Wild Holly and Wild Women

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~Albert Einstein

My sister, Holly, would sometimes call me with concerns about her son’s health.  She would be incredibly worried, even distraught, because her son was sick and the doctor’s had told her over the phone not to worry about him and to wait until morning to bring him in.  She would call me saying, “What should I do?”  She didn’t really need an answer from me.  Her intuition told her exactly what to do, but because of our indoctrination we tend to give “rational” western medicine more weight than our own divinity and intuition and she would second guess herself.  Still that persistent voice inside her would not let her rest and she would call me because of my background as a nurse.  Because of our society that background lent credibility to my response.  Invariably I would suggest that she follow her intuition.  She would bring him to the hospital and when she got there she would find that it was always a good thing she had brought him in.  Her sacred gift, her intuition, was questioned by her because of how we are conditioned as a society.  Albert was right, we “honor the servant and have forgotten the gift.”

Years later I was reading the book Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  This wonderful book is filled with the myth and symbolism of the feminine.  It is a call to embrace what the author calls your “Wild Woman.”  Now, gentlemen, please don’t leave now because you, too, have a Wild Woman within you.  Just as we women have a Wild Man within us.   We are all dual creatures with an Anima and an Animus, a Yin and a Yang, a Feminine and a Masculine.


Our Wild Woman is our intuition.  It is our remembrance of who we are and our connection to the Divine Mother. It is our Feminine Wisdom and Power.  When we trust our Wild Woman we trust our intuition, our divine wisdom. It is a beautiful thing to know who we are and to trust our Soul’s Voice.  We all have intuition.  We can all tap into this amazing wisdom whenever we need to.

During the time I was reading Estes’ book I was going through the gasping throes of the end of my marriage.  I couldn’t accept it, though.  I knew ending it was the right thing to do, but I would rationalize the problems and deny the truth that I innately knew; I should leave.  But, it is never easy to leave a marriage.  We invest so much of our heart and emotion into it, so much work and time.  We feel a great sense of loss and failure in the ending of a marriage.

It was during the Christmas holidays and I planned to hang greens around the outside doorway.  I went into the woods searching for some Wild Holly, some call it Winterberry.  I found some one day, but not enough.  I took many trips into the woods searching for Wild Holly.  Many trips.  I was a little obsessive about it.  I could have gone to a florist’s and bought some, but for some reason it was important to me to go into the woods myself, find it and gather it.


I finally had enough Wild Holly to go all aroung my front door with the greens.  I passed through this portal every day.  After the holidays I left the marriage.

You see, it was very easy for me to tell my sister, Holly, to follow her intuition, easy to tell her to be her Wild Woman, to be Wild Holly, but for me it was too frightening.  I had to find my own Wild Holly, so to speak.  So I went into the woods looking for it and when I had enough I was able to leave.  My intuition was trying to get through to me, but I was fighting it and so the universe used this symbol, the Wild Holly, to show me that I would be doing the right thing by following my intuition and leaving a place that was no longer part of my soul’s journey.


I left that marriage with four dollars in my pocket and no prospects.  I had no idea what I would do.  I worked in real estate at that time, a very slow time of year.  A few days after I moved out a woman walked into the real estate office while I was on desk duty.  She wanted to look at a few houses.  I asked her to wait an hour while I finished my obligation on the desk and then I brought her to a house that I thought she might like.  She did like it.  Her husband came to see it the next day.  He liked the one next door, also for sale, even more.  So, they put in an offer.  These were very expensive houses.  Within a week they closed papers on the house and I had a check for twelve thousand dollars.


When we live our authentic life and follow our soul’s wisdom we will be rewarded by the universe.  Does this seem like an unusual case?  I’ve had stranger things happen.  We musn’t worry about how or when or where or why or who.  We must simply trust our soul’s voice and follow our heart’s desire.  Listen to the quiet, persistent voice inside.  It will guide you on the path to fulfillment.

Some intuitively good affirmations:

  • I am in touch with my Wild Woman and embrace her power and wisdom.
  • I listen to the quiet wisdom of my soul.
  • Only good things come from following my Soul’s Voice.
  • My heart’s desire brings me happiness and fulfillment.
  • I am fearless in my trust in my intuition.

Imagine yourself following your heart’s desire knowing that you cannot fail.  What would you do?  What is your heart’s desire?


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