Don’t eat the Apple!!!


-“No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus.  His personality pulsates in every word.  No myth is filled with such life.”  ~Albert Einstein

Okay, let’s talk about Jesus again.  If you’ve been reading my posts you know I’m talking about Jesus as the man who transcended the illusion of a physical world in his lifetime.  I’m talking about the man who knew that the story of Adam and Eve eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge was sorely misinterpreted.  He knew the real meaning of the story is that the apple represents knowledge received in the physical world.  The knowledge given by the “apple,” in this case, is that the physical world is reality.  That’s all the apple represented, belief in a physical reality, a belief in the data of the physical world.  Adam and Eve were banished from heaven, heaven being the truth that physical reality is an illusion and that we are actually spiritual beings.  And, so, they were banished from the state of grace, from knowing who they truly were.  Their banishment was self-imposed.  Once they believed that the physical world was the only reality, they forgot that they were unlimited divine beings.  Knowledge, in this sense, is a human understanding of life.  Adam and Eve gave up their divinity by believing in the physical as real.  Of course God didn’t kick them out.  They simply erroneously believed.  Heaven is knowing that only love is real and all else is illusory.  We get knowledge from the physical world, laws such as the law of gravity and the laws of motion.  The only “truth” that many believe is what our five senses can tell us.  From the spiritual world we know all, we are omniscient, we are all-powerful and all creative.  We are the pure energy of love.  The spiritual world shows us that we are unlimited and all present.  We cannot get this knowing from the physical world.  All we can get from the physical world is facts and data.  That is why it is so important to spend time in spirit.  That is what Jesus was trying to tell us.


In spirit we begin to realize just how amazing and connected we are to All, and I mean All, the everything, everyone kind of All.  We begin to know of our divinity and we find out that we are boundless love.  Jesus knew that.  He realized that this physical reality is just a collective holograph, a theory that quantum physicists are just now putting forward.  Professor, you had nothing over Jesus.  Imagine a being so advanced that he was able to “divine” all of this.  And he shared it with us.  He was love.  He could only heal people who believed that he was divine love.  When we can see him clearly, without all the misinterpretations that have been presented as his message, then we can learn from his life.

I’m repeating myself here, but Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within.”  You are God.  You are a part of the divine.  You are the pure energy of love which is everywhere and infinite.  You were created in the “image of God.”   There is no time and space.  There is only the “always was and always will be.”  There is only the omnipresent and omniscient.  Sounds like God and is also the definition of energy.  As God cannot be destroyed neither can energy.  Neither can you.  As God is everywhere at all times, so is energy.  So are you.  As God makes up infinity, so does energy.  So do you.


It has already been shown that all matter is simply dense, organized energy, so surely you can at least be open to the idea that you are a part of the All.  Matter is energy.  You are matter, therefore…  When we all finally realize our divinity the world will no longer be a place of competition and fear of lack.  We will all realize our connectedness and that we are all a unique and integral part of pure love and peace.  We are as important as Jesus was in bringing the truth to light.

Through your consciousness, indistinguishable from the All, you bring that light into the world.  That’s how important you are.  We cannot do this individually.  We must all be brought into the truth.  The truth will, literally, set us free.  So, the next time you think about meditating to raise your consciousness, remember that you will be doing the world a service by opening to spirit.  The more people who open to spirit the more our Collective Consciousness will be raised and then more people will begin to really “know” the divine.

Jesus is a part of you.  His energy, also called, “Christ Consciousness” is what will lead you to the divine.  I’m not saying the only way to God is through belief that Jesus was his son.  I don’t think Jesus was saying that.  When he said that the only way to heaven “is through me,” I believe he was using “me” as his term for pure consciousness.  Also called the “I am”

