Free Unlimited Love!!!!

“Love is a better teacher than duty.”  ~Albert Einstein

We tend to put limits on things.  Limits can be very good.  I limit the amount of soda I drink to about 16 ounces a year.  What can I say?  I like Root Beer.  We would do well to limit our food intake. It would probably be wise to limit our alcoholic beverages and our pot smoking.  We can limit our time spent in front of the TV and reading trashy romance novels.  We should limit our time working.  There are things, though, that we should not limit, simply because they are infinite.  We should not limit our circle of love.


When we limit our love to only those who we know then we are doing ourselves and the world a grave injustice.  When we give love to everyone our love only continues to expand.  When you see a person who may cause you to feel uncomfortable, such as a mentally ill homeless person, and you extend love to them suddenly you feel better.  Not just about that person, but about yourself as well and the next person you see will benefit from your expanding capacity to love.  When I say extend love to them I don’t mean buy them a sandwich or give them some change, I simply mean to feel love for them and send it to them.  See them as perfect beings of love, as you are.

Many people, I have found, love only those with whom they share a blood tie, others love only those with whom they share a national tie, others love only those with whom they share an ethnic tie, and so on.  Why is this so?  If you put twenty-seven toddlers in a room, each of them a different race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic group, or political party (we’ll give them the party of their parents for this hypothetical!) will they isolate themselves, will they distrust or dislike the others?  I kind of doubt it.  All of our likes and dislikes are learned.  All of our prejudices and politics are learned.  All of our isms are invented to divide and conquer.  As long as we see ourselves as a world of differences, then we are a world of separation.  As long as we distrust those who we perceive to be different we are acting in fear.  Fear of attack based completely on an ignorance of the other’s life.


We tend to be insular and distrusting.  That is what we are taught as children, generally by our religious dogma and our government’s propaganda.  There is a priest who says there is no such thing as hell.  He says it was made up by the church to give them power over the people.  He states that there is no God that would condemn a person to an eternity of torture.  Our governments tell us that there are terrorists.  These same governments support political coups, terrorist cells, and wars based on economic profit from the natural resources of countries.  People aren’t born with hate in their hearts.  They are born with love and trust.

Unshackle your heart.  Open your mind.  Love All.  Back in the 1970’s, I believe, after years of the Cold War, when Russia and the United States were supposed to be enemies, Phil Donahue did a show in which he had one audience of Americans and one of Russians.  Not politicians, not government spokespeople, not corporate heads, but just your average everyday citizens.  They all stated that they didn’t hate each other.  Who was doing the hating here?  Who was imagining this great divide?  And why?   It doesn’t matter.  But, whoever it was, they were misguided.  The Cold War was an era of hate and mistrust based on nothing but propaganda.


Today we have the same misguided notions being delivered to us by the media.  A not so independent media.  Don’t listen to it.  Listen to your heart, the one you were born with, the one that knows only love.   Don’t hate the misguided souls who preach division.  Send love to them, too.

Don’t limit your love to your family, or your small circle of friends, or your race, or you ethnic group, or your socioeconomic class.  Open you heart to love all.  Whenever you see someone, anyone, send them love.  Forgive everyone.  Know that we are all doing our best.  If we could do better we would, right?  So would they.  Remember, it’s fear that crowds out love.  Don’t let fear of others keep you from enjoying a life filled with love.


You choose which one to turn on.

Never limit what is infinite.  Your capacity to love is infinite.   When you love someone you help them to love themselves and you help you to love yourself.  It’s another win-win situation.  Go ahead, live life unlimited!

Unlimited affirmations:

  • I love all beings.
  • I extend love to all I see.
  • I am love.
  • I am part of the infinite energy of love.
  • I love myself.
  • I forgive all.
  • My life is perfect.

Imagine that you are at a meeting in the United Nations.  Suddenly everyone stands up and starts to walk around the hall, hugging everyone and telling them they love them.  Isn’t that what a group of little children would do?  See it and enjoy the vision.


Buddha used to stay inside, he’s outside now, sitting on the porch.

“I no longer need to take part in the competition of the big brains.  Participating [in the process] has always seemed to me to be an awful type of slavery no less evil than the passion for money or power.” ~Albert Einstein

Years ago I had a Buddha statue inside my house near my front door, he’s outside now.  The Buddha’s hands were empty, so I would put a card in them with some quote or an idea that I liked.  The kids would read it and usually laugh at me.  Or replace the card with something ridiculous, but very funny, that they wrote such as “The frog only wore a vest while riding his bicycle to the doughnut shop.”  One day I wrote on a card, “Whenever you act with love, you are right.”  As I drove to work that day it was all I could think of.  I wondered whether or not it was true.  I debated it for a while, with myself, and decided it was true, but that there is a difference between acting with love and intending to act with love.  We must be able to discern the difference between acting with love or acting in ego, which is acting in fear.


