Red Tailed Hawk on the Night Train.

“Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible concaternations, there remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable.  Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.  To that extent I am, in point of fact, religious.” ~ Albert Einstein

For those who are familiar with me or Einstein’s Gifts, you know that I go into the woods virtually every day.  There are many reasons for this.  I didn’t really know the reasons until I heard about Forest Bathing and the Schumann Resonance, both of which I wrote about in other posts.  Of course, we don’t need science to tell us that going into nature is good for us.  It just feeds our souls.  Look at children in nature.  They come alive.  They run around, they can’t contain their enthusiasm.  They climb everything they can find.  They yell, “Look…Look…Look!”  It is so natural to be in nature!  If I don’t spend enough time out in the woods or on the water I start to forget who I am.  I become slower and denser.

One night I had this dream.  I was in the dining car of a train having lunch with friends.  The walls of the car were burnished wood.  The large windows were framed in elaborate moldings.  We sat at a table laid with linens and fine china.  The countryside was green and rolling, bucolic, manicured.  I took a sip from my water goblet.  When I looked up there was a majestic Red Tailed Hawk flying just outside the window.  It was flying alongside the train and staring at me.  The realism of this dream is so hard to forget.  The eyes of the hawk were so absolutely clear, the feathers, the intelligence.  Just amazing.  I saw that the hawk was looking at my food.  “It’s hungry,” I said to my friends.


End of dream.   I’m still awestruck by the hawk.  I could have reached out and touched it, so real it was to me.  I could see the pupils of its eyes, so penetrating.  I felt the fierceness of its mind.  At the time I had that dream I hadn’t been in the woods for about a week.  That’s a long time for me to not enjoy the wild.  I have always loved Red Tailed Hawks.  They seemed to me a symbol of the grandeur of nature, of a bird completely following what it is.  That’s the beauty of wild animals.  They never question what they are.  The hawk, as do all characters in dreams, represented a part of me.  She is the part of me that runs on intuition and follows my heart and soul.  She is the part of me that  soars above the mundane.  She is the part of me that knows my true self.  She is my wild side.  My true nature.  I had been ignoring my true self.  I was hungry to follow my dreams and be who I am.  The dream showed me that I was being misled by the finery of the material world.  The tasteful linens and crytal are easily destroyed, but the soul is infinite.

Why a train instead of a car?  All modes of transportation, even your feet, represent your path in life.  If you are driving a car you are in control of where you go.  This could symbolize you following your own path depending on what was taking place in the dream.  In this dream I was in a train.  The train was taking me.  It was on a track which I couldn’t change.  No matter how many amenities, no matter how elaborately decorated, it is still just a box on a track.  A track defined by the accoutrements of society.  Our egos can fool us in this way.  The ego can put all manner of trappings in our life, from beautiful homes, furnishings, art, people, and travel, but if it’s not the life that fills you with enthusiasm, if it’s not the life that feeds your passion, then it’s really just a box on a track.

As in most dreams the symbols express on many levels, from the physical to the emotional/intellectual to the spiritual.  On every level, I was hungry to get into the woods and the next day I went walking in the wild.  You can’t ignore a dream like that.  I took a route I hadn’t taken in about a year.  Eventually I came to a quarry and was walking on the old road beside it when I spotted a feather in my path.  The feather of a Red Tailed Hawk.   The universe sent me here to this path to find the feather and validate my dream and to remind me to honor it.  This is the sychronicity of the universe at work.  This is you manifesting symbols to show you your path.  You are the universe, after all.  You do fly above the mundane, above the ordinary.


Be alert to repeated patterns in your life, whether they are words, pictures, found objects… It doesn’t matter, if it means something to you then listen to it.  Why take a train when you can experience the elegance of flight?

Some natural affirmations:

  • I am aware of the synchronicities in my life.
  • I follow my intuition.
  • I am reminded by the universe of who I am.
  • I enjoy spending time in nature.
  • I know the truth.
  • I experience the joy of being.

Close your eyes and imagine an animal.  Ask tha animal what it has to say to you.  Listen closely and remind yourself of it later.

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4 thoughts on “Red Tailed Hawk on the Night Train.

  1. I feel that dreams are very multi-faceted phenomena. They do the housekeeping necessary to keep us sane, but they can’t do the entire job. Our conscious mind must also do it’s part to keep us healthy, and getting caught up with other things in life, we don’t always do this. And when we don’t, we begin to suffer, and we often don’t understand we are depriving ourselves of things we need. We have created an artificial world which can’t give us everything we need, and some of us more than others need to connect with the natural world often to remain grounded. The easiest way to answer our dreams is get on our feet and wander, but sadly we are now in a world in which many of us forget. It’s time, I believe, that we all remind ourselves and teach our children the importance of wandering, before we all forget and are doomed to an unexplained state of chronic misery.

  2. Thank you for your exquisite entry today, I am most grateful for your “gifts”. A poignant reminder of the importance of dreams, the significance of nature in our lives. The ability to find solace and renewal in nature..and I suspect your hawk energy may enhance your perception, clarity, clairvoyance…and the ability to soar.

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