“Where there is love, there is no imposition.” ~Albert Einstein

As a society, we’ve become a bit hard, haven’t we?  We’re angry, we’re exhausted, we’re stressed, and we’ve lost our patience.  We can be swiftly intolerant of mistakes.  We can be overly critical and arrogant.

Can we soften up just a little, please?  Can we be a little slower to take offense, a little slower to become impatient, a little slower in our cynical response?


We rush too much, don’t we?  Have you ever driven to work; the traffic was worse than you expected, and you feel like you are rushing?  I’ve done that and suddenly realized that I was sitting.  Sitting in my car on the highway, driving.  Why was I feeling rushed?  I couldn’t go any faster than I was going.  I couldn’t change any of it.  And so I took a deep, clearing breath and relaxed.  I got to work at the same time as if I had felt rushed all the way there, and I was happy.

When we are at work and feeling the pressure, can we suddenly realize that the stress isn’t making anything go faster or better?  Can we then take a clearing breath and relax.  Maybe even smile at a co-worker and say, “Wow, I lost it there for  minute.  There’s no sense in getting stressed.  It won’t help.”

When we run into the grocery on the way home from work can we smile at the cashier and chit chat with another customer?  It won’t take any longer.  Promise.


When we get home and start making supper can we talk with our family, really talk?  Can we tell a joke and laugh at one?  Can we give a hug?  Can we say something nice, just because?  Can we make them feel like we have all the time in the world to spend with them and that they are the only ones in the world with whom we want to spend that time?  Can we make them feel that special?


When supper is over can we enjoy each other for a few more minutes?  Can we be soft and loving to our precious family?  Can we realize how blessed we are?

Can we leave the external pressures and stresses of the world exactly where they are, outside of us, and let our internal being live in a soft peace all the time?  Do you remember the cashier and the person you talked with in line at the grocery store, maybe they went home and hugged someone, too.


One more thing, be just as soft and kind with yourself.

Say these affirmations softly, with the reverence of an oath:

  • I keep a softness of spirit and a kind word in my heart.
  • I am calm and peaceful even with chaos around me.
  • I walk in love and compassion.
  • All who enter my life feel better for it.
  • I treat all people with love and respect at all times.
  • I do not judge others.  I do not know their story or their pain.
  • I am blessed with an embarrassment of riches.

Imagine lying on the grass on a warm summer’s day and watching the clouds float above you while holding someone’s hand.


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