Forever Young. Seriously, don’t get old, listen to me, it’s a trap.

“Truly novel ideas emerge only in one’s youth.  Later on one becomes more experienced, famous, and ~ foolish.” ~Albert Einstein

Ah, the eternal quest for the Fountain of Youth.  But, good news, like every other magnificent, wonderful, amazing, awesome, divine, and fabulous goal, it is right there within you.  That’s right, just click those shiny red shoes together, just apply for the inside job, just look in the mirror, and there it is, eternal youth.

Yeah, I got it.  Call me Peter Pan.  And Peter’s a very acceptable example.  Why did Peter never age?  Because he continued to act like a child.  He lived a life of adventure!  He didn’t follow Mom’s and Dad’s rules, or the schools rules, or the church’s rules, or the society’s rules.  He ruled!  He did what he wanted.

Does anyone have more enthusiasm than Peter Pan?  So excited about everything.  So enthralled by new discoveries, but even more importantly, so excited by the everyday.  He makes life fun.  He invents joy and happiness and awe.  Who wouldn’t want to hang around with Peter Pan?  Okay, Captain Hook, but that’s about it, really.


Wendy’s father in the Peter Pan story was a pompous businessman who was always looking for attention for himself.  He was a good ol’ boy; good at heart, but his priorities were certainly material and he was extremely status seeking.  Interestingly, in the play the same actor that played Wendy’s father often played the antagonist, Captain Hook.  The back story on Captain Hook is that he went to Eton College and was very much concerned that everyone act with “good form.”   In the end, when Peter kills him, he feels like he actually won because Peter used “bad form” in shoving him off of his own ship.  Silly old chap.  To Hook and father it was all about presentation, power, the superficial, and the socially acceptable life.

Peter will have none of that.  Peter doesn’t like conformity.  His only fears are mothers and growing up.   Doing what one’s mother tells one to do and growing up makes one ordinary.  What could be worse than that?  Nothing!


So, the moral is, to stay forever young you must not, under any circumstances, grow up and be ordinary.  That is so simple.  I like it when simple is the answer and it usually is.  Simple and obvious.  So, like Peter, start seeing the miracles of life everyday.  Or start seeing the everyday miracles of life.  Choose both.  See the beauty in a mud puddle.  Experience the adventure of a walk in the woods, there are faeries hiding under the bright leaves and in the tree knot hollows.  Be amazed by the twinkle of the fourth star to the right.  Watch a bumble bee skim over the tips of flowers.  Skip a few stones over the placid water, send a playful ripple out into universe.  Make up your very own song and dance about how magnificent you are.  Pretend you are the captain of you own ship and sail wherever it is you desire.  Bake a cake for yourself when it’s not your birthday.  Plant a weed.  Stretch like a cat.  But, most importantly, play.  Because as the old saying goes, We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

I don’t want to grow up affirmations:

  • I see the miracles all around me.
  • I am aware of the beauty and magical life of this amazing world.
  • I respect my dreams and wishes.
  • I am playful.
  • I love life and enjoy it fully.
  • I play with my friends and family.

Imagine you are sitting in your bedroom and Peter comes to the window.  Go with him.  Have an adventure.  Say hi for me.


2 thoughts on “Forever Young. Seriously, don’t get old, listen to me, it’s a trap.

  1. Really like this. I think this is why my parents have seemed youthful clear up into their late 70s. Dad will turn 80 in May. He still likes to cruise around on his bike. The last car they bought mom has never liked. She says it seems like an old persons luxury car. They were mid seventies when they bought.
    Once again this is something I needed to read. You obviously are aware of how much our world tells us all that getting older is bad. So many many things to spend your money on that’s somehow going to turn back the clock. What you share here doesn’t have to cost a dime.
    I know when my husband most likes to spend time with me is when I’m whimsical, laughing, mysterious, and adventurous. The hard part of that is that I lived in a very stressful, messed up marriage for many years. It’s easy for me to fall back into that pattern of worry and anxiety.
    I’m going to remember this post and work harder at being youthful. I was for many years and I believe my friends loved that in me.
    Thanks again

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