Reflecting Truth

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~Albert Einstein

I was outside today looking at the brilliant blue sky.  There were a few white clouds drifting by and I saw one that was illuminated.  I assumed the sun was behind it shining through and around the edges.  It was really quite magnificent.  The light was spectacular.  Then I realized that the sun, from my perspective, was actually behind a tree and the cloud was simply reflecting the glorious light of the sun.


So it is with us.  We are the Sun.  When we see others as the sun their light shines back at us.  They may think that it is only you that is the sun, but when you recognize their light you are helping them to see that they are also the Source of Light.  We are the wondrous light of the universe.  We are the love that emanates from the eternal energy of the Source of all Love.  We all shine with the brilliance of the Universe.   We are the love.  We are eternity.


When we recognize the brilliance of another’s soul we help them to see themselves as what they truly are.  Until we recognize our own divinity though, we at times think that the other person is the source of light.  When we fall in love with someone; a lover or a baby or a friend, we sometimes think that we are in love with them and that it is they who provide the light.  It is always us that is the love.  If we know this then we cannot be hurt if they walk away.  Love does not leave.  Love is eternal and when we know that it is us that is the love we are never alone.

There are so many trite “isms” about the fact that you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself.  The truth is that knowing that you are the love is what is needed to release yourself and this world from hate and bigotry and judgement.  We cannot love others truly until we realize we are love.  In order to release ourselves from the chains of separation we must believe that we are all the love, we are all one, we are all connected by this energy that Einstein tells us about.  He calls separation an illusion and it is.  Until we truly grasp the concept that all is made up of the same stuff, that eternal matrix of energy, we are lost in an illusion of separation, difference, and intolerance.



Let’s realize our connection,our oneness, and stop the judgement.  How can I judge someone who is me?  For if we are all one than we are all in this together.  There are those who will not understand this until the Collective has expanded its awareness and then we will have a mass disillusionment and all borders and all exclusionary doctrine and paradigms will end.

All beings long for life, long for love, and long for community.  The irony is that it is our natural state.  It is who we are.  We long for what we are!  We just don’t all know it yet.

It’s time to start the Revolution of Disillusionment.  It is our job to raise the consciousness of the world.  Get to work.

Some disillusioning affirmations

  • I am one with all beings.
  • I am love.
  • All that is is the eternity of I am.
  • All beings live in accord with the highest vibration which is love.
  • I see all beings as love.

Imagine a world of connection.  Imagine a world of inclusion.  Imagine a world of love.  Close your eyes and imagine that you and all beings, the whole planet, and expanding out into the universe is a brilliant light of pure love.


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