Sleep well, my love, for your new life is here.

“…no illusions lulled him to sleep except for an often exaggerated faith in his own ideas.” ~Albert Einstein

Science has determined that it takes the average person between 10-20 minutes to fall asleep.  From personal experience I’d say that’s about right.  If I’m exhauseted or in sleep debt it takes less than 5 minutes.  If I’m stressed, more than 20 minutes.  I’m happy to say that doesn’t happen much anymore since I decided to use my last 10-20 minutes of my day in a positive way which will enhance my life.

Many years ago it would almost always take me half an hour to an hour to get to sleep.  I remember expecially stressfull times when it would take forever to get to sleep and then I would wake in the middle of the night and be unable to go back to sleep.  I drove myself crazy.


I called it the endless tape loop.  I would lie down at night, get comfortable, and then start to replay all the terrible things in my life.  That was the time of my victim mentality.   I was the victim of the awful and mean things people did to me.  I was a victim of their selfishness and their thoughtlessness.  I was a victim of financial woes and career issues.  Poor me.  I would play this tape over and over while imagining even more soon to be dramas!  Most of the dramas never happened, but that didn’t stop my imagination from seeing them all in their sick and twisted glory.

I shudder to remember those times.  That is over.  I am thankful for it as a learning experience.  I now use my time in bed before I fall asleep to think of positive events and people in my life and to give thanks for them.  But, mostly, I use this time to see the future that I want and to feel as if it is actually  here.  I expect the life of my dreams to come true and I use this time at night to see myself enjoying my life fulfilled and feeling the feelings of it in the present moment.  It is one thing to visualize  your life or to say an affirmation, it is a much more powerful thing to feel the joy of living your real life, the one that fills you with enthusiasm and delight as you picture it in your mind.  Before you go to sleep at night feel the joy and happiness of your perfect life as you see it enacted in your imagination.  Act as though it is already here.  Feel as though it is already here.  Make plans in your head as though that life is already here.  See your plans as accomplished and feel the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction you have from making your dreams a reality!


You will go to sleep and all of these wonderful feelings and pictures will work in your subconscious, which is the Collective, the Source, the Creative Force.  These dreams will be mainifested even faster.  During your waking hours work on making your dreams a reality with the expectation that it will succeed perfectly.  Do not be anxious about how.  Do not listen to anyone else’s opinion of your dreams.  Have you heard of the book What You Think of Me is None of My Business?  The title says it all.  You are responsible for your beliefs, your thoughts, and the life you manifest.  It doesn’t matter what any other person thinks, what any facts are, what any study or survey shows; you are responsible for manifesting your life.   Congratulations, you now know that you have all the power!  Expect it.  Do it.  Celebrate it!  Woohoo!


Say’em like ya mean’em.

  • I am living the life of my dreams.
  • All things I expect with complete belief come true.
  • I use my time wisely.
  • I feel the joy of a life fulfilled.
  • My dreams are my reality.
  • I deserve a wonderful and fulfilling happy life!

Imagine yourself being congratulated for something wonderful that has happened to you, because of you!


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