Interpreting Your Life

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” ~Albert Einstein

In a previous post I talked a little bit about symbols in dreams.  The same archetypes and symbols we use to interpret dreams are present during our waking hours.  Our lives can be interpreted just as our dreams can.  AFter all, they’re both illusions!


Let’s start with some basics.  For instance our cars.  Our cars represent our path in life.  When we have a problem with our car we can use that to find out what the issue is in our life with which we must deal.

For instance, if your car runs out of gas, that’s fairly easy to interpret.  We use that expression to describe people already.  I ran out of gas simply means you overextended your physical energy.  You probably need to get some more sleep or use a better, healthier fuel for your body.  Perhaps you’re living on junk food or other unhealthy food and you should be using premium fuel for your body.  On the next level it may mean you are not feeding yourself emotionally or intellectually.  On the an even higher level it may mean you are not fueling your spiritual growth.  Can you see how these symbols work on different levels depending on where you are in life or just depending on what area of your life it applies?  Your intuition will tell you what the level is.

When the brakes in your car are failing then perhaps you are going to fast in some area of your life and need to apply the brakes.  Did you meet someone and are running headlong into a relationship? Perhaps you should slow down.  Reevaluate.  You need to stop and assess the area in your life to which it applies.  Put on the brakes and slow down.


Windshield wipers not working well?  Windshields cracked or broken.  Any type of window represents your sight, what you see, and how you see it.  Again, this applies to your physical sight as well as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual sight.  How are you looking at things? Is your vision of what is real is cracked, distorted, and unhealthy.  Are you blinding yourself to something in your life that you don’t want to see?  Are you seeing things without assuming, without prejudice, without anger.  Try to be as honest with yourself as you can be and make sure you see people and events in your life clearly, with good perspective.  Try to see things in their best light, but at the very least don’t make assumptions.

Electrical system out of wack?  Are you putting your energy into the wrong area of your life?  Prioritize.

Got rear-ended by another driver?  Do you need to give yourself a push, motivate yourself, do something you’ve been putting off, because you just got a kick in the butt.

Rear ended someone else?  You’re not seeing what is right in front of you.  You need to reassess so that you don’t end up crashing and burning.  Or, alternately, are you pushing yourself or someone else in a path that is not the right one?  Are you following your authentic life or will you come to another dead-end?  You can use your car to help understand your life.  If you find you are making wrong turns and getting lost frequently then maybe you need to reassess the direction your life is going in because you may be headed the wrong way.

Think of other ways the car and the roads you drive may represent your life.  Do you keep hitting potholes?  Is your car overheating?   Does the heater work?  Does the air conditioning work?

Your home represents you.  The basement is below the living area.  It represents the subconscious.  Is your basement full of junk?  If it is, you have issues in your subconscious to deal with, probably long held beliefs that are erroneous.  Examine your beliefs and make sure they align with your consciousness.  And clean out your basement in real life as a symbol of your commitment to growth.

The attic is at the top of the house.  It represents your mind.  Is the attic full of clutter?   Perhaps your mind is always racing and you need to practice stillness and be more mindful of your thoughts.  Declutter your thinking.  You tend to replay old thoughts and patterns in your mind.  YOu may hold on to petty injustices and resentments.  Try meditating to still your mind.   Forgive.  And empty your attic.


The kitchen is often called the heart of the home.  Is it a place in which you want to spend time?  If it is big enough, do people congregate there or do you prefer them to be in the living areas.  If you do then perhaps you need to open your heart more and let people in. You may not be letting them get close.  Be more emotionally intimate, allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to love and life.  Invite people into your kitchen and your heart.

Is your living room a place that you sit and watch TV or a place that you share in community with family or friends?  If it’s TV, then perhaps you are escaping from life and avoiding your dreams and fears.  Don’t escape from life in your living room.    Make your living room a place of community and growth.

Is your bedroom a mess?  The bedroom would represent the private you, or if in relationship, it may represent the relationship.  If it is cluttered and messy, it may be a sign that you may not take the time to nurture yourself or that you don’t feel you are worth the effort.  Or that you are not giving your relationship the attention it deserves.  Make your bedroom a sanctuary, so that you will nurture yourself and so that your relationship will be a place of trust and tranquility.  Throw in some passion, too.

