I suppose I deserved that.

I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation and is but a reflection of human frailty.”  ~Albert Einstein

Sometimes, as much as we visualize our abundance and believe that we can use our thoughts to attain the life we desire, we can’t seem to move forward.  It may be because we have beliefs that are so imbedded in our subconscious that we are unaware of them.  Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is our own worthiness.  Do we deserve to be happy, healthy, and wealthy?  Excellent question, because the answer will decide your future.  People generally live the life they think they deserve.


You are inherently valuable!

Often what we think we deserve is what we’ve been led to believe.  That word, led, is very telling, isn’t it.  It means we didn’t get there on our own.  Someone brought us to that conclusion.  Are you going to accept those conclusions?  Draw your own conclusions about what you deserve and what you believe.  Others have their own agendas and beliefs.  You decide on yours.  Most of us have been raised in the belief system that we must work hard, do good, never get angry, be kind always, love your sisters and brothers even if they’re a pain in the butt, look pretty or handsome, be smart, be athletic; etc, etc, etc.  Being those things is good and everyone tries to be good, but no one is perfect!  No one.


So many “stories” told to us declare that we have to be good and deserving or God or the world will punish us.  The idea of karma, or as stated in Christian dogma, “Whatever you sow, so shall ye reap,” is so misrepresented.  Everyone does their best at all times.

I repeat, we all do our best.  And we all deserve the best.  A baby born in poverty deserves no less than a baby born to wealth.  You were a baby once.  You deserved to grow up to have everything.  And you still can.  See it, believe it, and live it.  There was once a little girl who ran through the school yard at recess and she heard someone laugh and tell another little girl that she ran funny.  That little girl didn’t run in the playground again.  In fact, she never ran again because after hearing that she thought that she ran funny.  She didn’t run funny, but that overheard remark made her think that she did.  She let that little belief change her life.  How many little beliefs from innocuous statements, cultural mores, or religious dogma have you let into your bongo?  Time to clean house!  You don’t have to believe everything you think.  Review your beliefs and only keep the ones that resonate with your soul.


Give yourself a break.  Love yourself.  Be your best friend.  Wouldn’t you want the best for your best friend?  Yeah, you would!   Karma really means that whatever energy you put out there you will get back.  Put out the I DESERVE IT energy!  You do.  You deserve to live your dream life as much as anyone on this earth!   See yourself with everything you deserve!  Imagine it with a happy, joyful delight!   The universe can’t wait to transform all those deserving thoughts into physical reality!

The following quote is from my first daughter and inspired this essay, “I am so grateful now that I have drawn abundance into my life.  Having material wealth seems so, well material, and it took me a long time to understand that having wealth doesn’t mean I have forsaken love and spirituality.  It means I have accepted my true worth, and that I am deserving of happiness on all planes of existence.  I love my life.  I am happy, healthy, wealthy and otherwise awesome.  Yay for abundance! ”  I would love to take credit for this quote because it is so beautifully expressed.  So many of us were raised to think we are selfish or superficial to pursue material wealth, to want “things.”  There is nothing wrong with things as long as they are not your sole focus.  A full life, “happiness on all planes,”  takes more than material abundance, but it is not exclusive of it either.  My daughter deserves everything she desires as much as anyone else in the world.  Even as much as you deserve your desires!

You deserve some amazing affirmations:

I am happy, healthy, wealthy, and otherwise awesome.

There is great abundance in my life.

I open myself to all the miracles of health, wealth, and happiness.  I deserve them.

There is enough abundance in the world for everyone.

I am deserving of love and forgiveness.  I have done my best and that is good enough.

Now get out there and visualize all the fabulous experiences and abundance that you deserve.  I’m going for a ride in my private jet!


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