Flawless Harmony

“If I were not a physicist I would be a musician.  Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music…I get most joy in life out of music.”~Albert Einstein

I once heard string theory analogized to the notes of a song.  You take one note and string it together with other notes and you get a song.  When you take an atom and string it together with other atoms then you get matter.  Matter is merely organized energy.

We are simply notes strung together into a symphony of perfection.  We are not random discordant atoms stuck anywhere helter-skelter resulting in a disharmonious cacophony.  We are a well orchestrated succession of flawless harmony formed by a consciousness that is perfect and therefore uses divine order to make us as brilliant as we are.  We are not an indiscriminate, arbitrary mishmash of atoms.  We are a delicately constructed being of infinite light and love.


Consciousness is behind all matter.  The collective consciousness behind our being is also, part of us.  We are part of it.  As that creative consciousness we can continue to compose our lives.  We decide where the notes are and where the spaces are.  We can arrange a life of sweet melodies and harmonies or a discordant minor key nightmare.  It is our choice how we organize all the notes available to us.  We can use them for beauty or for disharmony.  We can use them to create songs which inspire and mesmerize or we can compose songs which cause others and, more importantly, ourselves, to cover our ears and wince at the racket we are producing.

When we choose to create beauty we invite more beauty to us.  When we create discord we invite more discord. Our consciousness is the key to our song.  As Albert did, see your “life in terms of music, daydream in music.”   Make sure it is a song worthy of you.  Make sure it is a song worthy of the ones you love.  When you share your song see how people react to it.  Are they enthralled with the beauty of your song or repelled by the discord?  Their reaction may be a reflection of your music.


Composing your life is not always easy.  There will be times when you must cross out whole pages of notes and start again, but it is always worth the time to get it right.  To get it perfect for you.  To get it to a point where you would be proud for anyone to listen to your song.  Sometimes it just takes a minor change, pull one note out here, change another there, add a space in between these two notes.  However you write your song though, make sure it is your song and not someone else’s.  Don’t let someone else do all the arranging and producing.  Take charge of your song and make it uniqely yours.


Encourage others to compose their own lives, to listen to the melody that is singularly theirs.  It’s not always easy to march to that different drummer, but it sure beats being an invisible member of a loud, dissonant band. Your symphony will swell into the universe and sing back to you in strings of pure bliss.   Always remember who you are, a symphony composed of love.

Some magical, musical affirmations:

  • I am a perfect creation of the universe.
  • I have a unique song of my very own.
  • I am one with the cosmos.
  • I treat everyone’s song with reverence.
  • I respect my individuality and express it creatively.

Imagine yourself conducting an orchestra.  How does the music make you feel?


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