Don’t eat the Apple!!!


-“No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus.  His personality pulsates in every word.  No myth is filled with such life.”  ~Albert Einstein

Okay, let’s talk about Jesus again.  If you’ve been reading my posts you know I’m talking about Jesus as the man who transcended the illusion of a physical world in his lifetime.  I’m talking about the man who knew that the story of Adam and Eve eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge was sorely misinterpreted.  He knew the real meaning of the story is that the apple represents knowledge received in the physical world.  The knowledge given by the “apple,” in this case, is that the physical world is reality.  That’s all the apple represented, belief in a physical reality, a belief in the data of the physical world.  Adam and Eve were banished from heaven, heaven being the truth that physical reality is an illusion and that we are actually spiritual beings.  And, so, they were banished from the state of grace, from knowing who they truly were.  Their banishment was self-imposed.  Once they believed that the physical world was the only reality, they forgot that they were unlimited divine beings.  Knowledge, in this sense, is a human understanding of life.  Adam and Eve gave up their divinity by believing in the physical as real.  Of course God didn’t kick them out.  They simply erroneously believed.  Heaven is knowing that only love is real and all else is illusory.  We get knowledge from the physical world, laws such as the law of gravity and the laws of motion.  The only “truth” that many believe is what our five senses can tell us.  From the spiritual world we know all, we are omniscient, we are all-powerful and all creative.  We are the pure energy of love.  The spiritual world shows us that we are unlimited and all present.  We cannot get this knowing from the physical world.  All we can get from the physical world is facts and data.  That is why it is so important to spend time in spirit.  That is what Jesus was trying to tell us.


In spirit we begin to realize just how amazing and connected we are to All, and I mean All, the everything, everyone kind of All.  We begin to know of our divinity and we find out that we are boundless love.  Jesus knew that.  He realized that this physical reality is just a collective holograph, a theory that quantum physicists are just now putting forward.  Professor, you had nothing over Jesus.  Imagine a being so advanced that he was able to “divine” all of this.  And he shared it with us.  He was love.  He could only heal people who believed that he was divine love.  When we can see him clearly, without all the misinterpretations that have been presented as his message, then we can learn from his life.

I’m repeating myself here, but Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within.”  You are God.  You are a part of the divine.  You are the pure energy of love which is everywhere and infinite.  You were created in the “image of God.”   There is no time and space.  There is only the “always was and always will be.”  There is only the omnipresent and omniscient.  Sounds like God and is also the definition of energy.  As God cannot be destroyed neither can energy.  Neither can you.  As God is everywhere at all times, so is energy.  So are you.  As God makes up infinity, so does energy.  So do you.


It has already been shown that all matter is simply dense, organized energy, so surely you can at least be open to the idea that you are a part of the All.  Matter is energy.  You are matter, therefore…  When we all finally realize our divinity the world will no longer be a place of competition and fear of lack.  We will all realize our connectedness and that we are all a unique and integral part of pure love and peace.  We are as important as Jesus was in bringing the truth to light.

Through your consciousness, indistinguishable from the All, you bring that light into the world.  That’s how important you are.  We cannot do this individually.  We must all be brought into the truth.  The truth will, literally, set us free.  So, the next time you think about meditating to raise your consciousness, remember that you will be doing the world a service by opening to spirit.  The more people who open to spirit the more our Collective Consciousness will be raised and then more people will begin to really “know” the divine.

Jesus is a part of you.  His energy, also called, “Christ Consciousness” is what will lead you to the divine.  I’m not saying the only way to God is through belief that Jesus was his son.  I don’t think Jesus was saying that.  When he said that the only way to heaven “is through me,” I believe he was using “me” as his term for pure consciousness.  Also called the “I am”

“I am” is a good meditation mantra.  “I am” is a powerful tool of transformation. I am.  Jesus knew the I am.  He is the I am.  He taught the I am.  All that we are is what Jesus taught us.  He is not the only being who lived on earth that transcended the illusion.  There are those recorded in history like Jesus, the Buddha, and others, but many more who quietly transcended or had few followers.  Jesus and Buddha brought their light to many more and have changed many lives.  Most  humans have been so entrenched in the physical world that few have understood or listened.  He who has ears, listen was a refrain of Jesus.  In areas of the world where spirituality is given more importance than consuming and conquering there have been many more trancendants, places like India and parts of Asia.  There have been many “masters” from these areas because their culture embraces the idea of spiritual transcendence, but more importantly they embrace living a life focused on spiritual loving kindness.  People like Lao Tsu who wrote the I Ching.  Our culture is changing and there is a huge spiritual movement of unprecedented numbers.  Sixty years ago meditation wasn’t even in most people’s vocabulary, let alone a part of their lives and yet, now, it is a daily practice for many in the west.


