit us.  One of many stories attributed to the Buddha tells of any angry man who approached the Buddha and began to harass him, insult him, and provoke him.  The Buddha asked the man if he had any friends and family.  The man responded that he did.  The Buddha asked him if he ever gave any gifts to his friends.  The man said that he did.  The Buddha asked him what he would do if a friend refused the gift he gave.  The man replied that he would bring the gift home to his family and enjoy it with them.  The Buddha then said, “So it is with you today.  You have brought me a gift which I choose not to accept.”  This is how the Buddha lovingly taught the man that what is offered to us by others is not what we have to accept.


Lately I have been using a form of affirmation that I never used before.   I would like to share it with you as I have found it very powerful in my life.  Love is greater than fear.  We are always offered either love or fear by others and we always offer either love or fear to others.  Using these new affirmations is reminding me of what I want to accept into my soul and offer to others.

  • I accept only love, compassion, and peace into my heart.
  • I offer only love, compassion, and peace to others.
  • I accept only courage, inspiration, and action for myself.
  • I offer only encouragement, inspiration, and help to others.
  • I accept only happiness and joy for myself.
  • I offer only happiness and joy to others.
  • I accept only love and respect for myself.
  • I offer only love and respect to others.
  • I accept only abundance and wealth for myself.
  • I offer only abundance and wealth to others.
  • I accept only generosity of spirit.
  • I offer only generosity of spirit.
  • I accept only perfect health and vibrance in my physical body.
  • I offer only perfect health and vibrance to others.
  • I recognize only the divine in myself.
  • I recognize only the divine in others.

We are in this body at this time for only a short while, but we can have an impact on the growth of our spiritual consciousness.  We can raise each other up or tear each other down.  We can accept only that which benefits and give only that which empowers love.  When you look in the mirror in the morning repeat these affirmations while looking into your own eyes and know how valuable you are to the enlightenment of all beings.  Offer only what you would offer to your most beloved and accept only what you would want for your most beloved, for you are most beloved.

Imagine that you walk into a restaurant by yourself.  You walk over to a table of strangers and one of them stands up.  What does s/he say to you?  How do you respond?  Are any words exchanged?  What happens?

Buddha used to stay inside, he’s outside now, sitting on the porch.

“I no longer need to take part in the competition of the big brains.  Participating [in the process] has always seemed to me to be an awful type of slavery no less evil than the passion for money or power.” ~Albert Einstein

Years ago I had a Buddha statue inside my house near my front door, he’s outside now.  The Buddha’s hands were empty, so I would put a card in them with some quote or an idea that I liked.  The kids would read it and usually laugh at me.  Or replace the card with something ridiculous, but very funny, that they wrote such as “The frog only wore a vest while riding his bicycle to the doughnut shop.”  One day I wrote on a card, “Whenever you act with love, you are right.”  As I drove to work that day it was all I could think of.  I wondered whether or not it was true.  I debated it for a while, with myself, and decided it was true, but that there is a difference between acting with love and intending to act with love.  We must be able to discern the difference between acting with love or acting in ego, which is acting in fear.


Parents often say that they are acting with love when they think they are doing something in their child’s best interest, but often they are acting out of fear.  They may make their child go to college, even though the child finds classrooms and any indoor occupation stifling, because they fear that the child will not make enough money in a job which isn’t predicated upon a college education.  They think they are acting with love, but they are acting based on fear of lack.  Lack is one of the most prominent fears in the human mind.  It prevents so many people from doing what they love or from taking risks to attain their dream life.  Many people have led a life of misery due to their parent’s indoctrination of fear.  If this happened to you, you can now take control of your life and take action out of love rather than fear.

Parents even hit or abuse their children under the guise of love, though love is never violent or angry.  Violence and anger come from fear.  The parent does not know how to properly teach a child and without thought, but just as a learned habit, uses punishment as a form of teaching.  They are using negative reinforcement.  And, they most certainly are reinforcing the negative, because when they teach a child that violence is a means to resolve issues they are a long way from love.  Love means explaining with patience, it means accepting mistakes with grace, and giving a child what they need with unconditional acceptance of who they are.  It means loving them even when we are afraid that, like us, they may not be as good as the other kids.  It means not comparing and not judging.


