Free Unlimited Love!!!!

“Love is a better teacher than duty.”  ~Albert Einstein

We tend to put limits on things.  Limits can be very good.  I limit the amount of soda I drink to about 16 ounces a year.  What can I say?  I like Root Beer.  We would do well to limit our food intake. It would probably be wise to limit our alcoholic beverages and our pot smoking.  We can limit our time spent in front of the TV and reading trashy romance novels.  We should limit our time working.  There are things, though, that we should not limit, simply because they are infinite.  We should not limit our circle of love.


When we limit our love to only those who we know then we are doing ourselves and the world a grave injustice.  When we give love to everyone our love only continues to expand.  When you see a person who may cause you to feel uncomfortable, such as a mentally ill homeless person, and you extend love to them suddenly you feel better.  Not just about that person, but about yourself as well and the next person you see will benefit from your expanding capacity to love.  When I say extend love to them I don’t mean buy them a sandwich or give them some change, I simply mean to feel love for them and send it to them.  See them as perfect beings of love, as you are.

Many people, I have found, love only those with whom they share a blood tie, others love only those with whom they share a national tie, others love only those with whom they share an ethnic tie, and so on.  Why is this so?  If you put twenty-seven toddlers in a room, each of them a different race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic group, or political party (we’ll give them the party of their parents for this hypothetical!) will they isolate themselves, will they distrust or dislike the others?  I kind of doubt it.  All of our likes and dislikes are learned.  All of our prejudices and politics are learned.  All of our isms are invented to divide and conquer.  As long as we see ourselves as a world of differences, then we are a world of separation.  As long as we distrust those who we perceive to be different we are acting in fear.  Fear of attack based completely on an ignorance of the other’s life.


We tend to be insular and distrusting.  That is what we are taught as children, generally by our religious dogma and our government’s propaganda.  There is a priest who says there is no such thing as hell.  He says it was made up by the church to give them power over the people.  He states that there is no God that would condemn a person to an eternity of torture.  Our governments tell us that there are terrorists.  These same governments support political coups, terrorist cells, and wars based on economic profit from the natural resources of countries.  People aren’t born with hate in their hearts.  They are born with love and trust.

Unshackle your heart.  Open your mind.  Love All.  Back in the 1970’s, I believe, after years of the Cold War, when Russia and the United States were supposed to be enemies, Phil Donahue did a show in which he had one audience of Americans and one of Russians.  Not politicians, not government spokespeople, not corporate heads, but just your average everyday citizens.  They all stated that they didn’t hate each other.  Who was doing the hating here?  Who was imagining this great divide?  And why?   It doesn’t matter.  But, whoever it was, they were misguided.  The Cold War was an era of hate and mistrust based on nothing but propaganda.


Today we have the same misguided notions being delivered to us by the media.  A not so independent media.  Don’t listen to it.  Listen to your heart, the one you were born with, the one that knows only love.   Don’t hate the misguided souls who preach division.  Send love to them, too.

Don’t limit your love to your family, or your small circle of friends, or your race, or you ethnic group, or your socioeconomic class.  Open you heart to love all.  Whenever you see someone, anyone, send them love.  Forgive everyone.  Know that we are all doing our best.  If we could do better we would, right?  So would they.  Remember, it’s fear that crowds out love.  Don’t let fear of others keep you from enjoying a life filled with love.


You choose which one to turn on.

Never limit what is infinite.  Your capacity to love is infinite.   When you love someone you help them to love themselves and you help you to love yourself.  It’s another win-win situation.  Go ahead, live life unlimited!

Unlimited affirmations:

  • I love all beings.
  • I extend love to all I see.
  • I am love.
  • I am part of the infinite energy of love.
  • I love myself.
  • I forgive all.
  • My life is perfect.

Imagine that you are at a meeting in the United Nations.  Suddenly everyone stands up and starts to walk around the hall, hugging everyone and telling them they love them.  Isn’t that what a group of little children would do?  See it and enjoy the vision.


Domo Arigato, Dr. Emoto.

“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  ~Albert Einstein

Have you heard of Dr. Emoto?  He’s been all over social media and consciousness documentaries like What the *Bleep* do We Know?  If you haven’t heard of him yet, or still want to hear more, then this is your Dr. Emoto primer.  First of all, can I congratulate you on your name, Dr. Emoto.  Are emoticons named after you?   For a man who has determined that inanimate objects respond to emotion your name (in our ethnocentric western world) is just perfect.

