Half Man, Half Woman, Half a Chance

“The crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capatilism.  Our whole educational system suffers from this evil.  An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship material success as a preparation for his future career.” Albert Einstein

There is great imbalance in the world right now.  There is war, poverty, and starvation.  Anxiety and depression are rampant.  People are lost and questioning the world culture in which we live.  What can we do to correct this great imbalance on a personal level?  Why is there such a great imbalance of wealth and power?

This imbalance is caused by an imbalance in our souls; in each individual soul and in our Collective Soul.  We have become a world run by the masculine principle without a feminine balance.  The analogy of a tree is helpful here.  A tree must be strong (masculine) to withstand the winds of a storm, but it must also be yielding (feminine) or its rigidity will cause it to snap and break.

The masculine is action and strength, but when not balanced by the feminine of gentleness and kindness, action and strength becomes aggression, power, and conquest.  The strength and action of masculinity combined with the feminine of gentleness and kindness becomes love with purposeful action.  A strong (masculine) society with kindness (feminine) will strive to make sure that all, even its weakest citizens, are taken care of.

The feminine is passive and nurturing, but without the balancing male attribute of action and goal orientation it can become apathetic and indecisive.  With both we can build a world which will allow others to live in peace.  A world where we work to achieve abundance for all.

The masculine is rational and without the feminine of intuition it can be hard and uncaring.  If we act strictly from a place of judgment and rationality we are unable to hold hope and charity.  We must use both rationality and intuition in our decision making.  Intuition will bring us to places unimagined by the rational mind.

The feminine is nature.  If the masculine desire for power is not balanced with the feminine of nature then we will seek to conquer nature and in doing so destroy our world.  Our feminine intuition knows this, our masculine need to conquer cannot see it.


The feminine is creative and the masculine is orderly and goal defining.  Goals of materialsim without the feminine creative leave us unable to imagine new ways to live and thrive together.  Without the feminine there is no beauty.  Without the masculine there is no accomplishment.

Our society puts incredible emphasis on the masculine attributes of competiveness and accumulation,   These are wonderful traits, without action and desire for abundance we would have nothing, but when these actions and goals are not tempered with gentleness and nurturance, they are not held in check and are magnified to the point of greedy ruthlessness.  Let’s start to put more value on the feminine attributes of cooperation and compassion.  The person with the most toys doesn’t win if we destroy our planet in the process.  They don’t win if others die of starvation.  They don’t win if they live in a society without basic human rights for their brothers and sisters.  When we are all living in the feminine principles of peace and love combined with the masculine complements of action and strength, we all win.

During the 1960’s there was a massive feminist movement.  It did great things for equality in pay and civil rights, we have a lot to be grateful for from that movement, but it made a mistake.  The mistake was in thinking that in order to work successfully in the business world a woman must give up her feminine attributes and play like a man.  It professed that women could be just like men, just as ambitious and goal oriented, just as driven and competitive.  Why not, instead, bring the feminine principles of compassion and gentleness into the corporate world?  Why not make fairness part of the corporate mission?  At a board meeting why not suggest that while profits are important, even more so are the lives of the people who are effected by our company’s policies and programs?  Why not bring the family into the corporation by allowing children access to their parents for love and attention during their work day?  Why not have more flexiblilty in work times so that people would have more time to nuture their children?  There were inroads in this direction, but not enough to really change our concept of balance in work and family life.  Why not bring the feminine principles of heart and emotion into the business world?  Imagine if corporations looked for ways to be loving, generous, and profitable.

There is abundance enough for all.  The feminine intuition knows this, the masculine rationality does not.  If the masculine rationality (believes in limited means) was counterweighted with the feminine intuition (accepts abundance) we would realize this truth and work together to build a balanced and loving world.  Embrace your masculine and your feminine sides.   Imagine if the world was run on love and determintion.  Imagine if the world was run on kindness and strength.  Imagine if the world was run on peace in action.  Imagine if governments were run on compassion, cooperation, and conciliation in conjunction with decisiveness, action, and order.


I am not saying that the feminine is good and the masculine is bad or visa versa.  Not in the least.  I am talking strictly about masculine and feminine principles, not the male and female genders.  We need both the masculine and feminine attributes to function at our highest calling.  We cannot continue to live in imbalance.