In relationships we sometimes hold on to people we should let go, not because we love them.   If they would be happier without us then loving them would be letting them go.  If we would be happier without them then loving ourselves would be letting them go.  Sometimes we hold on to them even after they have gone.  We hold on to them because we fear being alone.  We fear that we are unlovable.  We fear separation.


Whenever you act, look at your motives.  I was once betrayed by someone very, very close to me.  I wrote them a letter and asked a friend to read it and let me know what he thought.  He read the letter and said, “Well, it depends what you’re trying to accomplish here.  If you’re trying to piss him off, it’s a great letter.”  It’s one of those cases of, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”  I, obviously, was not acting from a place of love.  I was not being conciliatory or forgiving.  I was still acting out of fear.  Fear of rejection and betrayal.  Fear of being misrepresented.  Fear of being wrong.  Fear of loss.  Fear of being unlovable.

When we always want to be better than others; better looking, better at sports, better at making money, better at cooking, better at dancing, better at parenting, better at giving, better at fashion, better at volunteering, better at relationships, better at intellectual pursuits, better at anything, we are not acting with love.  When we are in competition, we are acting from fear.  Fear that we are less than others; inferior.  Fear that they are better than us, superior.  Fear that the people we associate with will find out that we are really just a mess like everyone else.

There are so many fears, one of the biggest being fear of embarrassment, the fear of looking foolish or unworthy to others.  When we learn to laugh at ourselves it is a big step in giving up that fear.  Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing can be paralyzing to some.  Realize that we all make mistakes and, more importantly, that everyone cares about your mistakes a lot less than you may think.  They’re usually too worried about what others think of them.  Stop caring about what others think.  Care only about acting with love.  And, give other people a break.  They’re doing the best they can.

When we compare ourselves to others we are giving in to the belief in separation.  We are all one, so why compare and compete?  When one of us wins we are all raised up, when one of us loses we are all defeated.  Let’s think about our lives and others as though we are one, because we are.

When we give up fear, we act with love.  Whenever we act with love, we are right.

Some loving affirmations:

  • I recognize when I am acting with fear and make corrections in my thinking and actions.
  • I act with love with all beings.
  • I care only about doing what is right and acting with love.
  • I accept all beings as they are.
  • I am a worthy and loving being.
  • I laugh at my mistakes and learn from them.
  • I am love.

Imagine that you walk into a crowded square and there are lots of children there.  You begin giving each child a gift.  They each open their gift and are so happy.  What do they find when they open the gift?

Raise your hand if you ever thought you might be OCD.

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” – Albert Einstein

Why could Albert be so happy with so little?  Because he was in the moment.  He sank into his favorite comfortable chair, Ohhhhhhhh.  He took a juicy bite of the fruit,  Mmmmmm.  He closed his eyes and listened to his favorite Mozart sonata,  Ahhhhhhhh.  Life is good.  Albert wasn’t thinking of all the other things going on in his life.  He wasn’t obsessing over some scientist who didn’t agree with his work, he wasn’t dreading an upcoming lecture to lay people about the Theory of Relativity.  He was completely in the moment.  If he had died then he would have died happy.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a problem that we hear about a lot.  We have all joked, at one time or another, that we suffer from OCD because, as humans, we do tend to obsess.  Sometimes I’ll be thinking about some issue while driving in the car or doing a chore that doesn’t require my full attention and I’ll notice that a good amount of time has passed and I’m still thinking of the same thing!  I’ll say to myself, “Why  the bleep am I still thinking about that (or them)?  Why?!!!!”  There’s usually at least one swear in the sentence.  Pick your own.


I have a theory. No, it’s not as mind shattering as Albert’s whoppers.  My theory is that the ego uses these obsessions to keep us from living in the present moment.  The ego invents all of these dramas to keep us from realizing that we have everything we could possibly need in the present moment.  We can perceive every situation with a calm and peaceful mind if we so chose.  We can forego drama and crisis orientation.  We can live in peace if we want.

At this moment all I need is here.  At this moment I am perfectly happy.  I am washing the dishes and there is peace in my world.  I am shopping for groceries and I am happy.  I am brushing my teeth and there is no drama or discord.  I am talking with you and I am love.  Albert is happy with so little because we can actually be happy with nothing.  Happiness always has been and always will be an inside job.