We are a growing number.  People are dissatisfied with the physical reality.  There can be no true and lasting joy in the physical reality.  Only by knowing who we are can we ever truly be self-realized and eternally happy.  So, thank you, Jesus and all of you other masters, for that.  We’re working on it.

Some transcendental affirmations:

  • I am.
  • I am love.
  • I am peace.
  • I am divine.
  • I am prosperous.
  • I am generous.
  • I am perfect.

Imagine you get to interview Jesus or Buddha or any master for a morning news show.  Ask them some good questions.

Challenge accepted.

“Our actions should be based on the ever-present awareness that human beings in their thinking, feeling, and acting are not free but are just as causally bound as the stars in their motion.” ~ Albert Einstein

When we accept less than perfect love into our souls then we are infecting ourselves with negative energy which we must then work to transform into positive.  We do not need to accept that which does not benefit us.  One of many stories attributed to the Buddha tells of any angry man who approached the Buddha and began to harass him, insult him, and provoke him.  The Buddha asked the man if he had any friends and family.  The man responded that he did.  The Buddha asked him if he ever gave any gifts to his friends.  The man said that he did.  The Buddha asked him what he would do if a friend refused the gift he gave.  The man replied that he would bring the gift home to his family and enjoy it with them.  The Buddha then said, “So it is with you today.  You have brought me a gift which I choose not to accept.”  This is how the Buddha lovingly taught the man that what is offered to us by others is not what we have to accept.


Lately I have been using a form of affirmation that I never used before.   I would like to share it with you as I have found it very powerful in my life.  Love is greater than fear.  We are always offered either love or fear by others and we always offer either love or fear to others.  Using these new affirmations is reminding me of what I want to accept into my soul and offer to others.

  • I accept only love, compassion, and peace into my heart.
  • I offer only love, compassion, and peace to others.
  • I accept only courage, inspiration, and action for myself.
  • I offer only encouragement, inspiration, and help to others.
  • I accept only happiness and joy for myself.
  • I offer only happiness and joy to others.
  • I accept only love and respect for myself.
  • I offer only love and respect to others.
  • I accept only abundance and wealth for myself.
  • I offer only abundance and wealth to others.
  • I accept only generosity of spirit.
  • I offer only generosity of spirit.
  • I accept only perfect health and vibrance in my physical body.
  • I offer only perfect health and vibrance to others.
  • I recognize only the divine in myself.
  • I recognize only the divine in others.

We are in this body at this time for only a short while, but we can have an impact on the growth of our spiritual consciousness.  We can raise each other up or tear each other down.  We can accept only that which benefits and give only that which empowers love.  When you look in the mirror in the morning repeat these affirmations while looking into your own eyes and know how valuable you are to the enlightenment of all beings.  Offer only what you would offer to your most beloved and accept only what you would want for your most beloved, for you are most beloved.

Imagine that you walk into a restaurant by yourself.  You walk over to a table of strangers and one of them stands up.  What does s/he say to you?  How do you respond?  Are any words exchanged?  What happens?

All things come to pass, but love endures.

“There is, after all, something eternal that lies beyond the reach of the hand of fate and of all human delusions.”  ~Albert Einstein

What’s the most important thing to you?  Is it your family, your best friend, your dog?  I bet it’s a living, breathing being and not a thing.  Everything real lasts forever, but all things pass.  Bad times pass.  Snowstorms pass.  The physical body passes.  It’s the love that endures.   The only thing real is love.  If you can believe that you will know peace.  We are a soul with a body.  We are not a body with a soul.  There is a big difference.


We endure.  Our energy does not decay.  Our love does not dissappear.  It endures.  Do you sometimes feel the love of those who have passed from their bodies?  Do you feel their presence?  I have.  They are still with you.  It is the love that goes on.

All the material things we wish for, all the material gifts we give and receive, all the stuff is unimportant.  It is something that we made up, something we manifested.  It is matter and it doesn’t matter.  Our essence matters, who we are matters.  Don’t give up on being your authentic self.

I’m no authority on anything, like I say, ‘I’m no Einstein,’ even Einstein said, “I’m no Einstein.”  It’s true.  He did say that.  So don’t listen to me or anyone else about what is right for you.  Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.  Who we are on this plane, the physical world, is not who we are.  We are love.  We are abundance.  We are creativity.  We are divine.  Jesus and Buddha and many others knew this.  “The kingdom of heaven is within.”  “On earth as it is in heaven.”   “Oneness.”  “I am.”  Our energy and how we use it can transform our lives and the world into paradise.  It can also make our lives hell if we so choose.  Choose heaven.


