Happy New Year!

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”  ~Albert Einstein

Albert came from a society that was increasingly losing its freedom.  Hitler had started to assert control over Germany and Albert decided to stay on in the United States.  Here he was able to labor in freedom.  He was a Professor at Princeton and had complete control over his research projects.  On a community level we still share most of the same freedoms in many ways.  On an individual level we sometimes turn our own limiting rules and beliefs into a personal prison.


Only you have the key to remove the chains from yourself.

Here is my New Year’s Wish for You.  I wish you to believe in your dreams.  I wish for you to realize the power you hold over you life.   I wish for you the knowledge that you can be and do anything that you want.


In this knowledge lies freedom.  When you know and believe that you control your life through your beliefs and your thoughts than you have perfect freedom.  As long as you believe that there are external influences over which you have no control than you are a prisoner of that belief.


In this new year I wish for you freedom.  I wish for you the liberation of a life lived uninhibited by fear of what might be.  I wish for you to think and act in perfect freedom  Go out there and live your choice knowing it is you who hold the power.  Live your dreams.  Do crazy things.  Act like the child you are!  Be happy for no reason!  Live your  bliss.  Sing!  Dance!  Pursue your authentic life, it’s running to meet you!  Stop caring what anyone else thinks of you!  Live in your perfect freedom!

Some liberating affirmations:

  • I am free to choose my beliefs and actions.
  • The universe responds to my beliefs and thoughts by reflecting them back to me as my life.
  • I have the power to manifest my dreams.
  • The path to my dreams is in front of me, I need only believe it.
  • I am free.

Imagine yourself in a postion to accept the life of your dreams.  Say the words.  I accept the life of my dreams!  I deserve the life of my dreams!  Now imagine it.


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