Imagine that!

“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  ~Albert Einstein

Einstein meant this literally.  And it’s true!  Everything we imagine transforms from thought to physicality.  Our imagination determines our life.  If becoming successful in your financial life and your personal life is important to you then you can realize those dreams.  You can have the abundance you want and provide for your loved ones in a way that makes you proud.  You can have relationships with your family and friends that are fun and fulfilling with the support and love you desire.

Your life can become what you once thought was unattainable.  You can do this by using your imagination.  Don’t let negative thoughts unconsciously control  your imagination.  Be in charge.  Whenever you feel hurt, angry, despair, or any other negative feeling, check your thoughts.  If your thoughts are negative, then your emotions will follow suit.  The universe feels your negative energy and sends negative circumstances back to you.  The universe is always responding to what it sees as your desire and it sees everything you imagine as desires.

Has anyone ever said to you, “Don’t think of an elephant.”  Of course it’s impossible.  Once someone says elephant we can’t help but see one in our mind.  It’s the same with the universe, once your negative thought is beamed out there it responds to it.  The only thing you can do to counteract the impact of that negative thought is to cancel it out with stronger, more emotionally felt positive thoughts and visualizations.  Don’t be hard on yourself, it takes a lot of practice to stop having negative thoughts.  Be patient with yourself.


As we practice being aware of our thoughts, by instantly reviewing them whenever we feel a negative emotion, we will start to catch our selves allowing our thoughts to run rampant sooner.  It’s simply a matter of being mindful, an eastern concept of awareness.  If we can control our mind we control our life.  After practicing catching our negative thoughts sooner and sooner, we stop having so many negative thoughts.  We start to notice that we are happier.  People compliment us on how good we look and are attracted to our positive presence.  When negative events happen in our day we don’t let them upset us because we know that there are always positive sides to any circumstance in our life.  The universe is always trying to get us to the best place.


and a cup of tea.

Believe the universe is your friend.  Know that you are in control of your fabulous life.  In all areas of your life you are in charge!  It’s kind of a rainy day outside and so for me it’s a perfect day to sit in front of the fire and write about how great life is.  So that’s what I’m doing.  And life is good.  I’m thinking good thoughts and sending them your way.  Catch!

Wildly wonderful affirmations:

I look for love and find it everywhere.  My life is perfect!

I am grateful for life’s generosity to me.  I am blessed with an embarrassment of riches!

I have fun everyday.  I laugh a lot with friends and family.  Life is wonderful.

I choose to love life.  My channels of joy are wide open.  It is safe to receive.

Today, imagine yourself experiencing your best day ever.  See yourself with your favorite people (here or yet to come), in your favorite place, and enjoy time together.  Remember imagine the total picture, the more detail and emotion the faster the response!  If you want to stay inspired, please click on the ‘Inspire Me’ icon and I’ll send you email updates of new posts to help keep you on track!


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