“I am” is a good meditation mantra.  “I am” is a powerful tool of transformation. I am.  Jesus knew the I am.  He is the I am.  He taught the I am.  All that we are is what Jesus taught us.  He is not the only being who lived on earth that transcended the illusion.  There are those recorded in history like Jesus, the Buddha, and others, but many more who quietly transcended or had few followers.  Jesus and Buddha brought their light to many more and have changed many lives.  Most  humans have been so entrenched in the physical world that few have understood or listened.  He who has ears, listen was a refrain of Jesus.  In areas of the world where spirituality is given more importance than consuming and conquering there have been many more trancendants, places like India and parts of Asia.  There have been many “masters” from these areas because their culture embraces the idea of spiritual transcendence, but more importantly they embrace living a life focused on spiritual loving kindness.  People like Lao Tsu who wrote the I Ching.  Our culture is changing and there is a huge spiritual movement of unprecedented numbers.  Sixty years ago meditation wasn’t even in most people’s vocabulary, let alone a part of their lives and yet, now, it is a daily practice for many in the west.


We are a growing number.  People are dissatisfied with the physical reality.  There can be no true and lasting joy in the physical reality.  Only by knowing who we are can we ever truly be self-realized and eternally happy.  So, thank you, Jesus and all of you other masters, for that.  We’re working on it.

Some transcendental affirmations:

  • I am.
  • I am love.
  • I am peace.
  • I am divine.
  • I am prosperous.
  • I am generous.
  • I am perfect.

Imagine you get to interview Jesus or Buddha or any master for a morning news show.  Ask them some good questions.

You can’t put a gift into a closed box.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ~Albert Einstein

We all try to be as open minded as possible.  It’s true.  Even those people who seem very closed are doing their best.  I think, though, that to a degree we are all in a state of denial about our open mindedness.  We say we are, but when some ideology comes along that is foreign and doesn’t fit in with our preconceptions we often don’t even give it a chance.  I’ve been guilty of dismissing new (to me) ideas out of hand, sometimes I wasn’t even aware that it was because my belief system didn’t allow the new concept.  The new idea, if I gave myself the time to explore it, may have invalidated my beliefs and then who would I be?

When I was a child I was raised as a Catholic.  Very strict dogma.  You have to be Catholic to go to heaven (after all it was the original church of Christ?).  You can’t even set foot in another church.  That would be a sin.  THe otheres will go to hell.  You must have complete faith in God.  The trouble was that even as a young child the God of the Catholic church, the Old Testatment version, did not seem like the nicest person to me.  He smote people.  He sent people to hell.  I have loved people who would be in hell right now if that was true.  He tested people like Abraham and almost made him sacrifice his own son to prove to Him that he would obey.(Genesis 22).  Can you imagine the anguish a father would go through if God told him to kill the son that he loved to prove a point?  What kind of God does that?  The Bible is an onslaught of God’s vengeance, temper tantrums, and spite.  He destroyed whole cities, whole worlds, and threatened everyone with his power.  He did not lead with love, but with force and fear, judgment and threats.  This God was very scary.  No, even as a child I knew that I was nicer than that God.  I loved Jesus though.  Jesus told us to love everyone.  So, at the very least, I didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Jesus informed people of the New Covenant.  H esaid this to help people understand that the God of the Old Testament no longer existed.  he told his disciples to forget everything they had learned before he came.  God, he told them, now wanted us all to live in love.  Jesus told us to turn the other cheek.  To love no matter what.  He told us to love one another as we loved ourselves.  He told us not to judge or use power and violence.  He told us to forgive infinitely.


“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (John 4:18-19)

Jesus basically said that the old God was not real.  He told his disciples to forget everything they had been told about God.  The old God was all about the fear.  The old God was made in the image of humans.  Human fears and guilt and greed for power created the old God.  The new God of Jesus is asking us to open our hearts to love.  The new God is within and asks us to see our true selves.

“For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?  Do not even the publicans the same?” (Matthew 5:44–46)

This is one of my favorite quotes from Jesus.  He is saying that it is easy for us to love our children and our friends.   He says even the tax collectors love their friends and family.  (no offense to tax collectors today)  It is the true indicator that you are love if you love your enemies or those from whom you can receive no value or have no expectations of return.  I still love Jesus, but I don’t hear his words in the way that they were interpreted by the church.  I hear them with my intuition.  I hear them with the love in which he intended them.  He continually tells us that we are God.  We are love.  We are heaven.  “On earth as it is in heaven,” is like saying, “In matter as it is in energy.”  Energy is love.  We are made of energy.  He calls us our Father’s children, or the children of God.  He wants us to accept our inheritance which is to be love.