Look at the rise in violence among girls.  They are losing touch with their feminine nature as boys have for a long time.  When we devalue the feminine we devalue our girls.  The weight of their psyche leans towards the feminine when they are born.  When they subconsciously pick up on the “worthlessness” of the feminine in our culture they feel that they are less than the masculine.  They start to suppress their feminine as something of which they should be ashamed.  Their masculine side become overly emphasized in value in their psyche and they tend towards aggression and extreme competitiveness.  We have done this to young boys for so long and it is infecting young girls as well.  We are making children ashamed of who they are.  Allow boys to express their emotions and their generous, caring side.  Allow them to be nurturing and show their sweet nature.  Let them play with dolls as they see their fathers fathering.  But, don’t force the issue.  And allow our girls the same grace.  If they want to play with dolls all the time, let them.  Don’t push the building blocks and science kits unless they revel in them.  If we offer all options available to our children, most will chose a balanced life.  Children are a blend of masculine and feminine and we are making them feel that part of them is bad and shameful.


How can we change this?  On a personal level by embracing both our masculine and feminine sides and trying to recognize and correct areas in which we have imbalance.  On a social level we can start in our schools.  Almost all programs having to do with creativity have been subject to budget cuts.  It’s time to bring back art, poetry, and music.  We need to balance the rational programs with the intuitive and creative programs because these creative programs feed the feminine principle in both genders.  In the workplace more value is placed on the masculine occupations as evidenced by the material rewards given to historically male roles of building bridges and working in finance versus the monetary income for female occupations such as nursing our sick and teaching our children.  These reward scales show that we value the feminine principle less than the masculine.

We can stop pushing gender roles onto our children.  If a girl likes science, math, and engineering she will be drawn to them, but why push girls into these occupations as though the female half of our society is less if it doesn’t strive to excel in these fields?  Make these options available, but don’t push.  We don’t push boys to enter the historically female occupations of nursing, teaching, or the arts.  Let us respect the individual choices and tendencies of our children and not push them in a direction we consider appropriate or valuable.  To help our children you can volunteer to start a school garden and introduce children to the miracle of nature, creation, and growth.  You can offer to start a meditation class after school so that children will experience the feminine of receptivity and passivity to balance the masculine of competition and activity.


To help bring the world into balance you can start your own meditation practice.  Be available to the experience of your emotions and accept them as part of living a balanced life.  You can spend more time in nature, it’s so important to connect with the beauty of our earth.  You can perform acts of kindness without thought of reward.  Explore your creative side.  Some people say that they don’t have a creative bone in their body, but they do.  You do.  Explore it.  Go ahead, don’t be afraid.  Draw or write or express yourself in any creative way.  Build a castle of toothpicks.  Weld a sculpture of a rhinocerous from old car parts.

It also helps to stop watching violent images and listening to violent music or broadcasts.  Do not bring these into your consciousness.  They are the images of an unbalanced masculine society filled with aggression and violence.  To balance the feminine and masculine within ourselves helps to balance them within the outer world.


Women can be overly masculine or overly feminine as well as men.  Do not think that endeavoring to find balance in our duality is an exercise for only one gender.  It is a process that each individual must address.  Masculine and feminine are not synonyms for male and female.  They are principles of living.  Both genders have the masculine and feminine principles within their psyches.  Finding the balance is not an easy task in a society that puts more weight and value on the masculine.  That is why it is so important that we, as both genders, move towards this affirming balance within our lives.

Some say we are on the brink of disaster.  I believe we are on the brink of greatness.  With balance we can change the direction in which the world is headed and bring it into alignment with our true destiny, an identity perfectly blended in the feminine and masculine.  If men and women embrace their duality and are not ashamed to express both their masculine and feminine sides then we are progressing.  Emotion is not weakness.  Kindness is not fragility.  Compassion is not a flaw.  Assertiveness is not anger.  Self love is not selfishness.  It is time for us as a whole to embrace all of who we are so that we may bring equilibrium to the unbalanced, unhealthy direction of our society.

The feminine and the masculine are our duality.  If we can each wholly accept that, then we can change our duality to synchronicity.  We can accomplish the unimaginable with the synergy of a balanced society.  Each person can start to make the change within themselves that will change the world.

Some balanced affirmation:

  • I am proud of both my masculine and feminine nature.
  • I am an emotional being and experience my feelings without judgment.
  • I allow others to express their emotions without judgment.
  • I practice kindness daily.
  • I see all beings with love.
  • I allow all children their individual expression.
  • I strive for balance in all areas of my life.

Ann Baring wrote a beautiful, informative article on the need for balance.   I thnk it is well worth taking a few minutes to read.  This amazing book by Paulo Coehlo is so lovely and helpful on our journey, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, A Story of Forgiveness.  Please explore more ways to enhance and enrich our world by following my blog.  You can follow on facebook or via email by scrolling to the Follow Me button on the top right of this page and clicking on it.


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