It’s not about loving, it’s about being love.

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not on our circumstances.”  ~Albert Einstein

In the traditional sense love can bring much pleasure, but if it doesn’t last than it wasn’t really love, was it?  It was probably not love, but need and when our expectations weren’t met, the “love” faded.  It was conditional.  When love is something that we give and receive then it is a thing, an action, and it can end.  When love is something that we are then it cannot be taken away.  We are love.  Whether we know it or not.  When we realize that we are love and accept it and let it shine through with our energy then we will never lose our happiness and we will bring happiness to others by showing them what it truly is.


Too often people rely on romantic love to make them happy.  They rely on other people to fulfill their dreams.  Happiness is not external.  Love is not external.  Sure you can get temporary pleasure from any number of external sources; like falling in love or shopping.  I’m not equating romantic love with shopping.  Romantic love is when two people meet and they delight in each other because they see themselves in the other person.  It’s a very beautiufl thing.  There’s nothing like it.  Nothing.  That’s why we love to fall in love.  But romantic love with expectation is a death sentence to True Love.  True Love and Happiness emanate from within.  Romantic love can be wonderful and amazing in the beginning, but when our expectations need to be fulfilled by someone else for our happiness to be lasting then that is not True Love.  Romantic love can evolve with True Love’s presence.

Even with our little babies, our loves, there comes a point where they see that you are not going to fulfill all of their wishes and dreams and they resent you for it.  They get angry and clench their little fists and howl!  (forewarning for some; this usually lasts through adolescence) You are no longer perfect in their eyes.  You no longer meet all their expectations.  What a betrayal.  How could you do that to them?  They are unhappy with you.  You who changed their diaper, wiped their bums, and cradled them as you sat numb and exhausted from sleep deprivation.  It happens and then we, as parents, are not as thrilled with them.  They no longer hang on our every word, no longer think of us as their whole world, no longer beam with excitement each time they see us.  They no longer fulfill our expectations.  What a betrayal.  Of course, we still love them, but, let’s face it, we see a lot of parents who expect certain behaviors, personalities, talents, and outcomes from their children and who become angry when their children do not proceed in the proposed way.


It’s true.  All love fails at times.  Except True Love, the kind that permeates the universe, the kind that is the matrix of infinity.   True Love knows nothing of betrayal or judgment or jealousy or expectation.  True Love just is.  It never changes.  It never gives up.  It is eternal.  It is all there is.  True Love just is.  It does not take work.  It only requires allowing.  It requires allowing who you really are to be present.

When you look at the people, see them without expectations.  Don’t expect your child to take on a particular role that you think may benefit them.  They must follow their own path.  Don’t expect your partner to make you happy or love you in the way in which you want.  They can only love in their own way.  If you are unconditional love, you will never be dissappointed.  You will always be happiness.  Be present in your natural state (you know what that is; love!) as often as you are mindful of it.


We all want to be loved and knowing that the source is love and we are a part of that source, the collective, is knowing that we are always loved.  It feels good to know we are part of a huge experience of love.  Never ending, never expecting, always loving.  Infinite.  To be infinitely loving we need to know that love is inexhaustable.  It is spiritual.  Live a life of unconditional love.   Allow yourself to be loved unconditionally.  Open your heart to the source of all love: you.

Some lovely affirmations:

I am loved unconditionally.

I love all unconditionally.

I feel the energy of who I am filling my body and expanding to all I meet.

I attract loving beings into my life.

Lie down with your eyes closed and imagine that you are a bright being of love, a golden light, let that light expand out til it encompasses the whole world and dissolves into infinity.


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