Parents often say that they are acting with love when they think they are doing something in their child’s best interest, but often they are acting out of fear.  They may make their child go to college, even though the child finds classrooms and any indoor occupation stifling, because they fear that the child will not make enough money in a job which isn’t predicated upon a college education.  They think they are acting with love, but they are acting based on fear of lack.  Lack is one of the most prominent fears in the human mind.  It prevents so many people from doing what they love or from taking risks to attain their dream life.  Many people have led a life of misery due to their parent’s indoctrination of fear.  If this happened to you, you can now take control of your life and take action out of love rather than fear.

Parents even hit or abuse their children under the guise of love, though love is never violent or angry.  Violence and anger come from fear.  The parent does not know how to properly teach a child and without thought, but just as a learned habit, uses punishment as a form of teaching.  They are using negative reinforcement.  And, they most certainly are reinforcing the negative, because when they teach a child that violence is a means to resolve issues they are a long way from love.  Love means explaining with patience, it means accepting mistakes with grace, and giving a child what they need with unconditional acceptance of who they are.  It means loving them even when we are afraid that, like us, they may not be as good as the other kids.  It means not comparing and not judging.


In relationships we sometimes hold on to people we should let go, not because we love them.   If they would be happier without us then loving them would be letting them go.  If we would be happier without them then loving ourselves would be letting them go.  Sometimes we hold on to them even after they have gone.  We hold on to them because we fear being alone.  We fear that we are unlovable.  We fear separation.


Whenever you act, look at your motives.  I was once betrayed by someone very, very close to me.  I wrote them a letter and asked a friend to read it and let me know what he thought.  He read the letter and said, “Well, it depends what you’re trying to accomplish here.  If you’re trying to piss him off, it’s a great letter.”  It’s one of those cases of, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”  I, obviously, was not acting from a place of love.  I was not being conciliatory or forgiving.  I was still acting out of fear.  Fear of rejection and betrayal.  Fear of being misrepresented.  Fear of being wrong.  Fear of loss.  Fear of being unlovable.

When we always want to be better than others; better looking, better at sports, better at making money, better at cooking, better at dancing, better at parenting, better at giving, better at fashion, better at volunteering, better at relationships, better at intellectual pursuits, better at anything, we are not acting with love.  When we are in competition, we are acting from fear.  Fear that we are less than others; inferior.  Fear that they are better than us, superior.  Fear that the people we associate with will find out that we are really just a mess like everyone else.

There are so many fears, one of the biggest being fear of embarrassment, the fear of looking foolish or unworthy to others.  When we learn to laugh at ourselves it is a big step in giving up that fear.  Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing can be paralyzing to some.  Realize that we all make mistakes and, more importantly, that everyone cares about your mistakes a lot less than you may think.  They’re usually too worried about what others think of them.  Stop caring about what others think.  Care only about acting with love.  And, give other people a break.  They’re doing the best they can.

When we compare ourselves to others we are giving in to the belief in separation.  We are all one, so why compare and compete?  When one of us wins we are all raised up, when one of us loses we are all defeated.  Let’s think about our lives and others as though we are one, because we are.

When we give up fear, we act with love.  Whenever we act with love, we are right.

Some loving affirmations:

  • I recognize when I am acting with fear and make corrections in my thinking and actions.
  • I act with love with all beings.
  • I care only about doing what is right and acting with love.
  • I accept all beings as they are.
  • I am a worthy and loving being.
  • I laugh at my mistakes and learn from them.
  • I am love.

Imagine that you walk into a crowded square and there are lots of children there.  You begin giving each child a gift.  They each open their gift and are so happy.  What do they find when they open the gift?

Alarm clocks suck.

“A man must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their suffering.” ~Albert Einstein

What do you do when your alarm clock goes off in the morning?  I bet a survey would show that 99.9% of people hit the snooze button.  The other 0.1% throw it across the room.  I know I always did when I was working that 7am to 3pm day shift.  Every morning at half past dark the alarm would ring and I’d growl or groan or grumble and hit snooze.  It’s just not natural to have a ring or a buzz or a piercing alarm wake you up out of a dead sleep.  It’s a hostile world out there.


Our first thought upon realizing it is once again time to get up and go to work is one of resentment and anger.  Unless, of course, you got a great night’s sleep and love, love, love your job.  But, if like many, you do not, then it’s a rude awakening.  Nothing makes one want to stay in bed more than the untimely sounding of an alarm clock.

You guessed it, that’s what life is like.  No one wants to be awakened with a harsh lesson.  We all want to learn our lessons the easy way and slowly wake up to them without any consequences for not understanding them sooner, yet we keep oversleeping. Our life is like a dream that we aren’t aware of most of the time.  We do things without  considering how they affect our life or others around us.  We make the same mistakes over and over.  We let life lead us, just as in a dream we follow along.