“But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” (Matthew 5:43-46)

I’m so glad I questioned my Catholic upbringing.  I’m not trying to pick on the Catholic church.  I use it as an example because I lived it.  If I had been raised in another religion I would have used that as my example.  It is not about Catholicism, but about opening your belief system.  I am also glad that I went beyond just dismissing it, but followed with the question, “If that is not true, what is true?”

Almost every religion teaches the same dogma, just in different words.  The level at which most people interpret it (because that is what they were taught by their religious leaders) is not the level at which it was intended by the original messengers.  As long as a belief limits our ability to receive new ideas and concepts, it limits our ability to receive the rewards of new beliefs and thoughts.  Just as we can’t accept a new gift with closed hands, we can’t acccept a spiritual gift with a closed mind.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (John 4:18)

Fear is what keeps us controlled by our old beliefs.  We cling to them as though they are our identity, when, in fact, they keep us from our identity.  We cling to our Ego’s beliefs only because they are so familiar.   If we think with love we will know what is true.  If we come from love, there will be no fear and our minds will open to the divinity of our souls.  Open up your heart  and mind to receive all the gifts you have waiting within yourself.

Open to these affirmations”

  • I dwell in love.
  • I am open to the wonders of my soul.
  • The kingdom of God is within.
  • I am fully loved.
  • All good things come to me.
  • I am open to gifts from God.

Close your eyes.  Imagine that you walk into a room and on a table is a beautifully wrapped gift.  Walk over and open the gift.  What is inside?

Imagine a God that only loves.  There is no other act or thought or feeling, but love.  God is love.  You are love.

I am not going to fight anymore.

” I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough.”     ~Albert Einstein

Of all of the Professsor’s quotes I think this is one of the most important.  It seems so trivial, so trite, but to me it means so much.  It’s about allowing.  It’s about not fighting.  It’s about letting go and allowing the universe to lead us.  If we can allow ourselves to be who we are, which is indistinguishable from the All, then we can allow the All to take us where we are meant to go.

When we fight against something, whether it’s the government, corporations, banks, our emotions, our friends, our feelings, our family, people we work with, if we fight against any thing or situation at all that we don’t want in our lives, then we are giving it energy.  We are feeding a fight.  We are transforming our energy, our love, into a weapon.  As we struggle against this thing we are fueling it and the situation will continue as long as we feed it.  I don’t think these are things we want to feed.

We want to feed joy, peace, and love.  We want to allow the universe, which we know is love, to lead us to a place of happiness.  Happiness is our birthright.  It is the product of love.  Anything that can take our peace away is not real.  The only thing that can take our peace away is forgetting who we are; love.


If you truly know that you are not separate from the universe, from love, then you can never be without peace.  Externals will not affect you.  You will be the presence of love.  In this state of being you are untouchable.  If you find yourself feeling “negatives” and while feeling them you accept them as a natural reaction and don’t fight them then you are allowing. You become an observer of these feelings, rather than a participant.  You are being present in your being of love and seeing these things as what they are, manifestations of the ego.

When you are angry at someone, you are not being love, for if you were, you would not judge or condemn them, knowing that you are not separate from them.  They are part of the universe, part of the infinite matrix of love.  All is well in your world when you know this.  You will forgive instantaneously, and eventually see that there is nothing to forgive.  How can you be angry at someone who doesn’t yet know that they are love?  Often we act from a lack of faith.  We don’t believe that the universe loves us, we are too impatient to wait for the result of our beliefs and thoughts.  We feel unloved and abandoned.  In these times it is so important to inspire ourselves and remember times that the universe saved us.  We are here for a reason and the universe will give us everything we need to fulfill our purpose.


