A Brief History of Love.

“We cannot blame gravity for the phenomenon of people falling in love.”  ~Albert Einstein.

During my early college years I was lucky enough to have some amazing professors, one of whom was Peter Anastas.  Peter taught Creative Writing and was a favorite professor of mine. He enjoyed his work so much and shared his knowledge with such enthusiasm that it would have been difficult not to love his classes.

He would sometimes share stories of the city in which he grew up and the people who populated his youth.  One of his stories stuck with me all these years and so I thought I would share it with you.

Henry and Natalie met in college, both history majors, they loved their studies and their mutual enthusiasm for history brought hours of intellectual and emotional passion. Apart they both had wonderful energy, but together it was multiplied by synergystic magic.  They walked together on a plane above their peers, their energy transforming their surroundings into a page turning tome of history, myth, and marvel.  They relished their years together at university.


Henry graduated a year before Natalie and on graduation night Henry asked Natalie to marry him.  I won’t leave you in suspense.  After all, you know she said, “Yes!”  Who could have been happier than Henry and Natalie?  No one.  They loved and appreciated each other.  They lived in a world manifested by their happiness.  They delighted in each other.

But, her parents, concerned for their daughter, told them that they must wait the year until Natalie graduated before marrying.  Her parents said that if it was real love it would wait.  Henry and Natalie waited the long year until Natalie graduated and then they wed.

Their life was everything that their courtship had been and more.  They both worked as  historians traveling the world together to ancient sites of battles and betrayals, to monuments of human endeavor.  They wrote together and taught together.  Their lives were spent doing exactly what they loved to do and so they were always happy.  They never had children and were each others best friend and lover.


Their life was magical in many ways.  That they were able to take what they loved and live from it.  That they still delighted in each other after years and years.  That they traveled the world together sharing their passions.  They were blessed.

Natalie left the world before Henry.  He continued working on their legacy.  At a reception for him, honoring his and Natalie’s work, Henry was asked, “If you could change any one thing in your whole life what would it be?”

He replied, “I wouldn’t have waited the year to get married.”


Wow.  A life manifested by happiness and doing what you love.

Life and love affirmations:

  • I do what I love and love what I do.
  • When I am my real self the universe sends me more things to love.
  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, safe, strong, and loved.
  • I am fearless in the knowledge that my life is blessed.
  • My partner may not be perfect, but is perfect for me.
  • I may not be perfect, but I’m perfect for my partner.

Imagine doing what you love and enjoying life to the fullest!

If you liked this story you’ll love thisone, too.  A Love Story.  Do you have a love story you’d like to share or one you’d like me to share with my readers?  Please leave a comment or message me on my facebook page, Einstein’s Gifts.

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