Lucid dreaming is when we have a dream while we are sleeping and suddenly we  are aware that we are dreaming.  From that point on in the dream we are able to make decisions and change anything we want.  Like we can fly away from a monster, which, seriously, is what I did in a dream once.  I’m not sure if it was a monster, but I knew something horrible was chasing me through a science research center.  I was running as fast as I could, careening down long corridors with closed doors on either side, flourescent lights overhead, until I reached a huge lobby with three stories of glass in a semi-circle in front of me.  The monster was close when I realized I was dreaming.  I was so excited.  I realized I could do whatever I wanted.  So I flew, crashing through the glass soaring into the beautiful blue sky above the trees.


This dream was about fear.  I was being chased by an invisible monster, an invisible fear, an unknown fear.  There was nothing visible chasing me and yet in the dream I was terrified that I would be killed if I let it catch me.  We do the same thing in life.  We let our imagination conjure up invisible demons.  We let our worries destroy our faith.  We suffer from unspecified anxiety.  We run from the fear of failure or success.  We are afraid to have it all and afraid to have nothing.  The glass wall represented my third eye, my soul, my spirit.  In the dream I realized I could escape by crashing through the glass.  It was symbolic of me recognizing the powerlessness of my fear when making contact with my higher self.  When we are connected to spirit we have no fear.

In our waking life we sometimes act as though we can’t make any changes in our lives.  We continue to do the same stupid things over and over.  We continue to follow old patterns of actions and thinking.  It’s time we tried lucid waking.  It’s called mindfulness and it’s amazing!  We can learn without making the same mistakes over and over.  As the Professor said, we must try to understand our illusions and our suffering.  Self awareness is a beautiful thing and allows us to live a much happier life.

Life reviews are good for us.  Taking a look at patterns in our thoughts and actions is very revealing about what we believe and what illusions we continue to hold onto.  You would think that after we found out about Santa Claus we would question everything, but we don’t.  Start to question everything.  Everything.  If Quantum Physics is teaching us anything, it is that it’s all a matter of perception.  Our consciousness impacts everything we think about, observe, or act  upon.

Start to see with your third eye.  This is the vision of your being, your intuition, your consciousness and the only true reality.  Let go of illusions and you let go of suffering.

And how do you see with your intuition and consciousness?  Here’s that word again, meditation.  I will be doing a post soon on how to meditate that’s a little more in-depth.  For now, try sitting comfortably, relax, close your eyes, take three deep clearing breaths and then just notice your breathing. Don’t change your breathing.  Don’t try to regulate the pattern of your breathing.  Just watch it.  Experience how it feels through your nostrils, notice how your abdomen moves out when you inhale and moves in when you exhale.  Observe your breathing quietly.  If thoughts come up, just return to your observation.  Just keep returning to the breath.  Do that for at least twenty minutes a day.


Practicing mindfulness is simply being aware of your thinking.  Choose thoughts that work for you and not against you.  Never denigrate yourself.  See the good in yourself and when you slip up, let it go and realize that you just learned something new.  Isn’t that great!

Soon, you’ll be seeing patterns in your thinking and that knowledge and insight will help you to develop new beliefs and new thought patterns that are empowering and life affirming.  Make sure that what motivates you comes from a desire within you and not from the need for external approval.  

When you can be yourself, when you are motivated by your intuition, your suffering will end.

Some empowering affirmations:

  • I am aware of my thoughts and use them to my advantage.
  • I do what I love.
  • I am connected to the energy of the universe.
  • I am a wonderful person and deserve to do what I love.
  • I am filled with the energy of love and creativity.
  • I am one with All.

Imagine you are walking on the beach and you see God walking towards you.  When you ask  “Who am I?” what does God say?


The perfect answer every time.

“…I [have] always loved solitude…”  ~Albert Einstein

The vibration of the universe is perfection.  It is timeless and infinite.  It always has been and always will be.  It is everywhere and it is now.  It is what you came from and where you are going.  It is constantly flowing through you.  When you are completely connected with it, in loving kindness, then it shines from you like starlight.   When you are lost in the creative process you are caught in the glorious flow of perfection.


This indefinable energy, this beautiful frequency resonates throughout the universe, filling it with perfect love.  Love is just another word for perfection.  This energy is so perfect and so beautiful that it is unnameable.  It is inconceivable.  It is pure being.  Lao Tzu said,

” A way that can be walked

is not The Way

A name that can be named

is not The Name

The Tao is that

which cannot be spoken”

We can only experience spirit.  We can’t see it or hear it.  We cannot understand it without the experience of it, though we try.  We cannot explain it, though we try.  It is so inconceivable that it is like trying to describe to a blind person what  purple looks like, or show a deaf person music, or explain to a person with no sense of smell the fragrance of lilacs.  People who have had Near Death Experiences try to explain it to people, but they know it lies beyond words.


