A life of synchronicity. Or take the row boat.

“I never think of the future, it comes soon enough.”    -Albert Einstein

Worry, worry, worry.  If a friend is worrying, I ask them what they were worried about exactly one year ago.  They can never tell me.  And you know it’s not because there was nothing worrying them.  They can’t tell me because it really wasn’t that important and they have forgotten it.  Somehow, amazingly, the world didn’t come to an end.  We have made a national pastime of worrying!    What a neurotic lot we are!  Worry does not help!

Seeing the outcome that you want helps!  See the result you want whenever you are stressed out about something.  Don’t let the negative images of your worst fears take over your thoughts and emotions.  See what you want to happen with a clear image and a happy mind!  See exactly what you want the outcome to be.  Close your eyes, envision the happy ending, and feel yourself relieved with the result, being present with the result!  It is easier to imagine things if we see ourselves living our lives in those circumstances.  Remember when I asked you to see yourself doing something in the life of your dreams?  If I want a farm in the country, I envision myself working in the garden, enjoying the front porch,  gazing out from a window as I write overlooking the pond.  Don’t just say what you want, see what you want and feel the joy of living your perfect life.  When the universe feels the energy of your excitement and happiness it will respond with the same energy!


If you don’t get what you envisioned right away, please have faith that there is a good reason.  The universe is putting all your ducks in a row and you’ll get the happiness you deserve!  And there is no one on earth who deserves happiness more than you!

If you want to leave the corporate rat race and start your own business, see it.  See yourself as successful!  Worrying how you will get the money for that business doesn’t help.  Worrying about who will help you with the business doesn’t help.  The universe will provide the opportunities and the people you need.  Never worry about the hows, whos, whens, and wheres.  Of course, don’t miss the opportunites.  Your intuition will help you to recognize them.

There is an old joke about a man who was swept away in a flood.  He asked God to save him.  He was dragged by the current to a woman sitting on a roof who offered to pull him up.  He declined because he had faith that God would deliver him.  A man came along in a row boat and offered to help him, he declined saying that God was going to help him.  A helicopter appeared and threw down a lifeline to him, but he declined again, his faith in God unwavering.  He drowned.  When he got to heaven he asked God why he didn’t save him.  God replied, “ I sent you the woman on the roof, the man in the boat, and a helicopter, what more could I do?”


The universe will send us many ways to accomplish what we want.  Be open to them; trust your intuition.  The universe will send you messages.  It starts out quite simply, but if you ignore the messages they become more persistent.

Be attentive to patterns; seeing the same images in different places while you are considering something of which the image is representational means the universe is telling you something.  The universe is telling you to go for it or how to go for it.  If you want to become a veterinarian, but have your doubts, and suddenly your friends are telling you about their sick animals, you see a new billboard with puppies on it, and a stray cat appears on your doorstep, chances are you’re headed in the right direction and the universe is confirming it for you.

The universe wants you to be happy.  Listen to it telling you how to accomplish your desires and notice the opportunities it puts in your path.  Never will you be alone.  You will always have loving energy guiding you, sending you messages, and placing perfect conditions within your reach.  Trust that the universe loves you and wants you to succeed.  See yourself being happy as often as possible.  Feel the joy you have living your dreams!  Emotion is always the strongest message from and to the universe.  Feel the emotions you want to feel whenever you can!  Feel gratitude and contentment.  Feel peace and joy!   Feel successful!  Allow your perfect life to be.  It is already here.


Realize your earthly desires by seeing them as already here.  Extraordinary things happen every day!  Miracles are part of your life!  Evolve into the best you can be by believing and feeling that you are the best you can be.  You are awesome.  Celebrate your fabulous life.  Enjoy your permanent vacation, because when you are doing what you love it is like being on a permanent vacation!   You are getting better with age, better every day.  Nurture your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Imagine you are the happiest person in the world!  You are!!

Take control of your thoughts.  Be a witness to your thoughts.  If you find yourself thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals; change them!  It’s that easy (and that hard).  Change your thoughts and change your life.  Love your life!  Be playful, cheerful, and grateful!  You are the miracle.

Some miraculous affirmations:

  • I believe that no one deserves success and happiness more than I do.
  • The universe sends me all I need to be happy.
  • I trust my intuition and it sends me on the right course always.
  • My life is a series of synchronicities that make it perfect.
  • The universe is always by my side leading me to my happiness, my authentic life.

Imagine your perfect vacation with people you adore and who adore you!  What fun!


2 thoughts on “A life of synchronicity. Or take the row boat.

  1. Thank you for that….It is most definitely the way things work. If you can envision the life you want, never lose sight of it. Know that the time may not be quite right yet, but as long as your eyes are open to it, it will come. Don’t spend your time wondering how to get away from the things you don’t like in your life, as there will be nothing but more things like this in your future. Love your vision, talk with others about it, read about it, watch videos about it, join clubs devoted to it and work for it. You will be astounded by how quickly it will come when you are truly ready for it.

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