Our nature is nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert Einstein

When we go for a long walk in the woods and feel the stress melt away and begin to feel the calm and peace, that is who we are.  We start to relax because of the resonance of the forest and the earth.  When we walk in nature our vibration starts to coalesce with the resonance of the earth and we feel peaceful.  We start to feel our true nature.  It heals our soul.


I’m not talking in a metaphorical way here.  No sir, like the Professor, I have science to back me up.  The earth has an electromagnetic  frequency.  It was discovered by Winnfried Otto Schumann in 1952 and is known as the Schumann Resonance.  It is 7.83 Hz.  It is the frequency of the earth’s breathing; its pulse.  This is our natural resonance, also.  An EEG of the brain will show us that the brain’s electromagnetic frequency is 7.83Hz.  Isn’t that amazing!

There are lots of things that interfere with our natural resonance, including electronics, with which we are over run.   Walking on synthetic surfaces most of the time, staying inside a lot, avoiding nature, eating food like substances and not real food; these all affect our natural resonance and when our natural resonance is disturbed we are subject to emotional distress and physical illness.  lt affects our melatonin level which helps us sleep, regulates our mood, and affects other hormones.

Remember when you were a little kid and played outside all day.  That is the key to a good night’s sleep.  It is important to spend time outdoors, preferably in the woods or at the ocean.  The earth, trees, plants, flowers, and even the rocks vibrate at this resonance and heal us.  They bring our natural frequency back to a perfect 7.83 Hz.  Whenever you need a frequency adjustment just take a walk in the woods or bury your toes in the sand at the seashore.  Do you suffer from migraines or mood swings?  Get into nature.


Nature knows what is real.  In our society of ‘be this and do that’ we begin to forget our nature.  We forget who we are and we assume the role that we believe society has given us.  By going into nature we can regain some of what we have lost and begin to feel real again.  It clears our heads.  It heals our body.  It brings us joy.

Being in or near natural water, at the seaside, or a lake, is probably one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating experiences we can enjoy.  Swimming, kayaking, building a sand castle, wading in a creek….


In an earlier post we talked about the Japanese practice of “forest bathing.”  Forest bathing (walking in the woods for extended periods) actually increases the body’s ability to fight cancer and other diseases, by a significant amount.  It’s really quite amazing.  There is so much that we don’t know.  When we stray from what is natural, from the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the amount of exercise we get, it’s impossible to know just how much it affects us.  But, I’m guessing it effects us more than we realize.


There are no definitive answers as to how much we should be in nature, how much whole foods we shoud eat, how much exercise we need, but I’m thinking the more the better with all of the above.  Living a life close to the one naturally intended for us increases our balance, peace, and happiness.   So, go ahead, run naked and free through the woods!  Just be careful you don’t run into a patch of poison ivy or an amorous moose.

Some natural affirmations:

I am a part of nature and nature heals me.

I take time to revel in the beauty and awe of nature.

I walk barefoot on the ground whenever I can.

The vibration of nature resonates thoroughout my being.

The sounds of nature sooth me.

I respect the earth and care for it.

Take a walk in the woods.

Recently I did a post which talked about the theory of multiples, when there are the same discoveries or events  (like the pyramids or the telephone) around the world at the same time with no connection between the participants of these discoveries/inventions.  It is happening around the world now with people awakening to our connection to the earth.  I had never heard of the Schumann Resonance until a month ago when I wrote this post.   A week ago I saw another unrelated  article posted on facebook about the Schumann Resonance, callng it a pulse or heartbeat as I did above.  It seems that information is brought to people when it is time.  The Schumann Resonance was discovered in 1954 and hasn’t been in the news since then and now, here it is and there it is!  I think perhaps it’s time for us all to realize that without the earth and its natural frequency intact we are nothing.  See if you hear anymore news of the earth and how special it is over the next few months.   Your reticular activator will be on, but the universe will also be sending you messages that it’s time to protect our home.


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