It’s exhausting trying to make an impression.

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” ~Albert Einstein

Can you allow yourself to just be who you are?  It sounds rather easy, but when people are expecting certain behaviors from us and if we have been performing a certain role for a very long time it can be quite difficult to even know who we are, let alone allow ourselves to be that person.

We don’t have to fight and struggle and strive in this life.  To be who we are, we just have to allow.  Whenever there is any tension in us it is because we are having an experience that is not congruent with who we are in that moment.  We don’t have to be talkative if we don’t want to be.  We don’t have to be happy all the time.  We don’t have to be nurturing others all the time.  We don’t have to be the one who takes care of the problems all the time.  We don’t have to be perfectly dressed and done up all the time.  Gosh, if you try to be perfect all the time you put a lot of pressure on other people to be perfect all the time.  Be yourself and allow them the same rest and expansion.


It’s tiresome putting on a face for the world.  It’s exhausting trying to make an impression.  It’s stressful to always try to say the right thing and act the right way.  Those who love you don’t care.  They really don’t.  Those who think you’ve gone batty because you’re becoming who you are, are just frightened that their familiar is no longer present.  They don’t know how to react to this new you.  It’s scary.  And, heaven forbid, they should be expected to change.  That will be their first reaction.  Some may run from this new unmasked you.  But, others will start to relax and a little seed of change and authenticity will start to take shape in them, start to grow ever so slightly.  They may not feel the need to fix themselves up and put on their mask to be around you.  They’ll relax enough to show you a truer side of themselves.


Conversations will become more real.  Instead of talking about people and politics or celebrities and events, you’ll discuss ideas and feelings, philosophies and spirituality.  You’ll talk about positive things.  Things that matter.  You’ll have no time for stories and cynicism.  You’ll only have time for people who are interested in positive change and growth.

Don’t worry, all your friends won’t dissappear and, as an added special bonus prize, you’ll attract new people who are vibrating at your authentic level.  People who are growing and expanding along with you.  You’d be surprised how many people feel the same way you do.  Once one person starts to express ideas that just a few years ago were considered a little outside of the mainstream, it’s surprising how many they find who are on the same page.


It may have to do  with the fact that more people are looking for answers outside of a society gone mad with materialism and greed.  More people are dissatisfied with a superficial life unfulfilled and are looking for answers. As you start to feel the divine in you and follow that divine, allowing it to lead you to your real self you will attract others of like frequency and you will also be helping to raise the consciousness of all beings.  This growing consciousness is effecting the lives of many people, some are not ready to allow it, but many are.  They will be drawn to you and you to them.

Anita Moorjani wrote a book called Dying to Be Me.  We don’t need to go that far, do we?  You will find many like minded souls.  The number of people looking for their true selves is ever expanding.  Don’t be afraid to be you.  You’re in good company.

Some authentic affirmations;

  • I am guided by my divine self to be who I am.
  • I am happy with my thoughts and feelings.
  • I accept myself as who I am.  I have no one to impress.
  • I am grateful for my ever expanding group of friends.
  • I attract people who are growing and expanding.

Imagine yourself in your comfy clothes, sitting with a group of people in their comfy clothes enjoying a wonderful laugh.  Laugh out loud!  Seriously, laugh out loud.  Now!


8 thoughts on “It’s exhausting trying to make an impression.

  1. As I keep telling people, You’re one smart cookie. Thanks for always seeming to put a post out right when I need to hear it. I’d say the universe is doing its job.

  2. This was the first offering of your blog that I received in my email. I can tell I’m going to love it and share it with others. I follow a few other blogs, but most have to do with natural health and healing. This is going to be one that speaks more to my spirit. Heavens knows it’s just as important, if not more, than my body. I know God lead me to you. Actually he used Matt Walsh to do it. I believe it was his blog that had a link to yours. Keep it up. So many need such as this. Thank you, and many blessings as you bless others.

    • What a beautiful message. Thank you so much. I hope you read some of the older posts like Forgiveness and Pink Piggy kitchen timers. I appreciate your encouragment. Peace, KJ

    • It’s probably something we should think about every day. My daughter said the one sentence that hit her was the one about letting other people off the hook of feeling they have to be perfect when we are able to let it go. Usually it’s just one point in posts (by anyone) that really make an impresson with us. I’m glad the universe sent it to you at the right time! Peace, Karen

  3. Once again your gifts of wisdom are just that…gifts…and timely..and simply easy to connect with. A reminder that when we feel disconnected and life feels like the old movie “it’s a mad, mad, world”, it’s comforting to know that we’re ok. And a great reminder to continually look inside and be ourselves, be expansive and the doors will open bringing in new opportunities and people. What a beautiful way to start the day.
    Thank you.

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