Is your front yard full of weeds or a place of beauty?  The front yard often represents your future.  If it is full of weeds it is a sign that you may feel hopeless about your future.  If it’s a place of beauty; you may be putting on a good face and want everyone to think that your life is wonderful and you have it all together.  Is it a false facade to prevent people from seeing the real you, because you feel that the real you is not worth seeing?  This is especially true if the inside of your house is kind of a mess.  Conversely it may mean that you feel good about your future and yourself.

Is you backyard a mess or well done?  The back yard represents your past.  Have you cleaned up the old beliefs and indoctrination?  Have you dealt with past hurts and anger?  If your back yard is in good shape than your dealings with your past probably are, too.

From seeing these examples of how things in your life represent your journey you can extrapolate from here and find other ways in which the universe is trying to open your eyes to promote your growth and happiness.  I believe in universal symbols, archetypes, such as the warrior, the Goddess, the lion, but we also have cultural and personal symbols.  I think that in China an elephant is considered a symbol of wisdom, while in America the owl signifies wisdom.  On a personal level you have your own symbols.  Some might see the color green as representing money while others may think gold symbolizes wealth.  Try to see if you can identify any of your personal symbols as you explore this tool.

What are some of the symbols in these examples that ring true for you?  Tell us about some of your experiences and how you recognized what they meant in your life and beliefs.   Or after reading this you may look back on events and say. “Aha!  That’s what that meant!”  Don’t expect to wake up from this dream for a while.  The good thing is you’re not likely to forget it.

Some symbolic affirmations:

  • My intuition helps me recognize the symbols in my life.
  • I use the symbols the universe sends me to learn and grow.
  • My physical life represents my spiritual growth.  I will be aware of the messages given to me.
  • I use symbols in my surroundings to help me on my path.

Imagine that your life is a dream and interpret it.

Who has the most toys?

“A life directed chiefly toward the fulfillment of personal desires will sooner or later always lead to bitter dissappointment.”   ~Albert Einstein

In the end it’s really not about who has the most toys, is it?  It’s about who gave the most love.  Nurses often hear death bed regrets.  No one ever regrets not working enough hours, they regret not spending enough time with the people they loved.  No one ever regrets doing something and failing if they gave it a real try.  They regret not trying to do something that they always wanted to do.

A life trying to acquire is a life searching for happiness outside of ourselves.  George Carlin said it best.  Yes, even better than the Professor, but you didn’t hear that from me.  George said, “Trying  to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.”  I’m sure that Albert would agree.

Albert didn’t think much of possessions.  He wore the same clothes every day because he couldn’t be bothered with picking out clothing to wear.  It was a uniform of sorts.  Things did not float his boat.  Possessions had no importance.  He enjoyed the peace of not caring what others thought about him.

Our desire for many of the things we want stems from the media and our concern that we aren’t keeping up appearances.  do you recognize the voice of your ego?  Do we have the right clothes for that occassion, do we drive the right car, do we go to the right restaurants, do we …….?  Often we are not even conscious of our way down deep real personal gut desires, our purpose.  We are too busy trying to keep up with the things we want and think we need.  We work too much to buy these things.  We worry too much about having them.  We think that when we get our dream house we’ll be happy, when we find the perfect sofa for the living room, when we find our true love, when we get the job we want.  We put off happiness until we get what we think we want only to be on our death bed saying, “Dang, I didn’t need that.  I don’t care if I had an Austin Martin or a vacation home or a new pair of shoes.  Paying for all that crap took way too much time away from the people I loved and the experiences I dreamed about.  I never even really tried to write that book. I never went back country camping in the winter (we all have our individual dreams!), I never told my kids how proud I am of them.  I never dared to sing Karaoke.  I wore clothes that made me fit in, but didn’t fit my personality.  I should have got a dog, I always wanted one….”  Ask youself now, where does my happiness lie?  Take some time today and think about it.  If you have no idea just relax and put the question out there knowing that the universe will bring you an answer.  Allow it to bringthe answer to you rather than pushing to find out.  Let go, relax and let the universe guide you.


