A cottage in the woods.

“It is better for people to be more like the beasts… they should be more intuitive; they should not be too conscious of what they are doing while they are doing it.” ~Albert Einstein

In a recent post I talked about how the universe will send messages to us using symbols and dreams.  Sometimes though, we don’t want to wait for the universe to send a cryptic message or we haven’t been understanding what the universe is trying to tell us and we’re feeling a little impatient.  There are other ways to find out the answers to questions.  One of them is to sleep on it.  When you go to bed at night, get comfortable and ask the question.  Repeat the question a few times before you go to sleep.  This exercise will often have you waking with the answer to your question, if not immediately then during the day it will pop into your head.

Another way to get the answer to a question is to do a guided meditation.  You will be your own guide on this one.  It goes like this.  Decide what question you would like to ask.  Get comfortable in a seated position.  Close your eyes and take three slow and deep breathes.  You will feel very relaxed.  Imagine yourself walking along the bank of a creek, the creek is on your left and there are meadows to your right.  There are stones and flowers alongside the path.  Just a little bit up ahead you see a bridge across the creek.  When you get to it you cross over to the other side.


Now you are on the side of the creek where the woods are thick, but you see a path opening through the trees.  You take that path.  As you walk along it is very quiet and quite beautiful.  It feels like you’ve been there before.  You continue along the path for a while, there are turns, little hills, and you can hear the wind whisper softly above you in the trees.

Then you come around a corner and you see a clearing.  In the clearing is a cottage with a lovely garden surrounded by a fence.  You open the gate to the cottage garden and walk to the front door.  It’s a very sweet, homey cottage.  You knock on the door and it is opened by someone.  They invite you in and you sit at a table with them in front of a fireplace.  You are offered a cup of tea which you accept and the two of you sit quietly for a minute, sipping your drinks and looking at the fire.


Then you ask the question.  You sit quietly and your host answers the question.  You thank them.  You may feel quite emotional and that’s okay, they understand.  Then you say good bye and leave.  They ask you to return at any time and that makes you happy.

This exercise is pretty amazing at times.  Sometimes as you walk down the path in the woods you may see someone or something on the side of the path.  It may be someone you love who has passed or it may be a stranger or an animal.  Take a minute and sit with them, they may have something to tell you.  If something unexpected happens, go with it.  See where it leads.  Follow your intuition.

There are as many ways to enlightenment as there are questions, as there are beings.   The answers always come from you.  When we begin to trust ourselves more we will have the door opened by ourselves.  We will sit quietly with ourself and all the answers will come.

Some self affirming affirmations:

  • I am.
  • I have the key to universal wisdom.
  • All answers come in their time.
  • I am guided by loving beings to my perfect destiny.
  • With an open heart and mind I have the wisdom of the universe with me at all times.

Imagine yourself opening that door for others.  It happens whenever you see them with love.


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