We can help transform the world through our love, through realizing we are love.  In doing this we help others to see their true selves.  When we are ourselves and that light shines through it helps the world.  The only mistake we make is believing that the world is real and our spirit is an illusion.  In that mistake lies fear because we think we are at the mercy of material laws.  We are above the laws of the physical plane.  We invented the physical plane!  But, we are not above certain ones, like flying with only our bodies!  When we realize collectively that we make the rules then all will be possible. even flying.  We will imagine a new paradigm.  Things like abundance and health are at our disposal now because we can manifest those using the physical laws accepted by the collective.

But, we have all heard of spontaneous healings which are not part of our collective belief system.  Anita Moorjani wrote a wonderful book about her experience with that, Dying to Be Me.   Miracles are possible on a personal level.  Her family was told her death was imminent, her organs had shut down.  Her story of this experience is amazing.  Anita has a message for us.  Saints in the mystic Catholic traditon have been known to levitate, St. Angela of Brescia and others.  And, also members of other mystic traditions.  These are isolated instances because these few were able to let go of their limitations.  When we have all let go, we will all be limitless.  Until then we will live by the laws and limitations of the collective paradigm with a few exceptions.  You can be one of them!

When we all know that we can do anything, that we are everything, we will be done with limits.  Since time is not linear, then we are done.  That’s just too much, isn’t it?  It all turns out perfectly, by the way!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to write these posts because they are a constant reminder to me of what’s important and how I want to live my life here.  I learn as I write.  Thank you.

Collective affirmations:

I am one with All.

I have the wisdom of the universe.

I am perfect love and creativity.

I am open to the song of love the universe sings to me.

I heal all with my love.

Close your eyes and imagine all the love in the world centering in your heart.

So happy you could be here.

“Fear or stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions.” ~Albert Einstein

So many people come into our lives.  All of them there for a reason.  No one crosses your path, not even for an instant, without a reason.  What the Professor says is probably true of most people, but fear and stupidity don’t have to be the basis for our actions if we are mindful of our thoughts and emotions.

I was once doing some gardening in my front flower garden.  An old woman stopped and asked me for a ride to the dock.  She was planning on taking the scheduled boat trip to the small island sitting outside of our harbor.  I explained to her that the dock was only a few hundrend feet away.  She said, “Yes, I know, but I don’t think I’ll make it.”


Wow, I almost threw away a chance to be of service.  I said, “No problem.”   I helped her into my car and we drove the few hundred feet to the dock.  I helped her out of the car and to the ramp where a young man took over and guided her down the ramp to the boat.  I had been a little concerned about her going out on the boat without an escort, but seeing the compassionate way the young man at the ramp  assisted her helped me to relax and let her go.  Sometimes we have an opportunity to be of service and it’s something for which we can feel real gratitude.


Many years ago I was in line at a department store returns counter after Christmas.  I was steaming.  I was so angry at the slowness of the line and the incompetence of the staff.  It was hot and crowded.  My hands were full.  I could think of a thousand places I would rather have been.  To say I was feeling intolerant would be really, really nice of you.

There were two staff members at the counter.  There was one line and as a staff person became available the next person in line would go up to the counter for help.  When my turn finally came a woman stepped up to the counter in front of me.  That was it.  I lost it and gave the woman a piece of my mind.  She looked stricken, “I’m so sorry, I thought there were two lines,” she said.  I didn’t let her off with her apology.  I was too far gone.  I didn’t know the meaning of the word mindful at that time, or apparently the words patience and kindness!


Later on I felt terrible.  I can’t imagine how she felt after being subjected to my negative onslaught.  It may not sound like such a big deal, but I was filled with rage at that moment.  It was ridiculous.  This is what happens when I’m not mindful, when I’m not aware of my emotions and not using them as gauges to my manifesting.  Not knowing what manifesting was at that time didn’t matter, whether we know it or not we manifest our energy.  I manifested anger and unhappiness, without a clue, I manifested pain.

Two women came into my life for a reason.  I was afraid I wouldn’t get my gardening done when the first woman asked me for a ride.  I wanted to keep gardening.  I was happy and enjoying myself.  I wasn’t being mindful.  Then I let go of my fear and stupidity and was able to be of service to her and it felt good.  I was afraid I would never get out of that hot, crowded store and get home to get things done when the woman got in front of me in the line.  I was frustrated and angry; I gave in to that fear and stupidity.  If I had been mindful and accepted the situation as it was, none of the unhappiness I caused would have happened. I  could have given them both something to remember happily.  Instead I gave one grace and one meanness.  This is how we learn.  I beat myself up for a while over that one.  But, now if I make a mistake, I realize it and let it go.  I don’t beat myself up.  The thing is, the more we learn the less opportunity we have to beat ourselves up, and that’s a very good thing, for us and all the people with whom we come into contact.  Now I try to remember to be happy to see everyone who comes into my life, no matter how brief the encounter for they are there for a reason.  They are there so that I can see them as love.