Yes, things will happen.  You don’t get what you want.  Someone is mean to you.  You will respond with sadness or anger.  Watch your sadness.  Observe your anger.  When you are ready, let it go.  Let it float away.  We are usually not upset about what we think we are upset about.  Sometimes we invent a crisis so that we don’t have to face something we deem unpleasant.  Whether it’s a task or a person, it is best to face it.  Sometimes we invent a drama because we are afraid to move forward, afraid to step away from the familiar and move on.  We obsess as a distraction and as an excuse to procrastinate; I have to deal with this drama now so I can’t move forward.  We are so very good at rationalizing our procrastination.   Be mindful.  Remember to ask why you are in a drama.  What are you trying to avoid?


We won’t always get what we think we want.  Mostly because we really don’t want it, we are just using our wish as a diversion from facing ourselves.  But, we are only afraid to face ourselves when we don’t recognize our magnificent divinity.  If we realize who we really are then we will stop putting things off, stop wanting what is not important, we will stop obsessing about fictitious problems.  We can forgive ourselves (and others) for not being perfect and move on.

I will keep saying it.  I really don’t mind repeating myself.  You might mind, but I don’t!  Meditation is the best way to discover our true self.  Please check out the post on meditation if you haven’t yet started your practice.  Here’s a link to a great meditation book and CD.  When we realize what we truly are, we will relax.  Doesn’t that sound like a day at the spa?  Who needs a bowl of fruit?  Relax.  Calm.  Peace.  Joy.    Ahhhhhhh.

Some present affirmations:

  • I am peaceful when all around me is chaos.
  • I hold a center of peace and calm.
  • My thoughts are in my control.
  • I choose to think peaceful and loving thoughts.
  • I am a divine and magnificent being.
  • There is only love.

Imagine an instance where all around you are upset.  You are quiet and peaceful.  Nothing can affect your inner peace.

Only compare yourself to your past self, not to others.

” We have to do the best we are capable of.  That is our sacred human responsibility.” ~Albert Einstein

Today I was feeling pretty good when I got a local phone call.  I usually won’t pick up a call unless I know who it is, but it was local so I thought I would give it a go.  It was a call from someone who had a professional miscommunication with me.  She started out telling me how much trouble I was causing her and then blame and crisis poured out of her mouth for a minute.  I calmly said, “I misunderstood what you wanted.”   I attempted to explain to her the miscommunication, but she was strident and kept interrupting, so I let that go.  She did her thing for another minute.  I again said, “It was a misunderstanding.”  Again, blame for a few seconds.  I smiled and told her that I was sorry there was a misunderstanding.  She went on to say every encounter with me was a problem and trouble for her.  I thought about saying that our encounters were not a problem, but that her response to them was a problem.  For her, not for me.  But, I didn’t.  I would have said it with love, but I didn’t think it was the right thing to say to her at that time.

Whenever we have an encounter with someone, no matter how insignificant it may seem, we have an opportunity to see them as love or see them with fear.  We can have negative feelings towards them if they attack us or we can understand that they are acting out of fear.  I believe this woman feared looking like she was inept, or like someone who wasn’t in charge or wasn’t in control.  Whatever her reasons, and it doesn’t matter, she was obviously upset.


In my conversation with her I was able to remain calm and feel love towards her.  Interestingly, when I got off of the phone I immediately started a story in my head about her which made me appear superior.  I recognized what I was doing and stopped the thoughts.  I occasionally returned to the story, but was able to see what I was doing in my mind pretty quickly and stop the judgmental thoughts again and see her with love.

Then I noticed that I chastised myself mentally for thinking that way. Why did I have to judge?  Why couldn’t I be love all the time?  Then I recognized that I was judging myself.  I remembered that ten years ago I could have made this into an all day anger fest.  I would have told everyone I could get to listen to me how crazy this woman behaved and my friends would have reinforced to me what a jerk she was and validated my negative feelings.  I’ll call my response to her phone call progress.  Being mindful is not easy until you have practiced it for a while.  But, it is so worth it!


I could have spent a miserable day feeling like the victim of a harsh shrew’s viperous tongue.  I would have been angry and spewing my own vitriol all over any poor soul who crossed my path.  Instead I made progress, recognized my judgment of her as well as my self judgment and, in the end,  spent a day without much drama at all.

The story does not end here though.  I had to meet the woman a little later to sign some papers.  Before I left my house I noticed a document on my desk that would be helpful to her.  I picked it up and brought it with me.  When I saw her arrive at our meeting place I gave her a big smile.  I offered her the document and she said she already had it.  I smiled and signed her papers.  She began to apologize for all the fuss and blamed it on her professional superiors.  I just smiled and told her not to worry about it.  We parted as friends, as far as I could tell.