When you stop worrying about the future and let the universe lead you, you will be allowing all the love and joy to happen spontaneously.  The universe will lead you to your perfect self.  The universe will lead you to places you thought you would never be because of your ego’s limiting beliefs.  Magic will ensue!  Be prepared for the unexpected and relish it.  Be prepared for miracles and embrace them!

There are no limits to how happy you can be when you allow the limitless potential of eternity to take over and guide you!  Eternity is now.  Allowing all possiblities and all experiences into your life will help you realize the wonders of the mysterious.


Don’t worry about anything, but if you do worry (as we all do), allow yourself that, be gentle on yourself, knowing that the universe sees your nurturing of yourself as an indication of self love and will help you through it.  Give your worries to the universe, or Angels or Jesus or God, or whatever symbol of love and guidance works for you.  Allow them to take your burdens.

Allowing is loving.  Letting go and giving up the fight is loving.  Following the peace works.  Fighting continues the cycle of anxiety and fear.  Let go and let love lead you.  You will be amazed at the wonderful synchronicity of love.

  • Allow yourself the happiness of these affirmations:
  • All that happens in my life is leading me to a place of peace.
  • I allow the universe to guide me, trusting in its love for me.
  • There are no bad emotions.
  • I give up my burdens to love.
  • I allow myself to be lead by love.
  • All is forgotten and forgiven, I am at peace.

Imagine yourself living in a world where all people act from a place of love.

All things come to pass, but love endures.

“There is, after all, something eternal that lies beyond the reach of the hand of fate and of all human delusions.”  ~Albert Einstein

What’s the most important thing to you?  Is it your family, your best friend, your dog?  I bet it’s a living, breathing being and not a thing.  Everything real lasts forever, but all things pass.  Bad times pass.  Snowstorms pass.  The physical body passes.  It’s the love that endures.   The only thing real is love.  If you can believe that you will know peace.  We are a soul with a body.  We are not a body with a soul.  There is a big difference.


We endure.  Our energy does not decay.  Our love does not dissappear.  It endures.  Do you sometimes feel the love of those who have passed from their bodies?  Do you feel their presence?  I have.  They are still with you.  It is the love that goes on.

All the material things we wish for, all the material gifts we give and receive, all the stuff is unimportant.  It is something that we made up, something we manifested.  It is matter and it doesn’t matter.  Our essence matters, who we are matters.  Don’t give up on being your authentic self.

I’m no authority on anything, like I say, ‘I’m no Einstein,’ even Einstein said, “I’m no Einstein.”  It’s true.  He did say that.  So don’t listen to me or anyone else about what is right for you.  Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.  Who we are on this plane, the physical world, is not who we are.  We are love.  We are abundance.  We are creativity.  We are divine.  Jesus and Buddha and many others knew this.  “The kingdom of heaven is within.”  “On earth as it is in heaven.”   “Oneness.”  “I am.”  Our energy and how we use it can transform our lives and the world into paradise.  It can also make our lives hell if we so choose.  Choose heaven.


We can help transform the world through our love, through realizing we are love.  In doing this we help others to see their true selves.  When we are ourselves and that light shines through it helps the world.  The only mistake we make is believing that the world is real and our spirit is an illusion.  In that mistake lies fear because we think we are at the mercy of material laws.  We are above the laws of the physical plane.  We invented the physical plane!  But, we are not above certain ones, like flying with only our bodies!  When we realize collectively that we make the rules then all will be possible. even flying.  We will imagine a new paradigm.  Things like abundance and health are at our disposal now because we can manifest those using the physical laws accepted by the collective.

But, we have all heard of spontaneous healings which are not part of our collective belief system.  Anita Moorjani wrote a wonderful book about her experience with that, Dying to Be Me.   Miracles are possible on a personal level.  Her family was told her death was imminent, her organs had shut down.  Her story of this experience is amazing.  Anita has a message for us.  Saints in the mystic Catholic traditon have been known to levitate, St. Angela of Brescia and others.  And, also members of other mystic traditions.  These are isolated instances because these few were able to let go of their limitations.  When we have all let go, we will all be limitless.  Until then we will live by the laws and limitations of the collective paradigm with a few exceptions.  You can be one of them!

