Lucy died and came back to tell me about it.

“The mystical trend of our time, which shows itself particularly in the rampant growth of the so-called Theosophy and Spiritualism, is for me no more than a symptom of weakness and confusion. Since our inner experiences consist of reproductions, and combinations of sensory impressions, the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning. ”
– Albert Einstein, letter of February 5, 1921

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”.- Albert Einstein

Albert, it seems that in this instance, you have forgotten the sacred gift.  You really should have stuck around for quantum physics.

I already told you my true life ghost story and that afterwards I couldn’t go back to being an atheist.  It’s not that a ghost proves there is divinity, but it does prove that there’s something else beyond our small world.  We can be very egocentric and believe that there is nothing more than us as humans on our very special planet.  Why wouldn’t there be beings on other planets?  The Sun is one of over 200 billion stars, just in our galaxy!  There are billions of solar systems out there in the universe and chances are that at least one or two of them support life forms.  The odds seem to suggest that.  My point is that there is so much we don’t know.


Shortly after my true life ghost story I was reading a book by Raymond Moody, M.D. called Life After Life.   Working as a doctor, he had a patient who was clinically dead and resuscitated.  the patient reported that he had been to heaven and then returned.  Dr. Moody dismissed this story as just neural misfirings in the brain causing hallucinations.  But, then other patients of his started reporting the same phenomena.  Not only did they report near death experiences, but they reported the same sequences of events.  It didn’t matter what religious or belief system in which they were raised they all reported the same stages in their near death experience. 

They all left their bodies, many reported exploring the general area where their body was and beyond, reporting after their revival the conversations they had heard and the people they saw in other areas of the hospitals.  They reported activities and converstions they couldn’t possibly have known about.  To me, the book was fascinating.  The people who had a Near Death Experience stated that after they figured out that they had left their bodies they would be drawn through a tunnel or doorway and enter a place of brilliant light.  There they are met by people they know who have passed before them.  These loved ones are bathed in light, as if a light radiated from within them.  They also meet other beings of light.  Next they meet what they call God, or Jesus, or whatever their religious or spiritual upbringing would best represent this being of light and love.  They are then brought by God through a life review.  Dr. Moody interviewed thousands of people who claimed to have had near death experiences, in fact he coined the phrase.   After years of research and interviews he wrote his book.

I was working in a very small nursing home when I read his book.  I really loved my job and like all nurses (and people) I had a few favorite patients.  When I got to work that morning I found out that Lucy had been re-admitted the day before from a spell in the hospital.  It had looked very bad for her, touch and go, for a few days.  She had pulled through and was now back in her room.


When I went to her room to bring her her meds she looked pretty weak and was obviously still recovering from her illness.  We chatted for a few minutes and I told her how happy I was that she was back.  We were close.  She started to tell me about her experience.  I was astounded.  She told me that she had died and left her body.  She talked about seeing a doorway and on the other side was a brilliant light.  She stepped through the doorway and was met by her aunt.  Lucy’s parents had died when she was very young and she had been raised by her aunt.  I was so curious.  I had just finished reading Dr. Moody’s book and here I was talking with Lucy about her near death experience.  I asked her what her aunt had looked like and she told me that she looked as she did when Lucy was a child.  Just the way she remembered her.   Then she went through another doorway and she was met by God, not in any form, but as love and light.  She said that no words were spoken, but she knew everyting that was being conveyed to her.  She was taken by God through a life review and she saw her whole life before her.  Though her life was shown to her in its entirety it felt as though it took only moments to review.  She was shown by God everything she had done wrong, but she said there was no judgment at all.  Only love.  She didn’t once feel anything but love, even though she learned of all of her mistakes.  She was just shown why they were mistakes and she had complete understanding of all.

I believe this is the most beautiful part of Lucy’s story and the story of so many others who have passed to the other side and come back to tell us about it.  It shows that God does not judge.  There is no sin.  There are just mistakes.  We are shown our mistakes without judgment and are also shown why they are mistakes.  In life we were doing the best we could with our limited knowledge.  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect in our human form.  We will not be judged and punished for our mistakes.  God is love.  Love does not judge or punish.  Love heals.  Anita Moorjani wrote a beautiful book about her Near Death Experience and she eloquently shares her time in pure love with God.  I would highly recommend her book Dying to Be Me.


And her face when she was telling me, at first she was embarassed.  Her family and the doctors had told her it was hallucinations brought on by dehydration and exhaustion, but she didn’t believe them.  When I listened to her and told her about Dr. Moody’s work she was so grateful.  She had been afraid everyone would think she was crazy.  Even having gone through the humiliation with her family and doctors she was still compelled to continue to talk about it.  Lucy was a bright woman who knew that she might be inviting further ridicule and disbelief, but her intuition told her that it wasn’t a dream or hallucination.  She knew it was real.  By the end of her retelling of her near death experince she was glowing.

The universe sent her someone to validate her experience.   I was sent someone to validate my beliefs.  Lucy was so relieved to be able to tell her story to someone who understood.  I was so honored to hear it.  How wonderful for both of us.

She was told by God that she had a choice of whether to go on or go back.  She chose to go back.  Lucy didn’t stay with us on this plane too much longer, but this much I know, she wasn’t afraid to die.

Intuitive Affirmations:

  • There is synchronicity in my life.  Everything I need is provided at the right moment.
  • I am aware of the synchronistic events in my life.
  • I trust my intuition.  I know what I know.
  • I do not limit my beliefs to what my five senses can percieve.  I am limitless.
  • I am open to all expereinces.
  • I love my life!

Imagine a world where everyone was open to new experiences and ideas.  This world would have no prejudice, no bigotry, and no limits.

Check out Dr. Moody’s book, Life After Life.


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