Dreams, dreams, dreams.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  ~Albert Einstein

We all share a sacred soul which speaks to us through our intuition.  Intuition can take many forms.  We sometimes see it as repetitive thoughts and emotions.  Often it comes in the form of universal archetypes and personal symbols.  Dreams are a very common way in which our intuition speaks to us.

The universal archetypes can sometimes by easy to interpret if you intellectually know them.  The ocean usually represents our emotions or spirituality, depending on what level you are dreaming.  The wind would represent change.  An acorn or seed would represent the beginning of growth.  Your home would represent you; the basement being your subconscious, the main house your present state, the attic clutter equals your mind, the front yard the future, the back yard your past.  Your car would represent your path.  I think you get the idea.

Carl Jung, a genius, believed that most of the time the people in your dream represent a part of you.  If there’s a person in your dream that you know, you think of what that person is, what words would represent them, and then you would know what part of yourself was appearing.


Personal symbols, well, they’re personal to you.  Let me tell you about a dream I had and you can see how you might interpret your own dreams.  I had this dream during a time of intense personal growth.  I had some wonderful spiritual teachers at that time and was focuing on my growth.  Here follows the dream.

I was in my house and opened the basement door.  It was an enormous basement.  There was a two story flight of stairs just to get to the bottom.  It was very clean and brightly lit, there was no clutter, no dark corners, no piles of junk or moldy old magazines and furniture.  The concrete looked fresh and new.  The amazing thing was that there was a group of cheerleaders in the basement just finishing up their routine and packing up their gym bags to leave.  I walked down the long flight of stairs and walked past the cheerleaders to the one small room in the basement, a bathroom, actually there was just a toilet in this tiny room.

I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to do my business (yup, that’s right, poop).  The cheerleaders got to the top of the stairs, the last one left and reached in to turn the light out.  I yelled up, “Wait, I’m still down here.”  End of dream.  What?!!


Our subconscious mind is filled with stuff from our past; things we’ve believed, usually erroneously, our whole lives.  These thoughts we’ve believed are things told to us by our parents, our educational system, our religious system, our cultural and social system, our government, the media.  They are the things the bully in the playground told you, the things your brother or sister told you when they were mad at you or jealous.  The good things, too, the love your grandmother gave you, playing without any inhibition as a child.  All of these things became your belief system.  Many people go through their lives not questioning their indoctrination.  But, many also look into themselves to find answers for why their life is not what they expected or wanted.  Our subconscious mind holds these secrets, but also tries to help us unearth them and grow, giving us insight into our motivations and self-sabotaging behaviors.

This dream told me that I had done a pretty good job of cleaning out my harmful and erroneous beliefs.  The cheerleaders represented me; how I had lifted myself out of the limiting beliefs with which I was raised, cheered myself on when I was feeling less than okay.  The cheerleaders thought their job was done and they were leaving and shutting the basement up, turning out the lights on the lies and false paradigms.  But, there I was sitting on the toilet.  Because my subconscious, my intuiton, knew that I still had some shit to deal with.  Ha!  The nerve!  There I was thinking I’d done all the work and, nope, more crap to contend with.

So, here I am still dealing with my shit.  Writing these posts helps me so much in crystallizing my beliefs, answering still unanswered questions, and dealing with present day shit.  It helps me grow and figure things out.  With it I’m trying to make the world a better place and hoping that I’m helping in any small way.  Maybe this post will help you figure out some of your dreams, your messages from your subconscious mind.

Even when we find a dream confusing and can’t quite seem to figure out its message, it really doesn’t matter.  The symbols will work in your subconscious and help you to grow.

I’d love to hear some of your dreams.  If you have any questions about them, just say. “Insight, please,” and I’ll try to help you figure it out.  I’m looking forward to your comments and seeing if anyone else has crazy cheerleaders running through their dreams at night.  I’ve helped quite a lot of people interpret their dreams and I’ll do another post specifically on interpreting dreams and their symbols.  But, for today, I think I’ve shared enough!

Some dreamy affirmations:

I allow my intuition to help me grow and expand my awareness.

I am open to messages from source that help me live a better life.

I am so grateful for the symbols and dreams in my life that help me to grow.

I am a spirit that hears the wisdom of the universe.

When you go to bed tonight, ask the universe to send you dreams to help you and that you will remember when you wake up.


6 thoughts on “Dreams, dreams, dreams.

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  3. Don’t know how this works but nEed asap an interpretation of 2consecutive dreams 1st hear my guy’s voice sayin “you say you miss me but your stil visiting other guys” we’ll that’s guy friends nothing more and 2nd me teLling a guy in my dream “wE can be friends but my heart belongs to someone else,I’m taken” tecnically not really wE have an open relationship I asked for one cos we’re so far from each other and I know he has to get his wild side out..I never speak ouut loud in my dreams this time I did I actually woke myself up by talking please help this is very important

    • When we are physical in our sleep, thrashing about, talking out loud, or sleep walking, it signals that we are under a lot of stress. First, realize that stress is cused by your thoughts about a situation, not the situation itself. Second, in most dreams all of the characters represent you, a part of you.
      Since you have told me, I think, that the guy you want a commitment with is not willing to make a commitment (he needs to get his wild side out) then I would assume that part of you, some subconscious part, does not want a commitment. People who want a committed relationship don’t chose people who are unable to commit. We all chose our partners on a level we are often unaware of. You probably have built up some walls, usually due to being hurt and/or betrayed by parents or previous boyfriends. What traits does he have that are similar to one of your parents? What did this parent hold back from you? Usually we look for a person who is very similar to our parent, hoping to get from them what our parent could never give us. You will probably never get it from that person either. We need to learn to get what’s missing from ourselves.
      In the second dream someone else is telling you that they want a commitment, but you tell them your heart belongs to someone else. Why does your heart belong to someone who doesn’t want it?
      These dream are simply telling you to look at the reasons why you are making the choices in your love life that you are making. You say you want a commitment, but you chose a man who lives far from you, too far away to make a relationship easy. There are deeper issues here for you to discover. You can semd me more info if you need more help. Good Luck KJ

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