First a little on the inimitable Doctor.  Masuru Emoto is a Japanese man who started out with a degree in International Relations then studied Natural Medicine in India.  I haven’t read his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, so I don’t know why he started his study of the effect that outside abstract influences have on water.  In his study he used high-speed photography to take pictures of water that was frozen after having been subjected to written words, typed words, music, intentional emotions, and concepts like peace and anger.  How can a word taped to the outside of a glass container of water make a difference in how the  water inside behaves?

In quantum mechanics it has been shown that objects, like electrons, will act differently when being observed.  The observer influences the actions of the observed.   That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.   Dr. Masuru Emoto has taken that observation to water.  First, he studied water from different sources and found strong differences in how they formed crystals when frozen.  Some water, from polluted sources were unable to form crystals.  Now this all makes perfect sense to me.  There were probably pollutants in the water that inhibited crystal formation.  It’s what he did next that didn’t make sense in the scientific way.

He took two samples from the same source of water and exposed them to music.  The water exposed to the beautiful music formed a lovely crystal.  The water exposed to heavy metal music did not.  It was unable to form the typical hexagonal crystal of water.  We’ve all heard of the experiments in which plants were subjected to various types of music and how they responded, so this, too, is not beyond our ken.







So, he continued to expand his research.  Next he tried using written words to influence the crystallization of the water.  this stretches the scope of our belief systems.  How can written words affect water.  He had containers of water from the same source and he attached different words to each container.   There were quite dramatic results.


You make me sick, I will kill you.


Love and encouragement.





Thank you.

He used prayer on water.


Dr Emoto tried many different way to influence water, from music, to written words, to thoughts and prayers and his results showed that there was a direct influence on the water.  It gives a whole new meaning to saying grace before meals.

And you know, the science community is calling it a lot of hooey.  And there are no experiments done by any others to corroborate, but I believe it.  Because I know that what we think and do affects everything in our lives.  So, call me crazy, but my Brita water pitcher has a peace sign and a heart and a smiley face on it.  I try to remember to realize that all my food is perfect for me.  I infuse love into my life and what goes into my body.

Is it real science, what Dr. Emoto does?  I don’t know.  I don’t care.  I just know about the transformational power of energy.  I know that the consciousness we focus on an object changes it.  I know that thoughts become things and that what we focus on is what our life becomes.  So, I’m going to focus on the positive and go from there.  I’m going to put some Mozart on for my water now.

Crystal Affirmations:

  • I know that my thoughts affect my life.
  • I use positive feelings and thoughts to improve my life and others.
  • I feel love, gratitude, and kindness towards myself and others.
  • I forgive myself and others.
  • I encourage myself on the path that brings me delight.
  • I see the best in people.

Before you eat or drink, infuse your food with love, gratitude, and perfection.  You are what you eat.




Only compare yourself to your past self, not to others.

” We have to do the best we are capable of.  That is our sacred human responsibility.” ~Albert Einstein

Today I was feeling pretty good when I got a local phone call.  I usually won’t pick up a call unless I know who it is, but it was local so I thought I would give it a go.  It was a call from someone who had a professional miscommunication with me.  She started out telling me how much trouble I was causing her and then blame and crisis poured out of her mouth for a minute.  I calmly said, “I misunderstood what you wanted.”   I attempted to explain to her the miscommunication, but she was strident and kept interrupting, so I let that go.  She did her thing for another minute.  I again said, “It was a misunderstanding.”  Again, blame for a few seconds.  I smiled and told her that I was sorry there was a misunderstanding.  She went on to say every encounter with me was a problem and trouble for her.  I thought about saying that our encounters were not a problem, but that her response to them was a problem.  For her, not for me.  But, I didn’t.  I would have said it with love, but I didn’t think it was the right thing to say to her at that time.

Whenever we have an encounter with someone, no matter how insignificant it may seem, we have an opportunity to see them as love or see them with fear.  We can have negative feelings towards them if they attack us or we can understand that they are acting out of fear.  I believe this woman feared looking like she was inept, or like someone who wasn’t in charge or wasn’t in control.  Whatever her reasons, and it doesn’t matter, she was obviously upset.


