Signposts on the New Jersey Turnpike

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  -Albert Einstein

Many years ago my boyfriend, his mother, and I were driving to visit their extended family in New Jersey.  We had made the trip a few times before, but I had never driven.  He was feeling tired and asked me to drive.  He told me the directions and I took over while he slept.  After a while we came to some beautiful country side, rolling farmland and lovely vistas.  Then I was driving through a state forest.  To my surprise there were deer visible from the road.  Some deer were even resting on the ground, calmly looking out at the cars going by.  It was really beautiful.  I started to realize though, that none of this seemed familiar.  I woke my boyfriend up and found that we were very much off course.


He was very angry.  I had followed his directions, but he had failed to tell me about an exit I should have taken.  He called me stupid for not knowing that I should have taken the exit.  It was not a pretty scene.  We finally got back to the exit and continued on to New Jersey and his family.  The drive turned into the New Jersey Interstate.  New Jersey is a beautiful state, even called the Garden State, but the main turnpike is a wasteland of chemical plants, electric companies, highway rest stops, and factories.  It is rather ugly and depressing.

Needless to say my boyfriend and I didn’t have the best relationship.  It was not encouraging, supportive, or loving.  This drive was symbolic of our life together.  If I continued on his path then my life would not be beautiful.  It would not be peaceful.  It would not be a picture of calm and harmony.  The interstate, representing my path if I continued going his way, was a scourge on the landscapre, a depressing picture of industrial waste.  My path, the “lost” path,” was a beautiful and serence journey.  I had discovered another way, a more beautiful and peaceful way, while he slept.

Our life often brings us messages like this.  If we are open to our intuition and what it is trying to tell us then we can use instances like this to help us steer ourselves in the right direction.  Just like dreams, our waking lives send us portents and symbols to lead us to the best path for us.  Interpret your life just as you might interpret a dream.  Especially if you have strange occurrences or feelings about a situation.

If I had continued on the road of life with him, my life would have been less than it is now.  It may have been a life of ugliness and function.  When I took my own path it became a life of beauty and peace.  My life is so much better now that I am on my own path.


When we are on a path with a partner it can be a beautiful thing filled with love and fun.  But, we must be sure that this path is one which is nourishing to us.  It must be a path that fills our soul with a feeling of joy.  Using our intuiton and recognizing the symbolism that we bring into our lives is an important part of living in right action.  Had I dismissed this incident as simply another one of life’s pitfalls instead of looking more deeply into it I may have continued on that road for even longer than I did.  That would have slowed down my growth and with it my happiness.

If something unusual happens in your life, try looking at it as a sign.  See how the symbolism of it fits into your life and use it to grow.  We are given many opportunites to “read” our lives and make change where it is needed.  Take advantage of these signposts.  Read them and learn from them.  Be open to signs and symbols in your life.  When we can learn from easy lessons lke this it is not as painful as forcing change.  It helps us to make decisions.


If you ever feel that you must make a change and you are not sure what to do, do nothing, but look for the answers within your life.  You will manifest answers using signs and symbols.  Don’t worry, signs and symbols will keep appearing to you if you miss them.  Be especially aware of repeated patterns.

If you feel anxious and connot wait for these signs then try the exercise in A Cottage in the Woods.  This is a good way to connect with the Collective Consciousness.

Seeing and using the circumstances of your life as signs to help in your decision making is a very helpful tool.  Being mindful of these symbols helps us to recognize them and use them.  Take your road.  Be the director of your own life.  You know, deep inside, what is best for you and when you can use these signposts (that you have manifested) you can more easily live your desired life.  I may have been lost for a while, but I was directed to my best life and my highest self.

Some directed affirmation:

  • I clearly see the messages I send myself in the form of life events.
  • I am the driver of my destiny.
  • I use the signs and symbols in my life to help me make good decisions.
  • I am aware of my emotions and use them as a tool to grow.
  • I am living my perfect life.

Do the Cottage in the Woods exercise again.  It’s worth a re-visit.  Take a relaxing walk in the woods.

Remember when you were just a puppy. Dog Joy!

“The heart says yes, but the mind says no.”  ~Albert Einstein

We’ve been asking the wrong questions.  My dog, Sophie, told me this.  We always ask ourselves things like, “What is my purpose in life?” or “What should I be doing?” or “What should I wear?”  All of these shoulds.  Dogs don’t think about shoulds.  They do what they want.  Instead of all those other questions, we can ask ourselves, “What do I want?” and “What do I want to do?”