When we all know that we can do anything, that we are everything, we will be done with limits.  Since time is not linear, then we are done.  That’s just too much, isn’t it?  It all turns out perfectly, by the way!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to write these posts because they are a constant reminder to me of what’s important and how I want to live my life here.  I learn as I write.  Thank you.

Collective affirmations:

I am one with All.

I have the wisdom of the universe.

I am perfect love and creativity.

I am open to the song of love the universe sings to me.

I heal all with my love.

Close your eyes and imagine all the love in the world centering in your heart.

I am.

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” ~Albert Einstein

What, or who, is self?  How can we be liberated from who we are, from the “self”?  I think it might have been better to say this as “liberation from the false self.”  Albert, calm down and listen for just a minute, you are not acting very liberated right now with all that defensiveness.  What I mean is that we really have two selves.  We have the self with which we are most familiar.  This is the False Self.  Seems contradictory that the self we know so well is actually the False Self, but it is.

The False Self is concerned about all the externals.  The False Self (aka Ego) receives its identity from the outside.  For instance if someone had a large, expensive house on the ocean and they are proud of it then they are identifying with that house.  They don’t actually love the house, they love that it represents them as wealthy and materially successfull.  It is the idea, the thought, that holds the identity.  Some one who is very pretty or handsome may hold their identity in their appearance.  They may feel superior to others, thinking that they are more attractive and desirable.  Others may use their knowledge of music or art as a form of identity.  They are cultured or current with trends and therefore cooler than others.  Some identify with their role as husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, friend…  A scientist may hold his rational thought and logical knowledge as an identity.  They believe they are the reasonable people not swayed by the weak minds of those searching for meaning in things they cannot prove.  Some identify with who they know, they drop names like trees drop leaves.  Some identify with their charitable nature, they must be good because of all they do for others.  They like their identity of goodness.  The job of these identities is to make us feel better about ourselves.  We are better than others, they are less than us.  There are mutiple identities for everyone.  Some more important to the owner than others. People hold them like collectors of valued baseball cards.


Every identity above can be lost.  Millions of dollars are lost and made daily.  Beauty is destroyed by age or accident.  Bodies decay.  Knowlege and science have been found to be wrong again and again.  Trends change, opinions change, and culture changes.  Our abilities, talents, friends, family, income, home, job, and health can be taken from us in an instant.  In this expanding universe nothing of matter stays the same.  The only thing that stays the same is energy, infinity, love.

We are the infinite. We are the matrix that makes up the One.  We are the essence of the universe.  To believe we are fleeting things, thoughts, and ideas is to negate what we truly are.  Imagining who you truly are, seeing yourself as part of the infinite helps to bring you closer to an understanding of your being.  Make some quiet time to see yourself as infinite love.  Imagine yourself as eternal abundance.  Know yourself as boundless creativity.  Feel the divine that is you.  That is your True Self.  It can never be changed, diminished, or taken away from you.

Do not identify with that which changes.  Nothing real changes.  Do not be attached to externals.  When we die or become enlightened and realize that this external world is all illusion, it will be like waking from sleep.  Our external lives will be of such unimportance that they will be left behind as quickly as a dream.   Our physical identities will have no importance to us whatsoever.   We will realize we are part of God.

Jesus told us not to look for God outside of ourselves in places, people, or things, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)   We are the Kingdom of God.  Our egos would hide this from us.  Jesus came to enlighten us.


It may be hard to say the words, “I am God.”  Seems blasphemous due to our indoctrination.  But, this was the message of Jesus who said he had a new covenant to bring to us.  The old God of vengeance, punishment, and power is now a God of Love.  A God of Peace.  Use the words “I am” to help you realize your divinity.  God is really just another word for love.  I am love.  I am peace.  I am all knowing.  I am abundance.  I am creativity.  This use of your imagination (God) will manifest the truth.

Meditation, sitting in silence and stillness, will bring you to your True Self, the I am.

