Patience is more than just a virtue.

“Learn to be happy through the good fortunes and joys of your friends…If you allow these natural feelings to blossom within you, your every burden will seem lighter or more bearable to you, you will find your own way through patience, and you will spread joy everywhere.”  ~Albert Einstein

There are reasons one may be unhappy at another’s fortune.  They all stem from untruths.  Generally one believes that the other person got something they didn’t deserve, that they didn’t work hard enough for it, that they were just lucky.  They may believe that they will not be able to do as well or don’t have the talents or necessary attributes to get what they want.  It all stems from fear of one form or another.  Be happy for the joy of others.


Let’s celebarte other’s good fortune!

No one need feel jealous.  Jealousy is just another result of fear.  We all have the option to have whatever we want.   We have to let go of the untruths.  We have to let go of the idea that we have to know the right person, be in the right place, be “lucky,” or be smart, strong, look a certain way, or act a certain way or……ad infinitum list of qualities needed to succeed.  Celebrate the success of others!

Success is about what’s inside, not what’s outside.  We become successful at anything by first imagining it.  We have to see the outcome.  We have to see the final result.  We don’t need to know how to achieve it in the beginning.  To paraphrase another great man, Martin Luther King, ” you don’t have to see the top of the staircase to take the first step.”  See the end result you want, enjoy the vision, really enjoy it.  See it clearly and completely!

Do this daily.  The universe will start sending you ways to accomplish your goal.  If you aren’t seeing any signs about how to start, just start.  The universe will see this as motivation and  as your belief that it is going to happen.  It will start sending you methods to get closer to the ultimate result you envision.  Remember Einstein said you will find your own way “through patience.”  The universe takes care of the whats, whos,’ hows, wheres, and also, the whens!  If you don’t have patience you are telling the universe that you don’t have faith, that you don’t believe it will happen, and you know what the universe will do.  Yes, it will reflect your beliefs.


     Have patience in your practice.  See, believe, respond, act, and have patience.  Patience is just another word for faith.  Acting in faith is telling the universe that you know your end result is here.


     Act as though you are already there.  Feel as though you are already there!  Yes!  It’s so exciting to know that the universe responds to your thoughts, because your thoughts are so positively enthusiastic and joyful.  Life is great when you can see it and know it’s here.  And you can be happy on the way, not just at the destination!  If you don’t feel happy, then practice!  You may be surprised at how soon the emotion follows the thoughts.

Some affirmations to patiently learn:

I know that even though I cannot see it the universe is working for me.

My life is unfolding exactly how and when it should for my perfect ending.

All good things are mine and all good things come at the right time.

I do what I love and I love what I do.

I attract happy and healthy people into my life.

See your perfect evening at home.  Make it detailed.  Enjoy.


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