In my conversation with her I was able to remain calm and feel love towards her.  Interestingly, when I got off of the phone I immediately started a story in my head about her which made me appear superior.  I recognized what I was doing and stopped the thoughts.  I occasionally returned to the story, but was able to see what I was doing in my mind pretty quickly and stop the judgmental thoughts again and see her with love.

Then I noticed that I chastised myself mentally for thinking that way. Why did I have to judge?  Why couldn’t I be love all the time?  Then I recognized that I was judging myself.  I remembered that ten years ago I could have made this into an all day anger fest.  I would have told everyone I could get to listen to me how crazy this woman behaved and my friends would have reinforced to me what a jerk she was and validated my negative feelings.  I’ll call my response to her phone call progress.  Being mindful is not easy until you have practiced it for a while.  But, it is so worth it!


I could have spent a miserable day feeling like the victim of a harsh shrew’s viperous tongue.  I would have been angry and spewing my own vitriol all over any poor soul who crossed my path.  Instead I made progress, recognized my judgment of her as well as my self judgment and, in the end,  spent a day without much drama at all.

The story does not end here though.  I had to meet the woman a little later to sign some papers.  Before I left my house I noticed a document on my desk that would be helpful to her.  I picked it up and brought it with me.  When I saw her arrive at our meeting place I gave her a big smile.  I offered her the document and she said she already had it.  I smiled and signed her papers.  She began to apologize for all the fuss and blamed it on her professional superiors.  I just smiled and told her not to worry about it.  We parted as friends, as far as I could tell.


Will she recognize the cause of her fears, will she see her negative behaviors and reactions?  I have no idea.  It doesn’t matter.  I made progress.  I acted with love (for the most part) and didn’t allow negative thoughts to ruin my day.  I allowed myself to be imperfect without condemning myself.  And, bonus, I got a post out of it!

When my kids were little I would always tell them that the most important thing to be is kind.  When we are acting with kindness, it is love.  We can never assume what anyone else is going through.  We can only be responsible for our own behavior and our own reactions to others’ behavior.  Respond to fear with kindness and love.  You’ll feel better for it.  I promise.

Some non-judgy affirmations:

  • I am kind to all people and never take their behavior personally.
  • I am kind to all beings.
  • I do not judge others or myself.
  • I take responsibility for my actions without shame or guilt.
  • I am aware of my emotions and use them to adjust my thinking.
  • I love all beings.

Imagine a confrontation or conflict you have had recently with someone.  Imagine it from the beginning, but see yourself responding to the other person with love and kindness.  How do you feel?



Thirteen easy and practical things you can do to save the world.

“If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.” ~Einstein, Albert

Sometimes I wonder just how much impact I can have in the world.  How much can one person do to change things?  It just feels so disheartening at times when we see continuing news of environmental destruction, wars, murders, and poverty.  There is not enough love in the world.  There is too much fear which manifests as greed and selfishness.  What can one person do?


1.  Help build your community.  Even if you live in a large city you have a local area which you can support.  Shop your neighborhood stores whenever they have what you need.  If you have elderly neighbors become their friend so they feel they have a caring heart available in case of an emergency.  Get to know their habits so you’ll know if something is amiss.  Help keep the local green areas clean and safe or create a local green area.  Organize a pot luck supper for you and your neighbors.  Start a garden share program with neighbors.  In Sweden neighbors plan their gardens together so that they can share produce and have a variety of vegetables.

2.  You have enough stuff.  Don’t buy anymore things that you do not need.  If you do buy things try to buy things that are sustainably made.  Wood toys rather than plastic, reusable shopping bags, locally crafted items, naturable organic fibers like cotton and hemp.  Shop consignment stores so that there is no more consumption of resources.  Set up a swap shop for people to drop off their old stuff and people to pick out things they want, (one man’t trash is another man’s treasure) at your local transer station (dump) or other community building.  Set up a book swap, clothing swap or object swap with friends, families. or neighbors.  This is something you can add to a pot luck.  Have everyone bring a delicious dish and items they no longer want.  It could be a fun evening of free shopping.  Remember you don’t need things, you are enough.

3.  Volunteer.  The animal shelter and the food kitchens, nursing home, local schools, hospitals, and child and senior centers.  There are also local green groups that need help.  Get a group of neighbors or friends together to raise money for a worthy organization through yard sales, bake sales, start a community garden or green area.

