Thirteen easy and practical things you can do to save the world.

“If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.” ~Einstein, Albert

Sometimes I wonder just how much impact I can have in the world.  How much can one person do to change things?  It just feels so disheartening at times when we see continuing news of environmental destruction, wars, murders, and poverty.  There is not enough love in the world.  There is too much fear which manifests as greed and selfishness.  What can one person do?


1.  Help build your community.  Even if you live in a large city you have a local area which you can support.  Shop your neighborhood stores whenever they have what you need.  If you have elderly neighbors become their friend so they feel they have a caring heart available in case of an emergency.  Get to know their habits so you’ll know if something is amiss.  Help keep the local green areas clean and safe or create a local green area.  Organize a pot luck supper for you and your neighbors.  Start a garden share program with neighbors.  In Sweden neighbors plan their gardens together so that they can share produce and have a variety of vegetables.

2.  You have enough stuff.  Don’t buy anymore things that you do not need.  If you do buy things try to buy things that are sustainably made.  Wood toys rather than plastic, reusable shopping bags, locally crafted items, naturable organic fibers like cotton and hemp.  Shop consignment stores so that there is no more consumption of resources.  Set up a swap shop for people to drop off their old stuff and people to pick out things they want, (one man’t trash is another man’s treasure) at your local transer station (dump) or other community building.  Set up a book swap, clothing swap or object swap with friends, families. or neighbors.  This is something you can add to a pot luck.  Have everyone bring a delicious dish and items they no longer want.  It could be a fun evening of free shopping.  Remember you don’t need things, you are enough.

3.  Volunteer.  The animal shelter and the food kitchens, nursing home, local schools, hospitals, and child and senior centers.  There are also local green groups that need help.  Get a group of neighbors or friends together to raise money for a worthy organization through yard sales, bake sales, start a community garden or green area.

4.  Stop watching the news.  Some people tell me, “Well, I have to stay informed.”  This is what I think about that.  95% of the media is owned by 6 corporations, so you are not really staying informed, you are being fed information that the corporations want you to hear and being kept from information that they don’t want you to know about.  Most of the news is about murders and political misbehavior and celebrities.  I don’t think you’ll be missing much.  You will be happier.  You will be more positive.  Your energy will be better.  You can start manifesting positive change in your life faster when you are not bringing your energy down with all of the terrible, horrific “news” stories.  Subscribe to a network on line such as Upworthy which shares news that is uplifting and shows us what is going on in the world that is good and news worthy.  There are other sites online like the Good News Network.

5.  Talk to strangers.  This may be a tough one after listening to the phrase, “Don’t talk to strangers,” your whole life.  Talk to strangers.  Smile at strangers.  These gestures may not show any results, but may have an amazing positive effect on someone’s life that you will never know about.  Be kind without expectation.  A woman had moved up north with her family and was in line at a grocery store.  The woman behind her struck up a conversation with her and before they knew it they were exchanging phone numbers and had each made a new friend.  Who doesn’t need a new friend?  Later on the Southern woman told her new friend how lonely she had been since she moved up north.  She hadn’t met anyone.  She felt she had tried to engage people, but they didn’t respond in a way that made her feel welcome.   She had decided earlier that if she didn’t meet a friendly person that day she would be moving herself and her family back home.  The gesture of conversation and kindness led to friendship and restored the woman’s faith in humanity.  It also allowed her to follow through on the opportunity that brought her up north.  Talk to strangers.  A friend of mine met a life long friend that very same way.

6.  Smile at children.  While you are out and about and you see a child give them a big smile.  Send some love their way.  See their light.


7.  Listen to an old person.  It seems that old people start conversations in public more than young people.  It may be that they need the contact more.  Take a few minutes, that’s all.  Listen to them.  Ask them questions and let them answer.  If it feels comfortable ask them a personal question, about their family or hobbies.  I bet that most of the time they would love to talk about their life.   It may make their day.


8.  Be respectful to children.  Often we disrespect children.  We don’t allow them to make decisions or we negate their feelings.  “That didn’t hurt.”  “That’s nothing to cry about.”  “Stop dancing.” (in public)  “No.”  Before we respond to a child it may be a good idea to ask if we would respond the same way to an adult.  Would we yell at an adult for spilling milk?  No, it’s was a mistake.  Children don’t have the motor control that adults have.  They can’t help the mistakes they make.  We don’t know what they are thinking or how they perceive things.  Give them the benefit of the doubt as the abitlity to communicate their feelings and ideas is not always available to them.  If they want to stop on your walk and stare at a shrub for a few minutes, let them.  If they want to hear the same story every night, repeat it.  If they want to dance in the store, let them, dance with them.  If they want to wear a super hero outfit to school, let them.  Allow them to be free spirits, they will forget who they are soon enough.  Let’s keep reminding them and allow their consciousness to expand a little longer.

9.  Send love to the world.  Everyday as you are driving to work or waiting in line for groceries or cooking supper, send love to the world.  You can hang a little symbol or charm from your windshield mirror as a reminder.  Bathe the world in light and love.

10.  Meditate.  Spend some time in silent meditation daily.  When you raise your consciousness you raise the consciousness of all beings.  You are intrinsically important to saving the world.

11.  Be kind.  To yourself and to others.  Whenever you start to feel frustration remind yourself that everyone is doing their best.  Whatever it is that someone else is doing that is aggravating to you, it is not usually their fault.  Have patience.  Forgive everyone.

12.  Be kind to all animals.  All animals long to live.  They long to be with their families.  They have emotional and internal lives of which we know nothing.  Allow their love.


13.  Be love.  After all, it’s why you’re here.

I really had every intention of this post being completely practical, rational, and logical, but once again it quickly evolved into a post calling for the awakening of our highest self.  Because, as Professor Einstein advised, if we take the 55 minutes to really figure out what is wrong with the world, to define why the world needs saving, we will see that it is because the world is run by the Collective Ego, by fear.  So, the solution is really quite simple.  We must start running the world using the Collective Consciousness, love.  In order to do that we must all become still enough to know who we are and we must all be who we are.  We are love.  If everyone in the world could realize this for just 5 minutes, if we could all be love for just 5 minutes, the world would be saved.

Some (r)evolutionary affirmations:

  • I use my energy to promote good.
  • I use my time helping to make my life and other’s better.
  • I am grateful for all that I have.
  • I have enough.
  • I am love.
  • I help to raise the consciousness of the world.

Imagine a world where everything is sustainable.  Imagine a world where we plant trees more than we cut them down.  Imagine a world where all beings get to live their lives out in peace and prosperity.  Imagine a world of love.

Stay inspired.  Subscribe to blogs which inspire you like this one.  Just click on Follow Me on the right.  Find other books and blogs and read or listen to them regularly so that you continue to awaken.  I like to leave links here for books, CDs, and DVDs that I think are helpful to our growth.  I think this book by Lao Tzu is one of the best, The Tao te Ching.    Wayne Dyer has a wonderful meditation book.   The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz gives us a practical guide to living a life of free of drama.  And recycle, don’t forget to recycle!


5 thoughts on “Thirteen easy and practical things you can do to save the world.

  1. I found I had missed this sharing as I was cleaning out my inbox. I’m so glad I still had it. I liked every single suggestion, and believe I am or have been active in every one of them. So obvious why the two greatest commandments in the bible are all about loving. You did a fabulous job of listing some very important things to do to change our world. Now I am going to share it on fb. Blessings!

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