Peace on Earth

“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”  ~Albert Einstein

Huh?  Once again, all the Professor is saying is that energy and matter are the same. Therefore our thoughts can change from energy to matter (though they’re not changing because they’re the same?).  Exactly, if they’re the same they’re really not changing, are they?  Oh, it’s all too confusing, these concepts of time and space, matter and energy.  The key word in this quote is manifestations.  These things: matter, time, and space are all manifestations.  And who does the manifesting.  YOU!

Our world is the result of our collective manifestation.  Pretty clever, aren’t we?  I think so.  We collectively manifested the material universe we experience.  Some of the latest theories in Quantum Physics talk about the world as a hologram projected by the collective consciousness (that’s us).  This explains why it takes a lot of people changing their thoughts to cause a paradigm shift in the world.  It takes a whole lot of positive thinking  by a whole lot of people to make a substantial change.  But, the thing is, once someone starts to change their thinking, and those positive thoughts go out into the collective consciousness where someone else’s consciousness stumbles upon it, it spreads.

Have you ever heard of the 100th monkey phemonenom?  Scientists have studied the Macaca fuscata monkey for over thirty years.  In 1952 the scientists started dropping sweet potatoes in the sand for the monkeys.  The monkeys appeared to enjoy the sweet potatoes, but found the sand less palatable.  One day, Imo, an 18 month old female washed her sweet potato in a nearby stream.  Yum, smart girl.  She taught her mother and then her peers picked up the practice, too.

The mothers of her peers learned from their children, but the other monkeys continued to eat the sandy sweet potatoes.  Over the years more monkeys learned to wash the sweet potatoes, but many didn’t.  Then, there was an astonishing breakthrough.  One day all the monkeys started washing their sweet potatoes.   It didn’t matter whether or not they had witnessed other monkeys washing them.  They all started washing them.  Even more surprising was that Macaca fuscata monkeys on other islands, who had no other monkey to show them, also started washing the sweet potatoes.  Even the monkeys on the mainland started washing their sweet potatoes.  All on the same day.


The scientists used the number 100 arbitrarily to describe the phenomenon.  The point is that when a certain numer of monkeys knew it was better to wash the sweet potatoes, it appeared that a critical mass was reached and, through a shift in the primate’s collective consciousness of some form, all the monkeys became aware.  Energy is everywhere.  It passes from me to you.   It’s like the air that we breathe in a closed room.  We share that air.  We share that energy.  There is nothing you know that I don’t know.  Maybe it hasn’t yet been strong enough to cross into my consciousness, but it is in my subconscious and I will know it when enough people have that consciousness.  Just like the 100th monkey, we humans can learn from the collective consciousness.

And, finally, here is the point of the story.  We can change the world by changing our thoughts.  We can impact the Collective Consciousness with our thoughts of love, compassion, peace, and kindness.  We can change the world by seeing a world that is fair and equitable; a world in which there is wealth and generosity; a world in which there is community and compassion.  We can change the world by seeing a world in which we view all people as equally deserving of justice and abundance.


That’s the world in which I live!  What about you?  Please help me spread this 100th monkey principle through the Collecitve Consciousness.  Imagine that world.  Imagine paradise.  Imagine living there.  Imagine Peace on Earth.

Affirmations for Eden:

  • The world is filled with generous and loving people.
  • Everyone is aware of their divinity.
  • Everyone knows there is abundance enough for all.
  • The world is filled with peace, love and compassion.
  • People everywhere have what they need and desire.

There is a song of love playing throughout the universe and in everyone’s heart.

Imagine that world.



6 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

  1. Peace on Earth is one of my favorites so far. Very empowering. What I have felt all along. we all have the power. Im in good company. Well done. Vigilant in thought

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