All things come to pass, but love endures.

“There is, after all, something eternal that lies beyond the reach of the hand of fate and of all human delusions.”  ~Albert Einstein

What’s the most important thing to you?  Is it your family, your best friend, your dog?  I bet it’s a living, breathing being and not a thing.  Everything real lasts forever, but all things pass.  Bad times pass.  Snowstorms pass.  The physical body passes.  It’s the love that endures.   The only thing real is love.  If you can believe that you will know peace.  We are a soul with a body.  We are not a body with a soul.  There is a big difference.


We endure.  Our energy does not decay.  Our love does not dissappear.  It endures.  Do you sometimes feel the love of those who have passed from their bodies?  Do you feel their presence?  I have.  They are still with you.  It is the love that goes on.

All the material things we wish for, all the material gifts we give and receive, all the stuff is unimportant.  It is something that we made up, something we manifested.  It is matter and it doesn’t matter.  Our essence matters, who we are matters.  Don’t give up on being your authentic self.

I’m no authority on anything, like I say, ‘I’m no Einstein,’ even Einstein said, “I’m no Einstein.”  It’s true.  He did say that.  So don’t listen to me or anyone else about what is right for you.  Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.  Who we are on this plane, the physical world, is not who we are.  We are love.  We are abundance.  We are creativity.  We are divine.  Jesus and Buddha and many others knew this.  “The kingdom of heaven is within.”  “On earth as it is in heaven.”   “Oneness.”  “I am.”  Our energy and how we use it can transform our lives and the world into paradise.  It can also make our lives hell if we so choose.  Choose heaven.


We can help transform the world through our love, through realizing we are love.  In doing this we help others to see their true selves.  When we are ourselves and that light shines through it helps the world.  The only mistake we make is believing that the world is real and our spirit is an illusion.  In that mistake lies fear because we think we are at the mercy of material laws.  We are above the laws of the physical plane.  We invented the physical plane!  But, we are not above certain ones, like flying with only our bodies!  When we realize collectively that we make the rules then all will be possible. even flying.  We will imagine a new paradigm.  Things like abundance and health are at our disposal now because we can manifest those using the physical laws accepted by the collective.

But, we have all heard of spontaneous healings which are not part of our collective belief system.  Anita Moorjani wrote a wonderful book about her experience with that, Dying to Be Me.   Miracles are possible on a personal level.  Her family was told her death was imminent, her organs had shut down.  Her story of this experience is amazing.  Anita has a message for us.  Saints in the mystic Catholic traditon have been known to levitate, St. Angela of Brescia and others.  And, also members of other mystic traditions.  These are isolated instances because these few were able to let go of their limitations.  When we have all let go, we will all be limitless.  Until then we will live by the laws and limitations of the collective paradigm with a few exceptions.  You can be one of them!

When we all know that we can do anything, that we are everything, we will be done with limits.  Since time is not linear, then we are done.  That’s just too much, isn’t it?  It all turns out perfectly, by the way!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to write these posts because they are a constant reminder to me of what’s important and how I want to live my life here.  I learn as I write.  Thank you.

Collective affirmations:

I am one with All.

I have the wisdom of the universe.

I am perfect love and creativity.

I am open to the song of love the universe sings to me.

I heal all with my love.

Close your eyes and imagine all the love in the world centering in your heart.


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