“There are two ways to live.  You can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle.”                -Albert Einstein

As my experiences expand and my life unfolds there is a great truth I have discovered: There is nothing in the world that will make you feel more happiness than pure joyful gratitude.

Apropos, I discovered this one Thanksgiving.  I was home alone in the morning contemplating thankfulness.  Really thinking about it.  And I was suddenly overcome with gratitude for all that I had.  True overwhelming gratitude!  I realized how lucky I was.  In that experience dwells real joy.

Because of the happiness I felt that morning I started to practice feeling grateful.  I mean I actually made it a daily practice.  Feeling thankful will change your life.  It is a feeling like no other.  As you start to feel better because you’re enjoying that sublime emotion known as gratitude, tWtineshe universe will respond by sending you more incredible things to be grateful for!  How thankful are you for that?!  I am so grateful the universe works this way.  It just keeps pouring miracles on me.


You don’t need big things to be grateful for.  You can be grateful for the taste of grilled zucchini!  You can be thankful for the sound of a wind chime.  Or the buzz of a bee.  Being witness to an act of kindness.  Chocolate always sends thoughts of gratitude!

As I started my daily practice it made me realize how lucky I truly am.  I was grateful for the people in my life.  That is something to be grateful for.  And when you are grateful for the loving people in your life the universe will send you more people to love and to love you.


I was grateful for simple everyday occurrences.  I was grateful for the buds coming out on the tree limbs.  I was grateful for the taste of a mango.  I was grateful for a photograph that brought back a beautiful memory.  I was grateful for a good laugh with a friend.  I reminded myself how lucky I was that I could hear music and on a more basic note, that I could hear the sounds of children playing, the waves slapping on the shore, the bark of a dog, the silence of the woods.  These are all music to me.

Look at people’s faces, each unique, and filled with character; see their soul just shining through.  Look at the young teenagers holding hands and flirting.  Look at people at airports picking up their loved ones and the joy on their faces!  We are so lucky to be able to share these moments.

Feel lucky that your body can take you places.  Feel lucky that you can feed yourself.  Feel lucky that you have food, shelter, hands to hold, and a voice to speak.  Feel lucky you can read.  We are a fortunate lot!

The next time you are at a family gathering take a few minutes to watch, unnoticed, the way your family (in whatever form that takes) loves one another.  It may be a very unique way that an outsider may not see as love, but you know what it is.  You are filled with your family’s story.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing for which to feel gratitude?


Gratitude brings us to joy.  Just for today be grateful for everything.  If a negative or ungrateful thought enters your mind, stop, and return to gratitude.  You will experience so much pleasure that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think this way your whole life.  This is a great secret to happiness and it’s not that hard.  It just takes mindfulness of your thoughts.

I’m grateful for affirmations like these:

  • I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me every day.  I take time to see the magnificence of the universe.
  • I stand in wonder of this amazing world and its mysteries.
  • I enjoy moments of complete absorption in nature.  I am so grateful.
  • This is an amazing universe and I am part of its joy.  Thank you.

Now visualize the life you desire and feel gratitude for it!  It’s here!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy people always seem to appreciate the things around them, and it is easy to imagine that the happiness came before the gratitude, but it is becoming clearer that the opposite is true.

    • Thank you so much, Tmarie. I really appreciate the encouragement. I’m changing the format a little soon because most readers don’t see where to leave comments or become a follower of the blog. Any suggestions from readers helps! Thanks again. Merry Christmas! Peace, Karen

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