Some affirmations for your next mindful meeting:

  • I treat all beings with love and respect.
  • I extend love and kindness to all beings.
  • I allow myself mistakes and do better all the time.
  • I am the love which I extend.
  • I relish opportunities to be of service.

Imagine a world where everyone treated each other with love and respect, a world in which we realized the reward of service to others.

What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?

 “A human being is part of a whole called by us the universe.”  ~Albert Einstein

Carl Yung, the Father of Transpersonal Psychology, believed in a Collective Consciousness.  This is essentially a way of saying that we are all connected on an energetic level.  We all share a consciousness.  We are generally very out of touch with it, but, believe me, we are connected.  There are no private thoughts.

This is clearly exemplified in the concept of “multiples;” a term used in science for simultaneous inventions or discoveries.  For instance, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray rushed to the patent office within hours of each other to patent the telephone.  We all know that Bell won that race.  Charles Cros and Louis Ducos du Hauron both invented color photography in the same year.  Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace discovered evolution at the same time.  Newton and Leibzig both discovered calculus at the same time.  The list goes on and on.  It seems most genius’ get their inspiration through the collective consciousness.


The universe is calling!

In the animal world we also see this simultaneous discovery.  For example, in a ten-year experiment started at Harvard University, rats were trained to escape from a water maze.  Each new generation of rats learned to escape quicker.  After ten years, the latest generation of rats could escape ten times faster than the original rats.  Amazingly, rats of the same lineage, in other areas of the world, spontaneously escaped ten times faster, a phenomenon which science has been unable to explain.  Do rats share a collective consciousness?

In John Robbins book, Diet for a New America, he speaks of an experiment to determine the intelligence level of hens.  Scientists placed guinea-fowl eggs in the nests of hens to observe the chickens’ response to a foreign egg.  The hens continued to roost on their nests and did not disturb the foreign eggs.  The scientists concluded that the hens didn’t even know they were not chicken eggs.  Next, the scientists waited to see what the hens would do once the eggs hatched.  Again, the hens did not expel the guinea-fowl chicks from their brood.  The scientists concluded the hens didn’t even know they were chicks of another species.  Then the hens brought the chicks out into the yard to scratch and eat bugs in the dirt.  Guinea-fowl chicks do not eat the same diet as chickens.  Chickens scratch in the dirt and grass for food.  The mother hen brought the guinea fowl chicks into the bushes and scratched at an ant hill to unearth the white pupae of the ants.   Though baby chicks don’t eat the white pupae of ants, it is the natural diet of guinea-fowl chicks.  How did the hen know where to bring the guinea fowl chicks to forage?   I surmise that they are in tune with the universe and “know.”  Maybe they don’t  have the endless chatter in their minds that we deal with and therefore are more open to the messages of the universe.  I don’t propose to have any answers to these questions.  It just seems to me that animals have readily available access to this “collective consciousness.”

April w Baby 3-6-12 (12)

One smart chick!

Most people have experienced an unexplained knowing.  Whether it is a family member or close friend, some people have at certain points in their lives somehow known that something was wrong with their loved one and called that person only to find that their intuition was right on target.  Sometimes one might know who is on the phone before they answer it, or that they are going to be parents or grandparents, or that a certain person is coming to visit.

There is one thing that almost everyone of us has experienced.  When our backs are turned, we can feel if someone is staring at us.  No one has ever been able to explain this to me.  How do we know this unless there is a connection between people on an energetic level?  We must have some kind of connection to feel this phenomenon.  It seems to be a feeling located at the back of the neck.  Have you experienced this?  Can you explain it in a non-energetic way?  Really think about this phenomenon.  It is real and yet, there has been no measurable explanation.


There are wonders in the universe of which we have no real comprehension.  We may possess powers which we have never considered, but this does not mean they don’t exist.  You are a powerful person connected to creation and therefore a creator.  You are able to create your life through your thoughts and emotions.  Use your power. You are as smart, good looking, healthy, wealthy, and happy as you think!  Realize your connection to the ALL!  Use your power!

Some powerful affirmations:

I am part of the infinte source of creativity and power.  I use my thoughts to create my perfect life.

The universe provides everything I need to have a happy life.

I need only imagine my life to make it real.  The universe will provide everything else.

I am connected with love to all beings on earth.

I know everything through the collective consciousness.

Visualize your perfect morning.

What did the monk say to the hot dog vendor?  Stop selling hot dogs, animals have a consciousness like us.  What did the hot dog vendor say?  Make me one with everything.