A dog in the woods shows us that simply being a dog is enough.  They don’t worry about what they should be doing.  They simply do what makes them happy.  They sniff.  They bound.  They run.  They do the things that fill their hearts with dog joy.  Don’t go about sniffing butts, unless you’re a dog.  Do and be what you are.  You are a unique individual.  No one thinks quite like you.  No one sees a sunset quite the way in which you do.  No one has the same passions or dreams that you do.  Being who we are is enough.  When we are striving to make our life into what we think it should be we are limiting ourselves with societal pressures.


If we think about what we want and not what we should do, we can focus entirely on the end result (our desire) and the universe will fill us in on what steps we need to take to get there.  By trying to figure out how we are going to accomplish something,especially worrying about it, we limit the possibilities.  We may see a direction and take action on that course because we think that’s what we should do when it may be the worst direction we could take.  The universe (our true self) knows every direction, not just the one or two available to us through our limited mind knowledge.   If we focus on what we know, (limited) instead of letting the universe (unlimited) point us in the right direction, we may be going down the wrong road.   Let the universe show you the short cut.  There is a quicker and more fulfilling route than the ones our simple brains can figure out.


Dogs find their greatest joy in being dogs.  You can find your greatest joy in being you.  Do what you love. Do what makes you happy.  The universe will just send you more of the same.  Just as a dog must be let out of the house in order to be himself, you must let yourself out of your rut in order to be yourself.  You can’t be yourself stuck in a rut.  A dog will spend most of its life sleeping if she is made to be stuck indoors all the time.  You will fall asleep if you make yourself do the same things over and over.  You must let yourself out in order to find your true joy.  Let go of preconceived notions of what you are.  Unfortunately we are all susceptible to external influences.  Even dogs can have their instincts bred out of them and we, in this consumer driven, media heavy world have our instincts and intuition driven out of us at times.

Who are you really?  What do you really love to do?  What brings you joy?  It’s not always easy to answer those questions.  I have posited the idea before of looking back at your childhood and remembering what it was that brought you the most joy.


In my hometown we have a bandstand and every Sunday evening the town band would play.  People would bring their beach chairs, relax and listen to the music.  There was one little girl who always got all the other kids to line up behind her and march around the bandstand.  She found joy in leading.  Some kids like to make up new games and adventures.  They may like to work in research and development or engineering.  Some kids like physical activity more than anything and would not do well at a desk job.  At different times in my childhood I enjoyed being in the woods most of the time.  This has continued.  I enjoyed drawing and painting.  I sold my art work as an adult.  I enjoyed writing. I enjoyed reading encyclopedias.  I still want to know everything I can about everything.  I still express my creative side.  We are all born with certain tendencies.  Try to remember what yours were before you were inundated with external influences.  I thought about God a lot as a child.  I wondered a lot about Jesus and even wanted to be a Nun for a while.  My pursuit of spiritual truth has continued.  So, look back on yourself when you were just a puppy and remember what brought you happiness.

Experience dog joy in your own life just by doing what you love.  Start in your personal life and it will expand into your work life and spiritual life.  Remember the more you experience happiness, the more happiness comes to you.  The next time you see a dog experiencing dog joy, know that you can experience the same kind of joy just by being yourself.  Listen to your heart.

Joyful affirmations:

  • I do what I love and I love what I do.
  • I am living a joyful life.
  • I am acting on my desires.
  • I remember who I am.
  • I am an amazing, wonderful, joyful being.
  • I allow joy to be a major part of my life.
  • Joy is being me.

Relax, close your eyes, meet a dog in a field and ask them “What is the meaning of joy.”

I brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda.

“The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.” ~Albert Einstein

I recently watched a video in which the speaker repeatedly attacked “new age” spirituality as a religion and a tool of the devil.  I made myself watch quite a bit of it because he said one or two interesting things.  His anger was definitely a turn-off, but I didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater as I have a tendency to do that and must patrol my thoughts and actions to prevent it.  I kept watching.