4.  Stop watching the news.  Some people tell me, “Well, I have to stay informed.”  This is what I think about that.  95% of the media is owned by 6 corporations, so you are not really staying informed, you are being fed information that the corporations want you to hear and being kept from information that they don’t want you to know about.  Most of the news is about murders and political misbehavior and celebrities.  I don’t think you’ll be missing much.  You will be happier.  You will be more positive.  Your energy will be better.  You can start manifesting positive change in your life faster when you are not bringing your energy down with all of the terrible, horrific “news” stories.  Subscribe to a network on line such as Upworthy which shares news that is uplifting and shows us what is going on in the world that is good and news worthy.  There are other sites online like the Good News Network.

5.  Talk to strangers.  This may be a tough one after listening to the phrase, “Don’t talk to strangers,” your whole life.  Talk to strangers.  Smile at strangers.  These gestures may not show any results, but may have an amazing positive effect on someone’s life that you will never know about.  Be kind without expectation.  A woman had moved up north with her family and was in line at a grocery store.  The woman behind her struck up a conversation with her and before they knew it they were exchanging phone numbers and had each made a new friend.  Who doesn’t need a new friend?  Later on the Southern woman told her new friend how lonely she had been since she moved up north.  She hadn’t met anyone.  She felt she had tried to engage people, but they didn’t respond in a way that made her feel welcome.   She had decided earlier that if she didn’t meet a friendly person that day she would be moving herself and her family back home.  The gesture of conversation and kindness led to friendship and restored the woman’s faith in humanity.  It also allowed her to follow through on the opportunity that brought her up north.  Talk to strangers.  A friend of mine met a life long friend that very same way.

6.  Smile at children.  While you are out and about and you see a child give them a big smile.  Send some love their way.  See their light.


7.  Listen to an old person.  It seems that old people start conversations in public more than young people.  It may be that they need the contact more.  Take a few minutes, that’s all.  Listen to them.  Ask them questions and let them answer.  If it feels comfortable ask them a personal question, about their family or hobbies.  I bet that most of the time they would love to talk about their life.   It may make their day.


8.  Be respectful to children.  Often we disrespect children.  We don’t allow them to make decisions or we negate their feelings.  “That didn’t hurt.”  “That’s nothing to cry about.”  “Stop dancing.” (in public)  “No.”  Before we respond to a child it may be a good idea to ask if we would respond the same way to an adult.  Would we yell at an adult for spilling milk?  No, it’s was a mistake.  Children don’t have the motor control that adults have.  They can’t help the mistakes they make.  We don’t know what they are thinking or how they perceive things.  Give them the benefit of the doubt as the abitlity to communicate their feelings and ideas is not always available to them.  If they want to stop on your walk and stare at a shrub for a few minutes, let them.  If they want to hear the same story every night, repeat it.  If they want to dance in the store, let them, dance with them.  If they want to wear a super hero outfit to school, let them.  Allow them to be free spirits, they will forget who they are soon enough.  Let’s keep reminding them and allow their consciousness to expand a little longer.

9.  Send love to the world.  Everyday as you are driving to work or waiting in line for groceries or cooking supper, send love to the world.  You can hang a little symbol or charm from your windshield mirror as a reminder.  Bathe the world in light and love.

10.  Meditate.  Spend some time in silent meditation daily.  When you raise your consciousness you raise the consciousness of all beings.  You are intrinsically important to saving the world.

11.  Be kind.  To yourself and to others.  Whenever you start to feel frustration remind yourself that everyone is doing their best.  Whatever it is that someone else is doing that is aggravating to you, it is not usually their fault.  Have patience.  Forgive everyone.

12.  Be kind to all animals.  All animals long to live.  They long to be with their families.  They have emotional and internal lives of which we know nothing.  Allow their love.


13.  Be love.  After all, it’s why you’re here.

I really had every intention of this post being completely practical, rational, and logical, but once again it quickly evolved into a post calling for the awakening of our highest self.  Because, as Professor Einstein advised, if we take the 55 minutes to really figure out what is wrong with the world, to define why the world needs saving, we will see that it is because the world is run by the Collective Ego, by fear.  So, the solution is really quite simple.  We must start running the world using the Collective Consciousness, love.  In order to do that we must all become still enough to know who we are and we must all be who we are.  We are love.  If everyone in the world could realize this for just 5 minutes, if we could all be love for just 5 minutes, the world would be saved.