Will she recognize the cause of her fears, will she see her negative behaviors and reactions?  I have no idea.  It doesn’t matter.  I made progress.  I acted with love (for the most part) and didn’t allow negative thoughts to ruin my day.  I allowed myself to be imperfect without condemning myself.  And, bonus, I got a post out of it!

When my kids were little I would always tell them that the most important thing to be is kind.  When we are acting with kindness, it is love.  We can never assume what anyone else is going through.  We can only be responsible for our own behavior and our own reactions to others’ behavior.  Respond to fear with kindness and love.  You’ll feel better for it.  I promise.

Some non-judgy affirmations:

  • I am kind to all people and never take their behavior personally.
  • I am kind to all beings.
  • I do not judge others or myself.
  • I take responsibility for my actions without shame or guilt.
  • I am aware of my emotions and use them to adjust my thinking.
  • I love all beings.

Imagine a confrontation or conflict you have had recently with someone.  Imagine it from the beginning, but see yourself responding to the other person with love and kindness.  How do you feel?



Thirteen easy and practical things you can do to save the world.

“If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.” ~Einstein, Albert

Sometimes I wonder just how much impact I can have in the world.  How much can one person do to change things?  It just feels so disheartening at times when we see continuing news of environmental destruction, wars, murders, and poverty.  There is not enough love in the world.  There is too much fear which manifests as greed and selfishness.  What can one person do?


1.  Help build your community.  Even if you live in a large city you have a local area which you can support.  Shop your neighborhood stores whenever they have what you need.  If you have elderly neighbors become their friend so they feel they have a caring heart available in case of an emergency.  Get to know their habits so you’ll know if something is amiss.  Help keep the local green areas clean and safe or create a local green area.  Organize a pot luck supper for you and your neighbors.  Start a garden share program with neighbors.  In Sweden neighbors plan their gardens together so that they can share produce and have a variety of vegetables.

2.  You have enough stuff.  Don’t buy anymore things that you do not need.  If you do buy things try to buy things that are sustainably made.  Wood toys rather than plastic, reusable shopping bags, locally crafted items, naturable organic fibers like cotton and hemp.  Shop consignment stores so that there is no more consumption of resources.  Set up a swap shop for people to drop off their old stuff and people to pick out things they want, (one man’t trash is another man’s treasure) at your local transer station (dump) or other community building.  Set up a book swap, clothing swap or object swap with friends, families. or neighbors.  This is something you can add to a pot luck.  Have everyone bring a delicious dish and items they no longer want.  It could be a fun evening of free shopping.  Remember you don’t need things, you are enough.

3.  Volunteer.  The animal shelter and the food kitchens, nursing home, local schools, hospitals, and child and senior centers.  There are also local green groups that need help.  Get a group of neighbors or friends together to raise money for a worthy organization through yard sales, bake sales, start a community garden or green area.

4.  Stop watching the news.  Some people tell me, “Well, I have to stay informed.”  This is what I think about that.  95% of the media is owned by 6 corporations, so you are not really staying informed, you are being fed information that the corporations want you to hear and being kept from information that they don’t want you to know about.  Most of the news is about murders and political misbehavior and celebrities.  I don’t think you’ll be missing much.  You will be happier.  You will be more positive.  Your energy will be better.  You can start manifesting positive change in your life faster when you are not bringing your energy down with all of the terrible, horrific “news” stories.  Subscribe to a network on line such as Upworthy which shares news that is uplifting and shows us what is going on in the world that is good and news worthy.  There are other sites online like the Good News Network.

5.  Talk to strangers.  This may be a tough one after listening to the phrase, “Don’t talk to strangers,” your whole life.  Talk to strangers.  Smile at strangers.  These gestures may not show any results, but may have an amazing positive effect on someone’s life that you will never know about.  Be kind without expectation.  A woman had moved up north with her family and was in line at a grocery store.  The woman behind her struck up a conversation with her and before they knew it they were exchanging phone numbers and had each made a new friend.  Who doesn’t need a new friend?  Later on the Southern woman told her new friend how lonely she had been since she moved up north.  She hadn’t met anyone.  She felt she had tried to engage people, but they didn’t respond in a way that made her feel welcome.   She had decided earlier that if she didn’t meet a friendly person that day she would be moving herself and her family back home.  The gesture of conversation and kindness led to friendship and restored the woman’s faith in humanity.  It also allowed her to follow through on the opportunity that brought her up north.  Talk to strangers.  A friend of mine met a life long friend that very same way.