So, what did I glean from his lecture?  What are the speaker’s big issues with New Age Spirituality?  His biggest issue is that he believes, what he calls New Age Religion, preaches apathy, laziness, selfishness, and egoism.  He believes it falls heavily to the feminine and is not balanced with the masculine.  In this instance the feminine would be passivity, nurturing, and intuition.  It is true that intuition without follow through is useless.  Why be aware of what to do and not do it?  It is true that nurturing yourself or anyone without fostering independence is not a good thing.  It is true that compassion helps no one unless it is acted upon.

Are all New Agers passive, self nurturing, egoists?  No.  Is it okay to simply meditate and have that be your contribution to world peace?  Yes, if that is your calling.  Here’s the question that came to my mind, though.  If we are here in this physical body, living in this physical world, an illusion though it may be, aren’t we obligated to make it a better place and to help end suffering?  To do that, don’t we have to be engaged in this physcial world?  Not necessarily, but I think for the most part the answer is yes; we do have a responsibility to make the world a better place and to do that usually requires physical action.  Once you’re a pickle you can never be a cucumber again.    Do we have to be Mother Theresa or Mahatma Ghandi?  That would be nice, but alot of us already have a life carved out and that wouldn’t work.  What can we do?  We can pick a cause.  We can choose one thing for which we feel passion and enthusiasm and work towards that goal.  Whether it is the environment, education, animal welfare, politics, food for all, you name it; you can get involved and help end the suffering.

So, putting my money where my mouth is;  today I went and dropped off some literature on water flouridation for the members of my town’s Board of Health.  It is not my number one cause but, I am strongly opposed to water flouridation and it is an area in which I felt I could make a difference locally.  (Here is a link about water flouridation which includes information from the senior scientist at the EPA.    The documentary is called Flouridegate.  There are length options on this link.  I would recommend the hour version.)   Over the past few days I have compiled articles and information on water flouridation with referenced studies.  I made a packet and dropped it off at the Board of Health office and asked to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.  I included the online link in the information packet.  Next month I will be addressing the board regarding my concerns and hopefully, they will have reviewed the research I left with them.

I am trying to be balanced in my masculine and feminine sides.  I could have simply imagined a world free of flouridation, but it’s a physical world and physical steps must be taken.  If I don’t take them, who will?

I talk a lot about being love and I do believe that it is more important than anything else, because if we don’t raise the vibration of the Collective Consciousness then no one will be open to our actions for peace, love, and justice.  We can do both.  We can be balanced in our intuition, compassion, still, nurturing side and our action oriented, get things done side.  We don’t need to choose.  We can make a difference.

It’s the same with our personal life.  We can quietly listen to our intuition and then take action when we hear the voice of our soul directing us.  If we haves dreams and desires we must take action.  If it’s a relationsip we want, we can imagine the perfect one for us, but we won’t meet anyone locked in our home.  We need to get out there and give ourselves opportunites to meet him or her.  If it’s a cetain career we envision then we need to take steps forward.  These steps will lead to more steps.  We don’t need to be paralyzed because we can’t see the whole process.  Just ask what you need to do next.

So, all you New Agers, me included, prove this guy wrong.  Go out there and make a difference.  He seems to think all we do is sit in Lotus positon and chant, “Om.”  I know we do so much more.  He’s throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  We don’t do that.  We do what we can to make a better life and a better world.

Some action packed affirmations:

  • I take action to reach my goals.
  • I use the direction of my intuition to lead my actions.
  • I take action and move forward whether or not I know the result.
  • I keep my body healthy through proper nutrtion and exercise.
  • I act for equality, justice, peace, and love.
  • I act with kindness to all beings.

Choose a cause and do one thing to help today, even if it is just educating someone, then take more action this week.  We can change the world.

If you would like to start your activism by ending water flouridation please check out the Flouride Action Network.  Very interesting stuff.  And I really do brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda.  No flouride there!  Here’s a link if you’d like to do the same.

Tell us about causes you believe in and how you make a change.

Lucy died and came back to tell me about it.

“The mystical trend of our time, which shows itself particularly in the rampant growth of the so-called Theosophy and Spiritualism, is for me no more than a symptom of weakness and confusion. Since our inner experiences consist of reproductions, and combinations of sensory impressions, the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning. ”
– Albert Einstein, letter of February 5, 1921

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”.- Albert Einstein

Albert, it seems that in this instance, you have forgotten the sacred gift.  You really should have stuck around for quantum physics.

