The Light Ages

“In order to be a perfect member of a flock of sheep, one has to be, foremeost, a sheep.” – Albert Einstein

Be careful when trying to be accepted because if you want to be accepted by all people you will be giving up who you are.  Cultures have long held beliefs.  When we try to follow these beliefs we give up the chance to live a life according to our own beliefs.  Question everything.  Do not listen to the rules of the earth, but to the rules of your own heart.  There is truth and then there is religious dogma.  There is truth and then there are societal mores.  There is truth and then there are cultural roles.  There is truth and then there is media indoctrination.


I’m not saying that everything you have learned is false, though a lot of it is.  I’m saying that we have to glean using our Divine Self to ascertain what is true.  Is it true that all women should look like a Barbie doll?  That’s unfair, it’s such an easy target, but this is one very small way in which we are indoctrinated.  Is it true that the government is looking out for our best interests?  This is how we were indoctrinated.  Is it true that families should be sarcastic and disrespectful to each other?  One would think so from the behaviors of families on TV.  Please be aware of what your children are being subjected to, it is forming their beliefs.  Is it true that war is necessary?  Is it true that we are different from and superior to our brothers and sisters in other nations and cultures?  Is it true that we are superior to non-human animals?  Is the history we learned in school true?  Is it true that one religion is right and the others are wrong?

The media run by the governments and corporations is not here to help us, but to make us willing cogs in their machinery.  The religions of the world have used dogma to increase their control and power.  In the past the Catholic church sold “indulgences,” these were tickets to an eternal life in heaven.  I think they may have been trying to increase their wealth, not save souls.  From this action we can see that what appears true one day may change the next day.  Real Truth never changes.  Truth always remains the same.  There are few truths in the world.  There don’t need to be many.


The truth is that only love is real.  The truth is that you are love.  The truth is that being you is good enough.  The truth is that all beings are one.  When we realize this truth we are set free to follow our own path.  We are no longer restricted by erroneous beliefs.  When we realize the truth we know that any aggression is wrong.  We know that any act of hatred, bigotry, or power is wrong.  All of these acts come from a place of fear.  They all have that in common.

Fear is used by our media to start wars, to divide people, and to increase the belief in separation.  They teach that the others are ignorant and not as good as us.  They are balsphemers.  They are sinners.   They are other and therefore suspect and not to be trusted.  They are not to be treated equally.  They are inferior.

When we believe these falsehoods we are acting out of a place of fear.  We are acting, not from a place of love, but from a place of hate.  Hate is just another word for fear.  When we feel superior to others it is becasue we fear that we are unlovable.  We believe that in order to be lovable then there must be others who are unlovable.  It is our belief in separateness that feeds these beliefs.  We are one.  That is the truth.  The many is an illusion.  All beings are one.  All beings love, want life, want to be loved, want peace.  Governments and corporations start wars for their own profit just as the Catholic Church did during the Dark Ages.  They use the media to instill fear and prejudice.  Don’t believe these lies.  Know that we all are the same.  We are all the eternal expansion of love.  Expand your own love to include all beings.  Expand your love to include all cultures, all religions, all nations.  When you know the truth you have the greatest weapon in the universe.  When you act in truth you respect yourself.  You respect all life.

The media does not tell us what is really going on, but only what they want us to believe. 95% of the media is owned by six corporations.   We are distracted by celebrity, sports, and mindless shows.  We are told who to fear.  Fear Gays, they will destroy the fabric of the family.  Fear old age.  Fear the Muslims.  Fear youth.  Fear Whites, fear Blacks.  Fear guns.  Fear the others.  The news brings us only stories instilling a fear in us of each other, rather than fearing the people in charge of the news.  They divert our attention with trivia and lies while destroying our lives and our planet.  I suppose the irony here is that the people who run the corporations and government live in a fear far greater than ours.  Why else would they feel so driven to have it all?  Let’s hold them in a place of love, also.  We can help to change the world by raising their consciousness.  See them for who they truly are.  See them as love.  It may seem hard at first to love those lying to you and trying to steal from you,sending your children off to wars for their profit, but they need love more than anyone.

We are now at another crossroads in human history where dark forces of fear are trying to take over the world, with religious wars, with greed and corruption, governments working in collusion with corporations with the desire to hold us hostage and use us a pawns, just as the feudal system once ran the world. Subsidies are given to billion dollar chemical/pharmaceutical companies and to Chemical/Agricultural corporations that poison our food and water with pesticides, hormones, petroleum, and antibiotics as well as altering our food with untested genetically modified organisms.

We can stop supporting this system.  We can stop buying their food-like substances.  We can start using sustainable alternatives.  We can start growing our own real food.  We can take care of our health by turning away from processed foods.  We won’t need all the pills they give us that make us sicker.   We can stop beng consumers that support the status quo.  We can re-use, recycle, repair, upcycle, and stop worrying about what anyone else thinks.  I don’t want to be a sheep led to slaughter.  Einstein saw this happen in his homeland.  I want to know the truth so that I can act on it before it is too late.  But, I do not want to be against those that perpetrate lies.  I will offer only love.  I am for the truth.  We are many.  There is strength and power in love.


Join the Light Age.  It is time to spread the real Truth.  That we are all one.  Don’t believe the lie.  Respect your truth and spread it.  Live your truth.  We are now in the Light Ages.

Some truthful affirmations of the Light Age:

  • I am one with all beings.
  • No one is superior or inferior to me.
  • I am love.
  • All beings are love.
  • The earth is a place of peace and love.
  • I can live a wonderful life free from the consumer paradigm.

Imagine a circle of people from all over the world, every gender, every age, every orientation, every religion, every country holding hands and gazing upon each other in love.  This is the Light Age.


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