What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?

 “A human being is part of a whole called by us the universe.”  ~Albert Einstein

Carl Yung, the Father of Transpersonal Psychology, believed in a Collective Consciousness.  This is essentially a way of saying that we are all connected on an energetic level.  We all share a consciousness.  We are generally very out of touch with it, but, believe me, we are connected.  There are no private thoughts.

This is clearly exemplified in the concept of “multiples;” a term used in science for simultaneous inventions or discoveries.  For instance, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray rushed to the patent office within hours of each other to patent the telephone.  We all know that Bell won that race.  Charles Cros and Louis Ducos du Hauron both invented color photography in the same year.  Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace discovered evolution at the same time.  Newton and Leibzig both discovered calculus at the same time.  The list goes on and on.  It seems most genius’ get their inspiration through the collective consciousness.


The universe is calling!

In the animal world we also see this simultaneous discovery.  For example, in a ten-year experiment started at Harvard University, rats were trained to escape from a water maze.  Each new generation of rats learned to escape quicker.  After ten years, the latest generation of rats could escape ten times faster than the original rats.  Amazingly, rats of the same lineage, in other areas of the world, spontaneously escaped ten times faster, a phenomenon which science has been unable to explain.  Do rats share a collective consciousness?

In John Robbins book, Diet for a New America, he speaks of an experiment to determine the intelligence level of hens.  Scientists placed guinea-fowl eggs in the nests of hens to observe the chickens’ response to a foreign egg.  The hens continued to roost on their nests and did not disturb the foreign eggs.  The scientists concluded that the hens didn’t even know they were not chicken eggs.  Next, the scientists waited to see what the hens would do once the eggs hatched.  Again, the hens did not expel the guinea-fowl chicks from their brood.  The scientists concluded the hens didn’t even know they were chicks of another species.  Then the hens brought the chicks out into the yard to scratch and eat bugs in the dirt.  Guinea-fowl chicks do not eat the same diet as chickens.  Chickens scratch in the dirt and grass for food.  The mother hen brought the guinea fowl chicks into the bushes and scratched at an ant hill to unearth the white pupae of the ants.   Though baby chicks don’t eat the white pupae of ants, it is the natural diet of guinea-fowl chicks.  How did the hen know where to bring the guinea fowl chicks to forage?   I surmise that they are in tune with the universe and “know.”  Maybe they don’t  have the endless chatter in their minds that we deal with and therefore are more open to the messages of the universe.  I don’t propose to have any answers to these questions.  It just seems to me that animals have readily available access to this “collective consciousness.”

April w Baby 3-6-12 (12)

One smart chick!

Most people have experienced an unexplained knowing.  Whether it is a family member or close friend, some people have at certain points in their lives somehow known that something was wrong with their loved one and called that person only to find that their intuition was right on target.  Sometimes one might know who is on the phone before they answer it, or that they are going to be parents or grandparents, or that a certain person is coming to visit.

There is one thing that almost everyone of us has experienced.  When our backs are turned, we can feel if someone is staring at us.  No one has ever been able to explain this to me.  How do we know this unless there is a connection between people on an energetic level?  We must have some kind of connection to feel this phenomenon.  It seems to be a feeling located at the back of the neck.  Have you experienced this?  Can you explain it in a non-energetic way?  Really think about this phenomenon.  It is real and yet, there has been no measurable explanation.


There are wonders in the universe of which we have no real comprehension.  We may possess powers which we have never considered, but this does not mean they don’t exist.  You are a powerful person connected to creation and therefore a creator.  You are able to create your life through your thoughts and emotions.  Use your power. You are as smart, good looking, healthy, wealthy, and happy as you think!  Realize your connection to the ALL!  Use your power!

Some powerful affirmations:

I am part of the infinte source of creativity and power.  I use my thoughts to create my perfect life.

The universe provides everything I need to have a happy life.

I need only imagine my life to make it real.  The universe will provide everything else.

I am connected with love to all beings on earth.

I know everything through the collective consciousness.

Visualize your perfect morning.

What did the monk say to the hot dog vendor?  Stop selling hot dogs, animals have a consciousness like us.  What did the hot dog vendor say?  Make me one with everything.


2 thoughts on “What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?

  1. I once took a lengthy group course in Sufi meditation, and there got to be an enormous depth and quality difference between group meditation and meditating alone. We all felt it, so I’d be hard pressed to say there was no connection.

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