Show me the money!

“The most important question a person can ask is, “Is the universe a friendly place?” ”  ~Albert Einstein

Why is this question so important?  Because all too often we don’t question.  We don’t question our societal rules and mores.  We don’t question our parents.  We don’t question our religious dogma.  We don’t question our education.  We don’t question the media.  This leaves us with only one question that really matters.  Because it dispels all the “isms” with which we’ve been indoctrinated.


You see, if it’s not true that only the rich get richer, or that it’s a dog eat dog world, or that you have to work hard in order to get anything worth getting, or that the world sucks, or that you have to deserve to succeed, than what is true.  The truth is that you make your own truth.  You know that people can come from nothing and become rich.  You don’t have to be a greedy bastard to become rich,  though there are quite a few of them.  This only proves that you don’t have to be good to deserve wealth.  Wonderful, good, kind people like yourself become rich all the time.  You might even know one or two.

The truth is that I deserve wealth just because I am.  I can travel anywhere in the world just because I can imagine it.  I can have the life I want because the universe will give me my every thought and desire.  If I can see it and believe it then I can have it.


If you think that the universe is a wicked, vindictive, harsh reality then that is the reality you will get.  If you believe the universe is a friendly place that wants your happiness above all else than that is the reality you will get.  Match your frequency to the reality you want and it will be.  Remember the universe is a giant mirror that reflects back to you your beliefs.

If you think the universe is your friend then it is.  So ask yourself, do you feel lucky?  You should because you have the infinite power of the universe behind your thoughts and emotions.  You have the endless source of creativity behind your imagination.  You have everything you’ve ever dreamed of inside of you.  The universe is just waiting for your instructions in the form of thoughts and emotions.  You simply imagine your perfect life and the universe creates the perfect circumstances, the perfect timeline, the perfect coincidence of events to bring you your desires.


So, you see it really is the most important question you can ask.  And the answer is perfect!  The universe loves you!  The universe is your BFF.  Always has been, always will be.

The universe is love!  Love is the highest vibration, the highest frequency and, well, of course the universe vibrates at the highest frequency.  How could it not, it’s perfect.  Soon we’ll talk about how nature (courtesy of our collective imagination) effects your frequency, but for now just remember you are what you think and feel.  So think and feel happy.  Think and feel your dream life!  Think about what a friendly universe it is!

Perfect affirmations:

Everything I think, say, feel, dream, and do brings happiness, health, and prosperity to me now!

This is a magnificent universe.  The universe has given me all I ever asked for.

I am aware of my thoughts and keep them positive.  I can see the life I want and I feel the joy.

I reach out safely.  All is well.  I am receiving love and protection.

There is great abundance in my life.  I live in comfort and peace.

Why don’t you write down some of your own (or some of these) affirmations and carry them with you.  Put them on the dash of your car or on your desk.  Anywhere that you may want to get a refreshing splash of inspiration during your day.  An oasis at work!  Be open to miracles.   I’m no Einstein, but even I know that I am what I think.  And I think life is fab.  Don’t you?  Don’t forget to click on the Inspire Me tab on the right so you’ll know when there’s a new post to help keep you on the positive track.


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