Unbearable Perfection

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  -Albert Einstein

Ego, we need to have a talk.  I hate to see you in such pain.  So afraid that things are going to go wrong.  So anxious about money.  So fearful of love.  So scared of the thought of being hurt by others.  So unwillingly to take chances and risks.  So concerned with what others think of you.   So worried about your future.  Please look at me when I’m talking with you.   I don’t mean to hurt you or judge you.  You have been raised with all of these fears.  You didn’t make them up.  I just want you to know that there is another way to live.  You can live a happy, joyful, loving, peaceful life.  Yes, you can.  Don’t look at me that way, it’s true.

You are so afraid that you will die with the body that holds you that you fear everything. You will not die when the body stops, you will finally see that you have only been sleeping and that you are waking up.  I’m trying to wake up, I’m trying to give up the illusion but you keep telling me that I have no control over my life.  You try to fill me with fear.  I am awake and I know better.  You are the illusion and my intuition is real.  Some people are fast asleep and only listen to you, Ego.  Some people are in a state where they are starting to wake up, starting to recognize that you are wrong.  And some people are wide awake and recognize that the fear that drives most life, Ego, is unfounded.  You can wake up now if you want.  Why wait?

I am giving you notice, Ego, that I will no longer listen to your fears, anxieties, and worries.  I will no longer be swayed by your “reason” and your rationale that nothing will ever work out because it hasn’t in the past.  Well, if it never worked in the past by following your lead then why would it work in the future.  Therefore, I am no longer listening to you.  I am following my intuitive mind, also known as my heart.  I will make decisions based on my joy knowing that my higher self (the Universe, the Source, God, the Tao) will lead me on the right path to my desires and destiny.  My destiny is happiness, by the way.

You see, as long as I am in charge the universe will take me where I want to go.  As long as it sees me going in the right direction, the direction of bliss, it will do all it can to help me by putting the right people and opportunites in front of  me.  It doesn’t mean I sit on the couch waiting for a knock on the door from the universe delivery person saying that my perfect life has arrived.  But, if I move forward in faith then the universe accompanies me; showing me, guiding me, and supporting me.  If you are in charge I will continue on the path of fear which leads to nowhere, but pain and unhappiness.

I hope you will come along, but I want you to know, as nicely as I can, that I will no longer stand for your interruptions, your constant negativity, and your fear.  I am now living a courageous life based on the fact that I have faith in the power of my beliefs and thoughts.  I will succeed in my plans.  I will not worry when things seem to be going badly because I know there is a plan in place that will deliver me.  I know that I am divinely guided.  I will listen to the voice of desire.  I will listen to my dreams.

I will forge ahead even when you are trying to niggle away at my faith.  I will recognize you when you try to disguise yourself as sympathy, trying to make me feel like a victim.  I will recognize you when you disguise yourself as compassion, trying to make me feel like you have my best interests in mind when really you are only being selfish and fearful.  You will not hold me back from my dreams.  I will not live your ordinary life.  I will live my extraordinary life!

I am stronger than you, Ego.  If you want to come along and learn how to live life with heart then you are welcome to come, but until you learn how to stay calm and be quiet when things don’t look good to your rational mind then you are not welcome.  I know that there is divine order even when I can’t see the results yet.  I will try to be gentle with you, but I will have no trouble sending you into the other room if you persist.  I will not listen to you anymore.  I love you.  It will be alright.  In fact, with me in the lead, it will be unbearably perfect at times!

Some unbearably perfect affirmations:

  • I have faith that as long as I follow my heart I will attain my desires.
  • I take steps to attain my desires even when I’m not sure of the outcome.
  • I am courageous in the knowledge that my intuition will lead me in the right direction.
  • Taking positive action leads to positive outcomes.
  • I feel excited to be following my desires and know that the universe is conspiring for me!
  • I go forward with gratitude for all that I have been given and all that I have learned.

Imagine yourself living one of your dreams.  See it in detail, enjoy it, laugh in it, realize it!


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