Some (r)evolutionary affirmations:

  • I use my energy to promote good.
  • I use my time helping to make my life and other’s better.
  • I am grateful for all that I have.
  • I have enough.
  • I am love.
  • I help to raise the consciousness of the world.

Imagine a world where everything is sustainable.  Imagine a world where we plant trees more than we cut them down.  Imagine a world where all beings get to live their lives out in peace and prosperity.  Imagine a world of love.

Stay inspired.  Subscribe to blogs which inspire you like this one.  Just click on Follow Me on the right.  Find other books and blogs and read or listen to them regularly so that you continue to awaken.  I like to leave links here for books, CDs, and DVDs that I think are helpful to our growth.  I think this book by Lao Tzu is one of the best, The Tao te Ching.    Wayne Dyer has a wonderful meditation book.   The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz gives us a practical guide to living a life of free of drama.  And recycle, don’t forget to recycle!

A Brief History of Love.

“We cannot blame gravity for the phenomenon of people falling in love.”  ~Albert Einstein.

During my early college years I was lucky enough to have some amazing professors, one of whom was Peter Anastas.  Peter taught Creative Writing and was a favorite professor of mine. He enjoyed his work so much and shared his knowledge with such enthusiasm that it would have been difficult not to love his classes.

He would sometimes share stories of the city in which he grew up and the people who populated his youth.  One of his stories stuck with me all these years and so I thought I would share it with you.

Henry and Natalie met in college, both history majors, they loved their studies and their mutual enthusiasm for history brought hours of intellectual and emotional passion. Apart they both had wonderful energy, but together it was multiplied by synergystic magic.  They walked together on a plane above their peers, their energy transforming their surroundings into a page turning tome of history, myth, and marvel.  They relished their years together at university.


Henry graduated a year before Natalie and on graduation night Henry asked Natalie to marry him.  I won’t leave you in suspense.  After all, you know she said, “Yes!”  Who could have been happier than Henry and Natalie?  No one.  They loved and appreciated each other.  They lived in a world manifested by their happiness.  They delighted in each other.

But, her parents, concerned for their daughter, told them that they must wait the year until Natalie graduated before marrying.  Her parents said that if it was real love it would wait.  Henry and Natalie waited the long year until Natalie graduated and then they wed.

Their life was everything that their courtship had been and more.  They both worked as  historians traveling the world together to ancient sites of battles and betrayals, to monuments of human endeavor.  They wrote together and taught together.  Their lives were spent doing exactly what they loved to do and so they were always happy.  They never had children and were each others best friend and lover.


Their life was magical in many ways.  That they were able to take what they loved and live from it.  That they still delighted in each other after years and years.  That they traveled the world together sharing their passions.  They were blessed.

Natalie left the world before Henry.  He continued working on their legacy.  At a reception for him, honoring his and Natalie’s work, Henry was asked, “If you could change any one thing in your whole life what would it be?”

He replied, “I wouldn’t have waited the year to get married.”


Wow.  A life manifested by happiness and doing what you love.

Life and love affirmations:

  • I do what I love and love what I do.
  • When I am my real self the universe sends me more things to love.
  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved.
  • I am fearless in the knowledge that my life is blessed.
  • My partner may not be perfect, but is perfect for me.
  • I may not be perfect, but I’m perfect for my partner.

Imagine doing what you love and enjoying life to the fullest!

If you liked this story you’ll love thisone, too.  A Love Story.  Do you have a love story you’d like to share or one you’d like me to share with my readers?  Please leave a comment or message me on my facebook page, Einstein’s Gifts.

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I’m no Einstein but, let’s save time and assume I’m always right.

“I do not like to express an opinion on a matter unless I know the precise facts.” ~Albert Einstein

There are so many things I’ve said and done that I would take back and most of them are because I made an assumption.  So many!  This is one of my hardest lessons.  I’ve learned not to take things personally pretty well.  I’ve learned to be kind pretty well.  I’ve learned to be honest pretty well.  I try to do my best.  But, geesh, do I make assumptions.  I have assumed that when someone said something that they meant the exact opposite of what they really meant!  I have assumed that if someone didn’t call me when they said they would it was because they didn’t like me.  I assumed that when I found something wrong that I knew exactly who did it and why.  What a jerk face I’ve been shown to be time and again.  Often, though, the only person I’ve hurt is myself.