One thing I did many years ago which I believe has helped me immeasurably is that I asked for discernment.  I was just renewing my spiritual journey, for we all start it at birth, and I was reading about ten books at a time, trying to find out everyting I could, all the different beliefs and ideas about religions and spirituality.  I was confused at times and lost.  I prayed for discernment and it made all the difference.

Ask your God for discernment if you feel unsure.  Meditate so that you can hear the All.  Be open to any answers, for God is infinite and eternal and has no limits as our False Self tries to deceive us into believing.   If we are rigid in our beliefs then we cannot see anyting beyond their scope.  Open your heart to everything God has to show you.  Be a child.  Be open.

Affirmations to expand your heart:

  • I am open and ready to know the truth.
  • I have the ability to discern the truth.
  • I do not place limits on the universe.
  • All beings are equal.
  • I am courageous.
  • I am love.
  • I am peace.

Imagine that Jesus (or your God) came to talk with you.  What would you ask him or her?  Have that conversation.

I would recommend any books by Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Paulo Coehlo, or Eckhart Tolle to keep you inspired and help you expand.  Please click on Follow Me on the right to stay connected and inspired.

I love you, my little red headed lady.

“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me.  That signifies nothing.  For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistant illusion.”  ~Albert Einstein

Years ago, on a grey November day I was working as a med/treatment nurse at a nursing home.  The day started off as usual.  I counted the narcotics with the outgoing nurse and took report on the wing I would be covering for my shift.  I got my med cart ready, and started the morning med pass.  But, then I started to be overwhelmed by a deep, deep sadness I couldn’t understand.  I was on the brink of tears and fighting to control myself so I could do my work.  It was an overwhelming grief.


There was a little read headed woman who lived at the home and she was sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway.  She had advanced Alzheimer’s disease and was essentially non-verbal and was unable to initiate any tasks or follow through with anything.   We had to perform all of her acitivites of daily living for her.  The nurse’s aides washed her, brushed her teeth, and dressed her.  We had to wheel her to the dining room for meals.  We fed her and cleaned her up.  She could do nothing for herself.

For some reason as I struggled with my emotions she wheeled her chair up to me at my med cart.  I said hello to her.  She didn’t respond, because she was non-verbal, but she always had a quiet, calm presence.  She was very sweet.  Her son lived thousands of miles away, but he called every week and I would reassure him that she was doing just fine.  It was very hard for him and sometimes his voice would catch as I spoke with him and I knew that he was fighting back tears.  From her son’s devotion to her, it was obvious that she had been a wonderful mother.

I was surprised to see that she was actually wheelng herself because I had never seen her do this before.  As I moved my med cart down the hall, administering the meds and trying to keep it together emotionally, she followed me in the wheel chair.  My eyes were filled with  held-back unwept tears and I had to look away when a few of the staff commented to me about her following me because it was so completely unexpected of her.

When I was about halfway done with the med pass and still on the verge of balling my eyes out I realized that it was the first anniversary of my brother’s death.  My mother had passed away two years before him. No wonder I was so sad.  Just as I realized that was why I was so emotional and upset, my little red headed lady looked up at me, she smiled and said, ‘There’s someone here. ”  Then she had a look of puzzlement on her face for just a moment as if trying to figure it out, and then she excitedly blurted out, “It’s your mother!”   With a big smile, she blew me a kiss.


Wow.  Doesn’t the universe take care of us?  Because if there was anything I needed at that moment it was some nurturing from my mother.  There I was, ready to break, when my little red headed lady gives me a virtual hug and kiss from my mother.  Be open to the nurturing that the universe is offering to you.   The universe (please use the word that feels the most comfortable to you, whether it’s Jesus, Buddha, God, Allah, Babaji, Love, Holy Spirit, Source, etc.) LOVES you.  It will show you its love in innumerable ways if you open your heart to the gifts you deserve.


Allow all the love that is in you to grow you.  Allow the love that you are to heal you.  Allow the love that you are to guide you.   Allow the love that you are.  Allow the universe to send you messages from another plane.  There is far more to our universe then we have experienced on earth.  Spirits of those who have passed over are often with us.  Most of us have had experiences with spirit.  If you are interested in finding out more about other planes, check these out.  There are many forms in which energy exists, as many as consciousness can imagine!