I already told you my true life ghost story and that afterwards I couldn’t go back to being an atheist.  It’s not that a ghost proves there is divinity, but it does prove that there’s something else beyond our small world.  We can be very egocentric and believe that there is nothing more than us as humans on our very special planet.  Why wouldn’t there be beings on other planets?  The Sun is one of over 200 billion stars, just in our galaxy!  There are billions of solar systems out there in the universe and chances are that at least one or two of them support life forms.  The odds seem to suggest that.  My point is that there is so much we don’t know.


Shortly after my true life ghost story I was reading a book by Raymond Moody, M.D. called Life After Life.   Working as a doctor, he had a patient who was clinically dead and resuscitated.  the patient reported that he had been to heaven and then returned.  Dr. Moody dismissed this story as just neural misfirings in the brain causing hallucinations.  But, then other patients of his started reporting the same phenomena.  Not only did they report near death experiences, but they reported the same sequences of events.  It didn’t matter what religious or belief system in which they were raised they all reported the same stages in their near death experience. 

They all left their bodies, many reported exploring the general area where their body was and beyond, reporting after their revival the conversations they had heard and the people they saw in other areas of the hospitals.  They reported activities and converstions they couldn’t possibly have known about.  To me, the book was fascinating.  The people who had a Near Death Experience stated that after they figured out that they had left their bodies they would be drawn through a tunnel or doorway and enter a place of brilliant light.  There they are met by people they know who have passed before them.  These loved ones are bathed in light, as if a light radiated from within them.  They also meet other beings of light.  Next they meet what they call God, or Jesus, or whatever their religious or spiritual upbringing would best represent this being of light and love.  They are then brought by God through a life review.  Dr. Moody interviewed thousands of people who claimed to have had near death experiences, in fact he coined the phrase.   After years of research and interviews he wrote his book.

I was working in a very small nursing home when I read his book.  I really loved my job and like all nurses (and people) I had a few favorite patients.  When I got to work that morning I found out that Lucy had been re-admitted the day before from a spell in the hospital.  It had looked very bad for her, touch and go, for a few days.  She had pulled through and was now back in her room.


When I went to her room to bring her her meds she looked pretty weak and was obviously still recovering from her illness.  We chatted for a few minutes and I told her how happy I was that she was back.  We were close.  She started to tell me about her experience.  I was astounded.  She told me that she had died and left her body.  She talked about seeing a doorway and on the other side was a brilliant light.  She stepped through the doorway and was met by her aunt.  Lucy’s parents had died when she was very young and she had been raised by her aunt.  I was so curious.  I had just finished reading Dr. Moody’s book and here I was talking with Lucy about her near death experience.  I asked her what her aunt had looked like and she told me that she looked as she did when Lucy was a child.  Just the way she remembered her.   Then she went through another doorway and she was met by God, not in any form, but as love and light.  She said that no words were spoken, but she knew everyting that was being conveyed to her.  She was taken by God through a life review and she saw her whole life before her.  Though her life was shown to her in its entirety it felt as though it took only moments to review.  She was shown by God everything she had done wrong, but she said there was no judgment at all.  Only love.  She didn’t once feel anything but love, even though she learned of all of her mistakes.  She was just shown why they were mistakes and she had complete understanding of all.

I believe this is the most beautiful part of Lucy’s story and the story of so many others who have passed to the other side and come back to tell us about it.  It shows that God does not judge.  There is no sin.  There are just mistakes.  We are shown our mistakes without judgment and are also shown why they are mistakes.  In life we were doing the best we could with our limited knowledge.  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect in our human form.  We will not be judged and punished for our mistakes.  God is love.  Love does not judge or punish.  Love heals.  Anita Moorjani wrote a beautiful book about her Near Death Experience and she eloquently shares her time in pure love with God.  I would highly recommend her book Dying to Be Me.


And her face when she was telling me, at first she was embarassed.  Her family and the doctors had told her it was hallucinations brought on by dehydration and exhaustion, but she didn’t believe them.  When I listened to her and told her about Dr. Moody’s work she was so grateful.  She had been afraid everyone would think she was crazy.  Even having gone through the humiliation with her family and doctors she was still compelled to continue to talk about it.  Lucy was a bright woman who knew that she might be inviting further ridicule and disbelief, but her intuition told her that it wasn’t a dream or hallucination.  She knew it was real.  By the end of her retelling of her near death experince she was glowing.

