Beliefs precede thoughts. What do you believe?

“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein

Why do we have certain thoughts?  Why do we imagine specific scenarios?  Our thoughts and imagination depend upon our beliefs.  We don’t think that we have to get a college education in order to be a success unless it is a belief.  We don’t think that we have to be a good person in order to lead a successful life unless it is a belief.  We do not think that in order to be wealthy we have to step on some people as we climb the ladder unless it is a belief.  We don’t think that all wealthy people are greedy unless it is a belief.  We don’t think that we are never going to get to travel to Europe unless there is a belief that we can’t manifest it.

All of our beliefs precede our thoughts, precede our imagination.  We can’t think of accomplishing something if we have a belief that it is beyond us or believe that we don’t deserve it or believe that we aren’t talented enough.  Listen to your thoughts sometimes.  You may be surprised at what you think and say.  Simply saying, “What an idiot,” about yourself after doing something that may not have been the right thing to do is a little harsh.  Hearing of someone’s accomplishment, sighing and saying, “Wow, that must be incredible,” speaks a lot about whether you think you’ll be able to do it.  Of course, if you follow that with, “I’m going to  love doing that,” it’s another matter.

Often our beliefs are unknown to us on a conscious level.  We are inhibited by our negative beliefs nonetheless.  They are a core from which we draw our thoughts and from which we function.  We can override our beliefs by either recognizing them and dispelling them or by placing our new beliefs in the forefront of our consciousness and reminding ourselves through affirmations what our true self beliefs are, not the ones we were raised to believe.  The true beliefs are the ones we choose ourselves consciously with a knowing and a conviction of their truth.


So when we seem to be stuck with our manifesting, it may not be that we are thinking the wrong thoughts.  It may be that the thoughts are not charged with the energy of a belief.  If we truly believe that good people do not get rich, that money is the root of all evil, or that having money is for those other people with the perfect hair and teeth flying first class then our thoughts are like empty cups, they will nourish nothing.  Charge your thoughts with your new well-chosen beliefs.

Our brain can not differentiate an external physical world from our imagination.  When we are dreaming we think it is real.  It is the same with our thoughts.  Our physical body responds as if it was our reality.  When athletes are hooked up to brain electrodes and told to visualize performing an athletic event their brain reacts as if they are actually performing; the same muscles that get messages from the brain during the actual performance, get the messages when they are visualizing it.  Our brain perceives the thoughts as reality. When we think we are happy, we feel happy.  When we see ourselves in a desired circumstance our emotions respond as if it already existed.  This is how we get the universe to respond in kind.  If we think something is possible, if we believe, then we can manifest that reality.  If we allow ourselves to believe that something is possible our actions will begin to follow our thoughts.

If we truly believe that we are deserving of all we desire and that there are no caveats to reaching our goals then we are unstoppable.  Recognize your self-sabotaging beliefs and tell them they no longer hold a place in your paradigm.  Tell them that in your world you are the manifestor and that the cultural beliefs, the societal beliefs, and the religious beliefs you once held no longer ring true.  Believe that you can do anything.  Look at all the people who are successful.  Are they all alike?  NO.  They come from many different cultures, many religious backgrounds, different education, and have different physical and mental attributes.  The one thing they do hold in common is the belief that they can accomplish their dreams.  You can share that belief.  Go ahead, share it.   I believe!

I believe in these affirmations:

  • I believe that I deserve to fulfill my dreams
  • I believe that the universe is conspiring with me to achieve my goals.
  • I believe that my thoughts manifest my life.
  • I believe that I am equal to any task that leads to my dream fulfilled.
  • I believe that all people, including me, can have their wishes come true.

Imagine that you are a small child and someone tells you that you can’t be successful.  What do you say to them?

Two of the best books on manifesting are by Wayne Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled  and by Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe.  I would highly recommend either of them.


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