6.  Smile at children.  While you are out and about and you see a child give them a big smile.  Send some love their way.  See their light.


7.  Listen to an old person.  It seems that old people start conversations in public more than young people.  It may be that they need the contact more.  Take a few minutes, that’s all.  Listen to them.  Ask them questions and let them answer.  If it feels comfortable ask them a personal question, about their family or hobbies.  I bet that most of the time they would love to talk about their life.   It may make their day.


8.  Be respectful to children.  Often we disrespect children.  We don’t allow them to make decisions or we negate their feelings.  “That didn’t hurt.”  “That’s nothing to cry about.”  “Stop dancing.” (in public)  “No.”  Before we respond to a child it may be a good idea to ask if we would respond the same way to an adult.  Would we yell at an adult for spilling milk?  No, it’s was a mistake.  Children don’t have the motor control that adults have.  They can’t help the mistakes they make.  We don’t know what they are thinking or how they perceive things.  Give them the benefit of the doubt as the abitlity to communicate their feelings and ideas is not always available to them.  If they want to stop on your walk and stare at a shrub for a few minutes, let them.  If they want to hear the same story every night, repeat it.  If they want to dance in the store, let them, dance with them.  If they want to wear a super hero outfit to school, let them.  Allow them to be free spirits, they will forget who they are soon enough.  Let’s keep reminding them and allow their consciousness to expand a little longer.

9.  Send love to the world.  Everyday as you are driving to work or waiting in line for groceries or cooking supper, send love to the world.  You can hang a little symbol or charm from your windshield mirror as a reminder.  Bathe the world in light and love.

10.  Meditate.  Spend some time in silent meditation daily.  When you raise your consciousness you raise the consciousness of all beings.  You are intrinsically important to saving the world.

11.  Be kind.  To yourself and to others.  Whenever you start to feel frustration remind yourself that everyone is doing their best.  Whatever it is that someone else is doing that is aggravating to you, it is not usually their fault.  Have patience.  Forgive everyone.

12.  Be kind to all animals.  All animals long to live.  They long to be with their families.  They have emotional and internal lives of which we know nothing.  Allow their love.


13.  Be love.  After all, it’s why you’re here.

I really had every intention of this post being completely practical, rational, and logical, but once again it quickly evolved into a post calling for the awakening of our highest self.  Because, as Professor Einstein advised, if we take the 55 minutes to really figure out what is wrong with the world, to define why the world needs saving, we will see that it is because the world is run by the Collective Ego, by fear.  So, the solution is really quite simple.  We must start running the world using the Collective Consciousness, love.  In order to do that we must all become still enough to know who we are and we must all be who we are.  We are love.  If everyone in the world could realize this for just 5 minutes, if we could all be love for just 5 minutes, the world would be saved.

Some (r)evolutionary affirmations:

  • I use my energy to promote good.
  • I use my time helping to make my life and other’s better.
  • I am grateful for all that I have.
  • I have enough.
  • I am love.
  • I help to raise the consciousness of the world.

Imagine a world where everything is sustainable.  Imagine a world where we plant trees more than we cut them down.  Imagine a world where all beings get to live their lives out in peace and prosperity.  Imagine a world of love.

Stay inspired.  Subscribe to blogs which inspire you like this one.  Just click on Follow Me on the right.  Find other books and blogs and read or listen to them regularly so that you continue to awaken.  I like to leave links here for books, CDs, and DVDs that I think are helpful to our growth.  I think this book by Lao Tzu is one of the best, The Tao te Ching.    Wayne Dyer has a wonderful meditation book.   The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz gives us a practical guide to living a life of free of drama.  And recycle, don’t forget to recycle!

I am not going to fight anymore.

” I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough.”     ~Albert Einstein

Of all of the Professsor’s quotes I think this is one of the most important.  It seems so trivial, so trite, but to me it means so much.  It’s about allowing.  It’s about not fighting.  It’s about letting go and allowing the universe to lead us.  If we can allow ourselves to be who we are, which is indistinguishable from the All, then we can allow the All to take us where we are meant to go.