The universe sent her someone to validate her experience.   I was sent someone to validate my beliefs.  Lucy was so relieved to be able to tell her story to someone who understood.  I was so honored to hear it.  How wonderful for both of us.

She was told by God that she had a choice of whether to go on or go back.  She chose to go back.  Lucy didn’t stay with us on this plane too much longer, but this much I know, she wasn’t afraid to die.

Intuitive Affirmations:

  • There is synchronicity in my life.  Everything I need is provided at the right moment.
  • I am aware of the synchronistic events in my life.
  • I trust my intuition.  I know what I know.
  • I do not limit my beliefs to what my five senses can percieve.  I am limitless.
  • I am open to all expereinces.
  • I love my life!

Imagine a world where everyone was open to new experiences and ideas.  This world would have no prejudice, no bigotry, and no limits.

Check out Dr. Moody’s book, Life After Life.

Wild Holly and Wild Women

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~Albert Einstein

My sister, Holly, would sometimes call me with concerns about her son’s health.  She would be incredibly worried, even distraught, because her son was sick and the doctor’s had told her over the phone not to worry about him and to wait until morning to bring him in.  She would call me saying, “What should I do?”  She didn’t really need an answer from me.  Her intuition told her exactly what to do, but because of our indoctrination we tend to give “rational” western medicine more weight than our own divinity and intuition and she would second guess herself.  Still that persistent voice inside her would not let her rest and she would call me because of my background as a nurse.  Because of our society that background lent credibility to my response.  Invariably I would suggest that she follow her intuition.  She would bring him to the hospital and when she got there she would find that it was always a good thing she had brought him in.  Her sacred gift, her intuition, was questioned by her because of how we are conditioned as a society.  Albert was right, we “honor the servant and have forgotten the gift.”

Years later I was reading the book Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  This wonderful book is filled with the myth and symbolism of the feminine.  It is a call to embrace what the author calls your “Wild Woman.”  Now, gentlemen, please don’t leave now because you, too, have a Wild Woman within you.  Just as we women have a Wild Man within us.   We are all dual creatures with an Anima and an Animus, a Yin and a Yang, a Feminine and a Masculine.


Our Wild Woman is our intuition.  It is our remembrance of who we are and our connection to the Divine Mother. It is our Feminine Wisdom and Power.  When we trust our Wild Woman we trust our intuition, our divine wisdom. It is a beautiful thing to know who we are and to trust our Soul’s Voice.  We all have intuition.  We can all tap into this amazing wisdom whenever we need to.

During the time I was reading Estes’ book I was going through the gasping throes of the end of my marriage.  I couldn’t accept it, though.  I knew ending it was the right thing to do, but I would rationalize the problems and deny the truth that I innately knew; I should leave.  But, it is never easy to leave a marriage.  We invest so much of our heart and emotion into it, so much work and time.  We feel a great sense of loss and failure in the ending of a marriage.

It was during the Christmas holidays and I planned to hang greens around the outside doorway.  I went into the woods searching for some Wild Holly, some call it Winterberry.  I found some one day, but not enough.  I took many trips into the woods searching for Wild Holly.  Many trips.  I was a little obsessive about it.  I could have gone to a florist’s and bought some, but for some reason it was important to me to go into the woods myself, find it and gather it.


I finally had enough Wild Holly to go all aroung my front door with the greens.  I passed through this portal every day.  After the holidays I left the marriage.

You see, it was very easy for me to tell my sister, Holly, to follow her intuition, easy to tell her to be her Wild Woman, to be Wild Holly, but for me it was too frightening.  I had to find my own Wild Holly, so to speak.  So I went into the woods looking for it and when I had enough I was able to leave.  My intuition was trying to get through to me, but I was fighting it and so the universe used this symbol, the Wild Holly, to show me that I would be doing the right thing by following my intuition and leaving a place that was no longer part of my soul’s journey.


I left that marriage with four dollars in my pocket and no prospects.  I had no idea what I would do.  I worked in real estate at that time, a very slow time of year.  A few days after I moved out a woman walked into the real estate office while I was on desk duty.  She wanted to look at a few houses.  I asked her to wait an hour while I finished my obligation on the desk and then I brought her to a house that I thought she might like.  She did like it.  Her husband came to see it the next day.  He liked the one next door, also for sale, even more.  So, they put in an offer.  These were very expensive houses.  Within a week they closed papers on the house and I had a check for twelve thousand dollars.