Part of the assuming issue is that we want to blame someone, ourself or someone else, for something which has gone wrong.   We may also assume because we so often, through habitual thinking, go to the negative; thinking there is something wrong with us and that is why someone treated us badly.   We get angry because we assume that we’re not good enough.  Is it really time to read “I suppose I deserved that” again?  What did I do wrong that they treated me that way?  Only to find that our assumption was wrong!   The only thing we did wrong was make an assumption.  All that hurt for nothing.

With children we may find the proverbial broken vase and immediately think they were playing ball in the house again and broke it, after we’ve told them time and again not to play ball in the house.  Anger ensues, yelling happens, then we find out we are completely WRONG, AGAIN!  Children are just small people.  Treat them with the same respect you would give an adult.


You think someone stood you up; you are hurt and angry.  Sometimes a confrontational scenario plays in your mind.  Ohhhhh, what a repetoire of clever verbage you come up with to assault them when they finally make an appeatance.  They have no respect for your time!   Then you check your calendar and, ooooops, WRONG, AGAIN!  Then, unfortunately, you use all of those carefully chosen words on yourself, beating yourself up.  Don’t do it.  Move on!

You hear that someone said something that you don’t like one little bit!  You again have that confrontational scene in your head and guess what?  That’s right (correct assumption here)  WRONG, AGAIN!  It’s even worse when we actually follow through with our assaults based on assumption only to find out they we’re wrong!

A dear friend of mine had been out of touch.  I called quite a few times without reply.  After months I gave up.  We had been good friends for years.   I couldn’t understand her silence.  I was hurt and confused.  Then I finally heard from her almost a year later.  She had been very sick.  She hadn’t had the energy to get out of bed most days.  She was consumed with her illness.  I should have gone to her house.  I should have left a note saying I was worried about her because I hadn’t heard from her.  But, in my selfish ego mind, I was’t worried about her.  I was worried that she was no longer my friend.  I could have been there for her if I had taken more time to find out why she didn’t return my calls, instead of assuming she didn’t want to see me.  I could have brought her soup and helped her with errands or anyting else she needed.  But, I assumed.  My loss.


We can avoid so much hurt and anguish if we could only stop assuming.  Communicate!  Just ask.  Before you do anything, including getting angry, check the facts.  Thank you, Herr Professor  Remember to use your anger as a guide.  Whenever you feel a negative emotion, stop, drop, and roll.  No, that’s not it.  Use your anger or hurt as an indicator that you have to be mindful of your thoughts.  Realize what you are doing.  Stop and get the facts.  Just the facts, ma’am.  No assumptions will be necessary.  Thank you, ma’am.  That will be all.

Ask questions.  Don’t assume.  Use your bongo to think good thoughts.  Use it to realize that most of the time your assumption is merely a miscommunication, a mistake, or best of all, “the issue” turns out to be a good thing.  In the end, it doesn’t hurt to hold off on judgment.   If you can’t think something good, don’t think anything at all.  I’m no Einstein, but I’m pretty sure assuming just makes an….. no I won’t go there.

I assume you’ll enjoy these affirmations:

  • I hold everyone in love and respect.
  • I realize that things are not always as they appear.
  • I use my emotions as guides to chart my course.
  • I have peace in knowing that everything happens for a good reason.
  • I communicate in a way that allows people to feel safe and trusted.

Imagine celebrating a wonderful life event.  All of your friends and family are there congratulating you.  You don’t need to know what the event is about, just imagine it.

Be only you.

“We must recognize what in our accepted tradition is damaging to our fate and dignity-and shape our lives accordingly.”  ~Albert Einstein

Recently, in social media, there was the story of a white supremist who wanted to set up a white only nation.  He had a DNA test and found out that 14%  of his DNA was of African descent.   Hmmmm, what to do with that information?  It seems his accepted ideas of white supremacy would damage his fate and dignity if he held on to those views.

Admittedly, this is an extreme case (at least I hope it is) of accepting traditions and ideas, beliefs, and paradigms with which we were raised that are far from the truth.  There are numerous anecdotes of people who held beliefs which in the end they were forced to give up due to their own soul’s journey;  the homophobe who is gay, the Bible belt Christian who suddenly realizes that we are all God’s children, the accountant who is an artist, the lawyer who hates conflict, the incredible soul who has always been told they must live an ordinary life.