The little red headed lady didn’t speak again or wheel herself again for as long as I worked there.

Be open to these affirmations:

  • I am open to love.
  • My being is love.
  • I allow the universe to love me and guide.
  • I am part of the universe.
  • Love is the answer to all questions.

Imagine your heart, in it see a beautiful light, in the light a person will appear, they will stay in the light in your heart and love you forever.

Peace on Earth

“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”  ~Albert Einstein

Huh?  Once again, all the Professor is saying is that energy and matter are the same. Therefore our thoughts can change from energy to matter (though they’re not changing because they’re the same?).  Exactly, if they’re the same they’re really not changing, are they?  Oh, it’s all too confusing, these concepts of time and space, matter and energy.  The key word in this quote is manifestations.  These things: matter, time, and space are all manifestations.  And who does the manifesting.  YOU!

Our world is the result of our collective manifestation.  Pretty clever, aren’t we?  I think so.  We collectively manifested the material universe we experience.  Some of the latest theories in Quantum Physics talk about the world as a hologram projected by the collective consciousness (that’s us).  This explains why it takes a lot of people changing their thoughts to cause a paradigm shift in the world.  It takes a whole lot of positive thinking  by a whole lot of people to make a substantial change.  But, the thing is, once someone starts to change their thinking, and those positive thoughts go out into the collective consciousness where someone else’s consciousness stumbles upon it, it spreads.

Have you ever heard of the 100th monkey phemonenom?  Scientists have studied the Macaca fuscata monkey for over thirty years.  In 1952 the scientists started dropping sweet potatoes in the sand for the monkeys.  The monkeys appeared to enjoy the sweet potatoes, but found the sand less palatable.  One day, Imo, an 18 month old female washed her sweet potato in a nearby stream.  Yum, smart girl.  She taught her mother and then her peers picked up the practice, too.

The mothers of her peers learned from their children, but the other monkeys continued to eat the sandy sweet potatoes.  Over the years more monkeys learned to wash the sweet potatoes, but many didn’t.  Then, there was an astonishing breakthrough.  One day all the monkeys started washing their sweet potatoes.   It didn’t matter whether or not they had witnessed other monkeys washing them.  They all started washing them.  Even more surprising was that Macaca fuscata monkeys on other islands, who had no other monkey to show them, also started washing the sweet potatoes.  Even the monkeys on the mainland started washing their sweet potatoes.  All on the same day.


The scientists used the number 100 arbitrarily to describe the phenomenon.  The point is that when a certain numer of monkeys knew it was better to wash the sweet potatoes, it appeared that a critical mass was reached and, through a shift in the primate’s collective consciousness of some form, all the monkeys became aware.  Energy is everywhere.  It passes from me to you.   It’s like the air that we breathe in a closed room.  We share that air.  We share that energy.  There is nothing you know that I don’t know.  Maybe it hasn’t yet been strong enough to cross into my consciousness, but it is in my subconscious and I will know it when enough people have that consciousness.  Just like the 100th monkey, we humans can learn from the collective consciousness.

And, finally, here is the point of the story.  We can change the world by changing our thoughts.  We can impact the Collective Consciousness with our thoughts of love, compassion, peace, and kindness.  We can change the world by seeing a world that is fair and equitable; a world in which there is wealth and generosity; a world in which there is community and compassion.  We can change the world by seeing a world in which we view all people as equally deserving of justice and abundance.


That’s the world in which I live!  What about you?  Please help me spread this 100th monkey principle through the Collecitve Consciousness.  Imagine that world.  Imagine paradise.  Imagine living there.  Imagine Peace on Earth.

Affirmations for Eden:

  • The world is filled with generous and loving people.
  • Everyone is aware of their divinity.
  • Everyone knows there is abundance enough for all.
  • The world is filled with peace, love and compassion.
  • People everywhere have what they need and desire.

There is a song of love playing throughout the universe and in everyone’s heart.

Imagine that world.