Intuition is just another word for this wonderful energy.  Another word for the divine vibration which is you.  Another word for God, or the universe, or whatever term you choose to give your higher self.  When we can allow the divine to flow through us without influencing it with our negative thoughts and beliefs we cannot make a mistake.  We cannot misstep when we are allowing divine love to guide us.  When we follow out intuition we are never wrong.  It is in the allowing ourselves to follow our intuition that we come to trouble.  We become afraid to follow that inner guidance.  Our ego jumps upon it so quickly that we don’t even know what our first thought, our intuition, was at times!  True!

We are such control freaks!  Admit it, we all are.  It is one of the hardest things to give up.  Giving up our pushy nature and allowing the wisdom of the universe to guide us feels nearly impossible at times.  Oh, we of little faith!

The next time you want to go against your intuition, remember how perfect the universe is.  Look up to the sky and see the stars.  Look into the woods and see the perfect cycles of nature.  Look at a child and see their unencumbered joy.  The word unencumbered speaks volumes about how we pile cultural influences on top of our intuition, so high that it’s hard to dig out a glimmer of the light hidden beneath it all.   Let go of your fears and let the pure energy of perfection guide you.  Be unencumbered!


If you have a really big decision to make.  Meditate for a while, walk in the woods for a while.  Albert spent a lot of time walking in the woods, he loved solitude. He came up with the Theory of Relativity after spending a day in nature.  He was open to the perfect clarity of the universe.  Do a guided meditation to retrieve an answer from your higher self.  Put yourself in a position where it is easier for you to connect with that perfect vibration that flows forever through you.  When you feel ready, when you feel at peace, ask the question and you will get the right answer, probably before you even have a chance to finish the question.

Let the perfect vibration of the universe resonate with your being.  Allow the fear to dissolve and be transformed, by that perfect resonance, into faith.  Expect perfection from the universe, not from yourself.  You will invariably screw it up.  Your higher self always has the right answer.  The more time you spend in harmony with the vibration of the infinite, the more easily you can tap into the intuition that is always within you. Meditation can bring you into harmony with the universe.  I repeat myself for a good reason.  It works.  And it makes you younger.  True.  It slows the heart beat, lowers the blood pressure, and is all around good for you.  Don’t push to be perfect, allow the universe to do all the work for you.

Some perfect affirmations:

  • I am perfect.
  • I have all the right answers within me.
  • I am part of the infinite wisdom of the universe.
  • I flow through life with ease.
  • I allow peace to be my nature.
  • I am love.

Imagine that you are sitting on a beach looking out to the horizon on a deserted island.  Someone walks out of the thick jungle.  Who is it?  What do you ask them?  What do they tell you?  Sit with them and feel the perfection of the universe.




I am not going to fight anymore.

” I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough.”     ~Albert Einstein

Of all of the Professsor’s quotes I think this is one of the most important.  It seems so trivial, so trite, but to me it means so much.  It’s about allowing.  It’s about not fighting.  It’s about letting go and allowing the universe to lead us.  If we can allow ourselves to be who we are, which is indistinguishable from the All, then we can allow the All to take us where we are meant to go.

When we fight against something, whether it’s the government, corporations, banks, our emotions, our friends, our feelings, our family, people we work with, if we fight against any thing or situation at all that we don’t want in our lives, then we are giving it energy.  We are feeding a fight.  We are transforming our energy, our love, into a weapon.  As we struggle against this thing we are fueling it and the situation will continue as long as we feed it.  I don’t think these are things we want to feed.

We want to feed joy, peace, and love.  We want to allow the universe, which we know is love, to lead us to a place of happiness.  Happiness is our birthright.  It is the product of love.  Anything that can take our peace away is not real.  The only thing that can take our peace away is forgetting who we are; love.


If you truly know that you are not separate from the universe, from love, then you can never be without peace.  Externals will not affect you.  You will be the presence of love.  In this state of being you are untouchable.  If you find yourself feeling “negatives” and while feeling them you accept them as a natural reaction and don’t fight them then you are allowing. You become an observer of these feelings, rather than a participant.  You are being present in your being of love and seeing these things as what they are, manifestations of the ego.

When you are angry at someone, you are not being love, for if you were, you would not judge or condemn them, knowing that you are not separate from them.  They are part of the universe, part of the infinite matrix of love.  All is well in your world when you know this.  You will forgive instantaneously, and eventually see that there is nothing to forgive.  How can you be angry at someone who doesn’t yet know that they are love?  Often we act from a lack of faith.  We don’t believe that the universe loves us, we are too impatient to wait for the result of our beliefs and thoughts.  We feel unloved and abandoned.  In these times it is so important to inspire ourselves and remember times that the universe saved us.  We are here for a reason and the universe will give us everything we need to fulfill our purpose.