Most of us fall into the latter category.   Yes, you are an incredible soul.  Most of us have followed a path based on our beliefs about life, e.g., we must go to college, we must choose a practical career, we must get married and have children, we must vote, we must buy a home, we must save for our retirement, we must go to church every Sunday, we must dress accordingly, we must eat accordingly, we must think……


No one ever tells us to nurture our soul’s desires, our passions, and our pleasures.  No one ever says, DO WHAT YOU LOVE!  I’m saying it now.  If you don’t do what you love you are hurting your soul, you are changing your fate, and damaging your self esteem and dignity.    I applaud anyone who follows their dreams.


“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”  ~Albert Einstein

Though we are a part of the whole, we have to follow our own very individual path in order to be happy.  In our happiness we contribute to the wellness of the whole.  We can not be happy pursuing someone else’s goal.  Our schools teach us to conform.  The media influences us beyond measure.  We choose our lives from the pages of glossy magazines.   Our individuality should be sacred and yet we often give it less thought than what we’re going to wear on a night out.


Let us encourage ourselves and our children to follow the heart’s desire.  Let’s imagine a life lived in the pursuit of happiness.   Let’s explore opportunities not previously considered.  Let’s live outside the norm.


A friend once told me that she wished she had grown up in a normal family.  I replied that there was no such thing as a normal family.  We often strive for something that doesn’t even exist.  The perfect life is simply the life that is perfect for each individual.  Give yourself permission to live your perfect life.  Go ahead, dance your unique dance!  Set your soul free!  Be goofy, silly, stop caring what others think of you.  If there is any one thing that causes unhappiness it is worrying about what others think and always feeling that you’re coming up short.  You are the perfect you!  Be proud of your individual, unique, and yes, at times, weird self!  Those who love you will love you all the more for it!  And the best part is that it gives them permission to be themselves.  What a gift!  You can be generous by just being yourself!

Some self serving affirmations:

  • I’m proud of who I am, really proud!
  • I love my life.  I do what I love and I love what I do.
  • Everything I do brings happiness to me and to others.
  • I give myself permission to do what I love to do.
  • I am comfortable being who I am with all people.
  • I honor my unique personality, my many gifts, and my joyful nature!
  • I am courageous knowing that who I am is perfect!

Imagine yourself being happy, confident, and joyful with your friends!

Love is your natural vibration

“When the solution is simple. God is answering.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Our energy, our very personal vibration reflects who we are.  It is who we are.  Whatever vibrational frequency we are currently at, whether it is of love or fear, is what the universe is vibrating back to us.   It’s that simple.  Knowing this, it only makes sense to vibrate at the frequency of love!  Love does not need an object.  Love just is.  You can feel love when you are all alone.  You can feel love in a huge crowd of strangers.  Love is an energy.  It does not need a receiver.  You are the transmitter.  You are the source.  Love, gratitude, abundance are all of your own wonderful positive energies.


Feel them.  Explore how wonderful those emotions feel.  As you realize the positive influence these thoughts have on your emotions, as well as the well being of all with whom you come into contact, it will simply initiate more positive thoughts and interactions.  More positive emotions will follow.  The universe will have trouble keeping up with you!

We can use our power to change our lives and change the world.   We can have anything we desire.  That is how powerful we are.  Start to see the life you want and start to see the world in which you wish to live.   Know that wish is a reality!  FAITH in your ability to effect change simply by transforming your energy is the KEY to your power.  Words are stronger than thoughts and actions are stronger than words.  They all carry power, but it starts with our thoughts.  That’s why being mindful of our thoughts is so important.  (Notice how I repeat that concept, it’s  the simple path to happiness!)

Think about your energy.  When does it feel the most intense?  If you’re like me it’s when you’re feeling a strong emotion.  Emotion will always increase the strength of your vibration, whether good or bad.   When you imagine something, or are practicing your visualizations, use the power of your amazing emotions and get things moving at a more rapid pace!


If you did nothing but feel love all the time your energy would attract the pinnacle of happiness.  The highest frequency brings the best life.  The feeling of love increases your happiness just as it is!  It’s not rocket science!  It’s quantum physics.  Perception of your world makes a huge difference!  Perceive goodness and love.


Truly see how divine you are.  Know your inheritance.  Feel the love, the love that is yours, the love that you are.

