Raise your hand if you ever thought you might be OCD.

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” – Albert Einstein

Why could Albert be so happy with so little?  Because he was in the moment.  He sank into his favorite comfortable chair, Ohhhhhhhh.  He took a juicy bite of the fruit,  Mmmmmm.  He closed his eyes and listened to his favorite Mozart sonata,  Ahhhhhhhh.  Life is good.  Albert wasn’t thinking of all the other things going on in his life.  He wasn’t obsessing over some scientist who didn’t agree with his work, he wasn’t dreading an upcoming lecture to lay people about the Theory of Relativity.  He was completely in the moment.  If he had died then he would have died happy.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a problem that we hear about a lot.  We have all joked, at one time or another, that we suffer from OCD because, as humans, we do tend to obsess.  Sometimes I’ll be thinking about some issue while driving in the car or doing a chore that doesn’t require my full attention and I’ll notice that a good amount of time has passed and I’m still thinking of the same thing!  I’ll say to myself, “Why  the bleep am I still thinking about that (or them)?  Why?!!!!”  There’s usually at least one swear in the sentence.  Pick your own.


I have a theory. No, it’s not as mind shattering as Albert’s whoppers.  My theory is that the ego uses these obsessions to keep us from living in the present moment.  The ego invents all of these dramas to keep us from realizing that we have everything we could possibly need in the present moment.  We can perceive every situation with a calm and peaceful mind if we so chose.  We can forego drama and crisis orientation.  We can live in peace if we want.

At this moment all I need is here.  At this moment I am perfectly happy.  I am washing the dishes and there is peace in my world.  I am shopping for groceries and I am happy.  I am brushing my teeth and there is no drama or discord.  I am talking with you and I am love.  Albert is happy with so little because we can actually be happy with nothing.  Happiness always has been and always will be an inside job.



Yes, things will happen.  You don’t get what you want.  Someone is mean to you.  You will respond with sadness or anger.  Watch your sadness.  Observe your anger.  When you are ready, let it go.  Let it float away.  We are usually not upset about what we think we are upset about.  Sometimes we invent a crisis so that we don’t have to face something we deem unpleasant.  Whether it’s a task or a person, it is best to face it.  Sometimes we invent a drama because we are afraid to move forward, afraid to step away from the familiar and move on.  We obsess as a distraction and as an excuse to procrastinate; I have to deal with this drama now so I can’t move forward.  We are so very good at rationalizing our procrastination.   Be mindful.  Remember to ask why you are in a drama.  What are you trying to avoid?


We won’t always get what we think we want.  Mostly because we really don’t want it, we are just using our wish as a diversion from facing ourselves.  But, we are only afraid to face ourselves when we don’t recognize our magnificent divinity.  If we realize who we really are then we will stop putting things off, stop wanting what is not important, we will stop obsessing about fictitious problems.  We can forgive ourselves (and others) for not being perfect and move on.

I will keep saying it.  I really don’t mind repeating myself.  You might mind, but I don’t!  Meditation is the best way to discover our true self.  Please check out the post on meditation if you haven’t yet started your practice.  Here’s a link to a great meditation book and CD.  When we realize what we truly are, we will relax.  Doesn’t that sound like a day at the spa?  Who needs a bowl of fruit?  Relax.  Calm.  Peace.  Joy.    Ahhhhhhh.

Some present affirmations:

  • I am peaceful when all around me is chaos.
  • I hold a center of peace and calm.
  • My thoughts are in my control.
  • I choose to think peaceful and loving thoughts.
  • I am a divine and magnificent being.
  • There is only love.

Imagine an instance where all around you are upset.  You are quiet and peaceful.  Nothing can affect your inner peace.


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