When you stop worrying about the future and let the universe lead you, you will be allowing all the love and joy to happen spontaneously.  The universe will lead you to your perfect self.  The universe will lead you to places you thought you would never be because of your ego’s limiting beliefs.  Magic will ensue!  Be prepared for the unexpected and relish it.  Be prepared for miracles and embrace them!

There are no limits to how happy you can be when you allow the limitless potential of eternity to take over and guide you!  Eternity is now.  Allowing all possiblities and all experiences into your life will help you realize the wonders of the mysterious.


Don’t worry about anything, but if you do worry (as we all do), allow yourself that, be gentle on yourself, knowing that the universe sees your nurturing of yourself as an indication of self love and will help you through it.  Give your worries to the universe, or Angels or Jesus or God, or whatever symbol of love and guidance works for you.  Allow them to take your burdens.

Allowing is loving.  Letting go and giving up the fight is loving.  Following the peace works.  Fighting continues the cycle of anxiety and fear.  Let go and let love lead you.  You will be amazed at the wonderful synchronicity of love.

  • Allow yourself the happiness of these affirmations:
  • All that happens in my life is leading me to a place of peace.
  • I allow the universe to guide me, trusting in its love for me.
  • There are no bad emotions.
  • I give up my burdens to love.
  • I allow myself to be lead by love.
  • All is forgotten and forgiven, I am at peace.

Imagine yourself living in a world where all people act from a place of love.

It’s exhausting trying to make an impression.

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” ~Albert Einstein

Can you allow yourself to just be who you are?  It sounds rather easy, but when people are expecting certain behaviors from us and if we have been performing a certain role for a very long time it can be quite difficult to even know who we are, let alone allow ourselves to be that person.

We don’t have to fight and struggle and strive in this life.  To be who we are, we just have to allow.  Whenever there is any tension in us it is because we are having an experience that is not congruent with who we are in that moment.  We don’t have to be talkative if we don’t want to be.  We don’t have to be happy all the time.  We don’t have to be nurturing others all the time.  We don’t have to be the one who takes care of the problems all the time.  We don’t have to be perfectly dressed and done up all the time.  Gosh, if you try to be perfect all the time you put a lot of pressure on other people to be perfect all the time.  Be yourself and allow them the same rest and expansion.


It’s tiresome putting on a face for the world.  It’s exhausting trying to make an impression.  It’s stressful to always try to say the right thing and act the right way.  Those who love you don’t care.  They really don’t.  Those who think you’ve gone batty because you’re becoming who you are, are just frightened that their familiar is no longer present.  They don’t know how to react to this new you.  It’s scary.  And, heaven forbid, they should be expected to change.  That will be their first reaction.  Some may run from this new unmasked you.  But, others will start to relax and a little seed of change and authenticity will start to take shape in them, start to grow ever so slightly.  They may not feel the need to fix themselves up and put on their mask to be around you.  They’ll relax enough to show you a truer side of themselves.


Conversations will become more real.  Instead of talking about people and politics or celebrities and events, you’ll discuss ideas and feelings, philosophies and spirituality.  You’ll talk about positive things.  Things that matter.  You’ll have no time for stories and cynicism.  You’ll only have time for people who are interested in positive change and growth.

Don’t worry, all your friends won’t dissappear and, as an added special bonus prize, you’ll attract new people who are vibrating at your authentic level.  People who are growing and expanding along with you.  You’d be surprised how many people feel the same way you do.  Once one person starts to express ideas that just a few years ago were considered a little outside of the mainstream, it’s surprising how many they find who are on the same page.


It may have to do  with the fact that more people are looking for answers outside of a society gone mad with materialism and greed.  More people are dissatisfied with a superficial life unfulfilled and are looking for answers. As you start to feel the divine in you and follow that divine, allowing it to lead you to your real self you will attract others of like frequency and you will also be helping to raise the consciousness of all beings.  This growing consciousness is effecting the lives of many people, some are not ready to allow it, but many are.  They will be drawn to you and you to them.

Anita Moorjani wrote a book called Dying to Be Me.  We don’t need to go that far, do we?  You will find many like minded souls.  The number of people looking for their true selves is ever expanding.  Don’t be afraid to be you.  You’re in good company.

Some authentic affirmations;

  • I am guided by my divine self to be who I am.
  • I am happy with my thoughts and feelings.
  • I accept myself as who I am.  I have no one to impress.
  • I am grateful for my ever expanding group of friends.
  • I attract people who are growing and expanding.

Imagine yourself in your comfy clothes, sitting with a group of people in their comfy clothes enjoying a wonderful laugh.  Laugh out loud!  Seriously, laugh out loud.  Now!

A Brief History of Love.

“We cannot blame gravity for the phenomenon of people falling in love.”  ~Albert Einstein.

