I brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda.

“The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.” ~Albert Einstein

I recently watched a video in which the speaker repeatedly attacked “new age” spirituality as a religion and a tool of the devil.  I made myself watch quite a bit of it because he said one or two interesting things.  His anger was definitely a turn-off, but I didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater as I have a tendency to do that and must patrol my thoughts and actions to prevent it.  I kept watching.


So, what did I glean from his lecture?  What are the speaker’s big issues with New Age Spirituality?  His biggest issue is that he believes, what he calls New Age Religion, preaches apathy, laziness, selfishness, and egoism.  He believes it falls heavily to the feminine and is not balanced with the masculine.  In this instance the feminine would be passivity, nurturing, and intuition.  It is true that intuition without follow through is useless.  Why be aware of what to do and not do it?  It is true that nurturing yourself or anyone without fostering independence is not a good thing.  It is true that compassion helps no one unless it is acted upon.

Are all New Agers passive, self nurturing, egoists?  No.  Is it okay to simply meditate and have that be your contribution to world peace?  Yes, if that is your calling.  Here’s the question that came to my mind, though.  If we are here in this physical body, living in this physical world, an illusion though it may be, aren’t we obligated to make it a better place and to help end suffering?  To do that, don’t we have to be engaged in this physcial world?  Not necessarily, but I think for the most part the answer is yes; we do have a responsibility to make the world a better place and to do that usually requires physical action.  Once you’re a pickle you can never be a cucumber again.    Do we have to be Mother Theresa or Mahatma Ghandi?  That would be nice, but alot of us already have a life carved out and that wouldn’t work.  What can we do?  We can pick a cause.  We can choose one thing for which we feel passion and enthusiasm and work towards that goal.  Whether it is the environment, education, animal welfare, politics, food for all, you name it; you can get involved and help end the suffering.

So, putting my money where my mouth is;  today I went and dropped off some literature on water flouridation for the members of my town’s Board of Health.  It is not my number one cause but, I am strongly opposed to water flouridation and it is an area in which I felt I could make a difference locally.  (Here is a link about water flouridation which includes information from the senior scientist at the EPA.    The documentary is called Flouridegate.  There are length options on this link.  I would recommend the hour version.)   Over the past few days I have compiled articles and information on water flouridation with referenced studies.  I made a packet and dropped it off at the Board of Health office and asked to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.  I included the online link in the information packet.  Next month I will be addressing the board regarding my concerns and hopefully, they will have reviewed the research I left with them.

I am trying to be balanced in my masculine and feminine sides.  I could have simply imagined a world free of flouridation, but it’s a physical world and physical steps must be taken.  If I don’t take them, who will?

I talk a lot about being love and I do believe that it is more important than anything else, because if we don’t raise the vibration of the Collective Consciousness then no one will be open to our actions for peace, love, and justice.  We can do both.  We can be balanced in our intuition, compassion, still, nurturing side and our action oriented, get things done side.  We don’t need to choose.  We can make a difference.

It’s the same with our personal life.  We can quietly listen to our intuition and then take action when we hear the voice of our soul directing us.  If we haves dreams and desires we must take action.  If it’s a relationsip we want, we can imagine the perfect one for us, but we won’t meet anyone locked in our home.  We need to get out there and give ourselves opportunites to meet him or her.  If it’s a cetain career we envision then we need to take steps forward.  These steps will lead to more steps.  We don’t need to be paralyzed because we can’t see the whole process.  Just ask what you need to do next.

So, all you New Agers, me included, prove this guy wrong.  Go out there and make a difference.  He seems to think all we do is sit in Lotus positon and chant, “Om.”  I know we do so much more.  He’s throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  We don’t do that.  We do what we can to make a better life and a better world.

Some action packed affirmations:

  • I take action to reach my goals.
  • I use the direction of my intuition to lead my actions.
  • I take action and move forward whether or not I know the result.
  • I keep my body healthy through proper nutrtion and exercise.
  • I act for equality, justice, peace, and love.
  • I act with kindness to all beings.

Choose a cause and do one thing to help today, even if it is just educating someone, then take more action this week.  We can change the world.

If you would like to start your activism by ending water flouridation please check out the Flouride Action Network.  Very interesting stuff.  And I really do brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda.  No flouride there!  Here’s a link if you’d like to do the same.

Tell us about causes you believe in and how you make a change.


8 thoughts on “I brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda.

  1. I so agree with your writings. We seem to be on the same page about life. I will continue to pass your blog on to others that I feel could gather some enlightenment. I’m already on board with your no flouride stance.
    One of the things I’m passionate about is educating people on good nutrition. I buy books, cds, and dvd in doubles and let it be known via email and facebook that I want to loan them out. I share lots of information that I get pertaining to natural health and healing.
    Another thing I’m passionate about it spreading love and kindness wherever I go. I do that in various ways. Through my devotion to God and my Catholic faith.
    Everyone has a choice on what road they will travel during their life. I want to show them what unconditional love really looks like as I live a Catholic/Christian life. If I can do that, hopefully they will figure out it’s Jesus that they are seeing.
    There are a couple of my passions. I love the way you give encouragement to us who read your blog. Thank you!

    • Kathy, your words are an inspiration to me. I agree we share a lot of ideals. I also, buy multiples of books and give them away, asking people to pass them on. Have you read any of my posts about Jesus? I wish I knew the titles of them! I thin you would like the post on called Forgiveness, I think from November or October. I, too, am a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle. Have you read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell? Fascinating study of nutrition. Thanks for reading. Peace, Karen

  2. Oh my goodness! You write with such beauty and power. I just read two from November. The one on forgiveness and the force being with us. My daughter, as of this weekend, is going through a horrible relationship crisis. I will definitely share ur blog with her as soon as things calm. This is right up her way of thinking.
    I am actually very good at forgiving others, but this past year I came to the realization that it is me that I need to be able to forgive. I’ve always been quite hard on myself. Even the priest in the confessional is always having me pray for myself and accept forgiveness.
    We all have our own stories. I know mine is filled with more than some but less than others. I have made my share of mistakes, and have lived the consequences. Some lasting for years. Like getting pregnant at 17 that got me into a very tough 28 year marriage. There was a lot of searching for me before I finally got the courage to walk away 8 years ago.
    Sorry I am going on. I do think my capacity to accept people for where they are in life is that we never know why another may be acting in the way they are, and if all I can over them is kindness, that’s what I will do.
    I will look the China Study up and see if it’s anything different than what I have already been learning.
    Thanks for letting me do some sharing on here. I look forward to sharing your blog with others as I see what would speak to them.
    Thanks for sharing your gift.

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