I Dreamt of Jesus and A Crowd at the Beach

“The only really valuable thing is intuition.” ~Albert Einstein

There was such a big crowd at the beach that I couldn’t get anywhere near the water.  I couldn’t even get to the sand.  It was standing room only and many people like me were up on the street, milling around like they had no where better to go.  No one was upset.  No one was pushing.  We were all just drifting around.  The beach was filled with people walking around.  No one was lying in the sand or wearing swim suits.  Everyone was wearing their street clothes.  A few people had their shoes off and were wading.  Why was everyone at the beach today?  I couldn’t figure it out.  That’s when I saw Tim standing next to me.  I was so happy to see him, so excited,  “Where have you been?” I asked him.  It felt like I hadn’t seen him in years.  I had such a smile on my face!  He looked at me as if I had said something comical.  He was amused, “I’ve been with you all along,” he responded.  It made me so happy to hear that.

That’s it, the whole dream.  It seemed like it lasted a long time.  It felt like I walked around on the street and wondered what was going on, wondered why everyone was at the beach today, for a long time.  Then I was so very happy to see Tim.  What could this dream mean?


As I stated in other posts about interpreting dreams, if there is a person in the dream ask yourself what that person means to you, what do you think of when you think of that person?  And so I asked myself what came to mind when I thought of Tim.  Usually I would say he is a wonderful person, a humble person, a funny person, a playful person, just all around nice.  But, after having that dream, when I asked myself that question, my first thought was that he was born on Christmas day; I immediately remembered that Tim was born on Christmas.  Where does that lead?  To me, he would represent Jesus.  Therefore, he would represent the Christ Consciousness, the Divine, the Source of All, the Tao, Oneness.  What did he say to me?  He said, “I’ve been with you all along.”  He found it surprising that I didn’t know that, it was amusing to him.  “How could you not have known that?” he seemed to be asking.  When he told me that he had been with me all along I knew he meant he had never left me.  Christ Consciousness is not something that we find, it is something we are.


We have also discussed the fact that water represents the emotional and/or the spiritual, depending on the level of the dream.  Since Tim was there and represented my Christ Consciousness then I would say the water represented spirituality.  We are all looking for something that we are.  Something that has been with us all along, something that has never left us and never will.  The crowd of people may represent all the different aspects of myself or they may represent all the people living on earth today.  Most of them were milling around and chatting with people they knew.  Some people were dipping their feet into the water.  No one was swimming.  No one was fully immersed in the water.

I think it is obvious that the dream is telling me that what I am looking for is my true self, but what about all the other people?  What do they represent?  Does this dream mean that there is a spiritual disconnect with most people?  That most people distract themselves with things of the earth, mindless chattering with each other rather than seeking the spirit.  The water was right there and yet no one was making an effort to get to it.  I felt even more confused than most of the people there.  In the dream, I kept wondering, “Why am I here?”  That’s the big spiritual queston, isn’t it.  Tim was the answer, to realize who I am.

What is the part of me that never changes?  That is who I am.  My body changes, my beliefs and thoughts change, my environment, everything changes but who I am.  I am the Eternal.  I am the Christ Consciousness.  The Allah Consciousness.  The Buddha Consciousness.  The Vishnu Consciousness.  The Oneness.

It is a hard thing to believe at times.  It still can seem blasphemous to most to say, “I am God.”  But, Jesus is the one that told us that.  The kingdom of heaven is within.  You can only reach the divine through me.  I don’t think he meant by worshipping him.  I think he meant through Consciousness.  And he told people that the door is open.  He planted the seeds hoping it landed on fertile soil.  Who would nourish the seeds, who seek his truth?  Who would look within to find the kingdom of heaven?  Buddha, Jesus and so many other spiritual leaders tell us to look within.  There is nothing behind our consciousness.  That is it.  We are part of the Collective as a drop of water is part of the ocean, not different, not disconeected, one with the whole.  We are at the beach for a reason.  We are one with Jesus, Buddha and every other master who has lived on earth.  The only difference is that they knew it, they experienced it.


Through meditation we can experience our true identity more readily.  Though it may still take time.  Try to live in the present moment with mindfulness.  Don’t think about the past or future.  Be fully present in the moment, in every moment.  There are some really exceptional books that can help.  I would not recomend a book or DVD unless I truly believed it would be inspiring and practical.  I would recommend almost anything by Wayne Dyer, his newer works especially.  Also, Eckhart Tolle, is a realized master, probably the greatest spiritual teacher of our time.  Carl Jung was really the father of dream (and life) interpretation.   There  is a book I read years ago that I still remember as being an excellent way to look at symbols and life,  Jung to Live By.  Really great book.  So many…

So, if you see Jesus at the beach, know that he has always been with you.  What you are can only be found by letting go of what you are not.  Perhaps that’s why there is the symbolism of washing away the sins.  Going down to the water.  Baptism is our symbolic way of washing away the illusion of physical reality.  The “sins” are our misconceptions.  If we wash them away, we are left with what we are.  We are the Divine.

Affirmations in the moment:

  • I am fully present in this moment.
  • Everything is perfect in this moment.
  • I am the Divine.
  • I am Eternal Love.
  • I am here to change the world with my thoughts.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking on a path and meet up with an ascended master, whoever fits your spiritual paradigm.  You both reach out and hold hands and then you become them and they become you.

Imagine a world in which everyone realized that they are God.  Imagine the love that would be expressed by all beings!


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