During my early college years I was lucky enough to have some amazing professors, one of whom was Peter Anastas.  Peter taught Creative Writing and was a favorite professor of mine. He enjoyed his work so much and shared his knowledge with such enthusiasm that it would have been difficult not to love his classes.

He would sometimes share stories of the city in which he grew up and the people who populated his youth.  One of his stories stuck with me all these years and so I thought I would share it with you.

Henry and Natalie met in college, both history majors, they loved their studies and their mutual enthusiasm for history brought hours of intellectual and emotional passion. Apart they both had wonderful energy, but together it was multiplied by synergystic magic.  They walked together on a plane above their peers, their energy transforming their surroundings into a page turning tome of history, myth, and marvel.  They relished their years together at university.


Henry graduated a year before Natalie and on graduation night Henry asked Natalie to marry him.  I won’t leave you in suspense.  After all, you know she said, “Yes!”  Who could have been happier than Henry and Natalie?  No one.  They loved and appreciated each other.  They lived in a world manifested by their happiness.  They delighted in each other.

But, her parents, concerned for their daughter, told them that they must wait the year until Natalie graduated before marrying.  Her parents said that if it was real love it would wait.  Henry and Natalie waited the long year until Natalie graduated and then they wed.

Their life was everything that their courtship had been and more.  They both worked as  historians traveling the world together to ancient sites of battles and betrayals, to monuments of human endeavor.  They wrote together and taught together.  Their lives were spent doing exactly what they loved to do and so they were always happy.  They never had children and were each others best friend and lover.


Their life was magical in many ways.  That they were able to take what they loved and live from it.  That they still delighted in each other after years and years.  That they traveled the world together sharing their passions.  They were blessed.

Natalie left the world before Henry.  He continued working on their legacy.  At a reception for him, honoring his and Natalie’s work, Henry was asked, “If you could change any one thing in your whole life what would it be?”

He replied, “I wouldn’t have waited the year to get married.”


Wow.  A life manifested by happiness and doing what you love.

Life and love affirmations:

  • I do what I love and love what I do.
  • When I am my real self the universe sends me more things to love.
  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved.
  • I am fearless in the knowledge that my life is blessed.
  • My partner may not be perfect, but is perfect for me.
  • I may not be perfect, but I’m perfect for my partner.

Imagine doing what you love and enjoying life to the fullest!

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Pink piggy kitchen timers and heroin.

“Before God we are all equally wise and foolish.” ~Albert Einstein

A few years ago I was out with a few friends.  One of them, M, is a close friend and a very generous person.  At that time she was allowing the daughter of one of her old friends to recuperate from a hospital stay at her home.  Her friend’s daughter, K, was staying in a bedroom on the lower level of M’s home.  She was due to move out soon and M noticed her suitcase in K’s room.  She went in to take it and saw that it was filled with her own things.  K had gone through M’s house and “shopped.”  M also found out that K had used her credit card for purchases ranging from coffee and donuts to expensive electronics.

K was addicted to heroin.  She had been in the hospital for a medical issue that had almost killed her.  M allowed her to recuperate at her house and K robbed her.  M seemed to be stuck on the question of why K stole such bizarre items.  A pink piggy kitchen timer, a corkscrew, a pair of jeans, and a bikini top to name a few.  The suitcase was filled with an odd assortment of useless stuff.  Why?


Because K has a hole inside of her that she is trying to fill with pink piggy kitchen timers and heroin.  She is not alone.  We all have a hole inside of us that we try to fill.  The difference is that most of us fill the holes in our souls in a socially acceptable fashion.  Literally in socially acceptable fashion at times.  We try to fill our soul holes with clothing, chachkes, furntiure, cars, accessories, appliances, redecorating, shopping, shopping, and more shopping.  It doesn’t matter what we fill the hole with, we just need a distraction, a momentary pleasure.


We try to fill our lives with stuff so that we don’t have to look at the scary.  We shop for the same reason that we drink, or smoke, or work constantly.  We do everything we can to avoid  exploring what lies beneath the surface.  What is in that deep, dark hole?  That hole that never seems to get filled.  Even though we may be afraid it might overwhelm us, we can never be whole until we face the hole.

As long as we continue to try to fill the hole without seeing what’s causing it, we will be shoveling stuff into it for eternity.  That hole is dug with dissappointment, jealousy, anger, confusion, self-pity, loneliness, blame, self-loathing, need, insecurity, and every other negative emotion that the Ego leads us to believe is who we are.  The hole is fear.  The Ego wants us to be so busy trying to hide it from our True Self and others that there is no time to explore our real nature.  The Ego distracts us with stuff.  We are not the Ego.  We can shine a flashlight into that hole and realize that we are not unworthy because we weren’t the favorite child in the family.  We will see that we aren’t stupid because our second grade teacher didn’t like us.  We aren’t useless because we can’t play soccer as well as  our best friend, we aren’t undeserving because our parents made less money and we had less stuff, we aren’t dirty because we were sexually abused, we aren’t ugly because the one we liked liked someone else, we aren’t disgusting because we had sex with lots of people when we were young, we aren’t lazy because we daydreamed a lot, and we aren’t worthless because we are addicts.  We dig these holes in our souls with all of these Ego based lies and then the hole is so big and so scary that we think we might fall in if we explore it.