One might say, vacations are so much fun; they cost a lot and I have to work to pay for them.  Remember when you were a little kid and you didn’t have any stress and every day was a vacation!  Yes, every day you did your duty by playing.  Now, what if you scaled back on the stressful bills and big house and on and on and instead just decided to do your duty and play.  Sure you’ll work, but not to buy stuff.  You’ll work enough to pay for the necessities.  You’ll work enough to get by and have more time to play.


Have a vegetable garden, learn an instrument, dance around the house, write that book, go camping.  Your life will be a vacation.  And what happens when you do things you love and enjoy and feel that wild ‘I love life’ exuburance?  The universe will send you more joyful experiences.  Reflecting your bliss right back in your face!  So don’t worry about where the money will come from to enjoy life without working constantly.  Your enthusiasm is like a message to the universe that you want more of the same! Know the universe provides enjoyment to those who enjoy.


But aren’t I always saying that you can have whatever you want.  And you can.  If you see yourself as wealthy, you will get it, if you believe that you deserve it, etc.  Will it make you happy or should you just go ahead and tape those bologna sandwiches to your shirt?  If your goal is momentary, temporary happiness attach it to things.  If you want lasting happiness, it comes from your heart.  If you want lasting happiness, do what brings a smile to your face and visualize yourself doing things that you enjoy.  Just imagine yourself telling your friends how unbelievably happy you are now the you’re living your own life.  There is a family that does this, they have stopped caring what others think of them and live a simple, but much happier life.  They are the Economides.  We could all take a few pages from their book!   You can have both!  Follow your heart and live in your very own unique way.  All will be well.

Happy Affirmations

I am grateful for the happy people and experiences that enhance my life.

I attract happy people and we enjoy each others company.

I am eternally grateful for my ability to find the best in any situation.

I smile at people I don’t know.  I send them love and blessings.

I am happy to be of service.

I find fulfillment in my daily life.

Imagine yourself celebrating and laughing with friends and family.

Love is your natural vibration

“When the solution is simple. God is answering.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Our energy, our very personal vibration reflects who we are.  It is who we are.  Whatever vibrational frequency we are currently at, whether it is of love or fear, is what the universe is vibrating back to us.   It’s that simple.  Knowing this, it only makes sense to vibrate at the frequency of love!  Love does not need an object.  Love just is.  You can feel love when you are all alone.  You can feel love in a huge crowd of strangers.  Love is an energy.  It does not need a receiver.  You are the transmitter.  You are the source.  Love, gratitude, abundance are all of your own wonderful positive energies.


Feel them.  Explore how wonderful those emotions feel.  As you realize the positive influence these thoughts have on your emotions, as well as the well being of all with whom you come into contact, it will simply initiate more positive thoughts and interactions.  More positive emotions will follow.  The universe will have trouble keeping up with you!

We can use our power to change our lives and change the world.   We can have anything we desire.  That is how powerful we are.  Start to see the life you want and start to see the world in which you wish to live.   Know that wish is a reality!  FAITH in your ability to effect change simply by transforming your energy is the KEY to your power.  Words are stronger than thoughts and actions are stronger than words.  They all carry power, but it starts with our thoughts.  That’s why being mindful of our thoughts is so important.  (Notice how I repeat that concept, it’s  the simple path to happiness!)

Think about your energy.  When does it feel the most intense?  If you’re like me it’s when you’re feeling a strong emotion.  Emotion will always increase the strength of your vibration, whether good or bad.   When you imagine something, or are practicing your visualizations, use the power of your amazing emotions and get things moving at a more rapid pace!


If you did nothing but feel love all the time your energy would attract the pinnacle of happiness.  The highest frequency brings the best life.  The feeling of love increases your happiness just as it is!  It’s not rocket science!  It’s quantum physics.  Perception of your world makes a huge difference!  Perceive goodness and love.


Truly see how divine you are.  Know your inheritance.  Feel the love, the love that is yours, the love that you are.

I love these affirmations:

  • All you need is love.
  • I am in control of my emotions and use them to bring me happiness.
  • The universe recognizes my desires and works quickly to realize them.
  • I see a world saturated in love.
  • I treat all beings with love and respect.
  • Love is all you need.

See all people you meet as loved ones.  Extend love and respect to them all.