I did the right thing!

“The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.”

~Albert Einstein


I have always thought of this as “acting with integrity.”  Acting with integrity is not always easy.  Remember when you were little;  you were afraid that if you told the truth you would be punished and so you lied?  Who wouldn’t when faced with anger and punishment?  Now that we’re adults it’s time to let go of that myth.  When you act with integrity you are rewarded by the universe for acting at a high vibration.  But, you say, I have acted with integrity before and it only got me into trouble.  This kind of thinking, this paradigm, is based on a short-term course of events.  Didn’t you ever have a terrible thing happen to you that in the end, the final outcome, was fortuitous?  When you act with integrity the final outcome will be perfect.

My mother once worked as a teller at a bank.  One day a con artist came in and tricked her.  She had encountered con artists before and had actually been instrumental in their arrest, but for whatever reason this guy got her and she was fired.  Wow, she was devastated.  The bank for which she had worked for years and to which she had given her loyalty fired her for one mistake, a $200.00 mistake.  She felt betrayed.  I had never seen her so upset.  A friend of hers who worked at a major corporation called and told her of  an opportunity.  My mother applied, got the job, and embarked on a life long career which allowed her to expand her skills, work creatively in new technology, and offered her regular promotions.  As a woman working in a bank in those days, head teller was as high as you could go and she had reached that position before being fired.  She continued to work in her new fulfilling job until her retirement.  What started as a horrible state of affairs turned out to be the best career day of her life. My mother thought she was acting with kindness.  Maybe the words integrity and knidness mean the same thing.  We are, after all, doing the right thing when we act with kindness.  As in this case, if what we do does not immediately have a postive end result, it’s not over yet.


Once, when I was working in management for a company  I heard that the administrator was going to call an employee into their office about an incident and fire them.  I knew of the circumstances of this incident and knew that the administrator had it all wrong.  The administrator also didn’t like this employee and was looking for a reason to fire them.  Now, I was nervous.  If I went to the administrator with my information I might be fired.  I felt Fear!  She could be a little unstable.  I sat in my office for a few minutes after hearing about this and then I walked down the hall to her office.  I told her the truth.  I was not fired, the employee retained her job, and it all worked out.  When the employee heard of my intervention she came and thanked me.  The look of relief on her face was heart wrenching.  It may not seem like much, but if I had not done what I did I would have had to live with the guilt and shame of it.  Instead I was thanked for my actions.  Integrity feels good. It’s not always easy living with integrity, if it were everyone would do it.  But in the long run, in the big picture it puts out a huge pay off in happiness and self-esteem.  The only thing we need to live a life of integrity all the time is the knowing, the trust that the universe will mirror our integrity back to us.  We will be treated with respect.  We will be rewarded for our integrity.


Guilt and shame are two emotions that should only be in your bongo for as long as it takes to recognize them for what they are; indications that you are doing the wrong thing.  Once you recognize that, do the right thing from now on, and let the guilt and shame go.  If I had done the wrong thing and then sat in my office feeling guilty and ashamed, holding on to that guilt and shame once I realized my mistake would have been even worse.  We’ve all beat ourselves up over something we did that conflicted with our idea of right.  It only hurts us more.  But, this topic is a post in itself, so we’ll move on!

All immoral actions come from a place of fear.  Greed is a fear of lack.  Stealing is a fear of lack.  Obsessive materialism is a fear of lack or a fear that you are not as good as others.  Being mean/violent is a fear that you are going to be attacked, that you are powerless, or that you are unlovable.  Gossip and bigotry come from a fear that you are inferior to others.   Know that all immoral actions come from a place of fear.  Figure out why you repeat patterns that you don’t want to repeat.  What do you fear?  When you realize your fears are groundless in the face of the universe’s love for you and desire to help you manifest your dreams you can let that behavior go.


The opposite of fear is love.  The universe vibrates at the frequency of love.  When your actions match the vibration of the universe you are acting in accordance with who you are.  You are love.  Know that the universe is a mirror reflecting back to you the energy that you project outward.  Live in accord with your moral compass.  The universe will set you on the right path by using your emotions and intuition to guide you.  Living with Integrity is really its own reward.

Some integral affirmations:

I am courageous in the knowledge that the universe meets all my needs.

Being my authentic self helps the universe provide me with the perfect life for me.

All beings deserve respect, love, and honor.

I act with integrity knowing that it is the best path for me and the world.

Imagine the pride you feel when you follow your heart’s moral compass.  How great are you!!!


2 thoughts on “I did the right thing!

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