Move over, Albert.

“How different, and how much better, it would be for mankind if there were more like him among us.  But it seems not possible.  Honorable persons in every age and everywhere have remained isolated, unable to influence external events.”~ Albert Einstein speaking of Max Planck

“I regard consciousness as fundamental.  I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” ~Max Planck

Okay, I know Albert is my first crush.  It was love at first sight.  But, I also have sort of a relationship with Max Planck.  Albert and I were at the high school dance, having a cup of punch, when in walks this guy I had never seen.  Before I could stop myself I was saying, “Whoa, who’s that?”   Out loud.  Luckily Albert doesn’t pick up on that sort of social cue.  He said, “Oh, he’s in my physics class.  He’s into quanta.”  Mama mia.  Can you love two physicists at once?  I think you can.

So, with my heart divided, I’m taking some face time with Max.  Max Planck is the father of quantum physics.  Did you read his quote above?  Read it again, slowly this time.  Wow.  Matter is derivative from consciousness.  You can see why I’m torn.


This idea of transforming our thoughts into things is not just a trendy new age notion.  It is physics.  We are just beginnning to realize that we are limitless.  When we look behind all matter we see only consciousness.  I have to share a few more quotes of Max’s.  Can you feel the excitement?


“We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up until now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.” ~Max Planck

That sounds like the definition of a miracle.  The breaking of “physical laws”  is what he is talking about, like the laws of gravity, entropy, thermodynamics, and classical mechanics.  When the Collective Consciousness has let go of its limited beliefs and expanded to believe that we can dematerialize and reappear where we want then we won’t need all these cars and planes.  When we realize that we can communicate without words, we will have less misunderstanding.  And who hasn’t always wanted to fly, without a plane!  When we realize we can taste chocolate cake without going to all the trouble of making it, well, your mother will make it for you anyway on your birthday.   But, she won’t have to!

If consciousnees is behind all matter then we are behind all matter.  We are the consciousness!   We are the source of this physical reality.  This “collective of us” has concieved and manifested our world.

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much:  There is no matter as such.” ~Max Planck

Our beliefs become our thoughts.  That is why the earth continues as it is.  Our basic beliefs about the world do not change significantly.  Therefore, because we do not change our thoughts (consciousness) regarding the world, we do not transform the world.  Our personal beliefs transform our lives.  That is why our lives don’t change significantly unless we make some major changes in our personal belief system.  We can’t imagine that our lives are going to be different if we hold the same old beliefs and repeat the same old thoughts.  Be conscious of your beliefs and thoughts.

Isn’t Max great!  I love him.  He and Albert were colleagues and there were just a few of them that understood the whole concept of energy, matter, time, and space.  We are very lucky.  We have been raised with these ideas and questions.  The seeds of Albert’s and Max’s work were planted in our minds when we were kids.  I had no idea what they meant, but my questions were there.  The biggest one being, “What are they talking about?”


The boys. Max and Al.

I can’t write out the equations or figure out all the science or explain any of it very well, but I do know that Albert’s and Max’s work leads to the conclusion that consciousness precedes matter.  What we think matters!  Literally, it becomes matter!

Imagine your life as a wonderful adventure if that’s what you want.  Imagine yourself doing what you love.  Imagine yourself with people you love.  Imagine your dream life.  See it as if it is in the present moment.  Feel it as if it already existed.  Change your consciousness so you can change your life!  I hope you can understand my feelings about Max now.  I suppose since we’re all connected it doesn’t matter.  There’s that word again, matter.  It’s time we took charge of our consciousness and produced something that does matter, a world of love and peace.  Thanks, Max.

Some consciously chosen affirmations:

  • My thoughts become my reality.
  • The universe manifests the life I desire.
  • The universe knows what I desire from my thoughts and endeavors to deliver it to me.
  • I am one with the Collective Consciousness.
  • I am all knowing, all powerful, and eternal.
  • I am one with all.
  • I feel wonderful and happy.

Take just five minutes every day and imagine your dream life.  Do it with enthusiasm, as if it already exists!



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