Every negative thing someone did to you is a reflection of who they are, not who you are.  If you weren’t treated fairly, it is not because you didn’t deserve to be.  If others had more, it’s not because you deserved less.  If your parents didn’t love you, it’s not because you didn’t deserve to be loved.  We need to look at these lies and let them go.

We need to look into these holes and see what untruths fill them and fill the holes with the truth.  The truth is that you are infinite abundance, infinite creativity, and infinite love.  You are the Divine.  You are the ever expanding Light of the Universe!  To think any less of yourself is to believe the Ego driven lie.

We are born in certain circumstances for a reason.  We chose to be born into our life.  From those choices of parents (and circle of people), geography, time, and physical attributes come all of our potential experiences.  You are reading this now because you have expressed a desire to grow and the universe, knowing your desire, has sent you many different ways to learn and grow.  Others have not been able to surmount the life challenges they set up for themselves.  Or, they chose to be born in this life as the “bad” one, the “addict,” the “thief,” or the “murderer” to teach us all a much needed lesson; it is not our place to judge.  What a beautiful thing to do, to choose to be born “bad,” to help others grow.


As Max Plank, Nobel prize winning physicist, and a colleague of Albert’s said, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such.”  If there is no matter, then how can we fill up a hole with stuff.  We can only fill it with energy.  We can transform all of that negative energy into self-love.  Fill yourself with the energy of self love.

Let’s look into that hole and recognize the lies.  Let’s replace them with the love that we are.  Let’s look on all people with love, understanding that we don’t know anything about their lives or choices.  The only thing we know about them is who they truly are.  They are the Divine.  When we look on all people as Divine we see beyond the illusion of this life.

I’ve heard of a lot of spiritual groups that speak of consumption and attachment to things and tell people to use the mantra, “I have enough.”  I don’t believe this works, I think everyone needs to say, “I am enough.”  Believe it, you are everything.

Let’s fill the hole with these affirmations:

  • I am infinite love.
  • I am infinite peace.
  • I am infinite abundance.
  • I am infinite creativity.
  • I see only love in all beings.
  • I see the light of the Divine in all beings.

Close your eyes and imagine that you shine a flashlight into a deep hole in the ground, there is a wild animal in the hole?    Bring it into the light and ask questions of it.  It will refule to talk to you or try to lie to you at first, but you will recognize the lies.   It has no power over you.  State the truth.  Tell the wild animal that you are love and that they are love.  See the animal with love.  See it transform.  What does it become?

Here’s a beautiful book to inspire you and help you grow.  

I’m no Einstein but, let’s save time and assume I’m always right.

“I do not like to express an opinion on a matter unless I know the precise facts.” ~Albert Einstein

There are so many things I’ve said and done that I would take back and most of them are because I made an assumption.  So many!  This is one of my hardest lessons.  I’ve learned not to take things personally pretty well.  I’ve learned to be kind pretty well.  I’ve learned to be honest pretty well.  I try to do my best.  But, geesh, do I make assumptions.  I have assumed that when someone said something that they meant the exact opposite of what they really meant!  I have assumed that if someone didn’t call me when they said they would it was because they didn’t like me.  I assumed that when I found something wrong that I knew exactly who did it and why.  What a jerk face I’ve been shown to be time and again.  Often, though, the only person I’ve hurt is myself.


Part of the assuming issue is that we want to blame someone, ourself or someone else, for something which has gone wrong.   We may also assume because we so often, through habitual thinking, go to the negative; thinking there is something wrong with us and that is why someone treated us badly.   We get angry because we assume that we’re not good enough.  Is it really time to read “I suppose I deserved that” again?  What did I do wrong that they treated me that way?  Only to find that our assumption was wrong!   The only thing we did wrong was make an assumption.  All that hurt for nothing.

With children we may find the proverbial broken vase and immediately think they were playing ball in the house again and broke it, after we’ve told them time and again not to play ball in the house.  Anger ensues, yelling happens, then we find out we are completely WRONG, AGAIN!  Children are just small people.  Treat them with the same respect you would give an adult.


You think someone stood you up; you are hurt and angry.  Sometimes a confrontational scenario plays in your mind.  Ohhhhh, what a repetoire of clever verbage you come up with to assault them when they finally make an appeatance.  They have no respect for your time!   Then you check your calendar and, ooooops, WRONG, AGAIN!  Then, unfortunately, you use all of those carefully chosen words on yourself, beating yourself up.  Don’t do it.  Move on!

