Be only you.

“We must recognize what in our accepted tradition is damaging to our fate and dignity-and shape our lives accordingly.”  ~Albert Einstein

Recently, in social media, there was the story of a white supremist who wanted to set up a white only nation.  He had a DNA test and found out that 14%  of his DNA was of African descent.   Hmmmm, what to do with that information?  It seems his accepted ideas of white supremacy would damage his fate and dignity if he held on to those views.

Admittedly, this is an extreme case (at least I hope it is) of accepting traditions and ideas, beliefs, and paradigms with which we were raised that are far from the truth.  There are numerous anecdotes of people who held beliefs which in the end they were forced to give up due to their own soul’s journey;  the homophobe who is gay, the Bible belt Christian who suddenly realizes that we are all God’s children, the accountant who is an artist, the lawyer who hates conflict, the incredible soul who has always been told they must live an ordinary life.

Most of us fall into the latter category.   Yes, you are an incredible soul.  Most of us have followed a path based on our beliefs about life, e.g., we must go to college, we must choose a practical career, we must get married and have children, we must vote, we must buy a home, we must save for our retirement, we must go to church every Sunday, we must dress accordingly, we must eat accordingly, we must think……


No one ever tells us to nurture our soul’s desires, our passions, and our pleasures.  No one ever says, DO WHAT YOU LOVE!  I’m saying it now.  If you don’t do what you love you are hurting your soul, you are changing your fate, and damaging your self esteem and dignity.    I applaud anyone who follows their dreams.


“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”  ~Albert Einstein

Though we are a part of the whole, we have to follow our own very individual path in order to be happy.  In our happiness we contribute to the wellness of the whole.  We can not be happy pursuing someone else’s goal.  Our schools teach us to conform.  The media influences us beyond measure.  We choose our lives from the pages of glossy magazines.   Our individuality should be sacred and yet we often give it less thought than what we’re going to wear on a night out.


Let us encourage ourselves and our children to follow the heart’s desire.  Let’s imagine a life lived in the pursuit of happiness.   Let’s explore opportunities not previously considered.  Let’s live outside the norm.


A friend once told me that she wished she had grown up in a normal family.  I replied that there was no such thing as a normal family.  We often strive for something that doesn’t even exist.  The perfect life is simply the life that is perfect for each individual.  Give yourself permission to live your perfect life.  Go ahead, dance your unique dance!  Set your soul free!  Be goofy, silly, stop caring what others think of you.  If there is any one thing that causes unhappiness it is worrying about what others think and always feeling that you’re coming up short.  You are the perfect you!  Be proud of your individual, unique, and yes, at times, weird self!  Those who love you will love you all the more for it!  And the best part is that it gives them permission to be themselves.  What a gift!  You can be generous by just being yourself!

Some self serving affirmations:

  • I’m proud of who I am, really proud!
  • I love my life.  I do what I love and I love what I do.
  • Everything I do brings happiness to me and to others.
  • I give myself permission to do what I love to do.
  • I am comfortable being who I am with all people.
  • I honor my unique personality, my many gifts, and my joyful nature!
  • I am courageous knowing that who I am is perfect!

Imagine yourself being happy, confident, and joyful with your friends!


2 thoughts on “Be only you.

  1. It is very possible to live your life in a way which doesn’t quite fit with your spirit…Many of us do it…I have. We humans have an amazing way of adapting, but to live in ways contrary to your dreams, desires and loves is to waste your life. But there is always hope, as you can make the decision to live in harmony with your soul any time you wish. The expense may be great, but it is often not as great as we fear it will be. Start slowly. Begin by giving your own expectations of yourself a little more importance, and let this grow a little more each day. Along the way, you may lose things you once considered to be very important….money, material things, and in return you might just regain parts of yourself you felt you’d lost for ever. You may also lose friends who fear your changes, and gain new ones who love the you which you’ve been denying for years. It may not be easy, but it may be worth more than anything you’ve done in your life…..And it is never too late.

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