When we fight against something, whether it’s the government, corporations, banks, our emotions, our friends, our feelings, our family, people we work with, if we fight against any thing or situation at all that we don’t want in our lives, then we are giving it energy.  We are feeding a fight.  We are transforming our energy, our love, into a weapon.  As we struggle against this thing we are fueling it and the situation will continue as long as we feed it.  I don’t think these are things we want to feed.

We want to feed joy, peace, and love.  We want to allow the universe, which we know is love, to lead us to a place of happiness.  Happiness is our birthright.  It is the product of love.  Anything that can take our peace away is not real.  The only thing that can take our peace away is forgetting who we are; love.


If you truly know that you are not separate from the universe, from love, then you can never be without peace.  Externals will not affect you.  You will be the presence of love.  In this state of being you are untouchable.  If you find yourself feeling “negatives” and while feeling them you accept them as a natural reaction and don’t fight them then you are allowing. You become an observer of these feelings, rather than a participant.  You are being present in your being of love and seeing these things as what they are, manifestations of the ego.

When you are angry at someone, you are not being love, for if you were, you would not judge or condemn them, knowing that you are not separate from them.  They are part of the universe, part of the infinite matrix of love.  All is well in your world when you know this.  You will forgive instantaneously, and eventually see that there is nothing to forgive.  How can you be angry at someone who doesn’t yet know that they are love?  Often we act from a lack of faith.  We don’t believe that the universe loves us, we are too impatient to wait for the result of our beliefs and thoughts.  We feel unloved and abandoned.  In these times it is so important to inspire ourselves and remember times that the universe saved us.  We are here for a reason and the universe will give us everything we need to fulfill our purpose.


When you stop worrying about the future and let the universe lead you, you will be allowing all the love and joy to happen spontaneously.  The universe will lead you to your perfect self.  The universe will lead you to places you thought you would never be because of your ego’s limiting beliefs.  Magic will ensue!  Be prepared for the unexpected and relish it.  Be prepared for miracles and embrace them!

There are no limits to how happy you can be when you allow the limitless potential of eternity to take over and guide you!  Eternity is now.  Allowing all possiblities and all experiences into your life will help you realize the wonders of the mysterious.


Don’t worry about anything, but if you do worry (as we all do), allow yourself that, be gentle on yourself, knowing that the universe sees your nurturing of yourself as an indication of self love and will help you through it.  Give your worries to the universe, or Angels or Jesus or God, or whatever symbol of love and guidance works for you.  Allow them to take your burdens.

Allowing is loving.  Letting go and giving up the fight is loving.  Following the peace works.  Fighting continues the cycle of anxiety and fear.  Let go and let love lead you.  You will be amazed at the wonderful synchronicity of love.

  • Allow yourself the happiness of these affirmations:
  • All that happens in my life is leading me to a place of peace.
  • I allow the universe to guide me, trusting in its love for me.
  • There are no bad emotions.
  • I give up my burdens to love.
  • I allow myself to be lead by love.
  • All is forgotten and forgiven, I am at peace.

Imagine yourself living in a world where all people act from a place of love.

I am.

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” ~Albert Einstein

What, or who, is self?  How can we be liberated from who we are, from the “self”?  I think it might have been better to say this as “liberation from the false self.”  Albert, calm down and listen for just a minute, you are not acting very liberated right now with all that defensiveness.  What I mean is that we really have two selves.  We have the self with which we are most familiar.  This is the False Self.  Seems contradictory that the self we know so well is actually the False Self, but it is.

The False Self is concerned about all the externals.  The False Self (aka Ego) receives its identity from the outside.  For instance if someone had a large, expensive house on the ocean and they are proud of it then they are identifying with that house.  They don’t actually love the house, they love that it represents them as wealthy and materially successfull.  It is the idea, the thought, that holds the identity.  Some one who is very pretty or handsome may hold their identity in their appearance.  They may feel superior to others, thinking that they are more attractive and desirable.  Others may use their knowledge of music or art as a form of identity.  They are cultured or current with trends and therefore cooler than others.  Some identify with their role as husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, friend…  A scientist may hold his rational thought and logical knowledge as an identity.  They believe they are the reasonable people not swayed by the weak minds of those searching for meaning in things they cannot prove.  Some identify with who they know, they drop names like trees drop leaves.  Some identify with their charitable nature, they must be good because of all they do for others.  They like their identity of goodness.  The job of these identities is to make us feel better about ourselves.  We are better than others, they are less than us.  There are mutiple identities for everyone.  Some more important to the owner than others. People hold them like collectors of valued baseball cards.


