Faith like a fish.

“Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”      ~Albert Einstein

I’m sure that the fish would also live its whole life feeling miserable, frustrated, unhappy, and unfulfilled.  If you are having these feelings about your own life than perhaps you are trying to climb a tree when you should be swimming.

When we follow a path that does not fill us with enthusiasm and joy we are following the wrong path.  If we are doing what we love doing, what makes us excited to jump out of bed in the morning, we have found our genius, our great talent, our bliss.

Here, again, the universe will tell us if we are doing it right.   It will use our emotions as tools to let us know if we are on the right path.   If we feel enthusiastic and excited about an idea we are on the way to finding our personal genius.  Sometimes when we try to listen to these messages that old enemy, FEAR, comes at us, whittling away at our enthusiasm, cutting down our excitement, hissing its negative thoughts into our ears, “you can’t do it, you’re not smart enough (strong enough, young enough, old enough, attractive enough, rich enough),” until slowly we give up our goal.

Fear is powerless, though, in the face of our POSITIVE ENERGY!  It is absolutely powerless in the face of unwavering FAITH that the universe is your friend, that the universe is conspiring for you, and that you control your future through your thoughts.


One of my biggest fears was that, though I was creative (in the reality based sense), I didn’t have any business acumen.  I had a fear that my creative “genius” would not support me financially.  I didn’t know how to go about marketing my creative ideas.  Then I realized that I was trying to climb a tree.  I needed to start swimming and leave the tree to those who climb.  I can create, that is my genius.  There is someone out there who does not have my genius, but has the genius of marketing!  I knew that the universe would send this person to me, or send me to this wonderful marketing person, and that my goal would continue.  If we all follow our own genius, if we need it, we will be provided with a person or people to work with us to fulfill our dream and at the same time fulfill their dream!  I love win-win situations!


Marketing and business do not bring me joy.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Yes it is, because marketing and business bring other people joy!  The same way that I may need a financial advisor, the financial advisor may need me for a client!

Imagine if everyone loved to paint the exteriors of houses, we wouldn’t have any plumbers!  Imagine if everyone loved to teach little children, there would be no one to fix our cars.  We all have our own genius.  And isn’t that just perfect?  We can work in synchronicity with each other and fill in the empty spots on each other’s genius shelves.   Let go of your fear and know that the universe will send you the people you need to fulfill your joy.  Never worry about how to reach your dreams, just imagine your dreams and let the universe send the resources to you!  Be courageous in your desires.  Know that the universe will provide you with all you need to reach your goals.  There is a bigger F bomb than Fear and that is FAITH! Let faith blow your fear away!

I’m no Einstein, but I know that God created each of us with his or her own unique talents and unique aptitudes.  We experience bliss through different paths, thank goodness!  The universe will send us our genius mates!  The universe wants everyone to be happy.  Have faith and follow your genius!


  • My path is clear to me.  The universe has inspired my beautiful destiny and I am happy to live my divine purpose.  I am living my genius!
  • I have wonderful people in my life to guide me.  I trust them completely.  They perform their genius for me so that I can perform my genius.  We work in perfect synchronicity.
  • I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways.
  • I love what I do and I do what I love!
  • I support local crafts people and businesses.
  • I reach out safely.  I am loved and protected.  All is well in my world.
  • I am enthusiastic about my life’s work and energized by my accomplishments!
  • I interact with people in a way that makes them happy to help me accomplish my goals.

You know what to do!  Visualize yourself living your genius!  Visualize the end result of doing what you love.  That end result is a happy, fulfilled life!


8 thoughts on “Faith like a fish.

  1. I have grown to understand over just the last few years that fear is the most destructive force in the universe, and is the root cause of all the miseries we create for ourselves. Hostility, depression, anxiety, jealousy and greed are all spawned by fear, and if we work on dispelling our fears, we also work on losing many other negative emotions and traits.

    • I completely agree, Mike. All negativity comes from some form of fear. Whenever we have a negative emotion we can ask ourselves what it is that we are afraid of in that moment. Thanks for your input! Peace,Karen

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