You’re the one

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”    ~Albert Einstein

Our thoughts are energy.  Once they become thoughts, then what?  Do they dissappear into nothingness?  No, they are transformed, they do not cease to exist.  This energy, our thoughts, which cannot be destroyed becomes our physical reality.  We create our reality starting with our thoughts.  The question to ask is, “What kind of reality do I want?”

I want a reality that I create.  A reality that matches my desires.  In order to accomplish that I make sure that my thoughts match my desires.  Negative thoughts will give you a reality that you don’t want.  Positive thoughts will give you the reality you want.


See yourself in the reality that you desire.  Let’s talk about relationships today.  The kind between two adults.  Most of us want a long lasting love.  Most of us want a connection like none we’ve ever had.  One that fills us with love and a feeling that we are home.

So, how do we get that?  If you are already in a committed relationship and it’s not meeting your needs, as you see them, then start to imagine that it is filling your needs.  Start to see the positive in your partner and also start to imagine how you would like the relationship to be.  View it as a movie of your life starring you and your partner.   A romantic comedy might be fun!  You can’t interfere with someone else’s energy or change them, but you can open them up to higher expectations and a higher frequency.  We generally get from people what we expect.  So start expecting no less than what you want.  Especially start seeing the life you want with them.  Think good thoughts about your partner; say good things about your partner.

In a committed relationship it is also important to allow that person to love you the way they know how to love you.  Some people can’t love you the way you want them to or even the way that they want to at this time because they have restrictions, often unconscious, in their beliefs.  They may feel that they are giving away their power when they show you how much they care or when they do things for you that they know will make you happy.  It really is quite sad for them, isn’t it.  Because, you know how wonderful it feels to give to someone what they want and need.  They don’t know this feeling of giving love.  Because they haven’t moved past their own unhealed wounds they are incapable of such openness and vulnerability.  Give them a break and show them they are safe.  Continue to imagine the relationship you want with them.  I’m not saying stay in a relationship that is not nurturing for you, but give transformative healing energy a chance.  An abusive relationship is a different story.  Do your imagining and change your reality in a safe place away from that person.


If you are not in a relationship then pick up your imagination and take it to a lovefest!  There is one caveat here.  Don’t imagine your fab relationship with a specific person.  Think on this, how many times have you thought you found the PERFECT ONE and then realize you were so WRONG!?  Imagine the perfect relationship, but keep your partner options wide open.  You see, once again, the universe knows much better than you who is the best partner for you at this time.  You only know a limited number of people.  The universe knows everyone.  Do you want to chose from a limited group or let the universe send you the perfect person for you from an almost unlimited group of people?  The universe may even send you a temporary partner to get you ready for the RIGHT ONE!  Or you may need to learn a thing or two from a relationship with someone else before you’re ready for the “THIS IS THE ONE” relationship.  If you try to push the relationship you want with a specific person it might waste years.  The universe will be patiently biding its time until you realize you were wrong and then it will finally be able to send along the partner who is perfect for you.

So, visualize yourself in situations that you deem romantic, comfortable, fun, loving, and interesting.  Imagine yourself with this partner doing things you love and also doing everyday things together.  Use your whole imagination.  Feel textures and touch, see the environment, hear music and conversation, laugh, play, cook, sleep, and snuggle together.  Enjoy your imagination to the fullest knowing that the universe has someone in mind and is sending them to you right now!    Use the present tense when doing self talk.  Like, “My (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc) and I are so happy together.  We enjoy so many of the same activities (be specific).  I just love (him, her).”


The most important reality to remember here is that you are the love.  You don’t need anyone else to make you happy, to fulfill you, to make all your dreams come true.  You make your own reality.  You manifest all your dreams.

Loving affirmations:

  • My perfect partner is now in my life.  We share love, passion, playfulness, intellectual and creative joy!
  • I attract only good and healthy people and experiences into my life.
  • I am noticed and appreciated in the most positve ways.  I am loved.
  • I allow the love from my own heart to heal all that I see.
  • I recognize my own true worth.  I am one with the creative life force which is love!
  • My partner and I hold each other in love and respect.

Visualize your dreams daily.  Keep a dream book of pictures cut from magazines or pictures you have taken to help you see exactly what you want in life!  Add inspirational quotes or affirmations to the book.

Here’s a lovely true love story.


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