Every identity above can be lost.  Millions of dollars are lost and made daily.  Beauty is destroyed by age or accident.  Bodies decay.  Knowlege and science have been found to be wrong again and again.  Trends change, opinions change, and culture changes.  Our abilities, talents, friends, family, income, home, job, and health can be taken from us in an instant.  In this expanding universe nothing of matter stays the same.  The only thing that stays the same is energy, infinity, love.

We are the infinite. We are the matrix that makes up the One.  We are the essence of the universe.  To believe we are fleeting things, thoughts, and ideas is to negate what we truly are.  Imagining who you truly are, seeing yourself as part of the infinite helps to bring you closer to an understanding of your being.  Make some quiet time to see yourself as infinite love.  Imagine yourself as eternal abundance.  Know yourself as boundless creativity.  Feel the divine that is you.  That is your True Self.  It can never be changed, diminished, or taken away from you.

Do not identify with that which changes.  Nothing real changes.  Do not be attached to externals.  When we die or become enlightened and realize that this external world is all illusion, it will be like waking from sleep.  Our external lives will be of such unimportance that they will be left behind as quickly as a dream.   Our physical identities will have no importance to us whatsoever.   We will realize we are part of God.

Jesus told us not to look for God outside of ourselves in places, people, or things, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)   We are the Kingdom of God.  Our egos would hide this from us.  Jesus came to enlighten us.


It may be hard to say the words, “I am God.”  Seems blasphemous due to our indoctrination.  But, this was the message of Jesus who said he had a new covenant to bring to us.  The old God of vengeance, punishment, and power is now a God of Love.  A God of Peace.  Use the words “I am” to help you realize your divinity.  God is really just another word for love.  I am love.  I am peace.  I am all knowing.  I am abundance.  I am creativity.  This use of your imagination (God) will manifest the truth.

Meditation, sitting in silence and stillness, will bring you to your True Self, the I am.

One thing I did many years ago which I believe has helped me immeasurably is that I asked for discernment.  I was just renewing my spiritual journey, for we all start it at birth, and I was reading about ten books at a time, trying to find out everyting I could, all the different beliefs and ideas about religions and spirituality.  I was confused at times and lost.  I prayed for discernment and it made all the difference.

Ask your God for discernment if you feel unsure.  Meditate so that you can hear the All.  Be open to any answers, for God is infinite and eternal and has no limits as our False Self tries to deceive us into believing.   If we are rigid in our beliefs then we cannot see anyting beyond their scope.  Open your heart to everything God has to show you.  Be a child.  Be open.

Affirmations to expand your heart:

  • I am open and ready to know the truth.
  • I have the ability to discern the truth.
  • I do not place limits on the universe.
  • All beings are equal.
  • I am courageous.
  • I am love.
  • I am peace.

Imagine that Jesus (or your God) came to talk with you.  What would you ask him or her?  Have that conversation.

I would recommend any books by Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Paulo Coehlo, or Eckhart Tolle to keep you inspired and help you expand.  Please click on Follow Me on the right to stay connected and inspired.

Within you there is a stillness, or not.

“I have always loved solitude, a trait that seems to increase with age.”~Albert Einstein

What is the best way to listen to the voice of the Divine, to know what you are and what you are here for, to know all the answers?  Meditation.  Don’t run away!  Just listen for a bit and see why I believe that this is true and why I also believe that you can meditate.  Even if you have tried it many times and cannot seem to do it, I can show you how and why it is so important.

How can we listen to the voice of the Divine when our minds are filled with endless thoughts?  You are the Divine.  There are studies that say we have 70,000 thoughts in a day.  I don’t know how they come up with these numbers and I question them but needless to say our minds are always racing.  We are constantly thinking.  Hindus (or is it Buddhists?) call this never ending mind stuff, “monkey mind.”  Hindus and Buddhist are very much alike in their beliefs even though Hindus have many Gods and Goddesses.  The Gods and Goddesses represent different aspects of our self.  My point is that one thought leads to another as I have just demonstrated.  I went off on a tangent.  We do it all the time, even when we are “listening” to someone.  Something they say triggers a thought and there we are, not listening, but immersed in our thoughts.  If we can’t listen to someone standing in front of us talking, how can we listen to the Divine which whispers to us?


