I love you, my little red headed lady.

“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me.  That signifies nothing.  For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistant illusion.”  ~Albert Einstein

Years ago, on a grey November day I was working as a med/treatment nurse at a nursing home.  The day started off as usual.  I counted the narcotics with the outgoing nurse and took report on the wing I would be covering for my shift.  I got my med cart ready, and started the morning med pass.  But, then I started to be overwhelmed by a deep, deep sadness I couldn’t understand.  I was on the brink of tears and fighting to control myself so I could do my work.  It was an overwhelming grief.


There was a little read headed woman who lived at the home and she was sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway.  She had advanced Alzheimer’s disease and was essentially non-verbal and was unable to initiate any tasks or follow through with anything.   We had to perform all of her acitivites of daily living for her.  The nurse’s aides washed her, brushed her teeth, and dressed her.  We had to wheel her to the dining room for meals.  We fed her and cleaned her up.  She could do nothing for herself.

For some reason as I struggled with my emotions she wheeled her chair up to me at my med cart.  I said hello to her.  She didn’t respond, because she was non-verbal, but she always had a quiet, calm presence.  She was very sweet.  Her son lived thousands of miles away, but he called every week and I would reassure him that she was doing just fine.  It was very hard for him and sometimes his voice would catch as I spoke with him and I knew that he was fighting back tears.  From her son’s devotion to her, it was obvious that she had been a wonderful mother.

I was surprised to see that she was actually wheelng herself because I had never seen her do this before.  As I moved my med cart down the hall, administering the meds and trying to keep it together emotionally, she followed me in the wheel chair.  My eyes were filled with  held-back unwept tears and I had to look away when a few of the staff commented to me about her following me because it was so completely unexpected of her.

When I was about halfway done with the med pass and still on the verge of balling my eyes out I realized that it was the first anniversary of my brother’s death.  My mother had passed away two years before him. No wonder I was so sad.  Just as I realized that was why I was so emotional and upset, my little red headed lady looked up at me, she smiled and said, ‘There’s someone here. ”  Then she had a look of puzzlement on her face for just a moment as if trying to figure it out, and then she excitedly blurted out, “It’s your mother!”   With a big smile, she blew me a kiss.


Wow.  Doesn’t the universe take care of us?  Because if there was anything I needed at that moment it was some nurturing from my mother.  There I was, ready to break, when my little red headed lady gives me a virtual hug and kiss from my mother.  Be open to the nurturing that the universe is offering to you.   The universe (please use the word that feels the most comfortable to you, whether it’s Jesus, Buddha, God, Allah, Babaji, Love, Holy Spirit, Source, etc.) LOVES you.  It will show you its love in innumerable ways if you open your heart to the gifts you deserve.


Allow all the love that is in you to grow you.  Allow the love that you are to heal you.  Allow the love that you are to guide you.   Allow the love that you are.  Allow the universe to send you messages from another plane.  There is far more to our universe then we have experienced on earth.  Spirits of those who have passed over are often with us.  Most of us have had experiences with spirit.  If you are interested in finding out more about other planes, check these out.  There are many forms in which energy exists, as many as consciousness can imagine!

The little red headed lady didn’t speak again or wheel herself again for as long as I worked there.

Be open to these affirmations:

  • I am open to love.
  • My being is love.
  • I allow the universe to love me and guide.
  • I am part of the universe.
  • Love is the answer to all questions.

Imagine your heart, in it see a beautiful light, in the light a person will appear, they will stay in the light in your heart and love you forever.


One thought on “I love you, my little red headed lady.

  1. What a heartfelt story, inspirational story. I think you will like my story as to how my original song (called “Carry On”) came about. “Carry On” is a tribute to our loved ones who are in Heaven (with a healing & uplifting message). The back-story is included in the first video on my music website listed below. Thank you!

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