I love these affirmations:

  • All you need is love.
  • I am in control of my emotions and use them to bring me happiness.
  • The universe recognizes my desires and works quickly to realize them.
  • I see a world saturated in love.
  • I treat all beings with love and respect.
  • Love is all you need.

See all people you meet as loved ones.  Extend love and respect to them all.


 “Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.”      -Albert Einstein

Let’s face it, anger does not feel good.  Since emotion is the first indication that we are not using positive thoughts to enhance our lives and attract happiness to us then whenever we feel anger we need to stop and reevaluate our thoughts.

There are many things which bring on the feeling of anger.  On a personal level; simple nuisances like traffic and, at other times, heart wrenching acts, like betrayal.  We do ourselves a terrible injustice by holding on to anger.  The antidote is forgiveness.


In order to forgive we must not take things personally.  If someone hurts you it is their problem.  Don’t believe that you deserved it.  No one deserves to be treated unkindly.  If someone doesn’t love you enough, it is not because you are unlovable.  You are as lovable as anyone else in the world.  You deserve love as much as anyone else in the world.  Forgive them.  If your partner walks away from you, don’t worry, the universe is sending someone better for you.  Forgive them.  Every action and expression is one of either love or fear.   If someone is being “mean,” they are acting out of fear.  If someone is being “kind,” they are acting out of love.

Remember we get back what we give out.  If we forgive people and act with kindness and compassion, we will be forgiven, we will be given kindness and compassion.   We will be able to forgive ourselves.

There’s an old Yiddish expression, and I think Albert probably heard this one: “Anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.”   It really encapsulates the reality of holding onto anger and resentment, doesn’t it?  Anger eats us up.  Forgiveness frees us.  We can only know how to truly love when we know how to forgive.


I’m not immune to anger.  Just like most people I have had to learn the hard way to forgive.  It is a freeing feeling; forgiveness.  It liberates the soul and lifts the spirit.  It lets us finally learn to love.

There is something that helps us to forgive, though it is not necessary.  Understanding.  If we understand why a person acted the way they did it helps us to forgive.  We can see that they have a belief that is hurting them, and that they acted out of ignorance and fear.  Everyone does their best.

Anger can also be internally focused.  We must learn to forgive ourselves.  When we forgive ourselves our missteps, we can more easily forgive others.  When you are angry at yourself for some stupid thing you did, some embarrassing incident, or harsh action you took, it is sometimes good to imagine that someone you love very much did the same thing.  Wouldn’t you forgive them?  Be as gentle on yourself.  We all make mistakes.   Forgive yourself all the little and big mistakes you have made.


Find a photograph of yourself when you were a child and display it somewhere that you will see it daily.  When you look at the photo of that adorable little child, ask yourself if that little child deserves to be loved and deserves to be forgiven.  I think she does.  Whenever you look at that photograph you will be reminded of love and forgiveness.  If you don’t have any pictures of yourself as a young child then use a picture of another young child that you may or may not know and have that photo represent you as a child.  Forgive yourself.

Then start forgiving those towards whom you have anger.  If someone is driving you crazy in traffic, forgive them.  If there are emotional wounds from which you are still recovering and from which you have held on to that self-destructive emotion of anger for far too long, sit quietly, close your eyes, see their face, and forgive them.  Forgive them until you feel it, until you cry from the relief of letting go of an emotion that has done nothing but hurt you.  Forgive them until there is nothing left to forgive.  You may get the angry feeling back in a few days or a week or a month; forgive them again.  Forgive them until it sticks.  Then you are truly free to love.

Forgiveness saves people’s lives.  It decreases your stress level.  It opens up your heart to new experiences of love.  Do it for yourself and to make the world a better, more loving place.

Here are some incredible affirmations:

  • I am filled with healing energy.
  • I look for love and find it everywhere.
  • I allow the love from my own heart to heal all that I see.
  • Joy, joy, joy.  I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind and body and experiences.
  • My mind is at peace.  I live in the present.  All is perfect in my world.
  • I am totally centered in the love and joy of being alive.  I flow with life.
  • I envision a world of peace and love.
  • I see a world in which all people are treated equally, with justice and compassion.
  • The past is forgotten and forgiven.  I am free forever.

Imagine yourself loving everyone in the world!  Feel the love flow out of you and encompass the entire planet!  Imagine it as a beautiful light that you control and extend to everyone.