Abundance. Don’t worry about how, just allow!

“Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But there is no doubt in my mind that the lion belongs with it even if he cannot reveal himself to the eye all at once because of his huge dimension.” ~Albert Einstein

I’m feeling abundant today and what better time to write about it then when I’m feeling it so strongly!  I had to ask myself a question once.  What is it that stops me from being wealthy?  I waited for the answer and it came, because I think I don’t know how to make a lot of money.  I don’t have a plan, I have no business knowledge,  I don’t know where to start.   I don’t think I can become wealthy doing the things I know how to do.  Really, I have the entire universe at my disposal and I think I have to figure out how!

That’s just silly.  So I let go of the need to fight for wealth, the need to be in control of finding a way to get money and decided to leave it up to the universe.  You’ve heard all those expressions like Let it go, Just allow.  That’s what I’m doing.

In the past I had come up with a lot of ideas to make money and many I had seen come to fruition, just not by me.  By someone who knew that the universe would send along their support staff, the steps to take, the ideas.  I, on the other hand, imagined a million different obstacles in front of me and I was daunted.  Daunted many, many times.

Daunted by my lack of faith, by my ego wanting to be in control with its limiting beliefs.  By my FEAR!  Gosh, Fear you are my foe!  But, I will not fight with you and give you power.  I will let go and give up the struggle and the doubt because I know the universe is on my side.  I will allow the universe to send me what I need to succeed.

I don’t need a plan now, the universe will send me each step as I need to take it.  I don’t need to worry about who will help, the universe will send people when I need them.  People who know what I don’t.  People to guide me and assist me.  I don’t mean you just sit on your couch and wait for a knock on the door.  Take the obvious steps.  Search your questions on the web.   Talk with people you know and trust about your project.  Network to find people who can assist you on your quest.  Ask for help.  Put the energy out there and the work out there knowing that your needs and desires will be met.  The universe will see you moving in the direction of success and send a light to guide you on your way to abundance.


This is a physical plane and we are here for a reason.  We are here to learn that we are not limited by our physical bodies, our beliefs, and our thoughts.  We can make our dreams come true if we trust and allow the universe to do its job.  This illusion of matter is just that, an illusion.  We are in control of the energy, the matrix of which all this physical illusion is made.  We can transform this energy into our life.  It’s not voodoo, it’s quantum physics.  We are the masters of our thoughts and our thoughts become things.  Let go of the limiting physcal beliefs we were raised with.  The earth is not flat.  The stars are not Gods.  The new paradigm which I believe is that we control our lives by controlling the energy that makes up this entire universe.  We can transform our thoughts and, therefore, our lives into whatever we want.  Our beliefs and thoughts cause our life experiences.


It’s that simple!  And that hard.  We need to develop the habit of positive beliefs and thoughts.  Be mindful all the time of your beliefs and thoughts.  I used to say to myself, out loud, “What an idiot.”  Someone pointed it out to me and I didn’t believe them.  So, I became aware and realized that I, in fact, said that to myself.  What a self-defeating comment to make unconsciously on a fairly regular basis!   Be aware of your self talk.  Be your own voice of encouragement and support.  As in my post about dreams, be your own cheerleader.  Reinforcement of positive statements to yourself instills new and constructive belief systems in you precious bongo.  And you are precious!

I have recommeded this book a few times because I think it’s so good.  Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled.  Believe in yourself and believe that you are all powerful and that you have some pretty amazing contacts ready to help you succeed.  You may not know them yet, but they are waiting for your belief!  YOu’ll be helping make their dreams come true, too.  Don’t force, don’t push, don’t worry.  Allow.

Abundant affirmations:

  • I am abundantly wealthy.
  • I am abundantly creative.
  • I am eternally grateful for my infinite abundance.
  • I have an abundance of happiness.
  • I have an abundance of friends.
  • i am open and ready to receive success.
  • I am abundance.

Imagine a huge party to celebrate your generosity to a charity!

Check out this book on the Law of Attraction. 


2 thoughts on “Abundance. Don’t worry about how, just allow!

  1. Baby steps and doing what you love is all you need! My daughter and I sing affirmations in the car to the tune of children’s songs, it’s really fun, you should try it!
    I also have the terrible “idiot” habit, but I am doing much better, at least at noticing when I do it! *plenty for all*

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