You hear that someone said something that you don’t like one little bit!  You again have that confrontational scene in your head and guess what?  That’s right (correct assumption here)  WRONG, AGAIN!  It’s even worse when we actually follow through with our assaults based on assumption only to find out they we’re wrong!

A dear friend of mine had been out of touch.  I called quite a few times without reply.  After months I gave up.  We had been good friends for years.   I couldn’t understand her silence.  I was hurt and confused.  Then I finally heard from her almost a year later.  She had been very sick.  She hadn’t had the energy to get out of bed most days.  She was consumed with her illness.  I should have gone to her house.  I should have left a note saying I was worried about her because I hadn’t heard from her.  But, in my selfish ego mind, I was’t worried about her.  I was worried that she was no longer my friend.  I could have been there for her if I had taken more time to find out why she didn’t return my calls, instead of assuming she didn’t want to see me.  I could have brought her soup and helped her with errands or anyting else she needed.  But, I assumed.  My loss.


We can avoid so much hurt and anguish if we could only stop assuming.  Communicate!  Just ask.  Before you do anything, including getting angry, check the facts.  Thank you, Herr Professor  Remember to use your anger as a guide.  Whenever you feel a negative emotion, stop, drop, and roll.  No, that’s not it.  Use your anger or hurt as an indicator that you have to be mindful of your thoughts.  Realize what you are doing.  Stop and get the facts.  Just the facts, ma’am.  No assumptions will be necessary.  Thank you, ma’am.  That will be all.

Ask questions.  Don’t assume.  Use your bongo to think good thoughts.  Use it to realize that most of the time your assumption is merely a miscommunication, a mistake, or best of all, “the issue” turns out to be a good thing.  In the end, it doesn’t hurt to hold off on judgment.   If you can’t think something good, don’t think anything at all.  I’m no Einstein, but I’m pretty sure assuming just makes an….. no I won’t go there.

I assume you’ll enjoy these affirmations:

  • I hold everyone in love and respect.
  • I realize that things are not always as they appear.
  • I use my emotions as guides to chart my course.
  • I have peace in knowing that everything happens for a good reason.
  • I communicate in a way that allows people to feel safe and trusted.

Imagine celebrating a wonderful life event.  All of your friends and family are there congratulating you.  You don’t need to know what the event is about, just imagine it.


“Where there is love, there is no imposition.” ~Albert Einstein

As a society, we’ve become a bit hard, haven’t we?  We’re angry, we’re exhausted, we’re stressed, and we’ve lost our patience.  We can be swiftly intolerant of mistakes.  We can be overly critical and arrogant.

Can we soften up just a little, please?  Can we be a little slower to take offense, a little slower to become impatient, a little slower in our cynical response?


We rush too much, don’t we?  Have you ever driven to work; the traffic was worse than you expected, and you feel like you are rushing?  I’ve done that and suddenly realized that I was sitting.  Sitting in my car on the highway, driving.  Why was I feeling rushed?  I couldn’t go any faster than I was going.  I couldn’t change any of it.  And so I took a deep, clearing breath and relaxed.  I got to work at the same time as if I had felt rushed all the way there, and I was happy.

When we are at work and feeling the pressure, can we suddenly realize that the stress isn’t making anything go faster or better?  Can we then take a clearing breath and relax.  Maybe even smile at a co-worker and say, “Wow, I lost it there for  minute.  There’s no sense in getting stressed.  It won’t help.”

When we run into the grocery on the way home from work can we smile at the cashier and chit chat with another customer?  It won’t take any longer.  Promise.


When we get home and start making supper can we talk with our family, really talk?  Can we tell a joke and laugh at one?  Can we give a hug?  Can we say something nice, just because?  Can we make them feel like we have all the time in the world to spend with them and that they are the only ones in the world with whom we want to spend that time?  Can we make them feel that special?


When supper is over can we enjoy each other for a few more minutes?  Can we be soft and loving to our precious family?  Can we realize how blessed we are?

Can we leave the external pressures and stresses of the world exactly where they are, outside of us, and let our internal being live in a soft peace all the time?  Do you remember the cashier and the person you talked with in line at the grocery store, maybe they went home and hugged someone, too.


One more thing, be just as soft and kind with yourself.

Say these affirmations softly, with the reverence of an oath:

  • I keep a softness of spirit and a kind word in my heart.
  • I am calm and peaceful even with chaos around me.
  • I walk in love and compassion.
  • All who enter my life feel better for it.
  • I treat all people with love and respect at all times.
  • I do not judge others.  I do not know their story or their pain.
  • I am blessed with an embarrassment of riches.

Imagine lying on the grass on a warm summer’s day and watching the clouds float above you while holding someone’s hand.