When we live our authentic life and follow our soul’s wisdom we will be rewarded by the universe.  Does this seem like an unusual case?  I’ve had stranger things happen.  We musn’t worry about how or when or where or why or who.  We must simply trust our soul’s voice and follow our heart’s desire.  Listen to the quiet, persistent voice inside.  It will guide you on the path to fulfillment.

Some intuitively good affirmations:

  • I am in touch with my Wild Woman and embrace her power and wisdom.
  • I listen to the quiet wisdom of my soul.
  • Only good things come from following my Soul’s Voice.
  • My heart’s desire brings me happiness and fulfillment.
  • I am fearless in my trust in my intuition.

Imagine yourself following your heart’s desire knowing that you cannot fail.  What would you do?  What is your heart’s desire?

Trust your intuition!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  -Albert Einstein

Your intuition: that guiding voice inside your bongo that you can hear more easily when you know that you have a direct connection to the source of all knowledge.  You share the power that shapes your life and changes the world.   The universe will always be connected to you, giving you guidance, showing you what steps to take and what to avoid.  Sending you messages in many different ways, but mostly through the feelings you have when faced with a decision.  This feeling is your intuition and by listening to it you can manifest your dreams.


There is one caveat on the road to realizing your dreams.  Your dreams must be true to yourself.  Your dreams must align with your highest purpose.  If you are driven by something which is a result of your upbringing, your indoctrination, or your culture and it is not in alignment with your best and highest interest the universe will be constantly trying to steer you toward your higher calling.  If you can be silent and hear that calling you will know that it is your heart’s desire.  Other desires we have may be driven by a longing for material security or a need for approval.  Your true calling inspires your heart and makes your soul sing with joy.  Your true calling fills you with enthusiasm.  Trust your intuition to show you your true calling.  Think of when you were a child and what it was that excited you and filled you with enthusuasm.  Enthusiasm is the sign that you are on the right path for you.


It can be very scary following your real dream at first.  You have listened for many years to the voice telling you to be practical and that voice is the ego.  But, if you pursue your soul’s desire, even when things are looking really harrowing and you are losing hope, hold on, the universe has a plan to make it work, and just because you’re not in control, just because you have a hard time letting go of the reins, doesn’t mean you won’t get there.  It is reminding you to let go and allow the higher you, that is always aware of your connection, to be in control.  Sometimes you don’t get the job you wanted and are beginning to feel anxious about ever finding the right job or any job, but two months later the perfect job appears for you.  I talk about faith a lot and there’s a reason for that.  You also need to have faith in your intuition.  Don’t second guess yourelf and allow fear to overshadow your belief that you can attain your desires. Follow your bliss and follow your intuition.

At the end of your life you want to know that you pursued your dream.  You don’t want to have regrets and say, “Well, I lived a safe life and nothing in my world changed.  It was secure.  I chose a pratical career and wasn’t hungry.”  What kind of an epitaph is that?

The rational mind is ego and the intuitive mind is divine.  Our ego wants to control and regulate, to measure and compare.  Our ego wants to reign supreme and be in charge of every little thing.  Sound stressful?  It is.  The ego is the cause of all of our stress.  Stop letting the rational mind be your guide and allow your intuition to take over so that you can let go and trust in the loving energy of the universe.  Allow the universe to show you the way.  The rational mind only believes what it can see, feel, hear, taste, and touch.  The intuitive mind knows that the universe is working even when we can’t see it.  Intuition allows the divine, the same divine that loves you and wants the best for you.  You don’t have to worry about a thing.


Any time you are generous, with a true heart, the divine is generous to you.  Any time you are loving, the divine is loving towards you.  Have faith and the divine will be a faithful servant.  Follow your intuition and not your rational (and often, negative) mind.  Follow your enthusiasm.  Have faith in your intuition.

  • I allow my inner voice to guide me and am courageous in the knowledge that the universe is working for me
  • Even though at times I cannot see progress I know I am closer to my goals.
  • The universe sends me messages to keep me on the right track.  I recognize patterns and repeated symbols in my life.
  • I have complete confidence in my ability to make the right decisions.
  • The universe guides me to my destination.

Imagine what would happen if you followed your intuition and everything turned out perfectly!  Think of a time when that happened.  Think of a time you followed your gut and were absolutely right.