Meditation helps us to quiet our minds so that we can hear the voice of the Divine.  And, yes, at times it can feel as though we will never be able to quiet our minds, but that is why meditation is called a practice.  It takes some time to get there.  I believe it is the best way to get there.  Some people have had what they call spontaneous enlightenment.  I don’t know if I believe in spontaneous enlightenment.  Eckhart Tolle said that he had spontaneous enlightenment, but I say that he had been asking himself the question, “Who am I?”  He had been obsessed with the question and had persisited with the question until he woke up one morning knowing who he was.  He called it spontaneous enlightenment.  It is the same with Albert.  He was obsessed with the question of energy and thermodynamics.  He thought about it constantly.   He persisted with the question until one morning he awoke with the answer to the question he had been asking and from there the world changed.  We now have Quantum Physics because of his persistence and ground breaking work.  We have a science that tells us we are made up of the matrix of all life.  We are the matrix.


Who am I?  This is a good question to meditate on.

When you meditate find a comfortable position.  You do not have to sit cross legged on the floor, but I do recommend being in a straight upright position.  Close your eyes.  Relax.  Silently ask the question, “Who am I?”  Be still.  Thoughts will come.  Go back to the question.  “Who am I?”  Continue to sit quietly and continue to return to the question whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts.  You may find yourself simply repeating the question over and over and that is okay, that is called mantra meditation.  The thoughts may continue.  Do not chastise yourself.  The thoughts are the habit of a lifetime.  Let them float by.  Don’t worry about them.  Continue to return to the quiet.  Whether someone has been meditating for years or just started, the thoughts are there.  Don’t feel that you are failing.  It happens to everyone.  Eventually, maybe not today, you will notice that you didn’t have any thoughts for a while.  There was quiet in your mind.

Sometimes it helps to repeat who you think you are:

I am love.

I am the Divine.

I am joy.

I am peace.

I am eternity.

I am infinite.

I am one with the universe.

I am one.

I am.

There is a place inside of you that is your soul.  It is the stillness.  If you are in that place you can hear God.  You can be one with your higher self.  If you persist with your practice you will start a life of spontaneous right action.  You will be guided by your higher self in your actions and will find that life is easier.  You will be calmer, at peace, and able to sleep at night.  You will know happiness.  Your questons will be answered.  You will know what to do.  You will begin to know who (what) you are.   You are the Divine.  There are no magic wands.  There are no quick fixes here.  If you meditate, if you ask the question, it will be answered.  If you persist there is nothing you cannot do.  Do this for twenty minutes a day.  Preferably first thing in the morning.  If you can, do it twice a day.  I read somewhere that you should meditate for at least twenty minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should meditate for an hour.

Meditation changes our frequency.  The brain functions at different frequencies for different activities.  During meditation we leave the beta frequency, the frequency of the rational mind, and go into the alpha and theta frequencies.  These are the frequencies of deep relaxation, the frequencies of intuition and oneness.  It is so wonderful for us to vibrate at these frequencies.  It changes not only our minds but our bodies.  We release stress in our mind and in our muscles.  It’s better than a spa treatment.

Wayne Dyer has a wonderful book and CD to help learn meditation.  It is the best instruction I have found for people who are just learning to meditate or have a hard time calming their minds.  It is called Getting in the Gap.   This Gap is your place of silence where you can hear the Divine.  You will be bathed in who you are.  You will experience peace.


“Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” ~Herman Hesse

Einstein knew that our idea of separateness is an illusion, he knew it from science.  I know it from meditation.  Become one with the Divine through a meditation practice.  Do it for at least a month and see how you progress.  You will be surprised.  Then do it for another month.  Then make it a life long journey.  You will start to see that when you feel anxious you can meditate and the anxiety will be gone.  You will see that you always feel better after you meditate.  Meditate when your body is ill.  Meditate when you are uneasy.  You will see how your life improves.  There are so many benefits to meditation, to sitting quietly with God.

Meditate on these affirmations:

  • I am the Divine.
  • I am universal consciousness.
  • I am love.
  • I can hear the voice of God.
  • I know who I am.

Imagine if everyone in the world meditated.  There would be world peace. Teach others to meditate.